Thursday, 2015-12-10

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deviositysay someone did something foolish like delete a git branch from their buildhistory/.git directory accidentally on purpose00:31
deviosityis there a relatively safe way to reset or zero out said .git directory?00:31
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bluelightningdeviosity: hmm, I'm not too familiar with the internal structure of .git... being only a branch I'm assuming it's just a pointer to a hash01:29
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bluelightningdeviosity: which file(s) did you delete exactly?01:30
deviosityblowing out the build history was pretty safe for me01:30
bluelightningright, if you don't care about it you can just delete everything01:30
deviosityI was doing some kernel development, and used a wrong commit hash01:30
bluelightninganother alternative would have been to just delete the .git and re-create it with an initial commit at the current state01:30
deviosityso ctrl+c'd it01:30
deviosityit was causing all sorts of odd errors, still taking up GBs of space, so I did a find on the errors bitable was displaying, and finally deleted it01:31
deviositynot really thinking there would be repercussions01:31
deviositybuild history was a nice to have, not a end of world if it was reset, so I'm all good.01:32
deviositybluelightning: thanks for trying to help.01:33
bluelightningno problem :)01:33
* deviosity needs to remember to disable autocorrect.01:35
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #534 of nightly-deb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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RipmindHello. What do i need to change to get an uImage instead of zImage?07:15
AndersDRipmind, KERNEL_IMAGETYPE = "uImage" in the machine conf. Or KERNEL_IMAGETYPE_<machine> in local.conf07:20
RipmindDo i need to cleanall alfter that or is it enough to rebuild only the image i need?07:21
AndersDIt should be enough to just rebuild the image. You'll see that your kernel recipe will be rebuilt.07:23
RipmindHmm.. I think i tried that already but it didn't rebuild anything. I will double-check it07:24
RipmindOr is it only the uboot.imx which i get? Not a .bin?07:25
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AndersDWell, if you don't ahve an old release, I'd assume that KERNEL_IMAGETYPE would be part of the signature... Otherwise, you could always try to rebuild the kernel manually, `bitbake virtual/kernel` after the change to see if you get a new build.07:36
AndersDWhat you get from u-boot depends on your machine...07:36
RipmindOk so the .imx file might be correct... I guess i need to research what this file is. Thank you :-)07:37
AndersDBut yes, fo imx, the suffix is imx (at least according to meta-fsl-arm).07:38
RipmindNow i just need to find out how to use this .imx.07:39
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RipmindSo much fun trying to get chromium runing as i want to...08:12
RipmindOnly trying to fix it for over a month now08:12
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gourve_lHi, can I create multiple packages (PACKAGES="${PN} ${PN}-demo") with a recipe wich inherit from setuptools? It seems that it is not possible09:36
gourve_lbecause event with FILES_${PN}-demo += "${bindir}/" I have a "QA Issue: Files/directories were installed but not shipped"09:37
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styler2goDoes anyone know what u-boot.imx is for?09:47
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t0mmystyler2go: It is for Freescale iMX devices10:03
styler2goDo i just use it as .bin file?10:04
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olivier__Hi everyone.10:24
olivier__I'm in the process of patching a file from linux-mainline.10:24
olivier__The file is found at 'build/tmp-glibc/sysroots/phyboard-mira-imx6-3/usr/src/kernel/arch/arm/boot/dts/imx6qdl-phytec-mira.dtsi'.10:24
olivier__My first action was to create a patch then to create a "linux-mainline_%.bbappend" with a SRC_URI_append of my patch.10:24
olivier__The issue I'm having is inside the patch file, since when I try to launch a 'bitbake my_image', I get the following error:10:25
olivier__ "/usr/src/kernel/arch/arm/boot/dts/imx6qdl-phytec-mira.dtsi: No such file or directory"10:25
olivier__The first line of the patch is the issue here; I don't know what path I should input.10:25
olivier__ For now, it's "--- ../../../../../build/tmp-glibc/sysroots/phyboard-mira-imx6-3/usr/src/kernel/arch/arm/boot/dts/imx6qdl-phytec-mira.dtsi".10:25
olivier__I tried with only the "/usr/src/kernel/arch ..." but without success.10:25
olivier__Does anyone knows what is the correct way to do it?10:25
clement_olivier__: patches are applied to the recipe's source files located in the ${S} directory10:37
clement_check what ${S} is pointed to and your patch has to start from there too, i thin10:38
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olivier__clement_: Hi, how can I display the ${D} variable ? I tried an 'echo' inside my .bbapend file, but the syntax isn't the correct one.10:49
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olivier__clement_: Ok, I found the path. I'm trying to correct it now. I'll keep you posted. Thanks.11:01
