Thursday, 2015-12-03

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #538 of nightly-mips-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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NewieHi anyone onliine?08:29
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Ulfalizer  any idea why this recipe gives the error at the end of the paste? somehow a directory gets created in ${D}, seemingly by the do_package task.08:59
Ulfalizerit's a reduced version of a problem i'm having with a larger recipe08:59
Ulfalizercommenting out the S assignment fixes the error09:00
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Ulfalizerproviding a do_install that copies some files into ${D} makes no difference. a directory ${D}/foo still gets created.09:03
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bluelightningUlfalizer: S = "foo" wouldn't be valid... it's supposed to be the entire path09:09
Ulfalizerheh, d'oh, i'm an idiot :)09:10
Ulfalizeri was sure it was relative to ${WORKDIR}09:10
Ulfalizerthat's almost certainly it then09:11
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rburtonmaybe something worth sanity checking09:17
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Ulfalizerrburton: yeah, that's probably better than randomly creating a directory in ${D} at least09:22
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rburton*could* detect its relative and base it on workdir09:25
* rburton can't decide09:25
rburtonbluelightning: do you have an opinion?  too early here to form concrete opinions :)09:26
rburtonsanity checking can be done fatally in insane whereas magically turning it into an absolute path would need to happen… somewhere09:26
bluelightningrather than allow relative paths I'd just error out if it doesn't start with /09:27
Ulfalizerrburton: my newb opinion is that it's confusing to let it be either absolute or relative09:27
bluelightningto be honest this is the first time I've heard of this coming up09:27
rburtonditto, but it took Ulfalizer a day to figure out it, so that's bad :)09:27
bluelightningindeed, if we can avoid difficult-to-debug situations that would be ideal09:28
Ulfalizereven without a warning, the behavior of creating a directory in ${D} is confusing. i still don't know why it does that.09:28
rburtonbecause that's what pwd was when it did the mkdir09:28
* rburton looks at the recipe09:29
rburtonbecause in a normal recipe you get a different error09:29
rburtonWARNING: m4: the directory m4 (m4) pointed to by the S variable doesn't exist - please set S within the recipe to point to where the source has been unpacked to09:29
Ulfalizerwhy does it do a mkdir? isn't it just do_install that's supposed to put stuff in ${D}?09:29
* rburton looks again09:30
Ulfalizerit seems do_package creates the directory, which seems odd09:30
rburtonoh, because do_package likely runs in $B09:31
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rburtonwhich is $S by default09:31
tasslehoffUpgraded from 1.8 to 2.0 (angstrom) and now resolv.conf is managed by Connection Manager insted of Systemd. How/where do I add a new nameserver entry?09:31
Ulfalizerrburton: and it happens to be in ${D} before that?09:31
rburtondo_package() has a dirs of SHILBWORKDIR PKGDESTWORK D, so mkdir's those and cd's into D09:32
Ulfalizerare any of those based on S?09:33
Ulfalizergotta go, bbl09:33
rburtonhow bad would it be to make bb.utils.mkdirhier throw an exception if the path isn't absolute i wonder09:34
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rburtonoh, B = S, and B is defaults [dirs]09:40
rburtonso it splats that directory around quite a bit09:41
rburtonprobably worth a sanity check09:41
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Ulfalizerrburton: what do you mean by default [dirs]?10:34
Ulfalizer+1 on sanity check either way10:36
rburtonthere's a task flag called dirs which lists the directories it wants created10:39
rburtonB is the default, and B defaults to S10:40
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mtownsend1973Hi,  I'm trying to use the gitsm fetcher with something like gitsm://url-to-my.git;branch=xbuild-test-branch;protocol=ssh with git:// it checks out the right branch but with gitsm it checks out master, am I doing something wrong here?12:07
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otaviomtownsend1973: it seems like a bug to me; check the fetcher code inside bitbake to see if it covers the branch param12:21
mtownsend1973otavio: There's no mention of branch in gitsm, does it not rely on the git fetcher for this or is it completely separate?12:26
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otaviomtownsend1973: I did not look at the source code, I suggest you to take a look and see if you can figure this out12:42
