Wednesday, 2015-11-25

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olivier__Hello everyone. I have a question concerning the postgresql service. I modified the "postgresql.service" (found in meta-oe) in my layer. Once the target launched, the command "systemctl start postgresql" succeeds. Unfortunately, I don't understand why the service isn't started at startup.09:10
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olivier__The "postgresql.service" file contains '[Unit] ... ...'09:11
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nrossiolivier__: 'systemctl enable <unit>' if you are using a persistant rootfs that should make it work on startup09:18
nrossiolivier__: There is a variable to add it as an autoenable from within the yocto rootfs build09:18
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olivier__nrossi: Thanks. Indeed the 'systemctl enable postgresl' make it autoenabled.09:23
jkunrossi, olivier__: the default for SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE is "enable" so services should get started automatically by default...09:24
olivier__nrossi: but I'm trying to configure it directly from the yocto configuration.09:24
olivier__jku: That's strange, because before the 'systemctl enable', the service wasn't started.09:25
olivier__jku: Now, I rebooted and the 'systemctl status' shows me the service is enabled.09:25
jkuolivier__: the recipe sets that09:26
jkuSYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_${PN} = "disable"09:26
jkuremove that line and it'll work out of the box09:26
olivier__jku: Ok; so how should I do it? Copy the '' file inside my layer and modify it?09:28
olivier__jku: Or should I do a patch?09:28
olivier__jku: Or simply add 'SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_${PN} = "enabled"' inside my recipe?09:29
nrossiolivier__: you can override the value from your distro.conf, or with local.conf. Something like "SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_postgresql = "enable""09:31
bluelightning_pn-postgresql it'll need to be09:31
nrossioops that probably needs to be "pn-postgresql"09:31
bluelightningor, use a bbappend09:31
nrossitoo quick, hes like lightning! :P09:31
jkuyeah, here I am trying to write an anser with my ~4 finger typing ...09:32
bluelightningI prefer two fingers myself09:32
bluelightningnever did learn to properly touch type09:32
nrossibluelightning: or is it just the nice warm southern hemisphere climate? :)09:32
bluelightningnrossi: could be :)09:32
jkuolivier__: the least fragile long term solution might be bbappending (and setting the variable value to "enable") -- or convincing the maintainer that "enable" is a sensible default09:36
olivier__jku: nrossi: bluelightning: Thanks to all. I'll try the bbappend method. I'll keep you posted.09:40
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olivier__One last thing: my postgresql_9.%.bbappend contains:09:44
olivier__FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:"09:44
olivier__when adding 'SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_${PN} = "enabled"'09:44
olivier__the bitbake postgresql doesn't recompile the package09:44
olivier__What am I forgetting?09:44
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olivier__jku: Any idea?10:01
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olivier__bluelightning: Hey. Do you have any idea why the bitbake postgresql doesn't recompile the package after I added 'SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_${PN} = "enabled"' to the bbappend file?10:43
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jkuolivier__: it should be "enable" (without d), and recompile might not be necessary -- some tasks should definitely get re-executed though11:32
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olivier__jku: I changed it to "enable". Unfortunately, no new task is performed.11:51
olivier__jku: If I add 'foobar' to my bbappend file, a Parse error is raised. So this file is parse.11:52
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bluelightningolivier__: I would guess there is no variable dependency forcing a rebuild12:20
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marek_hello: I'm trying to use this assignment in bbappend file: PR_NUM := "${echo ${PR} | sed -e 's/^[^1-9]\+//g'}" but it gives me an error: expression was ${@int(PR_NUM) + 1} which triggered exception ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: "${echo r1 | sed -e 's/^[^1-9]\\+//g'}"13:27
marek_any idea what could be wrong?13:27
neverpanicmarek_: ${} is not a subshell13:30
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marek_neverpanic: should I use () instead?13:43
JaMaare you trying to execute shell in bitbake expression?13:46
marek_JaMa: yes I would need to increment PR which contains also literals and numbers13:47
olivier__Hello; I'm having trouble understanding why my "install -d -m 755 ${D}${bindir}/my_folder" followed by "install -m 0755 server ${D}${bindir}/my_folder/file1" and then "FILES_${PN} += "${D}${bindir}/my_folder/file1"doesn't create the folder neither the file on the target; The strange thing is that when I change every '${bindir}' by '${libdir}', it works...13:47
JaMamarek_: find how old PRINC implementation worked and copy it13:47
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JaMamarek_: a4d530bcf55f03258078c10a123e2717444e1060 in oe-core13:48
