Wednesday, 2015-12-02

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pevsterQuestion: If adding coreutils, do I need to manually modify the busybox config in a bbappend to remove overlap or is that handle automagically?02:56
pevster(I really just want to include a proper dd...)(02:57
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bluelightningpevster: automatically (via the alternatives system)03:02
pevsterbluelightning: Smashing thanks... Is there a way I can just cherry pick dd on it's own?03:04
bluelightningpevster: not out of the box, but you could bbappend the coreutils recipe to split it out into its own package03:05
pevsterHm... it seems to add 6M to my image :-D03:06
bluelightningpevster: another (more drastic) alternative would be to switch to ddrescue03:06
pevsterbluelightning: oooh... I've not seen that before. I take it that it's compatible with 'normal' coreutils dd?03:07
bluelightningit's functionally equivelent, but not drop-in command-line compatible03:07
pevsterthats the main problem I have - busybox doesn't support skip_bytes so having to do horrible non-block dd operations which is hideously slow03:07
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pevsterStrewth, might just be quicker to port to busybox :-D03:16
bluelightningwell, the least intrusive fix is to split coreutils packaging, and that should be trivial03:18
bluelightningyou'd just need a bbappend with PACKAGES =+ "${PN}-dd"  and  FILES_${PN}-dd = "${base_bindir}/dd"03:19
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bluelightningprobably also ALTERNATIVE_${PN}-dd = "dd"03:21
pevsterReally? I didn;t think the coreutils recipe knew about all the internal packages?03:23
pevsterbluelightning: is that a recentish thing?03:23
pevsterOh, I see, just define it in the append...03:24
bluelightningright, in adding those you're creating a package just to split out a single file03:24
bluelightningif there are shared libs in the main package though there'll be a dependency created that drags in the main package, hopefully that's not the case03:25
bluelightning(shared libs that dd links to)03:25
pevsterI was wondering about that - I seem to be 6MB heavier and the main bins don't account for that03:25
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pevsterbluelightning: Tried as quoted but craps out with03:38
pevster * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package coreutils-dd.03:38
bluelightningfor whatever reason the file can't have gone into the package, and thus it ended up empty03:42
bluelightningyou can check this by looking under packages-split in the workdir for coreutils03:43
bluelightningyou did use =+ and not += to add the item to PACKAGES right?03:43
pevsterOh... does it need dd.coreutils not dd?03:43
pevsterYes :-)03:44
bluelightningah - yes that might be it ;)03:44
pevsterCut and pasted03:44
pevsterThat was it. Seems to have worked, you are a splendid human being, thank you!03:46
pevster(at least it seems find until I do a full clean rebuild and find something is broken...)03:46
bluelightningglad I could help :)03:50
bluelightningpevster: btw I didn't see your answer to my earlier question regarding your issues with building the image from sstate03:51
pevsterAh yes - I haven't managed to get a concise summary of WTF im doing :-) I wrote the code ages ago and it's gone cold so need to re-read it to figure it out. The dd optimisation is a side excursion that cropped up along the way !03:55
bluelightningthe only thing I can think of is you're poking files into the sysroot (or other sstate-managed areas) with the result that the files aren't being properly saved and restored through sstate03:58
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Ulfalizersomehow a directory named the same as the ${S} directory is created in ${D} after do_install(), causing do_package_qa() to fail. any ideas what might be going on? the do_install() comes from a custom bbclass that takes ipk packages as input and extracts them. i've confirmed that the directory does not exist at the end of do_install() (with an 'ls').08:56
Ulfalizerthe contents of ${D} look fine besides that directory too08:57
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Ulfalizeroh, and ${S} is used to point out the directory where the .ipk files reside09:06
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abellonisgw_: btw, I updated my kernel and it works fine, thanks!09:25
abellonihowever, when probing gma500_gfx, it switches to a resolution that is not supported by my monitor so I've just blacklisted that module09:26