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Ulfalizerwhat basic packages (tar, etc.) are guaranteed to be available and do not require explicit native-* DEPENDS? how do i find out? what's the underlying mechanism?13:41
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Ulfalizeror *-native rather13:42
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vmesons/guaranteed/required/ see apt-get/dnf/zypper/yum install on:
vmesonUlfalizer: what do you mean by:  how do i find out? what's the underlying mechanism?13:48
Ulfalizervmeson: is the tar used the native host one? i had assumed yocto built some of the tools itself.13:49
* vmeson wonders if he missed some earlier discussion...13:49
Ulfalizeri'm curious about 'ar' in this case13:49
Ulfalizermore generally, when listing *-native packages as dependencies, do the installed tools end up in PATH and become available in tasks?13:50
Ulfalizermaybe i'm missing something basic here13:51
Ulfalizerand if so, is there a set of *-native tools that are guaranteed to be available (even if they're not available on the host)13:52
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vmesonUlfalizer: I don't know if there are any implicitly available -native pkgs. I assumed that it would be all explict dependencies and that the pkgs needed on the host would be the only assumptions.13:56
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rburtonUlfalizer: ar is part of binutils, so we assume the host has one13:59
rburtoncant compile a compiler without a compler13:59
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Ulfalizermakes sense14:07
Ulfalizeris there some  err_exit <msg>  or similar shell helper included by default?14:08
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rburtonif you're running in a shell task, bberror/bbfatal/bbwarn/bbnote exist14:12
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Ulfalizeris errors being printed to stdout what bitbake/yocto expects?14:19
Ulfalizeror what's conventional14:19
Ulfalizerbberror/bbfatal seem to do so14:19
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Ulfalizerguess it doesn't make much difference if it just prints to the log at the moment like the comment at the top says14:21
rburtonbberror/bbfatal will route the message through a pipe so it appears in the proper logs and causing a hard/soft error14:22
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rburton(so they're identical to bb.error bb.fatal etc as used in pythonic functions)14:23
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Ulfalizerah, it's because i'm running an old yocto version :/14:23
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Hunkhello, i have a question. What is the best way to update an application level software on yocto ( for example a gui )15:18
rburtonHunk: the package manager15:19
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Hunksmart package manager?15:20
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bengardinerhi guys -- thanks again for helping me out yesterday by confirming that my setup (multiple builders contributing to a shared sstate cache with a common prserv) was sane16:06
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has joined #yocto16:07
bengardinerI'm still not out of the woods yet though -- so my next "am I crazy" question follows:16:07
bengardinerwith yocto daisy, is there anything that would prevent a file installed to ${sbindir} via a do_install() in a bbappend from getting deployed to the native sysroot when sstate cache satisfies a -native DEPENDS ?16:08
bengardiner(I did have a missing FILES_${PN} += "${sbindir}/paxctl" in the bbappend; but even after adding that in I've still got a problem16:09
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kergoth you shouldn't need tha tFILES bit16:22
kergothsbindir is included in the default FILES_${PN}16:22
kergothsee meta/conf/bitbake.cnof16:22
*** dreyna4529 <dreyna4529!> has joined #yocto16:25
bengardinertrue. then add FILES_${PN} truly had no effect16:25
kergothsstate is irrelevent here. whether it comes from sstate or not, the same files will end up in the sysroot16:26
kergothbut no, a file in sbindir should, afaik, end up in the native sysroot sbin16:26
* kergoth shrugs16:26
bengardinerkergoth: OK...16:27
kergothexamine the 'image' dir under workdir (${D}) and make sure the file is in usr/sbin there, then examine the native sysroot and make sure it ended up there16:28
kergothyou could also examine the contents of the do_populate_sysroot sstate tarball16:28
bengardinerroger. so what I've been doing is 'find tmp -name paxctl'. I get no hits in the cases where the build failed16:29
kergoththat works too16:30
