Friday, 2015-12-11

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integfredHi, does opkg give a way to build deb files from source (like dpkg-buildpackage)?07:40
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kanupatarhi all08:41
kanupatarhow can I bitbake qt source alone?08:41
kanupatarbitbake meta-qt5?08:41
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sujith_hkanupatar: You want to build qtbase?09:22
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davschulanyone capable of creating a fido branch in the meta-mingw layer?09:40
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kanupatarsujith_h: yes10:05
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sujith_hkanupatar: Yes you can use go with meta-qt510:06
kanupatarsujith_h: error10:06
kanupatarsujith_h: I have tried it earlier10:06
kanupatarsujith_h: | grep kerala ?10:06
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sujith_hkanupatar: What is the error you get?10:38
sujith_hkanupatar: yup10:38
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kanupatarsujith_h: now it is solved10:46
kanupatarsujith_h: where10:46
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DatGizmoHi, can somebody tell me how to add a library to the meta-toolchain?10:49
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rburtonDatGizmo: don't use meta-toolchain, instead use the populate-sdk task on your image10:50
rburtonie bitbake core-image-sato -c populate_sdk10:50
rburtonthen  you get a toolchain that includes all the libraries that you've got in your image10:50
DatGizmorburton: then all libraries which are used in the image will be in the toolchain?10:51
DatGizmorburton: thanks :)10:51
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|Sno|JaMa: what's about the samba patches flying around on oe-devel@? (, - and follow ups)12:03
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JaMa|Sno|: I'm still waiting for test-dependencies jenkins job to finish12:14
JaMait will take few more days or a week Building recipe: python-numpy (1780/2503)12:14
|Sno|JaMa: thanks for the update :)12:16
|Sno|I still think, Yocto needs something like gnats for patch submittng, too12:16
|Sno|that saves those insane questions ...12:17
JaMawe have patchwork12:19
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rburtonand we have people working on making it more awesome too12:29
rburton <— like this12:30
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|Sno|JaMa: the 2nd sent patches aren't in patchwork12:38
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|Sno|only those from 13th Nov12:38
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JaMaI see some from 19th:*&q=samba&archive=both12:47
JaMatest-dependencies job is running since 20th Nov12:48
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JaMa|Sno|: there is also upgrade for talloc and libldb in master-next, I don't know which one Joe plans to merge first but they conflict with each other13:57
JaMabut contrib/joeythesaint/meta-networking-next contains your changes13:58
JaManot the upgrades13:58
t0mmyotavio: Hi, Do you know how to get access from linux to the persistent bits in the System Reset Controller of an IMX6?14:00
JaMa|Sno|: now they are also included in master-next14:07
JaMafor test next week14:07
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darkhorse_hi is there a package to stress linux system? something like stress-ng ?14:32
fledermausstress what? memory? io? network?14:33
darkhorse_pretty much everything that might be possible. Mainly cpu but also memory14:34
fledermausthere seem to be a few packages - stress, crashme - never used them myself.14:35
darkhorse_to put in context, i have a stream of data coming in over serial port, constant stream of 115kbps. what I really want to see is if the kernel can handle this under heavy loads14:35
fledermausif I'm just trying to find out if a system has faulty equipement (ie I don't need stats) then I just build the kernel woth maximum parallelism about 4 times in a row.14:36
darkhorse_@fledermaus: can you point me where those recipes (stress, crashme) live?14:37
fledermaussure, one moment.14:38
fledermaus(@ doesn't mean what you think it means on IRC btw)14:38
fledermausdon't know where the upstream is but the original source and debian packaging are here:14:40
fledermausmay or may not already be available in yocto/oe/etc14:40
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ntldarkhorse_: may be something appropriate in here
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ntle.g. lmbench or stream14:45
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CardoeSo do you need to add packages like zlib into RDEPEND in packages?14:54
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CardoeI see it in DEPEND but not in RDEPEND on a package I'm working with14:54
Cardoebut the binary needs zlib14:55
CardoeI'm coming at this as a Gentoo guy (I know in the before times in the long long long ago bitbake took some influence from Gentoo) and in our case you need to list all those out in RDEPEND. Just wondering if someone got lazy.14:56
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fledermausCardoe: if the library is linked in normally (dynamic linking) then it is implicitly RDEPENDed upon, aiui.14:57
