Friday, 2016-01-15

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hodappI'm not sure if this question belongs here or in some more Bitbake oriented channel, but I am trying to get Intel's build of Yocto for Edison to work, and having a horrible time patching hostapd to get rid of a reference to /usr/include/libnl301:16
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hodappso that it won't complain about something from the host system being used01:16
hodappI have made several other patches for other packages, and had no problem, but for whatever reason here, it keeps telling me that my patch doesn't apply as it can't find the files in question01:17
hodapphow can I get it to actually tell me *where* it is trying to apply the patch?01:17
hodappI'm up to running 'bitbake -vDDD' now and still I don't even see so much as a working directory where it's tried to apply the patch.01:18
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kergothhodapp: it applies the patch in ${S}, the source tree. most likely S is set to a subdir rather than toplevel of the extracted sources, or your'e trying to patch generated files that don't yet exist at that point02:17
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mckoangood morning08:37
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mwarninghi, I have deleted everything in build/deploy/images/ and now I get error messages when running "bitbake core-image-minimal": ERROR: Error: The image creation script '/opt/PHYTEC_BSPs/yocto_ti/build/tmp-glibc/work/phycore_am335x_1-phytec-linux-gnueabi/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/temp/create_image.sdcard' returned 1:09:04
mwarningCreating filesystem with Boot partition 45056 KiB and RootFS 53248 KiB09:04
mwarningdoes someone has an idea how this can be fixed?09:05
mwarninghm, I think I need to rebuild barebox.09:07
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Mylenemwarning: hi, in the "image" folder, there is a readme that says "do not delete files in this directory" => (if I am not wrong) I think you will have to do "bitbake -c clean core-image-minimal" as the content of this file indicates09:15
mwarningMylene: ah, ok. thanks :)09:15
mckoanMylene: +109:16
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #599 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
mwarningMylene: after a few compiles the directory just becomes rather messy09:16
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mckoanmwarning: bitbake <target_image> -c rootfs -f09:17
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Mylenemwarning: you are welcome. Yes, it's true, you can delete some files but not kernel/bootloard images (and not all the directory's content). You will find more information here :
mwarningok, thanks09:31
mwarningone last question (for now :P), how do I change the filesystem type for the rootfs of the sdcard image?09:33
mwarningin build/config/local.conf?09:34
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mwarningwhen I set IMAGE_FSTYPES += "ext3 sdcard" there, I have the ext3 and ext4 rootf files created, but I wonder what is one on the sdcard image.09:41
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Ulfalizer'DEPENDS +=' in a bbclass wouldn't be safe in case it's inherited before the DEPENDS assignment in the bb file, right? i know that isn't the standard order either way.10:30
Ulfalizerthe poky bbclasses aren't consistent there10:30
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rtr0901HI I'm facing this error10:38
rtr0901ERROR: QA Issue: mosquitto: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package:   /usr   /usr/local   /usr/local/sbin   /usr/local/li10:39
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rtr0901How do I add /usr/local/sbin/ to FILES10:39
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JaMajoshuagl:     <>: Recipient address rejected: undeliverable12:38
JaMa    address: User unknown in virtual alias table (in reply to RCPT TO command)12:38
fledermausthat's his old work address.12:38
JaMahe was still using it 16 Dec 2015 20:43:06 +000012:38
JaMado we need new Fido maintainer with stable e-mail address?12:39
JaMafwiw I've found his gmail address12:40
fledermaushe was still at collabora then :)12:43
hodappkergoth: figured it out... ${S} was set to some subdirectory thereof, and all the files were there, but not off of that subdirectory12:43
hodappI still do not understand how this build works at all on other systems12:44
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DamBedEiHi. I am currently building a Yocto for a boundary device (Nitrogen6X board) and I pretty much follow this example:
DamBedEiAfter dd the image to SD Card and booting, I check whether gcc and/or g++ is installed by typing g++ --version12:46
DamBedEiBut it says gcc: command not found12:47
DamBedEiWhat do I have to do so development tools like gcc, g++, make ... are also built when creating the yocto-image?12:47
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joshuaglJaMa: the stable maintainer page should be up to date12:48
JaMawhat is "the stable maintainer page"? doesn't show e-mails12:57
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mckoanDamBedEi: gcc is expected to run as a cross-compiler13:16
mckoanDamBedEi: on PC side13:16
joshuaglJaMa: sorry, was mostly afk but looks like you've found it13:16
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ryansturmeralright so bottom line:  How do I absolutely  unequivocally tell bit bake to rebuild a recipe from the ground up13:20
ryansturmeras in, re-do the fetch, unpack, compile, everything - how do I clean?13:20
