Tuesday, 2015-12-08

RPkhem`:  feels like there is still something else to though, that might be scheduler. Or something in the pipe handling/process teardown00:00
kergothkhem`: btw rburton's comment earlier was about versions going backwards for debian renaming in the switch from libjpeg to libjpeg-turbo: [15:53:25]  <rburton>lilbjpeg_9a -> libjpeg_8d+1.4.400:01
* kergoth ponders00:02
kergothI wonder if anyone else does full linux system / distro rebuilds the way we do, other than other embedded projects like buildroot. i.e. the desktop distros00:03
khem`RP: if you have configed kernels then try to change default scheduler00:05
khem`and see if that changes some params00:05
khem`build loads may be a special case for kernel tuning now a days00:06
RPkhem`: There is basically one scheduler these days, I did try changing some of the parameters in sysctl and also at compile time like START_DEBIT00:07
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Marexkergoth: I am doing bitbake -k world on nios2 now and then, does it count ?00:12
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aks4prohello I need some help regarding bitbake06:49
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aks4pro  /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER aks4pro odjqagdgzoay06:54
aks4pro /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER aks4pro odjqagdgzoay06:54
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aks4prohello all07:02
aks4prohow can i  exclude some bikbake with same new in differen folder07:05
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aks4prohello all07:10
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aks4proHello all07:11
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aks4proI want help regarding bitbake07:11
AndersDaks4pro, what do you want to do?07:13
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aks4proAndersD,  i have two bitbake with same name i want one to exclude during build is it possible?07:23
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AndersDaks4pro, I'm not really following. Do you meant that you have two different bitbake installations, or that you have two recipes with the same name? Or something else?07:33
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aks4proAndersD, I have two recipes with same name.07:48
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AndersDaks4pro, ok Well, do they have different versions? If so, the highest version will be built, if you want the lower version, you can use PREFERRED_VERSION_<recipe-name> = "2.3"07:51
AndersDOr whatever version you have.07:51
AndersDWould that solve your issue?07:51
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aks4proAndersD, ok i will check that and let you know. Thanks for support.07:53
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sm0ketsthello good morning09:01
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sm0ketstim trying to do a kexec -p and i fail with not finding a free area of memory. I'm able to do a kexec -l/-e. kexec sysfs debug_info crashdump proc_vmcore relocatable are set and i can see the normal kernel message about reserving the crashdump space for the kernel. any help?09:09
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t0mmysmoketst: What is it the architecture of your target ? What is it the kernel cmdline that you add ?10:16
t0mmysm0ketst: On ARM your should enable AUTO_ZRELADDR, specify the devicetree to launch the kdump kernel, and you should remove crashkernel parameter from kernel cmdline to launch kdump kernel10:39
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sm0ketstt0mmy: it is an Atom/x86, BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda2 rw crashkernel=64M console=ttyS0,11520011:02
sm0ketstt0mmy: kexec -d -l /boot/vmlinuz --initrd=./core-image-minimal-initramfs-target.cpio.gz --append="root=/dev/sda2 single irqpoll maxcpus=1 reset_device"11:03
sm0ketstt0mmy: kexec -e boots but i can't see /proc/vmcore11:03
teemu_hi, anyone here know how to fix prelinker problem? Yocto generic sw links against library ld-linux-armhf.so.3. I have made few of my own recipes, but for some reason those link against: ld-linux.so.3 and I can't figure out why. have tried to patch prelinker but no help.11:03
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teemu_they work if I make link from ld-linux.so.3 to ld-linux-armhf.so.3 but I'd like to fix it properly.11:04
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WitteAnyone here already used t meta-arago-extras to build wl18xx wifi/bluetooth?11:51
Wittethe layer meta-arago-extras have all things.11:53
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Ulfalizersay you develop for two different platforms that share the same architecture and most packages. if two different MACHINEs were used for those platforms, would the sstate mechanism be clever enough to reuse e.g. the do_package output for packages that are identical between the platforms?11:57
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rburton1if the machine were different but the tune was the same, yes12:07
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Ulfalizerrburton1: ok12:13
Ulfalizerwould be nice in this case, as having two MACHINEs allows you to make platform-specific tweaks in less hacky ways12:14