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marek_JaMa: thx13:52
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marek_JaMa: one more question I put PRINC functionality to custom bbclass like: when call from bbappend it fails when call:  PR = "${@increase_pr(2)}"15:11
marek_JaMa: it's evaluated as : u-boot/2015.07-${increase_pr(2)}/temp/log.do_unpack.401315:12
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dev_i have a question related to udev rules...i want to know which all udev scripts create nodes inside /dev folder16:56
dev_can anybody please help me in this?16:56
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sa2ajjhi. i have a situation where part of the product can only be compiled by dedicated people.18:14
sa2ajjthe result of that compilation is a set of libraries.18:14
sa2ajjis there a recommended way to handle this kind of workflow: one party builds a set of libraries, another party uses those libraries18:15
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deviositysa2ajj: you are probably best off having those dedicated people provide you a tarball of the libs that you integrate into yocto18:18
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sa2ajjthe question is: what kind of tarball they should provide?18:19
sa2ajjis there a particular tree structure?  (for headers, libs themselves)18:19
sa2ajjhow to amend a recipe for an app that uses those so it'd be unpacked at the right time in the right place?18:20
deviosityyocto should support any tarsal type18:21
* sa2ajj hmms18:22
sa2ajjlet's say i have a library called libA18:22
deviosityyou would just need a .bbappend file for the recipe you want to modify and iinclude a SRCURI += with the url or path to the tarball18:22
sa2ajjmy app APP's recipe would say "I depend on libA"18:22
sa2ajjand bitbake would build and install everything that is necessary for APP to get built18:23
sa2ajjhow would i achieve the same thing with a tarball?18:23
deviosityI would just add it to your APP recipe18:23
deviosityand include the tarball in your SRCURI statement(s)18:24
sa2ajjin all honesty i just started using yocto. do you think you could point me to some specific examples?18:25
sa2ajj(actually for both: the part where the tarball is built and where the tarball is used)18:25
deviositysince you can't have yocto build the libs for you, you just need to integrate the tarsal download into your recipe18:27
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sa2ajjthe link seems to be for the 2nd part18:28
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sa2ajjwhat about the 1st part? where i produce the tarball?18:29
sa2ajj(and, btw, thank you for the link!)18:29
deviosityI thought you said you can only have certain people build the libs18:30
sa2ajjyes, and i'd need to provide those certain people with instructions :/18:30
deviosityas far as I know there is no method to ave yocto tell someone they have to build it18:30
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sa2ajjlemme try to describe the situation in a few more details18:31
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sa2ajj1st. i have a layer that describes cross-compiler etc.18:31
sa2ajj2nd. i'd like to have a layer that have recipes for producing library tarballs.18:31
deviosityhave them compile the libs as expected and then just add them to tarball that is either integrated into your yocto layer or available for download from a url18:31
sa2ajj3rd. i'd like to have a layer that allows to build an app that depends on libraries in that tarball18:32
sa2ajj2nd is handled by a handful of people18:32
sa2ajj3rd is used by a big bunch of people18:32
deviositybecause of your specific case for number 2, you'd probably not want to do that in yocto18:33
sa2ajjwhy not?18:33
sa2ajj(the compiler is defined by 1st layer)18:33
deviosityit is primarily intended to make distribution images18:33
sa2ajj(s/by 1st/by the 1st)18:34
sa2ajjimages _and packages_, no?18:34
deviositythose packages are used in the images, sure18:34
sa2ajjbut are not used for setting up the environment?18:35
deviosityunless you have a shared build system, the other folks that are building won't get those packages18:35
sa2ajjmy initial thinking was: the devs for 2nd layer build packages and make them available, the devs for 3rd layer somehow make use of those packages18:36
deviosityYocto expects to be able to build everything it needs.18:37
* sa2ajj nods18:37
deviositynot that certain people can only build certain things, and have those things somehow available to other people18:37
fledermaussa2ajj: make the "build" recipe for the restricted libs "fetch and unpack a tarball from a restricted location" instead?18:38
fledermausalso, hello. working late today? :)18:38
sa2ajjnot working :)18:38
sa2ajjtrying to clarify a couple of details :D18:38
deviosityso basically for yocto to inlcude those special libs for everyone that needs to build an image, I would recommend producing a tarball of those libs that is compiled and make available out of yocto that you can use in a yocto recipe18:39
khem`BB_SRCREV_POLICY = "cache" will that ensure that it doesnt update the SRCREV of the recipes using SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}"18:44
khem`or are there any unknowns18:44