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darkspikehi all10:06
darkspikeIs there a way to disable/mask systemd services centrally (in the image or local.conf) without using ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND to remove the links in rootfs ?10:06
rburtonSYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_pn-somerecipe = "disable" in your local.conf might work10:07
darkspikerburton: thank you very much !10:10
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Ulfalizeris do_package ever supposed to create things in ${D}10:29
Ulfalizersomehow it ends up creating a directory named the same as ${S}, which do_package_qa then barfs on10:30
rburtonUlfalizer: sounds like your recipe is borked, can you share it?10:32
Ulfalizeri'll see if i can reduce it10:33
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Ulfalizerit noexec's do_patch, do_configure, and do_compile, then does   for ipk in "${WORKDIR}/${S}"/*.ipk; do ar p "$ipk" data.tar.gz | tar xz -C "${D}"; done  in do_install, assuming S has been set up to point to a directory with IPK packages10:36
Ulfalizerstrangely it works if i use a custom variable instead of S10:36
Ulfalizerafter do_install, the contents of <pkg>/image look fine too. for some reason do_package creates a directory in it though.10:37
Ulfalizerthe contents of ${D} that is10:37
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Ulfalizerand yeah, i agree that it might be a slightly dubious thing to do :)10:40
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #555 of eclipse-plugin-kepler is complete: Failure [failed Building Eclipse Plugin Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
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lufiHi Guys10:55
lufiwhich iso of yocto can emulate powerpc or cisco 4500 32 bit architecture10:55
lufi*iso/image ?10:56
Ulfalizerwhere do i find the default do_package implementation?10:58
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Ulfalizeroh, package.bbclass11:02
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minipadaHello, I am trying to compile f2c for ARM and in the Makefile, I have to execute a binary generated by the Makefile as follow: "./a.out >arith.h" . An error is generated at this step saying "cannot execute binary file". Is there a way to11:33
minipadause it ?11:33
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jaeckelI know it's not especially yocto related, but does someone of you know if the kernel supports the memmap parameter on ARM? it looks like it doesn't work for me11:53
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abellonijaeckel: most of it is x86 only12:48
abellonisee the documentation12:48
jaeckelI already guessed so :(12:51
abellonitile and xtense also support a subset12:51
abelloniyou probably don't need that anyway12:52
jaeckelwhat do you mean?12:53
jaeckelis there an alternative way to do the same?12:53
abelloniwhat do you want to achieve exactly?12:53
jaeckelreserve a memory region that it's not used by the kernel12:54
abellonidid you have a look at cma?12:55
abellonithis is probably what you want12:55
jaeckelcan I use that parameter to tell the kernel to not touch a specific memory region?12:57
jaeckelI'm sharing memory with some other peripheral and I want to exclude that memory from the kernel12:58
abellonithat is the point13:00
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jaeckelcool, looks like a possible solution13:05
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #545 of nightly-oecore is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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bengardinerHi All, I'm having an issue in yocto daisy -- I hope this is the right place to ask.14:11
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bengardinerI think this is a bbappend + state problem. Is it even valid to do two builds against the same sstate-cache with different layers where a bbappend is included in one set of layers and not in the other?14:15
Crofton|workedbart1, there is a guy in #oe asking wic questions14:16
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #547 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests_2] Build details are at
edbart1Crofton: thanks, I'll connect there.14:17
bengardinerMore specifically: I am doing builds with and without my layer included where my layer contains a bbappend of paxctl which overrides do_install. There are other recipes in my layer which will fail build if the do_install override isn't invoked. I've got these builds going in CI and sometimes I'll get failures. I'm sharing sstate but also running a shared pr service.14:18
