Wednesday, 2016-01-27

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #631 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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mcfriskHi, how to map opkg binary package names to recipe or source package names after a build?08:27
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ericbuttershi, is there a way/command to show all licenses used for an image?08:36
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frscericbutters: I guess you could do "bitbake <image-name> -e | grep LICENSES=" to get all the license names used in the image08:41
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frscericbutters: ah, the variable is actually SRC_DISTRIBUTE_LICENSES and I'm not sure what it contains08:43
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Myleneericbutters: hi, you can also find it in your build folder tmp/deploy/licenses. It contains the license for each package and for your image.08:44
frscericbutters: ok, forget about it. This is not what you want.08:44
ericbuttersMyLene: yes i saw this, and that is good to have.. but I was wondering if there is a way to get simple output of license per package08:45
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ericbuttersfrsc: SRC_DISTRIBUTE_LICENSES => what is this list?08:46
frscericbutters: I don't know. At first I thought it is what you are looking for, but it definitely is not.08:47
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frscCan anyone help with an issue regarding the imx vivante galcore module not being loaded with linux-imx-3.14.38 (jethro)?08:49
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frscIt is installed, and autoloaded by default but not listed when I do lsmod08:50
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ericbuttersi got it! it is in deploy/licenses/$IMAGE_BASENAME08:53
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frscok, I got my issue solved. My rootfs seemed to be corrupted...09:09
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_valle_I'm struggeling with a u-boot recipe. Would be grateful if someone got any input on this issue.
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nerdboy_valle_: looks like it's missing and include path to sysroot10:07
nerdboyneeds a ${STAGING_INCDIR}10:07
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_valle_nerdboy: Should I set the STAGING_INCDIR or should i set something to ${STAGING_INCDIR}. Thanks for your help!10:21
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nerdboyyour fw build needs to know $STAGING_INCDIR10:25
nerdboymaybe add -I$STAGING_INCDIR to EXTRA_OEMAKE10:25
nerdboydepends on what's in makefile10:26
nerdboyshould add tyhat flag to CPPFLAGS or CFLAGS probably10:26
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* nerdboy has to go meet his pillow...10:27
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_valle_nerdboy: Didn't manage to get it to work10:51
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olivier___ryansturmer: Hello again; I managed to get it working by adding a bbappend and a modified file in the barebox/.../boot/.11:12
olivier___ryansturmer: Once the barebox is updated, the new settings (video in my case) are correctly setted11:12
olivier___ryansturmer: So thanks again11:12
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olivier___Hello everyone.11:19
olivier___I have a question concerning postgresql, sdcard and lock file.11:19
olivier___My postgresql database is situated on my sdcard.11:19
olivier___I configured the fstab so that de sdcard is automaticallyt mounted in the correct folder.11:19
olivier___If the target is hard resetted, a lock file ( is present and prevent my database server to launch correctly.11:19
olivier___I created a file in my init.d folder that removes such a lockfile if any.11:19
olivier___Unfortunately, the file isn't removed.11:19
olivier___If I execute my script once the target is started, the file is correctly removed.11:20
olivier___Does it ring a bell? Is the fstab not yet used when the init.d/ scripts are launched ?11:20
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olivier___Hay again11:26
olivier___I jut realised there was a typo in my bb file...11:26
olivier___once corrected, erverything goes smooth11:26
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CTtpollardolivier___: haha, we all do it :)11:29
jsapesHi everybody! Can I ask something about psplash in yocto after generate my rootfs?11:30
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rtr_Hi. I'm executing a ./configure script in a recipe. How do I make yocto use native toolchain instead of yocto environment12:37
rtr_configure: inferring LLVM_CXX/CC from CXX/CC = arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-g++  -march=armv7-a -mfloat-abi=hard -mfpu=neon -mtune=cortex-a8 --sysroot=/home/ubuntu/data/poky/build/tmp/sysroots/beaglebone/arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc  -march=armv7-a -mfloat-abi=hard -mfpu=neon -mtune=cortex-a8 --sysroot=/home/ubuntu/data/poky/build/tmp/sysroots/beaglebone12:37
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rtr_Its automatically inferreing the toolchain in yocto environment12:38
rburtonmake the recipe inherit native and it will use the native compilers instead of the cross ones12:42
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_valle_Hi, I think I have a problem with wrong linker is being used when running Make.13:29
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_valle_Would be appreciated if somebody could have a look.
