Friday, 2015-12-04

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Marexshall I test my stuff against poky/master or poky/master-next now ?02:10
Marexit seems master-next is dead since last month ...02:10
Marexmaster it is I guess02:11
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khem`Marex: always master02:12
Marexkhem`: at one point, my nios2 junk was landing in master-next, so I stuck with it for a bit02:12
kergothmaster-next is temporary and rebased, not a good idea to use it directly unless you need to do integration testing imo02:13
Marexkhem`: how is my nios2 patch for meta-altera doing ? :)02:13
khem`master-next is rebased02:13
khem`Marex: I have them applied locally but did not build yet02:13
Marexkhem`: :)02:13
MarexI am about to do a bitbake -k world to see how things look02:14
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Marexkhem`: well where do you think I keep finding those obscure nios2 failures ? :-)02:18
Marexkhem`: I have like 12 packages failing on nios2, mostly because they either need atomic ops (which nios2 doesnt have) or they are related to OpenGL which needs some floating point stuff that's missing too02:20
khem`Marex: most of them should go into meta-nios2/altera layer02:22
khem`unless its something common02:22
khem`which you can always find02:22
khem`when trying less treaded paths02:22
Marexkhem`: you mean the fixes ?02:22
Marexkhem`: the fixes should go into mainline02:23
khem`yes fixes02:23
khem`I agree they should go into mainline02:23
Marexwell that's what I am doing02:23
khem`meanwhile we can stage them in meta-altera02:23
Marexand if something's broken in oe-core, I'm submitting it for oe-core02:23
khem`thats fine. may be thats not always the case02:24
Marexhow did you even land this job of maintaining meta-altera ? :)02:24
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khem`I have cyclone boards02:28
Marexkhem`: so you just rolled your own meta-altera ?02:29
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khem`it was yves who had a version02:29
khem`and then I just gave shape to it02:29
Marexoh good02:30
Marexkhem`: are you in touch with Yves ?02:31
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Marex this looks horrible btw. I think they should store metalayers out of the main poky tree02:31
Marexand the build directory should certainly be out of the poky tree02:31
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khem`that veryyyy old02:32
khem`it should be redone02:32
* khem` makes a note02:32
Marexkhem`: read again ;-)02:32
Marexkhem`: it's just the name of the article which is wrong02:33
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khem`I know02:33
Marexok, but they're talking about yocto 2.0 there, so what's old about it ?02:33
khem`I would prefer to have a git submodules02:33
Marexoh I see02:34
khem`the page itself02:34
khem`content is right02:34
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MarexI see02:40
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Marexheh, looks like I might want to add nios2 into debian02:57
Marexthat'd be real weird02:57
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jynikMarex: I've seen guides from other vendors do the same with plopping a build/ and meta-X/ in the poky dir. Any particular reason why this is gross, other than just ending up with nested git repos? (And just having an unversioned build/...)04:41
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aehs29is openembedded git server down?06:38
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ka6sox-farfarawause the OE git mirrors while I'm performing emergency maintainence06:50
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Vardon3Hi guys, i've got a problem with my build. I'm trying to buil an image with sun-jre6- but this package is blocked on do_install. And if i check my tmp dir and which file is install i've got list of file: ./tmp/buildstats/***/201512031723/sun-jre6-
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Vardon3so buildstats ok but nothing happening after... i'm waiting :)09:38
Ulfalizerany idea what might cause bitbake to print e.g. "NOTE: Executing RunQueue Tasks" but then go completely silent during the actual building? this is with an LXC container setup where bitbake runs inside the container and has stdout connected to a terminal.09:43
Ulfalizerwhat's the internal logic like for deciding whether to use terminal-style output and where it should go? might be something broken there.09:43
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Ulfalizeri had assumed it was just  if (isatty(stdout)) { *do terminal stuffs* }  . that ought to work. :/09:44
Ulfalizerpseudo code, obv.09:44
rburtonif it can't find a tty then you get a verbose log09:44
Ulfalizerin this case i get nothing. if i add '... | cat' i get the verbose log.09:44
Ulfalizergotta run. brb.09:45
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sm0ketsthello good morning, trying to use the crashdump. I'm able to use the kexec -l/-e but not the -p. Is there a way/procedure under yocto to use it? I'm following the procedure from / kdump.txt09:50
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t0mmy_Hi sm0ketst: As on any other Linux distrition, you need to enable kernel options, add cmdline options needed and run kexec with the good parameter in an initscript...10:06
mtownsend1973I'm writing a recipe that appends a task with some shell script that needs to retry on error and after several loops call bbfatal.  Is there a way of doing this?10:06
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Ulfalizerrburton: do you know where the tty-related code is?10:08
sm0ketstt0mmy_: I did it afaik but if i use the default initramfs cpio i have to provide a new initscript/init-live or something similar from the install if i understood well, so i'm wondering if there is a nice/easy way to do it or I have to manage by myself10:09