ryansturmerI have tried bitbake -c clean recipe and bitbake -c cleansstate recipe with no luck!13:21
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ryansturmercleanall is like a nuke though right - that's every recipe?13:22
DamBedEimckoan: ah, okay. Thanks13:22
JaMano just cleansstate + cleaning the fetched sources13:23
ryansturmeris that on a per-recipe basis?13:23
ryansturmerso bitbake -c cleanall recipe13:23
snoJaMa: Anything wrong with and ?13:23
snoand the talloc/... dependency fixes?13:24
JaMaask Joe13:24
snoI've seen the latter one in master-next but disappeared and I don't know why and what is expected13:24
JaMaboth are in master13:25
snoOk, I probably should switch to glasses13:25
JaMathere are many pending meta-networking patches waiting for Joe, but these 2 aren't part of that13:26
snoI found them and found why I was mislead13:26
snofd66e4713 was in master before X-Mas and I searched for samba and hit that13:27
snohitting 'n' enlightend me :(13:27
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rtr0901Hi. Can some help me with mosquitto mqtt recipe13:52
rtr0901I couldn't find any latest version13:52
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kergothhodapp: that was exactly what i told you it was probably doing.. but i'm glad you figured that out :)15:26
kergothoof, need more caffeine15:27
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CTtpollardkergoth: I know that feeling15:35
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hodappkergoth: well, a subdir of the sources would have been fine if it actually led someplace :P15:43
hodappat some point I realized that 'patch' doesn't like patches with ../ in them15:44
hodappguess I should submit a patch to Intel or something15:45
kergoththe patch task will obey a subdir= parameter in the patch file url15:45
kergothto get it to apply it elsehwere in teh source tree15:45
kergoth;subdir=.. or similar should do15:45
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hodappah, I just did this with SRC_URI15:48
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Guest89Hello there! Quick question: how do I use core-image-minimal-initramfs ?16:58
Guest89after building the image, I run "runqemu qemux86-64 core-image-minimal-initramfs ramfs" but all I get is "Cannot find rootfs.img file in /run/media/* , dropping to a shell"16:59
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Guest89I am trying to run a diskless qemu instance, btw17:00
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* armpit hmm layer index not indexing17:18
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manderkehi guys19:51
manderkeI have an issue with a bbappend with wildcard19:51
manderkelike described here:
manderkemeaning, when I have a bbappend with a wildcard it does not work as expected19:52
manderkeso the wildcarded bbappend in a higher priority layer gets processed earlier that another non-wildcarded bbappend in a lower priority layer19:54
manderkeand the changes in the wildcarded bbappend are not propagated as expected19:55
manderkeanybody seen this before?19:55
kergothmanderke: if you're not on the latest release, you might need 3cb87724a5b21550e99c18e97b665d6604bb2fa9 in poky, which is f980f060cd0d1e7fe5011f3c325c1b254f05eccf in bitbake, which fixed an issue with non-deterministic ordering between % and non-% appends19:58
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kergothDoes anyone recall why we have multiple variables (SDKTARGETSYSROOT, OECORE_TARGET_SYSROOT) in the sdk env setuip script which refer to the same path?20:09
frayI'm blanking..20:12
frayI do remember there was a difference and there (at one point) was a reason they could change..20:12
fraybut I'm not longer remembering what it was20:12
fray(it's also entirely possible that the initial reason is no longer valid either)20:13
kergothhmm, k20:13
kergothfigured it'd be worth consolidating20:13
kergothbut i'd hate to break environment-setup.d scripts20:13
*** khem` is now known as onoffon20:13
frayya I just looked and I don't see any difference in meta-mingw either..20:14
*** tsramos <tsramos!~tsramos@> has joined #yocto20:14
frayso I suspect the rationale might only be by looking back at the older code.. and it's likely no longer valid20:14
manderkekergoth, thanks20:14
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kergothThoughts on having the env setup script find the paths relative to its own location, and only if it can't do that (i.e. non-bash/non-zsh) fall back to the hardcoded paths? I'd like to slowly reduce the reliance upon relocation scripts20:15
kergothmanderke: np20:15
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fraythe relocation script isn't because of the environment script, it's because of the executables themselves.. at least on Linux they need to know which to laod -- so that has to be programmed into them via the script..20:16
frayOn the mingw SDK we have, we do dynamically find the execution path -- since tehre is no necessary relocation...20:16
kergothYeah, I know, but it ends up altering that too as a part of the grep+sed20:16
kergothafaik anyway20:16
frayyes..  it touches all of the files.. I don't see a reason the 'guess' at the runtime location in the environment, if the others end up having to be hardcoded..20:17
frayif there was some way to make theothers dynamic, then I'd say it all becomes dynamic..20:17
kergothIt's not really guessing, it's deterministic, using the info zsh and bash provide about the script being sourced20:17