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bengardinerso, when it works, the file is in sbin/paxctl ; not usr/sbin/paxctl16:44
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rburton1khem: there?17:42
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KaaHello! How to avoid useless package rebuilding if ABI of depenencies is not changed?17:52
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kergothKaa: not possible at the moment. bitbake doesn't analyze task output, only uses task input via metadata checksumming. if recipe B depends on A and A changes and is rebuilt, B will be rebuilt, regardless of whether the rebuild of A changed anything18:03
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bengardinerkergoth: where would I find the "do_populate_sysroot sstate tarball" ?18:27
kergothyour SSTATE_DIR18:28
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bengardinerroger. with a bunch of them there... do I use printsigs to figure out which one was created from this most recent build?18:29
*** abelloni <abelloni!~abelloni@2a01:e35:8bf1:a7c0:a288:b4ff:fe25:8918> has joined #yocto18:29
kergothactually, thinking about it, you could examine the sstate manifest18:30
kergothi dont recall the path, but it's under tmp18:30
bluelightningI'm not sure you'll get the signature from the manifest, but you will be able to see that from stamps18:31
kergothhis issue is that a file he's installing isnt' ending up in the sysroot, just figured he could verify what was included by examining the manifest, but perhaps thats more trouble than its worth18:32
*** redengin <redengin!> has joined #yocto18:32
bluelightningah ok18:32
bluelightningbengardiner: where is the file being installed to?18:33
kergothaside: anyone familiar with kernel-yocto know the best way to override the defconfig? i.e. where in its task graph would i have to inject to change the base configuration? or would i have to inject the custom defconfig as a fragment (ugly)?18:34
*** flynn378_ <flynn378_!sid63564@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto18:35
kergoththe handling of meta is voodoo from my perspective :)18:36
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bluelightningkergoth: AFAIK you just put the defconfig in SRC_URI18:37
*** smurray <smurray!sid98062@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto18:37
bluelightningit won't be used verbatim, parts may be overridden based on e.g. KERNEL_FEATURES18:37
kergothyeah, i'd expect that, just want the option to override the baseline, expecting fragments and whatnot to build on that. i guess if i wanted to override, then i'd just have to use a monstrous fragment, but that wouldn't be ideal18:38
*** stwcx <stwcx!> has quit IRC18:38
kergothwanting to fix the meta-mentor kernel_set_defconfig recipetool command for linux-yocto18:38
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Kaakergoth: Can I use virtual packages to disable dependency rebuilding?18:46
kergotha virtual isn't special. it's just a naming convention used sometimes when multiple recipes provide the same functionality, so you can pick which one you want.18:46
kergothhas nothing to do with how bitbake decides whether something needs rebulding18:47
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KaaHm, may be exist some ways - how to reduce updates size?18:50
KaaBecause I work on very complicated project and we try switch to package distro to avoid big update images.18:51
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bengardinerbluelightning: paxctl being installed to ${sbindir} via a do_install() override in a bbappend20:02
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bluelightningbengardiner: is this a native recipe or one for the target?20:03
bengardineryes, native. It is getting built by DEPENDS="paxctl-native"20:03
bluelightninghmm, in that case it should definitely show up in the sysroot20:04
bengardinerwhen I -c cleansstate paxctl-native and rebuild, I find paxctl native in work/.../paxctl-native/.../image/sbin/paxctl20:05
bengardinerand the DEPENDS="paxctl-native" bb can invoke paxctl from the path20:05
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bengardinerwhen I then rm -rf tmp and cleansstate the DEPENDS... bb and try to rebuild... paxctl is missing20:06
bluelightningok, what about under sysroot-destdir/ under the paxctl-native work directory ?20:06
bengardinernot there, no20:08
bengardinernow we're getting somewhere?20:08
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bluelightningok, so that does at least line up with it not being in the sysroot20:10
bluelightningeven though it should be there...20:10
bluelightningwould you be prepared to pastebin your recipe?20:10
bengardinerwell -- I'm probably doing something wrong with the paxctl bbappend... yes, I should get them up somewhere . gist ok?20:11