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bluelightningmtownsend1973: sounds like basic shell scripting to me...10:13
bluelightning(so yes)10:13
mtownsend1973bluelightning: I tried the usual method and it worked in bash but for some reason didn't in my recipe.  I was wondering if there is anything special with scripts being ran in bitbake.10:14
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bluelightningmtownsend1973: they are run under sh rather than bash, so they shouldn't use bash-specific syntax10:16
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mtownsend1973bluelightning: cheers, I'll have another look at the scripting and see if it's bash specific.10:21
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t0mmy_sm0ketst: I think the better way is to modify the boot script of initramfs. You also add a daemon start at boot of the system but I don't like this solution, because it is need to boot fully the system.10:23
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pohlyIs down?10:24
Ulfalizerrburton: think i found the issue. curses.tigetstr("cuu") fails for some reason, making updateFooter() return immediately.10:25
Ulfalizerin knotty.py10:25
Ulfalizeran improvement would be to check it earlier and switch to verbose mode if it fails10:25
t0mmy_pohly: yes it is down :-\10:25
Ulfalizerif it fails atm, you get zero output10:25
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rburtonUlfalizer: file a bug please10:26
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Ulfalizerok, will do10:26
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sm0ketstt0mmy_: I'm adding a new entry in (to be used as i.e. LABEL=crash) and then run the script, I think it is aligned with what you suggested. I'm using dizzy, don't know if the new versions include something more elaborated10:28
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yoctiBug 8768: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , No output during build if curses.tigetstr("cuu") fails in knotty.py10:36
Ulfalizernow i gotta figure out what causes it in the first place. maybe they forgot to install some terminfo files in this container...10:36
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Ulfalizeroh, TERM is set to "dumb" for some reason. trivial way to reproduce: $ TERM=dumb bitbake foo10:46
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milanHow can I preserve my kernel image (in tmp/deploy/images) while running bitbake -c clean linux each time11:54
JaMaadd hardlink with timestamp in it in some task executed after do_deploy11:58
JaMathat's what I do to preserve the images from each build triggered on jenkins (BUILD_NUMBER is used instead of timestamp)11:58
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Marexjynik: because if you do git clean -fdx in your poky dir, the build dir will be removed13:46
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jynikMarex: Ah - good ol'd case of setting yourself up to shoot yourself in the foot then, eh?14:32
jynikThanks for entertaining my curiosity14:32
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bengardinerhi guys14:56
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bengardinerthanks for the help over the last couple days. I've fixed the bbappend so that paxctl do_install now works with -native. I updated the gist for reference
bengardinerThe bbappend appears to still be needed in yocto master-next (meta-security/recipes-security/paxctl) so I should make a patch for that15:09
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pedroalvarezso there are syslinux and bootimg .bbclass -es, but I have no idea how to use them on my build. I'm trying to generate a disk image using `wic` but it fails saying: "Error: Couldn't find HDDDIR, exiting"16:07
pedroalvarezI'm trying to figure out what to do to produce that hddimg file needed :/16:07
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j6V6tdoes do_patch automatically a directories for files within the patch?17:22
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j6V6tIt typically fails so i added a do_patch to my bbappend file and this makes the directory and takes one patch file but does not apply the rest?17:24
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #560 of nightly-multilib is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests_2 Running Sanity Tests_3] Build details are at
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kergothj6V6t: sounds like you need to read the man page for the 'patch' tool. do_patch just runs quilt, which runs patch. if you wnat to know what patch des when applying patches, read its documentation17:52
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Marex13 packages do not build currently on the NIOS219:08
Marexmostly because of missing atomic ops or FPU bits19:08
MarexQEMU is not building because my version of libpulsecommon is too new19:08
JaMaonly 13? which layers do you include?19:08
MarexJaMa: meta-altera and four patches of my own (all submitted)19:09
MarexJaMa: I was fiddling with nios2 for a while :)19:09
Marex this problem is the same as my problem with QEMU :(19:09
JaMaso only meta-altera + oe-core and you're building world?19:09
MarexJaMa: meta-altera + poky19:10
MarexJaMa: yep, bitbake -k world19:10
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MarexJaMa: I started wondering if adding nios2 into debian makes sense :-)19:11
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j6V6tkergoth: The diff file needed to be done above the git directory for the patch to work properly20:23
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kergothyou can specify both the subdir hte patch is applied within and the patch level (how many levels to remove from the paths)20:41
kergothto handle that in either direction20:41
kergothbut yes, that's typical20:41
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