kergothbut that's fair enough, perhaps i'll shove it onto a branch to gather such improvements over time20:17
kergothi.e. i also have patches to automake/autoconf/libtool to make them relocatable20:18
fray(on mingw we use: echo 'set SDKROOT=%~sdp0%' >> $script .. for those of you not versed in MS bat file syntax.. basically says give me the short path of whereever this file is executed from)20:18
kergothbut alone that's not terrible useful20:18
fraypeople do crazy things w/ symlinks and such and expect it to work..20:18
fraybefore we did OE, we had some issue with similar code when people would do that and expect it to work.. with the (current) OE way of doing things, they can link all they want and they do get the right end result (with the cost of not being able to 'mv' the installed dir)20:19
kergothI wonder if it'd be worth looking at application namespaces at some point to try to avoid relocation issues for linux. just mount the install in a deterministic location in the namespace of anything we run from it, or something20:19
fraynot sure20:20
manderkekergoth, any chance this commit might be backported to older releases?20:20
kergothmanderke: probably, you can request it be backported by emailing the stable release maintainer(s)20:20
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manderkeI see, thought there may be some technical issue with it being backported20:20
kergoththat was a pretty clear bug that caused non-deterministic behavior due to things like SRC_URI order changing, breaking patch application, or at the very least causing checksums to change from time to time depending on the order20:21
kergothso i doubt there'd be too much objection, but it'd be up to the maintainers20:21
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manderkecool, thanks again for support20:22
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kergothwe have a case where we're distributing the sdk via a different mechanism, so the relocation script isn't run at install time, so i patched the setup script to get its own location and then run the relocation script on the first source of the env setup script with that location :)20:45
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frayif it gets "moved", can the relocation script be run again (with success?)20:49
kergothmaybe? I don't remember how naive the logic is :)20:50
khem`yeah such a 'fixup' feature would be desirable20:51
frayya, I wouldn't be against a (non .sh) install, where th first time you run an environment script it relocates, and subsequent times it "checks"..  only downside is 'read-only' installs..20:52
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neverpanickergoth: re: namespaces: we're actually doing that; we ship an SDK with a small tool that drops users in a mount namespace that looks like the target image + some native tools in /opt/nativesysroot; that allows us to transparently cross-compile because /usr/bin/gcc is a cross-compiler for the target architecture21:12
neverpanicof course that requires that you can actually run target-architecture binaries on your SDK machine, either because it's x86 or using qemu21:13
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neverpanicbut that completely avoids the need for relocation scripts (or installing at all)21:13
kergothyeah, and it means you can't run the build machine compiler to build native tools for the crosscompilation,b ut that's similar to what i'm thinking, just with a different intention21:13
* kergoth nods21:13
neverpanicYes, we tried to make this as easy as possible for developers, but one could also keep gcc as host compiler and ship cross compilers separately21:14
neverpanicNow if we only could get some time reserved to actually show you that stuff…21:14
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #28 of nightly-uclibc is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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mahmutov1i want to make this image
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mahmutov1it is made from
mahmutov1or how can create  this image from source22:34
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mahmutov1SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character '\xc3' in file /opt/genericx86-64-jethro-14.0.0/bitbake/lib/bb/pysh/ on line 2, but no encoding declared; see for details22:45
mahmutov1any help22:45
mahmutov1it occurs when i want to toaster22:45
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kergothI'd be curious about how that character go tinto that file in the first place, pyshtables is generated by pysh22:55
kergoth*if* it's valid for pysh to be emitting that, then it needs to write an encoding line into the file22:55
mahmutov1how can solve it22:56
kergothmanually adding '# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-' line to the top of the file might work22:57
kergothdon't know for sure22:58
mahmutov1let me try22:58
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mahmutov1i solved22:59
mahmutov1i think it should be fix about encoding23:00
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mahmutov1first i extract bitbake a nonencoding directory for my locale23:01
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mahmutov1it errored first23:01
mahmutov1so imoved it /opt23:01
mahmutov1i moved*23:01
mahmutov1but autogenerated file23:01
mahmutov1so it created in my first onencoding directort23:02
mahmutov1so it includes nonencoding path info.23:02
kergothah, i see, that makes sense23:03
kergothyou should open a bug in the yocto bugzilla for that23:03
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