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kergothbengardiner: sstate uses metadata checksumming. if the variables used by a task change, then the checksum changes, and that sstate won't be used. so there's nothing wrong with bbappend and sstate interaction whatsoever15:51
kergothbut you can use bitbake-dumpsig and bitbake-diffsigs to examine and compare the .sigdata/.siginfo files from your sstate cache or stamps dir15:52
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bengardinerthanks, kergoth.16:14
bengardinerI change BBCLASSEXTEND, DEPENDS (and I even tried a hack to change PR) in the bbappend file16:15
bengardinerso logically sstate shouldn't be blocking the rebuild. must be something else then?16:15
kergothi use a single sstate cache for tons of yocto versions, machines, distros, etc, there's no bad interaction, any changes invalidate/change the sstate, never reused when it shouldn't be16:16
kergothnow, the opposite it sometimes true, it rebuilds more than i want sometimes, but better that than the alternative16:16
kergothso yes, its unlikely for that to be a problem16:17
kergothif your bbappend isn't being applied, either your layer isn't enabled, your BBFILES in your layer.conf is incorrect, or the path to the bbappend doesn't match up with the BBFILES in the layer.conf16:17
kergothbitbake-layers show-appends may be of use16:17
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mario-goulartor the bbappend's version doesn't match the recipe version.16:23
kergothgood point. bitbake-layers show-appends will warn about that16:25
pedroalvarezHi! Is it possible to generate a rawdisk image using bitbake? My build has generated a ext3 rootfs and a kernels, but I wonder if yocto can put them together  with a bootloader16:25
kergothif an append exists for a non-preferred recipe but not a preferred recipe16:25
pedroalvarez(for a x86 VM)16:25
bengardiner"[...] it rebuilds more than I want sometimes [...]" -- that's interesting. Because I run the build jobs in parrallel in a CI server16:25
kergothpedroalvarez: wic is the best tool for that16:25
bengardinerall contributing to the sstate cache. maybe the build without the layer is winning the race to add to the cache16:26
kergothno, that wouldn't make sense16:26
pedroalvarezkergoth: thanks, I'll have a look16:26
kergothagain, if the append changes the metadata, it changes the checksum, and both builds will emit different sstates16:26
bengardinermario-goulart: thanks, I'll check for a warning about a missing bbappend target16:26
kergoththere's no race, they write entirely different filenames16:26
bengardinerkergoth: ok then; I'm glad you're lending your expertise. Thank you again16:27
kergothbengardiner: it errs on the side of caution. if recipe A is changed and recipes B and C depend on A, B and C will also be rebuilt after A is rebuilt. this is obviously needed to handle cases where e.g. the library ABI changes, but of course it also means a change to a comment in do_install will ripple outward through the dependency graph :)16:27
kergothbut better that than possibly risking brokenness due to using out of date stuff and not relinking16:27
bengardinermakes sense16:28
kergothideally in the long term we'll be able to recognize when the output of a task hasn't changed when the input has, but to do that we'd need heuristic analysis of the output, or reproducible bit-by-bit builds16:28
mario-goulart"bitbake -DDD" can also be handy for debugging (you probably want to redirect the output to a file)16:28
bengardinerok -- so at least now I know I'm not attempting something that is flawed at the outset.16:29
bengardinerI'm going to go have some lunch. I'll pop back and report if I find anything or not. Thanks for all your advice so far16:30
pedroalvarezoh, good to see that sharing sstate dir for various builds works for people here16:31
pedroalvarezI'm trying to create some CI pipelines and that was one of my ideas to try to save some time16:31
kergothwe use it for our incremental CI builds, a common sstate cache for both the automated builds and for use by the engineers16:32
kergoththen do periodic full builds from scratch16:32
kergothmuch, much, *much* faster16:32
frayyup.. we do the same.. this is what we consider to be best practice..16:32
fray(with the understanding engineers don't HAVE to use the cache.. since it's juts that a cache)16:33