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clement_olivier__: nice good luck11:07
t0mmyolivier__: You can used the command "bitbake -e linux-mainline" to print environment's variables, like ${S}...11:10
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olivier__t0mmy: And then grepping the result ?11:12
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Noor1olivier__: grep the result of redirect output  to any file and then open file to see values of variables11:36
Noor1*grep the result or redirect11:37
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caiortp /join #oe11:43
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rburtonotavio: the latest master run had some fetch errors, all appear to be in meta-fsl-*:
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olivier__clement_: Hey again. I didn't succeed with my path12:51
olivier__clement_: The part "+++ ..../my_file" seems to be the issue12:51
olivier__clement_: "Command Error: exit status: 1  Output:"12:51
olivier__clement_: " error: usr/src/kernel/arch/arm/boot/dts/imx6qdl-phytec-mira2.dtsi: No such file or directory"12:51
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olivier__clement_: Although the file can be found in path (from ${D})12:52
clement_olivier__: ha yes, are you trying to patch the file in sysroot?12:52
olivier__clement_: Any idea why it could fail?12:52
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clement_yes yocto works with source directory locate in tmp/work/<somedirectory>/linux-.../<version/WORKDIR/git12:55
clement_so you have to patch there12:55
clement_and after that it will copy your .dtsi in sysroot12:56
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clement_olivier__: see what i mean?12:57
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olivier__clement_: The file was found in '/build/tmp-glibc/work/phyboard_mira_imx6_3-phytec-linux-gnueabi/linux-mainline/3.19.5-phy6-r2.0/image/usr/src/kernel/arch/arm/boot/dts'13:20
olivier__clement_: I'm not sure it's inside the "sysroot"13:20
olivier__clement_: If that's what you're talking about13:20
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clement_can you give the result of ls in /build/tmp-glibc/work/phyboard_mira_imx6_3-phytec-linux-gnueabi/linux-mainline/3.19.5-phy6-r2.0/image/ ?13:24
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olivier__clement_: ls returns : boot   etc    lib     usr13:45
clement_olivier__: sorry build/tmp-glibc/work/phyboard_mira_imx6_3-phytec-linux-gnueabi/linux-mainline/3.19.5-phy6-r2.0 this one?13:46
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olivier__clement_: Hey, I see my patch in this folder13:52
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olivier__clement_: and also another i created for kernel configuration (*.cfg)13:53
olivier__clement_: Did you want to see all files/folders in this directory ?13:55
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #555 of nightly-oecore is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
clement_olivier__: it is normal to see your patch in this folder14:07
clement_this is the working directory of your recipe14:07
clement_and normally you have a directory with the source files14:07
olivier__clement_: Maybe the 'git' folder14:08
clement_yes this is the one14:09
clement_and i think you can find your .dtsi in this folder14:09
olivier__clement_: Yes, in the "git/arch/arm/boot/dts" folder14:09
clement_and this is the folder yocto patches14:09
clement_so if you do your patch from git i think it can work14:10
olivier__clement_: "git format-patch -1 ?"14:11
olivier__clement_: ok, I'll try14:11
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olivier__clement_: the operation 'do_patched' is completed, now it's 'do_package'14:20
olivier__clement_: It's seems to be working14:20
olivier__clement_: Thanks a lot !14:20
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clement_olivier__: :)15:04
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khem`rburton: yt ?15:16
khem`rburton: the musl branch you asked other day15:16
rburtonyeah was reviewing it on the train yesterday15:17
rburtonkhem`: so what are the chances of being able to drop uclibc from oe-core too? :)15:17
khem`rburton: 100%15:17
khem`well, we can but15:17
khem`some devs rejected to idea of moving it out atleast for 1 release15:18
rburtonmaybe after 2.115:19
khem`so in 2.1 my plan15:19
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rburtonbut this time we need musl stuff on the autobuilder15:19
khem`is to get musl in and make it good enough15:19
rburtonwhat sort of images should work?15:19
rburtonpresumaby sato isn't likely to work?15:19
khem`sato works15:19
rburtongenuinely surprised about that15:19
khem`but for first set I only posted patches wich make core-image-minimal15:19
rburtonyeah we can work up15:20
khem`second set with have more15:20
khem`I have world building15:20
khem`minus 36 packages15:20
khem`core-image-weston also works15:21
khem`so phase 2 will have the needed patches for sato and weston15:22
khem`image bullds15:22
rburtonthanks khem15:22
khem`I also have gcc 5.3 upgrade lined up15:22
khem`but that depends on gcc patch for musl15:22
khem`musl patch for syslinux got merged today yay15:26
