Monday, 2015-12-14

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bluelightningMarex: because those have EXCLUDE_FROM_WORLD set (one way or another)00:26
Marexbluelightning: is there a target which builds really everything then ?00:29
Marexbluelightning: thanks for explaining :)00:29
bluelightningMarex: universe00:29
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bluelightningMarex: but I suspect you will find that that will contain things that definitely won't build00:30
Marexbluelightning: that is what I _want_ :-)00:30
Marexbluelightning: thanks!00:30
bluelightningwell, good luck then ;)00:30
Marexbluelightning: well it's great for hunting for packages which don't build00:30
Marexbtw look at this00:30
Marexbluelightning: nios2 is finally in almost sensible shape00:31
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mcfriskHi, why is the GNU Make version used by yocto in bitbake builds different from the one packaged into SDK?08:05
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bluelightningmcfrisk: that doesn't sound right to me08:08
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mcfriskbluelightning: make 3.81 is selected from poky meta, but 4.0 is skipped (what ever that means)08:09
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bluelightningmcfrisk: there08:10
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bluelightningmcfrisk: there's nothing out of the box that would make that happen - perhaps you have some kind of blacklisting or similar configured?08:11
mcfriskhmm, gplv3?08:11
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mcfriskyep, seems like that gplv3 is somehow involved.08:13
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mcfriskand funnily make_3.81 doesn't have nativesdk stuff, but 4.0 does..08:14
RagBalI'm having this weird issue with TI SDK 2 and QtCreator debugging, when I place a breakpoint when the debug session has started the application stops, when placing it before the session starts it works fine. Debugger log in QtCreator reports: BREAKPOINTS ARE NOT FULLY SYNCHRONIZED08:16
RagBalExactly like this:
RagBalAny thoughts what could be the issue?08:16
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mcfriskhmm. make 3.81 vs. 4.0 selection was a GPLv3 filtering problem which I can fix easily. But builds are not picking the 4.0 version up. Does sstate cache know about make version?08:39
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bluelightningmcfrisk: it won't be sstate-related... if it's not building it then it's still being prevented by something in the configuration08:47
mcfriskit is building, right version of make is selected when building make. But not when building other packages e.g. busybox.08:48
mcfriskfeels like the old version is pulled from sstate cache or something. Even after wiping tmp.08:48
mcfriskPR pumb of make does not help either.08:49
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mcfriskthe make update should basically invalidate whole sstate cache since everything depends make, but it does not.08:50
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AntagonistHey all.  I've tried googling, but I cant find anything about BLAS libraries on Yocto. Is there any reason I cant find recipies?09:30
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mckoangood morning10:02
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ksprHi there. After upgrading to Yocto 1.8.1, autotools returns 1 for all warnings. Adding -Wall does not change this. It makes a recipe fail, which is actually working, also with earlier versions of Yocto. How can I force autotools/autoreconf to return 0 for all warnings?10:23
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mcfriskhow to force rebuild of make-native when updating from gnu make from 3.81 to 4.0 and using sstate-cache?10:31
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mcfriskI was only able to do it manually by clearing sstate cache for make-native, and only then got make 4.0 installed to all build sysroots10:33
rburtonmcfrisk: wipe tmp is the brute-force way, but there's a sanity stamp in tmp/ somewhere you can delete10:33
mcfriskrburton: that did not help10:33
mcfriskI had to "bitbake -c cleansstate make-native"10:34
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mcfrisksigh, 'bitbake make-native' builds 4.0, 'bitbake make' builds 4.0, 'bitbake -c devshell busybox' after rm -rf tmp has GNU Make version 3.81. I guess I can only remove the full 3.81 recipe to get rid of it.10:51
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mcfriskactually, remove the 3.81 recipe, build make-native manually, then in same sysroot busybox devshell shows make 4.0. No idea what's going on...11:00
AntagonistHey all.  I've tried googling, but I cant find anything about BLAS libraries on Yocto. Is there any reason I cant find recipies?11:08
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mntpellierHello all, I am tasked with the replacement of a lockin amplifier, a signal generator/injector and their software with an ARM device. These high precision devices are used for a magnetic field research. I have thought of using the AD7190 as described here -   I however do not see it doing the whole job for me. Could  you advise me on a better AD evaluati12:04
mntpellieron board.12:04
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darkhorse_has anybody used systemd instead of sysvinit? I see that it can be enabled by simply adding systemd into distro features but I still see rc.d directory and the ususal init scripts in my image12:52
* neverpanic is using systemd instead of sysvinit12:53
rburtondarkhorse_: as the documentation says, you'll want to remove sysvinit from your distro features if you want the rc.d files to disappear12:54
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darkhorse_rburton: thanks. and do i need to change init symlink in the root of the image from busybox init to systemd?13:04