kergothit's so nice though, since the CI machines tend to bef aster than individual engineer workstations16:33
kergothbootstraps progress on tasks16:33
kergothnaturally depends, but..16:33
mario-goulartHow do you guys usually share the sstate cache?  NFS?16:34
pedroalvarezyeah, I was pondering how to share the sstate cache16:34
frayboth NFS and http16:34
frayNFS for local users.. http for some special cases16:34
fray(http is MUCH slower, so it really is special cases)16:34
pedroalvarezand does bitbake handles that or engineers have to fetch it themselves?16:34
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frayit's automatic if the engineers has enble it16:34
pedroalvarezoh, that's interesting16:35
kergothi think we're mostly using http, but we should switch to nfs16:35
kergothpedroalvarez: just set SSTATE_MIRRORS appropriately16:35
frayNFS has reliability issues http doesn't16:35
fraythats why I said "local users"  ;)16:36
kergothyeah, i wouldn't try using it over our vpn..16:36
mario-goulartDoes anybody use distcc for building stuff with bitbake?16:36
fraypeople do it, but I always tell them don't..16:36
frayoften it takes longer time to use distcc then just compile and cache (sstate-cache)16:36
pedroalvarezkergoth: noted, tvm16:36
frayccache is another one I caution against..16:36
kergothmario-goulart: i'm not sure you'd get all that much benefit since build paths change, binaries change when they're rebuilt, etc, but i know some folks do use it. same iwth icecc16:37
fraydistcc is really only useful if you have a LOT of really slow computers with a fast network16:37
kergothoh, i thought you said ccache, distcc might be okay, but the overhead is the problem16:37
mario-goulartI suppose a low-latency network would be required.16:37
kergothit'd be nice if bitbake could offload entire recipe builds, or task execution, rather than distributing at the per-compile/per-link level16:37
kergothfray: man, i remember one time having a corrupt object in my ccache16:38
kergothit was the last freaking place i thought to look16:38
kergothwasted like 2 days16:38
frayya, thats the downside of the cache....16:38
frayI think we're exposed to those problems more then typical developers..16:39
frayI rarely if ever see them when doing recipe work -- but when hacking ont he build system itself they're a lot more possible16:39
kergothheh, only tangentally related, but i always have to remember to --no-setscene when i'm screwing around with non-checksummed elements of the build. imported python modules, bitbake itself..16:40
kergothalways wanted to get those bits checksummed too, but never got around to it16:40
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pedroalvarezdo you normally clean the build environment? I noticed that removing *src-build/tmp makes it "build" some things on the next run even if nothing changed16:42
mario-goulartSo shared-shared-state :-) is the way to go for multi-seat environments?  Here we have this "load distribution" problem.  So far we've been investing in build servers, but that doesn't scale very well.16:42
kergothpedroalvarez: that should not be the case. i wipe tmp and let things rebuild from sstate all the time and get full 100% reuse unless i modified something16:43
kergothif your'e getting unexpected rebuilds, there are useful tools to diagnose16:43
kergothbitbake -S printdiff ccore-image-base (or whatever target) is useful16:43
kergothas is bitbake-diffsigs16:43
kergoththere's also bitbake-whatchanged, though i'm not sure if that's still working as well as it used to, iirc right now its method (changing STAMPS_DIR) actually changes checksums itself, cluttering up the output16:44
pedroalvarezI quoted "build" because I'm not sure they are builds, and just putting things in place to generate rootfs, and so on16:44
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kergothi've bee mostly leveraging bitbake -S printdiff occasionally overriding SSTATE_DIR to force it to use STAMPS_DIR sigdata to compare against16:45
kergothpedroalvarez: you can always examine buildstats or tmp/stamps/ to see what tasks ran16:45
kergoththe _setscene variants are pulling from sstate16:45
kergoththe non-_setscene tasks are non-sstate16:45
kergothI'd recommend adding INHERIT += "buildstats-summary"16:46
kergothwhich will tell you at the end of hte build how many tasks ran from sstate vs non16:46
kergothreally useful16:46
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kergothit does require buildstats, but i think thats inherited by default nowadays16:46