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khem`When sstate object is not found and build resorts to rebuilding the component it all goes fine but do_packagedata_setscene returns error and bitbake propagates that error too17:20
otaviorburton: those are result of a fetchall test?17:20
khem`has someone seen this ?17:20
khem`ERROR: Fetcher failure: Unable to find file file://a2/sstate:sqlite3:mips32el-rdk-linux: anywhere. The paths that were searched were:17:21
JaMayes, I see this too recently17:27
JaMait was doing the same couple months ago, then I though it was fixed17:27
JaMabut since last week I've seen it in couple builds again17:27
khem`do you remember the fix ?17:28
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JaMaand yesterday I've seen it in fido based build17:28
JaManot sure which release you're using17:28
khem`I am on older release17:28
khem`1.6 based17:28
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benjamirchalstead: PM?18:25
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tripzeroi should be able to create a bbappend for a, right?18:43
deviosityyou should be able to for any bb file, I have always used require in a new bb image name so it was obvious it was custom.18:45
tripzerodeviosity: so you make a new and then require the other?18:46
deviosityi.e. <- require recipes-core/images/core-image-base.bb18:46
deviosityand then use CORE_IMAGE)EXTRA_INSTALL += " recipe1 recipe2"18:47
deviosityI've always kept the originals the same, and use new names18:47
deviositybut a .bbappend should work just fine18:48
deviosityand then all you would need is the CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL lines with your additional recipes and any other customizations you need.18:49
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adtecHi, I have a question pertaining to kernel development within Yocto.20:51
*** armpit <armpit!~akuster@> has joined #yocto20:51
adtecWould it be possible to use git revision control from within the Yocto build directory?20:51
adtecThe kernel is from my private remote repository.20:51
adtecBut is there a way to keep the original git remote origin after building the kernel?20:52
adtecI am able to manually change the remote origin inside the build/tmp/work/... directory back to the repo, but I am looking for something more automatic.20:52
bluelightningadtec: in 2.0 and later the remote origin is preserved automatically ; however rather than doing your changes in the work directory I would recommend using "devtool modify"20:53
bluelightningthat assumes you're using 2.0 though20:53
adtecThe BSP that I am using has not migrated to 2.0 yet, so for the moment I believe I am using 1.820:54
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rburtonotavio: yeah, probably (fetchall21:48
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khem`rburton: have you pulled22:06
khem`musl branch into mut22:06
rburtonnot yet22:06
rburtonwhy are you about to change it?22:07
rburtonbecause i was close22:07
khem`no I am not22:07
khem`I pushed a fix 2 days ago22:07
khem`that was after I posted the patches22:07
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rburtonkhem`: okay musl in the next mut run22:17
rburton(should be this evening assuming local testing works)22:17
khem`I have done some world builds with glibc22:18
khem`nothing seems to be broke22:18
*** madisox <madisox!> has left #yocto22:18
khem`I will prepare next set once its in22:18
khem`I will also see if poky-tiny can use22:19
khem`if there is interest22:19
khem`that will free us from glibc/kconfig mess22:19
rburtonthat would be good, imho22:19
rburtonyeah i can see why you're keen on that :)22:19
khem`I agree22:19
khem`anyway the minimal glibc becomes quite different that we very well might use musl22:20
khem`or uclibc22:20
khem`it wont matter much22:20
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RPkhem`: is there no way to convince glibc that having some configuration is a good idea?22:33
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khem`RP: I tried but most of devs dont agree22:41
khem`they say it adds additional variablity and test matrix22:41
khem`so quality of testing with limited devs may deteriorate22:42
rburtonfamiliar argument ;)22:44
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RPkhem`: its a shame. We could likely help with some of the testing...22:45
khem`my opinion is also on same lines of other devs since every commit needs to be tested either complete system changes to use kconfig or nothing22:47
khem`what we have currently is a retrofit22:48
khem`and we will be in constant testing mode22:48
khem`for every commit has a potential to break it22:48
khem`and we can only tests few combos22:48
khem`and we loose22:49
RPkhem`: or you slim down the set of options...22:51
RPkhem`: but I do understand the issue22:51
khem`RP: poky-tiny's goal is small so musl can be a good option22:54
*** rburton <rburton!~Adium@> has quit IRC22:55
RPkhem`: right, it makes sense22:56
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khem`RP:  I think poky-tiny with musl will be quite well accepted23:24
*** aehs291 <aehs291!~aehernan@> has joined #yocto23:24
khem`for small footprint products23:24
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khem`openwrt is now using it as well23:25
khem`and i am going to publish my meta-openwrt as well23:26
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