sa2ajjdeviosity: i am still not exactly clear on a) how to produce those tarballs using yocto and a particular layer that defines target architecture and compiler18:48
sa2ajjb) how to make use of that tarball :/18:49
sa2ajjb) requires unpacking into a particular tree (include, lib) as i feel it'd be "bad" to unpack them into the source tree...18:50
sa2ajja) probably would be something similar to creating a package (.ipkg?) without meta-information..18:51
fledermaussa2ajj: something like - the privileged group have a "normal" recipe that grabs the source and builds, producing a tarball or whatever that they can drop into a known location.18:51
*** deviosity <deviosity!> has quit IRC18:51
fledermausthen everyone else has a "fake" recipe which grabs that tarball, and instead of building, just unpacks and installs it.18:52
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fledermausif I understand the requirements18:52
sa2ajji think you do18:52
*** deviosity <deviosity!> has joined #yocto18:52
sa2ajjat least, the above scenarious seem to make sense18:52
sa2ajjnow the question is: are there existing examples of such an approach? :)18:53
fledermausthat I do not know.18:53
sa2ajjso i could "hack together" a PoC and see if it works...18:54
fledermausbut it's probably worth looking at the docs on how to override various stages like the build stage.18:54
deviositysa2ajj: as I mentioned I wouldn't compile those tarballs with yocto, compile it how you normally would and have those tarballs either integrated into your yocto layer or available via some download location.18:54
fledermausdeviosity: how we normally build things _is_ yocto :)18:55
sa2ajjdeviosity: i do not seem to be able to -- the cross compiler definition comes from a yocto layer :/18:55
sa2ajj"normally" we get a cross-compiler w/ required libs18:56
sa2ajjsince our current situation is "no sdk for you, sorry", we do not get those cross-compilers18:56
sa2ajjthey are only produced as a part of a yocto build18:57
deviosityyou might want to revisit your policy, I suppose it would be possible to have this workflow in yocto, but it would be forging new ground.18:57
sa2ajjthey = cross-compilers18:57
sa2ajjhow to put it, it's not a policy, it's how the things _can_ be done now :/18:58
deviosityunfortunately your scenario is beyond my familiarity with yocto. although it should be possible with a custom do_install to create a tarball from your custom libs once they are compiled.19:00
sa2ajjthe only "policy" element is that only a very specific group of people can access the sources for those libraries19:01
fledermaussa2ajj: throw a task onto the pile for us if you like to produce an example pair of recipes.19:01
sa2ajjwe have a story, i'm not sure that martin is very excited about it though :)19:01
sa2ajji'll try to "formalise" it tomorrow though19:02
deviositybasically the concept is to create a build artifact that is uploaded in a location that is available to use in the yocto layers the other developers can use19:03
sa2ajjyup :)19:03
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sa2ajjfledermaus: basically, he wants everything to be built from sources (keeping in mind particular components and i agree with that)19:04
sa2ajjhowever there's one set of components that require a special treatment :)19:05
sa2ajjand those are not in martin's focus19:05
deviosityso as part of the restricted libs build, you'll want to have a custom do_install that creates a tarball from those compiled libs, once that build is complete, you'll want to upload that tarball to a secure url, that you can integrate into the other yocto layer that other folks can use to compile their images.19:08
sa2ajjyes, this sounds to be inline with my goals19:08
deviositywhile it might be possible to script out the upload into yocto, it will be specific to your infrastructure and workflow.19:09
deviosityJust keep in mind to version that tarsal, as yocto will want md5sum to verify its integrity.19:10
sa2ajjin a way, we do not need to version it, we just need to make sure a correct {md5,sha1,etc}sum is available.19:12
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deviositycorrect, and that the md5sum doesn't change.19:14
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* paulg curses xchat for being so twitchy about focus19:15
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sa2ajjdeviosity: thank you for looking into it19:16
sa2ajjfledermaus: we'll continue tomorrow :)19:16
deviosityHappy to help. I wish you good luck19:17
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paulg oob19:25
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seebsSo I happened to have a buildtools in $PATH, and "git rebase" doesn't work because "git am" isn't apparently built.20:51
seebsI am wondering whether we should just build a full-featured git instead of stripping it down a lot.20:51
seebs... note, this may be an oldish build tools tarball.20:51
rburton1erm, yeah, pretty sure we fixed that20:57
fraythe current one (YP 2.0) should haev that fixed..20:58
frayit was changed as part of the extensible SDK20:58
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rburton1oe-core 5b051d65e797624cca3a81fc6f5c924925f3493e20:58
rburton1Date:   Fri Dec 5 18:09:28 2014 +000020:58
rburton1at least, that's the latest fix you need20:59
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