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* pedroalvarez saves the conversation16:48
* kergoth wonders if the docs cover the available tools for diagnosing sstate reuse problems16:48
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fraywhen all else fails.. use a bigger mallet..  bitbake <recipe> -c cleansstate  (and disable sstate cache mirrors)  ;)16:57
kergothI like -C fetch for that, to avoid having to disable SSTATE_MIRRORS :) of course, then you need to -c clean first, so tradeoffs to both approaches16:57
kergothI'd really like bitbake to know that clean should be done before everything else, so we could do things like bitbake foo:do_cleansstate foo16:58
* mario-goulart has a "rebake" shell function that does "bitbake -c cleansstate $@ && bitbake $@"17:01
mario-goulartfor the moments of despair. :-)17:01
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kergothgotta watch out for sstate mirrors, though. cleansstate won't prevent re-fetching it from a mirror and using that instead of building from scratch17:03
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kergothbitbake -c clean $@ && bitbake -C fetch $@ will force the matter by "tainting" fetch, forcing the tasks after it to run regardless of the presence of sstates, mirror or otherwise17:04
kergothof course, the downside to that is the stupid taint sticks around permanently even after the thing has been rebuilt once17:05
kergoththere's an open yocto issue for that17:05
mario-goulartAh, I see.  Good point.  I only use a local sstate cache though.17:05
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kergothah, fair enough17:05
kergothi always thought it'd be nice to have cleansstate inject a taint, but then there'd be no way to only clean and refetch an sstate archive :)17:06
kergothso best to keep it explicit as is17:06
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Matt____is there any documentation/tutorial/whatever how to control which packages are included when building a toolchain with yocto? i need python 3.3 in the toolchain, but there is only python 2.7. both versions are included in the image, this part works fine. but the toolchain is a real mystery :(17:42
*** Snert__ <Snert__!> has joined #yocto17:44
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kergoththat depends on what method of building a toolchain you're using. whe using -c populate_sdk, the sdk contents hsould mirror the content of the image, but you can add additional host or target packages with TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK and TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK17:49
*** anselmolsm <anselmolsm!anselmolsm@nat/intel/x-fmvjlqlumarqniyx> has quit IRC17:49
kergothi.e. TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = " python3-dev" or whatever17:49
*** anselmolsm <anselmolsm!~anselmols@> has joined #yocto17:50
kergothit would really be nice to automatically handle module imports for inline python17:55
kergothquite often i have to split out a def'd function just so i can import something17:55
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mario-goulartkergoth: wrt python, one thing that I was thinking is how to automatically determine runtime dependencies for python packages.  I thought about inspecting the bytecode of installed files to find import commands (similarly to ldd for binary files).  Do you know if something like that exists?18:02
kergothmario-goulart: yes, and we already have it18:02
kergothrecipetool can create recipes, and it supports this python dependency analysis18:02
mario-goulartOh, really?18:02
kergothrecipetool create -o - <url to a tarball or scm>18:02
kergothits useful even for existing recipes to validate our rdeps18:02
kergothi have a gist where i did this for all the existing python recipes18:03
kergoththe thing is, it always always requires manual review18:03
mario-goulartExcellent.  Thanks for the hint.18:03
kergothsince its not perfect, it can pick up things which aren't actually right, or e.g. conditional deps aren't entirely handled.18:03
kergothi.e. a tree of try/catch ImportError18:03
kergothit doesn't recognize this as a this or that or the other dep18:03
mario-goulartAh, I see.  Good point.18:03
kergoth has the status of it and future plans18:04
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has quit IRC18:04
kergoth is a script that uses recipetool create to identify potential missing rdeps in the available python recipes, along with example output from a while back18:04