Ulfalizerit'd be a bit annoying to build the 99% of packages that are identical for both platforms though12:14
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mcfriskmeta-qt5 question: how to correctly build a cmake project against qtbase? using "inherit cmake_qt5" and DEPENDS = " qtbase " don't seem to be enough. usr/lib/cmake/Qt5Core/Qt5CoreConfig.cmake:158 is complaining about non-existing tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linu12:41
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Ulfalizeris there some way to rename a file during packaging, e.g. turn /etc/foo-bar.conf into /etc/foo.conf?13:27
joshuaglwhy during packaging?13:27
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rburton1Ulfalizer: typically you'd do that in a do_install_append()13:32
rburton1(assuming you've inherited something that provides a do_install for you)13:33
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Ulfalizerrburton1: the idea was to reuse the do_install output (sstate) between two packages that only differ in a runtime configuration file. i'm honestly not sure if i'm keeping it straight in my own head atm though. :)13:41
Ulfalizeri also need to refresh which tasks' output is put into the sstate13:42
rburton1Ulfalizer: put the configuration file in a separate recipe13:42
rburton1so the shared recipe is shared all the way to the package feed13:43
Ulfalizeryeah, that makes sense. there's some other complications in this case too (packages for two different machines being built in the same sysroot), but maybe i could work around them.13:43
jmleoHi there ! I am trying to compile faac with debug symbols. I added EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES = "dbg-pkgs debug-tweaks" in my conf/local.conf and INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP = "1"13:43
jmleobut I still don't have a libfacc-dbg package generated, only the base one and -dev one13:44
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jmleodid I miss anything ?13:44
rburton1Ulfalizer: the machine-specific files would be in machine-specific packages (or even better, a single recipe with a machine-specific file) so that's not a problem13:44
rburton1Ulfalizer: thats how the xorg config is done for example.  single machine-specific recipe that has machine-specific files in SRC_URI13:45
Ulfalizerrburton1: the problem in this case is that the two images are built together in the same sysroot, so that you run into problems if any of the machine-specific packages share installed files13:46
Ulfalizere.g., if two different machine-specific recipes both install /etc/foo.conf13:47
Ulfalizerit's messy13:47
Ulfalizerseparating them by MACHINE would be cleaner. might be some premature optimization going on.13:47
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Ulfalizerthe documentation for do_populate_sysroot says that it "copies a subset of files installed by hte do_install task into the sysroot". what subset is that?14:16
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Ulfalizerthink i found it, in staging.bbclass14:31
Ulfalizerit's weird though, because the file that isn't copied in this case is /etc/foo.conf, even though sysconfdir is listed14:32
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t0mmysm0ketst: To enabla /proc/vmcore you need to add CONFIG_PROC_VMCORE=y in you kernel configuration14:38
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joshuaglJaMa: you mentioned gudev and jethro. Did you mean fido?14:45
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JaMano I meant jethro, I think systemd wasn't upgraded in fido14:50
JaMabut I should ask Robert not you, sorry14:51
joshuaglok, cool14:54
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CTtpollardHi, I have a packagegroup the has a dependency on fuse, the recipe is in meta-oe but bitbake can't find a provider. meta-ivi where the packagegroup is (http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/meta-ivi/tree/meta-ivi/recipes-yocto-ivi/packagegroups/packagegroup-specific-component-p2.bb?h=9.0) also is used to hold a recipe for fuse but now it doesn't. Does a packagegroup require the packages to be provided in the same layer?15:03
kergothbitbake doesnt' care what layer provides a dependency, only that it's provided. most likely you forgot to add meta-oe to your BBLAYERS in conf/bblayers.conf.15:05
CTtpollardit's definitely in bblayers conf15:05
CTtpollardhowever I think I might have found the issue15:06
CTtpollardI have meta-openembedded/meta-oe but the fuse recipe is in meta-openembedded/meta-filesystems15:07
CTtpollardI'll try adding that also, ty kergoth15:07
sm0ketstt0mmy: It is already there, # zgrep -i vmcore /proc/config.gz -> CONFIG_PROC_VMCORE=y. I'm trying to see what it is not there in proc after booting. i can see the reserved space for kdump kernel15:07
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mtownsend1973Hi,  A question for toaster devs, can I install toaster into one directory and then use it to run builds in another directory I've setup under /var/www?15:35
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t0mmysm0ketst: okay, /proc/vmcore is created on a panic, so you need to test if /proc/vmcore exist before to make the dump.16:11
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t0mmysm0ketst: if /proc/vmcore exist then make the dump else load the kdump kernel16:16