bluelightningyep that works20:11
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bengardiner -- if you please20:13
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bluelightningbengardiner: so there is something a bit wrong with the bbappend20:29
bluelightningbengardiner: install ${D}/sbin/paxctl ${sbindir}/paxctl20:29
bengardineroh... I'm missing a ${D} in the dest aren't I?20:30
bluelightningalso you'll want -m 075520:30
bengardiner:) *facepalm*20:30
bluelightningI'm a bit puzzled as to how that didn't cause do_install to just fail20:31
bluelightningpossibly, but I wasn't aware that it would let you overwrite files actually owned by root (or pretend to do so)20:32
bluelightningI might go and check that now20:32
bluelightningwell, FWIW I was blocked from installing a binary over the top of one on my system here under pseudo, so I'm not sure that was it20:34
rburton1bluelightning: interestingly i found out a do_install wasn't doing what i wanted, the log had a syntax error in but the task didn't fail20:34
fraypseudo will report failures trying to overwrite files you don't ACTAULLY have access to20:35
bluelightningrburton1: hmm :(20:35
bluelightningbengardiner: btw that fakeroot stuff is unnecessary, do_install is already marked fakeroot (and virtual/fakeroot is already a dependency as a result)20:35
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bengardinerok... I'm afraid I can't say why the fakeroot was introduced since I inherited the bbappend at one point. But I'm guessing it was added due to install to a path without ${D}20:45
bluelightningdoes adding the ${D} fix it btw?20:47
bluelightningI'm not sure how that could have broken it if so though20:47
*** deviosity <deviosity!~deviosity@> has joined #yocto20:58
bengardinerI'm gonna try it and get back to you. repro of the issue requires build, clean, build so...20:58
bengardinerI'm gonna try with
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bengardinerI think I see why it needed fakeroot21:11
bengardiner| NOTE: make -j 8 -e MAKEFLAGS= DESTDIR=/home/bengardiner/src/ln-manifest/stacks/raspberrypi-ln-testing/poky/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/paxctl-native/0.9-r0/image install | install -D --owner 0 --group 0 --mode a=rx paxctl /home/bengardiner/src/ln-manifest/stacks/raspberrypi-ln-testing/poky/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/paxctl-native/0.9-r0/image/sbin/paxctl | install: cannot change ownership of `/home/bengardiner/src/ln-manifest/21:11
bluelightningit already has fakeroot though21:14
bengardineroh right21:14
bluelightningif we didn't then nothing we installed and packaged would get the right permissions :)21:15
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bengardinermore weirdness (to me). that "install -m 0755 ${D}${base_sbindir}/paxctl ${D}${sbindir}/paxctl" line seems to expand to "install -m 0755 <build-dir>/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/paxctl-native/0.9-r0/image/<build-dir>/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/sbin/paxctl <build-dir>/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/paxctl-native/0.9-r0/image/<build-dir>/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/sbin/paxctl"21:39
kergoththat's expected with a native recipe21:42
kergothprefix for a native recipe isn't usr, it's the sysroot path + usr, to deal with relocation issues21:42
bluelightningwe really need a FAQ somewhere covering that...21:43
bengardinerok... hmmm. so the "oe_runmake DESTDIR=${D} install" above isn't installing to <build-dir>/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/paxctl-native/0.9-r0/image/<build-dir>/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/ though , just <build-dir>/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/paxctl-native/0.9-r0/image21:45
bengardinerabove *it*21:45
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bengardinershould I do "oe_runmake DESTDIR=${D}${base_prefix} install" ?21:48
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bluelightningbengardiner: is there no prefix handling in the makefile?21:58
bengardineryeah -- $(DESTDIR) is in there but nothing else21:58
bengardinere.g. "$(INSTALL) -D --owner 0 --group 0 --mode a=rx $(PROG) $(DESTDIR)/sbin/$(PROG)"21:59
bluelightningok, then that may be the right thing to do in that case21:59
bluelightningthe other option for all of this is you patch the makefile to use ${sbindir} instead of /sbin (or sed it with a do_configure_prepend())22:00
bengardinerthanks bluelightning, kergoth (again)22:05
bengardinerI'll let you know how it turns out22:05
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bluelightningnp - please do22:05
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