kergothit both parses for dep info and scans the code18:04
mario-goulartVery nice.18:05
kergothit uses an external script to scan, btw, see scripts/pythondeps18:06
kergothso it can be run external to oe for testing18:06
*** matteo <matteo!~matteo@openwrt/developer/matteo> has quit IRC18:06
kergothanother thing it tends to pick up that might not be quite right is tests18:06
kergothin some cases it'll scan the unit tests dir18:06
kergothand pick up deps of the tests which of course aren't deps of the module/package itself..18:07
kergothso keep that in mind18:07
mario-goularti see.18:07
kergothit tries to avoid this by using the specified package_dir from, but sometimes unit tests are under that18:07 scanning is limited by the fact that it can only pick up literal values, it can't run functions without worrying about side effects18:08
* kergoth was neck deep in this for way too long, it's messier than one might expect18:08
*** cbzx <cbzx!> has joined #yocto18:08
mario-goulartI see.  We use a similar strategy for meta-chicken, but the metadata file for eggs is not "executable".18:09
mario-goulartFor meta-chicken, all the recipes (more than 550 at the moment) are automatically generated by a script.18:09
*** Amynka is now known as Amy_ko18:09
kergothoh, that reminds me, it will use EGG-INFO if it exists too18:10
kergothmario-goulart: oh, wow, that's quite interesting18:10
kergoth might be interesting, it shows how the ast is transformed to extract all the literals and separate them from the bits we can't process without running it18:11
mario-goulartYeah, the scriptability is quite handy to manage those recipes.18:11
kergothsounds like it, never considered such an approach18:11
*** ftonello <ftonello!~quassel@> has quit IRC18:12
Matt____kergoth, when i add TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append = " python3-dev " and TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = " python3-dev ", it fails: "ERROR: python3-dev not found in the base feeds (x86_64-nativesdk noarch any all)."18:12
mario-goulartkergoth: thanks for the gists and hints.  Lots of nice ideas.18:17
*** Guest71950 <Guest71950!> has quit IRC18:31
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kergothMatt____: you can't add target packages to HOST_TASK18:39
kergothMatt____: that's for host stuff, stuff that runs on the machine the sdk is installed on.18:39
kergothi..e nativesdk stuff18:39
*** georgem <georgem!> has quit IRC18:39
kergothmario-goulart: np. i'll have to take a look at meta-chicken :)18:39
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!> has quit IRC18:39
*** Biliogadafr <Biliogadafr!> has joined #yocto18:40
kergothI really want to add ast pretty printing (ala to pprintpp one of these days18:40
kergothcurrently you can pretty print ast nodes with that, or anything else with pprint/pprintpp, but nothing will do both at once18:41
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bengardinerHi kergoth, mario-goulart19:02
bengardineri've got a builddir now where the problem is happening (I can reproduce it locally). bitbake-layers show-appends tells me my bbappend for paxctl is getting picked-up19:03
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@2a01:2000:2000:37a:f279:59ff:fe64:3a8> has joined #yocto19:05
*** morphis <morphis!> has joined #yocto19:08
bengardinerI don't have a buildstats-summary.bbclass (b/c of daisy??) so I can't go down that avenue19:08
kergothuse bitbake -e paxctl to examine its metadata and make sure it's what you think it is19:09
*** kratsg <kratsg!82c703a5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto19:11
kratsgHi all, I need to change an existing machine configuration to use a different devicetree. Do I need to make a branch new machine file, or can I use like a bbappends?19:12
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@2a01:2000:2000:37a:f279:59ff:fe64:3a8> has quit IRC19:12
kergothsee the KERNEL_DEVICETREE variable. if the machine defines it with ?=, you could just set it in local.conf, otherwise you can use KERNEL_DEVICETREE_forcevariable. i think that variable is probably in the yocto reference manual, though haven't checked offhand19:13
kratsg here's what I want to change.19:13
kratsgIt's a conf, so I have my own custom layer I'm working on. I would add my devicetree files there and somehow have it point to that, but not sure.19:14
bengardinerkergoth: yep. the do_install() in the -e output is what I'm expecting19:14
kergothbengardiner: are you not sure it's being run the way you want? add 'exit 1' and bitbake the recipe and make sure it fails.19:16
