Saturday, 2015-12-05

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jynikWell yet another dash vs bash item bit me in the arse00:11
jynikprintf '\xa2' | hexump -C00:11
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jynikdifferent results in dash and bash00:11
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jynikdash yields 4 characters, the string "\xa2", wheras bash lands you the byte 0xa2. Long story... part of an image fixup00:13
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jynikAnyone happen to know if this is a POSIX-ism or just dash being silly?00:17
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jynik(To answer my own question - man dash explains it pretty well - c89 backescapes only)00:24
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kergothjynik: via
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jynikkergoth: Thanks. I assume it's best to stick closely to that for recipes, eh?04:24
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obsrwrHello, I am a beginner using yocto. I have made a custom layer with a non-yocto kernel (Linus's tree), it compiles and installs fine but at do_package i get these errors . I googled around a bit and saw that I should remove these in the do_install function. Could anyone give me a hint on how I can do that?14:14
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obsrwri just added this to my recipe and it seems to have fixed it15:47
obsrwrdo_install() {15:47
obsrwr        for x in `find ${B}*.ko.gz`;do15:47
obsrwr                rm $x15:47
obsrwr        done15:47
rZrobsrwr, your assuming there is no space in paths15:53
rZrfind -iname -exec rm -f "{}"15:54
rZrwill be safer isnt it ?15:54
obsrwrcrap, yes15:55
rZryou're welcome15:55
rZrbtw they could be other ways15:56
obsrwrI'm sure they could :) but baby steps15:57
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nerdboythat for loop will execute the find command each time through the loop17:48
obsrwryou know i never really thought it like that in bash17:50
* nerdboy still on first coffee...17:50
nerdboybut bash is a little weird sometimes17:50
obsrwrit's not production code anyway, this is me playing with yocto outside of work xD17:50
obsrwrstill had a few problems after the rootfs was built, i couldn't mount the ext4 img17:51
obsrwrso i'm doing a clean build now17:52
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* nerdboy looking at bash stuff17:54
nerdboythat's right, it's mostly the quoting/expansion of (possible) weird stuff17:55
nerdboya glob/regex is safest in the first line i think17:56
obsrwrexactly what does ${B} expand to though18:02
nerdboywhere did you get that?18:03
obsrwri read it in the reference manuals, said it's the build directory, tried it, seems to have worked18:03
obsrwrit says it's where objects end up in18:04
obsrwroh damn it's actually the 2nd path after sourcing oe-init18:05
obsrwri did a really dumb thing18:05
obsrwrthat deletes all the modules for all my machines18:06
obsrwrbecause that's all i do in the do_install also, i think none of the modules actually get into my rootfs either18:07
obsrwrhow do you guys write a custom kernel layer? i just took linux-yocto-custom.bb18:08
nerdboyB should be build dir18:09
nerdboyand this is the nice but non-posix way:18:09
nerdboyfind . -name '*.temp' -delete18:09
nerdboyplus quote your variables18:10
nerdboyrm "${x}"18:10
obsrwrthis is common practice?18:11
nerdboycommon practice for recipes?18:11
nerdboyprobably shouln't depend on gnu extensions18:11
nerdboybut you don't need a loop for that anyway18:12
obsrwrso. find . -name '${B}*.ko.gz' -delete ?18:13
nerdboyfind "${B}"/foo -name \*.ko | xargs -0 rm18:14
nerdboyer, -print0 before the pipe18:14
obsrwroh, got it18:15
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obsrwri read that do_install opies from B to D so i'll replace {B} with {D} and see if that works better18:23
obsrwrbeause the problem is really do_package in my ase18:23
nerdboyhere's a nice one from an ebuild: find . -name -print0 | xargs -0 sed -i -e 's:-W\(error\|extra\)::g'18:25
nerdboyto be "safe" should really do rm -f or -rf on the end of xargs18:32
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obsrwrdo_install() {18:41
obsrwr        find "${D}" -name \*.ko.gz -print0 | xargs -0 rm18:41
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obsrwrgetting slightly bizzare18:44
obsrwrwait, i'm a moron18:50
obsrwrcan't possibly be something in D cause i'm overriding the do_install function18:50
obsrwr__yeah__, i gotta find a better way18:53
obsrwrPlease set FILES such that these items are packaged. Alternatively if they are unneeded, avoid installing them or delete them within do_install.18:53
obsrwrhow do i get those modules packaged18:54
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kergothit just told you19:11
kergothset the FILES variables to include those paths19:11
kergothsee the reference manual19:11
obsrwroh, FILES_${PN}.. i have seen the light19:17
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