darkhorse_thanks fledermaus, much appreciated :)14:57
fledermausyou only need a package in RDEPENDS if it is an external binary, or the library is dlopened or similar.14:57
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Cardoefledermaus: ah ok. So in the case of zlib its in SO_NEEDED so its fine.15:00
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Cardoefledermaus: so follow on. The package in question is xen from meta-virtualization. If it builds up xen-libvhd and then it also builds up xen-blktap as two different packages. If the binaries inside of xen-blktap have SO_NEEDED on libvhd do I need to add that into RDEPEND can it work out RDEPENDS within a package?15:02
CardoeDid that make sense?15:07
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kergothfledermaus: no, you don't, it'll handle inter-package runtime dependencies within a single recipe just as it does for any other packages15:09
kergother, Cardoe15:09
kergothsorry, miscomplete15:09
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Cardoekergoth: thanks15:10
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* fledermaus returns to his slumber.15:13
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otaviot0mmy: I did a syscall change for the reset15:27
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|Sno|JaMa: I'm happy to resend my patches after the update, that was the root-cause of my question regarding the status :D16:11
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otaviot0mmy: Android kernel does it16:19
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khem`RP: around ? I am seeing a problem with 1.6 bitbake when sstate is plugged into workspace from a sstate server over nfs, the problem happens when it cant find a particular sstate object on server, it returns error from fetcher and then proceeds to build the package locally and build succeeds in the end. However the end return code of bitbake is still error code that it got from sstate fetch failure, this is breaking autobuilder since it then thinks build17:15
khem` has failed, any ideas ?17:15
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kapareHi! I had a weird case and I'm trying to figure out what happens and if you guys have seen something like that.18:27
kapareI have created a USB bootable key and tried to boot on a NUC with Ubuntu installed on SATA.18:27
kapareIt boot the yocto kernel then start the Ubuntu rootfs? I mean it pop the Ubuntu desktop...18:27
kapareSo I disable the SATA in the BIOS then manage to boot the sato-dev usb key image.18:27
kapareThen removing the usbkey and reenabling the SATA back and was unable to boot ubuntu anymore?18:28
kapareI was seeing 2 SATA drive in the BIOS with same label??18:28
kapareSo what could have cause this?18:28
kapareIf you want more details here my procedure:
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khem`kergoth: do you keep your ticket IDs when comitting into OE repos ?18:45
kergothgenerally no, we don't want to clutter up the upstream repos. we include them for commits to our layers (i.e. meta-mentor, meta-sourcery) even if they're public, but once it goes from there to upstream we drop that metadata18:46
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kergothHmm, would make sense for upstream? TOPDIR is dangerous to export, but it's useful to have available, hence the OE_ prefix. it's a different approach for yocto #767018:53
kaparefound part of my problem after mounting the image -> /media/boot/EFI/BOOT/grub.cfg -> linux /bzImage root=/dev/sda2 ... should use the UUID18:57
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khem`kergoth: ok from meta-mentor -> oe-core is one way path19:18
khem`but say if you change oe-core internally19:18
khem`and propose that change into upstream oe-core19:18
khem`do you have different commit policies for meta-mentor and oe-core internally ?19:19
kergothwe almost never fork upstream, in the rare case it's necessary we'll include issue info in those commits, but strip it out when we submit them and rebase the branch if necessary19:19
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kergothwe had to fork oe-core/poky for a release since we required the shallow git bits and that wasn't merged upstream yet, and you can't modify bitbake from a layer, but that's a pretty rare case for us19:20
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AnarkyHello, I'm having some troubles with libdrm; when I try to build qtbase (from meta-qt) with GLESv2, it uses TI's proprietary driver (omap5-sgx-ddk-um-linux from meta-ti)20:02
*** raykinsella78 <raykinsella78!~rkinsell@> has joined #yocto20:02
Anarkythese drivers (, raise "undefined reference" to (and, because they are not in the sysroot20:02
Anarkybut I could see they are nicely packaged in my deploy/rpm, so why they are not extracted to my sysroot?20:03
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kergothHmm, we should implement REQUIRED_PACKAGECONFIG20:54
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kergothie rpm's beecrypt dep seems to be mandatory, and our packaging requires debugedit, which is only built if the libelf packageconfig is enabled20:54
kergothalso librpm/librpmdb will fail to link without db20:55
kergothqemu requires fdt for some targets, wpa needs at least one ssl implementation..20:55