* kergoth is unclear on what the problem is you're hitting19:16
bengardinerkergoth: yep good point. all data points to the sstate-cache working properly. So I've gotta look elsewhere :)19:17
kergothkratsg: a layer can't override something a machine is doing, under normal circumstances, it'd violate our orthogonal distro/machine/image axes and layering mechanism. you could add a config file to the layer and instruct the person using it to add the layer and include that config from their local.conf, or you could provide a custom machine that pulls in the other machine and modifies it and instruct users to set MACHINE to that. you can't bbappend a19:18
kergoth machine, only a recipe. that said, you could bbappend the kernel recipe and modify KERNEL_DEVICETREE there, so maybe that would do what you want19:18
kergothreally depends on your goals19:18
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kratsgkergoth: thanks! So I tried making my own new machine:
kergothkratsg: you could just do require conf/machine/zc706-zynq7.conf, and then add your tweaks after that19:27
kratsgBut I get an error like "Nothing provides 'virtual/zynq7-platform-init'" which I think is because it's not seeing the meta-xilinx layer which has the original machine definition.19:27
kergothinstead of copying it19:27
kergoththen make your layer depend son meta-xilinx19:27
kratsgoh, really?19:27
* kergoth nods, that sounds accurate19:27
kergothyeah, any relative include/require path will be found via BBPATH, which means it searches layers for it19:27
kergothnaturally there are other approaches you could take, thats one thing that's both nice and annoying about oe/yocto, always multiple ways to do things :)19:28
kergothflexible, but also potentially confusing figuring out whats best19:28
kergothoften have to experiment and see what feels cleanest19:28
kergothat mentor, we've done the new machine that builds on another machine approach a number of times in the past19:28
kratsgOk, it makes more sense for me to do the `include` approach19:29
kratsgsince I'd rather depend on meta-xilinx directly and only make the changes I need -- such as a custom devicetree19:29
*** khem <khem!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC19:29
kratsgOne thing that I can't figure out is how to make sure it finds these things? EG: how do you ask for a list of machines that exist so you know your machine is parsed right?19:30
kergothall thats needed to make a machine exist is create a conf/machine/ file and add that layer to your bblayers19:30
kergothbeyond that, set MACHINE=yourmachine and do a build :)19:31
kratsgUnfortunately, it's still complaining19:31
kergothoh, i bet i know what's wrong19:31
kratsgCould not find conf/machine/include/zc706-zynq7.conf19:31
kratsgit's something with dependency resolution for sure.19:31
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@2a01:2000:2000:37a:f279:59ff:fe64:3a8> has quit IRC19:32
kergothadd MACHINEOVERRIDES .= ":zc706-zynq7" to your machine config19:32
kergothotherwise those overrides in recipes won't apply19:32
kergothsince the machine name is different19:32
kergothforgot about that19:32
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kratsghere's what I have so far19:33
kratsg"Could not include required file: conf/machine/include/zc706-zynq7.confg"19:34
kratsgI have meta-xilinx in my bblayers, and this is my layer.conf:
kergothtypo, confg19:35
kratsgErr, that's my typo. Sorry.19:35
kratsgIt's "zynq7.conf"19:35
kratsg(I'm inside a VM so copy/pasting isn't trivial!)19:35
kergothit's probably also not in conf/machine/include/ but conf/machine/19:35
kergothbut double check that19:35
kergoththe path has to be form the root of the layer19:35
mario-goulartIs meta-xilinx in BBLAYERS?19:36
kratsgD'oh. I see.19:36
kratsgYeah, it is mario-goulart19:36
kratsgIt looks like it parsed it now.19:36
kratsgIs there a way to ask for "is <X> an existing machine?"19:37
kratsgor list all machines or something?19:37
kergothnot really, bitbake doesn't consider machines magic19:37
kergothbitbake.conf has a line: include conf/machine/${MACHINE}.conf19:37
kergoththat's what causes it to be pulled in19:37
kergothit has no awareness of machines other than the one that's currently set19:37
kergothyou could script it yourself, of course19:38
mario-goulartUsually find -path "*/conf/machine/*.conf" does the trick, assuming conventions.19:38
kratsgOh, I see.19:38
kratsgOk, so it looks like it's recompiling everything for this machine, even though I had already compiled it for zc706.19:38