rburtondarkhorse_: if you've changed it to busybox, yes13:09
rburtonotherwise you'll be booting busybox still13:09
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scehello, I need to build a native tool which needs c++11 ( > gcc 4.8) with dizzy and ubuntu 12.04. Is it possible to build the same toolchain as target for native and keep my 4.6.2 toolchain on ubuntu13:48
sceor do i need to update my ubuntu toolchain ?13:49
LetoThe2ndshouldn't a native gcc be built anyways? or have i got something completely wrong here?13:55
scethat's what i understood from yocto...a native gcc with the same version should be built ?13:56
LetoThe2ndAFAIK yes, but i can be seriously wrong13:57
scethe target gcc is 4.913:57
sceand my machine is 4.613:57
scei'm not sure to get what is the recipe name for that13:57
LetoThe2ndi'd take a good look at the environment that gets applied when building your native tool. it should tell you whats being in use.13:58
scethis is a custom recipe13:59
scethat's why i guess it needs a special dep13:59
scebut is there a recipe to get an host toolchain or do i need to update my toolchain ?13:59
scethat's the question :)14:00
LetoThe2ndit being a custom recipe doesn't mean you can't look at the environment first.14:00
LetoThe2ndi can only guess - is the recipe correctly marked as native?14:00
LetoThe2ndbecause then a different dependency tree gets applied.14:00
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RPsce: there isn't a native gcc recipes in the default builds. Something like that would be possible though14:02
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scebut what is "gcc" recipe ?14:03
RPsce: the files in meta/recipes-devtools/gcc/14:03
scethis is a meta recipe ?14:03
scebecause i never have the gcc recipe dependency in my image depexp14:04
RPsce: gcc is a gcc to run on the target device, "gcc-native" would be a native gcc. Usually we use a gcc-cross to build things for the target14:05
scebut gcc native is not available14:05
RPsce: out the box, no14:06
sceyes but here i need to build a binary which is native14:06
RPsce: I get that, I'm just trying to tell you what does and doesn't exist out the box14:06
sceRP: what do you advise to do ? update my distrib toolchain ?14:07
RPsce: or add a gcc-native recipe14:07
RPboth have their complexities14:07
sceyeah and i'm surprised nobody got this case14:08
RPsce: I do remember writing a recipe for this, I just don't remember what I did with it. Seeing if I can find it...14:10
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AntagonistDont think it builds gcc for the device unless you add tools-sdk into EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES I think14:11
AntagonistAnyone know why there isn't a single BLAS package I can find in any meta-? ATLAS, OpenBLAS, etc14:12
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sceAntagonist: ok that's what i was checking, the BBCLASSEXTEND is for nativesdk14:16
RPsce: closest I got was nativesdk-gcc:
RPsce: if you add something like that patch and build a builttools-tarball containing gcc, you'd get a compiler of the version you need14:20
scewhat is a buildtools tarball ?14:22
sceok but this patch is not compatible with dizzy :(14:24
scei need something i can use my production env so i guess i need to update my toolchain :(14:25
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vmesonAntagonist: no BLAS because no one here has done HPC yet? recipes welcome... likely to meta-oe.14:25
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sceok i understand now14:52
sceRP: :)14:52
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kergothsce: creating a chroot / virtual machine / container is another option, as well14:55
kergothmorning all14:55
scekergoth, i can use a prebuit buildtools i guess14:56
scekergoth, i can use a prebuilt buildtools i guess14:56
kergothyes, as rp said, a buildtools tarball with nativesdk-gcc would work14:56
* kergoth yawns14:56
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sceyes that's what i'm trying to do now :)15:06
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scekergoth, but i guess i need this patch :(15:07
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sceRP, thx for your help, the patch you provided is not landed anywhere ?15:13
scei mean on a branch ?15:13
RPsce: no, it was never merged as there are a few nasty hacks in it15:14
RPrelocatable gcc is a pain :/15:14
mrKongeHi! An autoconfig project fails during the compile step with error code: "No rule to make target `motion.c', needed by `.depend'. " Does anyone know which path may be set wrong by the configure scripts?15:14
mrKongemotion.c is in the same folder as Makefile15:15
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sceRP, thx a lot anyway for the information.15:32
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sceRP, I need to update mi distrib seen that ubuntu 12.04 does not support yocto 1.815:32
scebut it would be great to have this sandbox15:32
kergothmrKonge: we build in a separte build directory from source directory by default. it sounds like that buildsystem can't handle it, so you should inherit autotools-brokensep instead of autotools if it really is autoconf/automake, or just set S = "${B}" for a make based buildsystem15:32
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mrKongekergoth: Using autotools-brokensep worked! Thanks!15:43
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obsrwrdoes runqemu have any parameters to give a serial console instead of vnc?17:58
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ntlobsrwr: nographic18:00
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obsrwroh, yeah silly me, i was using nographic together with serial18:05
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bluelightningmorning all18:23
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armpitJefro, ping18:59
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