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khem`I agree it could be a good safety net21:01
kergothI expect most folks don't go removing random packageconfigs, but still, as you say, best to be safe. also i imagine some folks would want to pare things down as much as possible, so some sort of guideline about what will completely xplode when doing that would be good21:01
kergothkhem`: - twisted and wrong, i know21:02
khem`good start at least21:03
khem`seems a bit windy on a friday21:03
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kergothplanning on reworking that to emit a .conf with PACKAGECONFIG_remove_pn-foo lines instead of running every time21:04
kergothgoing through all the random prototyped crap i have laying around that i never did anything about :P21:05
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kergothHmm, I need to write some unit tests for the shallow git support, and that's not going to be fun21:42
* paulg wonders on which repos the shallow support delivered a substantial saving.21:44
kergothpaulg: kernel is the big one, the git mirror tarball is >1gb21:45
kergothshallow, depending on how much history you want to keep, is around 130mb21:46
kergothif you're distributing sources to a customer for BB_NO_NETWORK support, its significant21:46
kergoththe cool thing is, instead of going just by commit depth on a branch/srcrev, you can specify specific revs to remove, which means you could remove, say, all of the commits and keep all of your changes from there by excluding the most recent version tag which was merged to the branches you care about. i.e. remove v4.0 and previous but keep everything else21:48
kergoththen the person getting it can restore the missing content from which a quick git fetch --unshallow21:48
paulgodd, mainline is about 600MB, and when we purge the stable tags we don't use, I would be surprised if we broke 1G21:48
kergothremoving unused branches or tags does very very little, because 90% of the commit history is common to all branches21:49
kergoththe first thing we did was look into single-branch21:49
paulgall the stable stuff is off on individual branches, so getting rid of that is a win.21:50
kergothwe saved like 25 megs by removing all branches/tags but the one referenced in the SRC_URI21:50
kergothpretty trivial21:50
* kergoth shrugs21:50
paulgoh well, even if it isn't a giant win, it can't hurt to have the ability.21:51
kergoththe shallow support by default filters the branches, but having it without that woudln't be a bad thing21:52
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kergothcan't really use it much on linux-yocto atm though, it requires that multiple branches be kept around for its branch validation stuff at the moment21:53
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kergothshallow proved itself to be a huge pain in the ass, way way more complex than you might think. shallow is implemented with a graft to remove the commit's parents. if a later commit merges an earlier commit from before the grafted point, nearly all of the history is still kept21:54
kergothjumps right over the graft21:54
*** khem` is now known as onoffon21:54
kergothhad to instead graft every point where the history intersects our branches21:54
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paulgyeah, knowing what I know about git, I'd largely written off shallow as a clusterfsck in the making.21:55
kergothits improved quite a bit now that you can fetch --unshallow and whatnot. .git/shallow is just a list of commits to graft to nothing. the common case of clone --depth is easy, but we can't do that since we don't know the depth from branch HEAD to SRCREV21:56
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* kergoth ponders22:00
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* kergoth considers submitting for oe-core (or at least meta-oe)22:12
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AnarkySo, I still don't understand how files are copied to the sysroot22:29
Anarkyon omap5-sgx-ddk-um-linux, I added 'DEPENDS += "libdrm"', and I can't see libdrm*.so in my sysroot22:29
Anarkyand qtbase still fails for the same errors22:30
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kergothif you added it to depends, then it will be in the sysroot for the recipe depending on it.23:00
kergothlook again23:00
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Anarkykergoth: I found something interesting, libdrm from meta-ti won't install its lib in the sysroot, but the default libdrm will23:13
AnarkyI'm trying to compare the from their sources (since both include the same
Anarky(nothing really different so far)23:14
kergothif libdrm didn't install its files into the sysroot, the recipe would be useless, but we do builds from meta-ti on a daily basis.. of course, we haven't updated our upstream layers in a while, maybe it was a recent change23:16
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denixkergoth: nope23:16
denixkergoth: no recent changes23:17
Anarkykergoth: are those builds made with a compatible machine (ti33x|ti43x|omap-a15)?23:19
Anarkymade for*23:19
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #557 of nightly-oecore is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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