kratsgI guess it's machine-by-machine, so it can't know the difference.19:38
kratsgi guess that's totally fine.19:39
kergothsome recipes are machine specific, not all are, though19:39
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kratsgSide note: we noticed if the SD clock was set to < 50 MHz, U-boot doesn't function properly. Is that a known thing?19:47
*** mcfrisk <mcfrisk!> has joined #yocto19:48
kratsgOh, hrmm, the dts include failed19:49
kratsgDo I need to explicitly add all the dts files in the machine definition, for the dts files to find it?19:49
kratsg"Fatal Error: Could not open 'zynq-7000.dtsi': No such file or directory"19:51
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@2a01:2000:2000:37a:f279:59ff:fe64:3a8> has quit IRC19:51
kratsgi'm presuming it's because the .dts file references it via an include, but I don't have it in the MACHINE_DEVICETREE := list.19:51
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Matt____thank you very much, kergoth! with just TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = " python3-core " it seemed to work :-)20:03
Matt____~/QorIQ-SDK-V1.8-20150619-yocto/build_t4240rdb-64b_release/tmp/deploy/sdk$ find /opt/fsl-networking/QorIQ-SDK-V1.8/ -iname python3 /opt/fsl-networking/QorIQ-SDK-V1.8/sysroots/ppc64e6500-fsl-linux/usr/bin/python3 /opt/fsl-networking/QorIQ-SDK-V1.8/sysroots/ppc64e6500-fsl-linux/usr/src/debug/python320:04
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kratsgwe're checking things now :) hopefully it should work!20:08
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bengardinerhi... I believe (now) that the problem is due to the paxctl command getting deployed to native sysroot when built, but not when retrieved from the cache. I must be writing the bbappend wrong20:21
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bengardinerkergoth: I had a missing FILES_${PN} in the bbappend *facepalm* -- so I added it, built. cleaned everything up and tried to rebuild (from sstate). same error again. paxctl-native isn't installing paxctl to the sysroot when coming from sstate20:53
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bengardinerI should just double-check my bbappend. Can anyone recommend the right bbappend to look at for adding native support to a recipe?20:54
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kratsgso, we tested everything. Seems like with the custom DTS, the ethernet isn't really working. Still need to figure out where along the line it's broken.21:17
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kergothRP: do we have documented the bitbake/oe-core compatibility breaks, so we know what's involved to try to use a newer bitbake with an older oe-core?22:02
kergothi'm guessing probably no22:02
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moto-timoCrofton|work: I wasn't trying to troll :)22:17
Crofton|workmoto-timo, you are fine22:19
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JaMathere are shitty days in America? Maybe you just need more guns :)22:26
JaMaexcept in San Bernandino where they need fewer guns :/22:28
*** sno <sno!> has joined #yocto22:30
RPkergoth: not officially, no22:34
moto-timoWe just need more mental health providers22:35
RPkergoth: only really big one I'm aware of was the data store changes22:35
kergothhmm, right22:38
Crofton|workRP, kergoth I was just dreaming of the day that one version of bitbake worked across more than one release of meta-data22:41
Crofton|workin the good news dept, my first pass at a minfest for people doinf sdr stuff seems to work (jethro based)22:42
Crofton|workalso, there is a special place in hell for the person that named a release after someone named close to the community manager22:42
* armpit got kicked out of hell22:43
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Crofton|workoops special level of hell22:43
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* moto-timo starts a petition to rename to JEFRO23:24
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moto-timotoo late?23:24
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moto-timoI suppose it will get just as far as the petition to get Firefly back on the air23:26
moto-timoPerhaps we can make a JEFRO movie23:26
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rburtonbut then it would be spelt wrong to match the scheme23:43
rburtonwhich afaik, nobody has guessed yet23:43
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