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jynikFor new kernel recipes, it seems that S = "${WORKDIR}/git" is "old" -- Anyone have some links to info on the preferred methodology?17:35
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jynikIt seems that by relying on kernel.bbclases's S = "${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}" causes unpack failures, as a git checkout lands things in ${WORKDIR}/git...17:36
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caiortpI'm trying to compile the (master branch meta-qt5) Qt 5.6.0 using fido but  qeglfshooks_imx6.cpp is missing, the master branch is compatible with fido ?17:40
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Ulfalizer_how come /etc (sysconfdir) isn't copied from D to the sysroot by do_populate_sysroot? looking into meta/classes/staging.bbclass, it seems to be included by default, so is it discarded at some earlier stage?17:54
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jmesmonI've got a -cross package that generates some target .so files. bitbake currently attempts to strip these .so files with the non-target 'strip', causing errors. How do I either disable that stripping or tell bitbake to use to correct (target) strip?20:55
bluelightningjmesmon: should this really be a cross recipe?21:04
jmesmonbluelightning: it's a cross compiler. so I think so?21:04
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* jmesmon could be wrong21:05
bluelightningjmesmon: ok, that's probably correct then21:05
bluelightningjmesmon: there's no easy way I can think of to have STRIP set correctly for the cross-compiler binaries and also for those .so files21:05
bluelightningjmesmon: you could perhaps do this as two separate recipes for the two halves, with the .so files produced by an actual target recipe21:06
bluelightningnot the tidiest solution21:06
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jmesmonis that what gcc does? (with gcc-runtime?)21:06
bluelightningpretty much yes21:07
jmesmonThat might work, but I don't think rustc's (the compiler's) buildsystem is really set up to support it.21:07
bluelightningdisabling stripping would be as simple as INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP = "1" (and probably INHIBIT_SYSROOT_STRIP = "1")21:07
bluelightningbut then your binaries will be larger21:07
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jmesmonok. I'll do that for now, but I'll keep the seperate package thing in mind.21:07
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jmesmonis it possible to use FILES_${PN}-runtime to pull those files out? I suppose it's probably not possible to adjust STRIP properly at that level. :( It'd be really convenient if I could just list the packages generated by the .bb file that are target-ish packages (and place the target .so files in one of them)21:12
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bluelightningjmesmon: you can certainly pull them into a separate package, but that's not going to affect whether they get stripped or not21:14
rburtonkhem: what's the canonical brnach for your musl/oe-core work?21:14
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pacopedrazaHi, I am trying to run quickstart guide, after typing this command      $ bitbake core-image-sato .  And it is displaying the following error message:  ERROR: User requested feature sdl |        configure was not able to find it. |        Install SDL devel21:58
pacopedrazadespite of I already ran this line: sudo apt-get install gawk wget git-core diffstat unzip texinfo gcc-multilib \      build-essential chrpath socat libsdl1.2-dev xterm21:58
pacopedrazaI have installed ubuntu 15.0421:58
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jmesmonpacopedraza: perhaps a different version of libsdl devel is required? Or sdl-config is not present?22:13
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pacopedrazalet me check22:14
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pacopedrazaI have installed, this one libsdl1.2-dev22:15
pacopedrazayes, it is.22:16
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benjamircpacopedraza: I saw that in ubuntu 14.04 systems also have libsdl1.2debian-dev22:43
benjamircweird but those systems build you might want to check it out22:43
pacopedrazaI've ubuntu 15.0422:44
pacopedraza15.10 sorry22:45
pacopedrazaActually, I have installed already that package22:48
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benjamircpacopedraza: you might want to check bugzilla.yoctoproject.org to see if somebody else has or had that issue22:57
pacopedraza ok, I'll to it now22:58
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rburtonpacopedraza: latest ubuntu is broken with libsdl, see the 2.0 release notes for the work around23:34
pacopedrazaI followed the workaround described here: https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8553#add_comment23:36
yoctiBug 8553: normal, Medium+, 2.1, ross.burton, IN PROGRESS REVIEW , qemu-native to build on Ubuntu 15.1023:36
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pacopedrazaIt was useful, Now is still running the compilation without issues :)23:36
pacopedrazathanks all for your support !23:36
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