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rburton_valle_: the makefile should probably just use $(CC) instead of $(CROSS_COMPILE)gcc, and pass $(CFLAGS) too13:35
rburtonoh, uboot13:35
rburtonworld of pain13:35
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fsdunis fedora's mkdir failing if it tries to create a existing directory?13:42
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rburtonfsdun: failure to create a directory is an error by default in mkdir13:44
rburton$ mkdir conf ; echo $?13:45
rburtonmkdir: cannot create directory ‘conf’: File exists13:45
rburtonthe magic you're looking for is mkdir —parents13:45
fsdunrburton, I'm on Ubuntu and it fails13:46
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fsdunbut AFAIK Intel has fedora as preferred OS13:46
fsdunand I don't have a fedora for testing13:46
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rburtonas i said, mkdir is meant to fail if the target exists, unless you pass —parents13:47
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fsdunok. then I'm wondering how they built an image using provided layers ...13:49
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aratiuI see this was merged
aratiuI have some patches adding signing support to ipk's13:56
aratiushould I rewrite them to use this module? (they're standing on the mailing lists without a response for some months I think)13:56
rburtonyeah sorry about that, been meaning to review13:56
rburtonrewriting to use the module would be *awesome*13:56
aratiuthank you13:57
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_valle_rburton: Thank you, solved the problem!14:42
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cupidrois there any way to exclude some dependencies that rpm is finding in packaging stage?!14:53
cupidrowhen building some package i want to make use of the rpm feature: __requires_exclude14:54
*** dv_ <dv_!> has joined #yocto14:55
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fl0v01Hi, is there a convenient method to disable a specific DISTRO_FEATURE for an image? Or do i always need to change the local.conf?15:14
JaMaccdDISTRO_FEATUREs are as name suggests for DISTRO not for IMAGE to select15:15
*** paulg_ <paulg_!> has joined #yocto15:18
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cupidrohi, is there any way to exclude a file from FILERDEPENDS_xxx chain in packagedata ?!15:49
*** dvhart <dvhart!dvhart@nat/intel/x-efwzwcaploqyxtgw> has joined #yocto15:50
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CTtpollardcupidro: make a bbappend to remove it?15:50
*** Hairy <Hairy!> has quit IRC15:52
cupidroit's a binary package and i can not do a bbapend .. i just want force the packager to exclude some dependecies15:53
cupidrorpm style15:53
CTtpollardso, there is no recipe that is bringing in the binary package?15:55
*** Hairy <Hairy!> has joined #yocto15:56
cupidroyes it is, and when the packages packas the data it creates a set of rdeps which some i want to exclude15:57
cupidrofound an workarround15:59
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CTtpollardyou can stop a recipe doing that with an append :)16:10
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wyrmAny qt5 devs in the house? I have questions about the SDK.16:21
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!> has quit IRC16:22
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rburtonwyrm: ask, don't ask to ask.16:27
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ssb321Does any one have example on adding the SRC_URI in the class file and then all the recipes will inherit that class? For example, I have couple of tarballs in a git repo and I have recipes using different tarballs. I don't want to put the full SRC_URI in each recipe because I don't want to change each recipe when ever the loacation of the git repo c16:48
ssb321hanges. I will just change the class file.16:48
*** sgw_ <sgw_!> has quit IRC16:48
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joshuaglssb321: gnomebase.bbclass, then each recipe which inherits it uses += to add recipe specific items to SRC_URI16:58
*** Hairy <Hairy!> has quit IRC16:58
rburtonssb321: or have a .inc file, like all the xorg recipes have17:02
wyrmrburton: I asked yesterday. Today, I'm asking who I should poke.17:03
rburtonwyrm: maybe try the mailing list instead17:03
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wyrmI might.17:04
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nerdboy_valle_: did you try just CPPFLAGS="-I${STAGING_INCDIR}" ?18:04
*** jjmb1 <jjmb1!~jjmb@> has joined #yocto18:05
nerdboyotherwise get in there and hack the makefile/makefile.am18:05
_valle_nerdboy: Yes I did18:05
_valle_nerdboy: I have solved it, thanks for your help!18:05
_valle_nerdboy: I had to patch the Makefile18:06
*** jjmb <jjmb!~jjmb@2603:3019::bca6:3119:d1bc:730f> has quit IRC18:06
_valle_nerdboy: With the -I${STAGING_INCDIR}18:06
nerdboya basic static makefile for cross-compile should look kinda like this:
*** jjmb1 <jjmb1!~jjmb@> has quit IRC18:09
nerdboyand C/CXXFLAGS should really be MY_CFLAGS...18:09
*** Hairy <Hairy!> has joined #yocto18:10
* nerdboy has seen more crazy upstream build systems than sane ones...18:11
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_valle_yes, it didn't look like that unfortunately18:26
fraywelcome marka18:26
_valle_nerdboy: My next issue is that I need to convert a bmp image by using imagemagic covert command18:30
*** Hairy <Hairy!> has joined #yocto18:32
_valle_I have added  DEPENDS = "imagemagick"  to the recipe but I'm getting   convert: Command not found.    What am I missing here?18:32
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_valle_After installing imagemagick with apt-get to the host pc It works.18:37
_valle_But that shouldn't be necessary?18:38
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nerdboyprobably want "imagemagick-native" if it exists18:50
nerdboyotherwise add the pkg-class-native stuff to the recipe18:50
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_valle_nerdboy: Thanks once again, imagemagick-native solved it18:59
_valle_If I would have added the pkg-class-native to the recipe, would that break the parts that does gets cross-compiled ?19:00
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nerdboyyou don't need it if you already have it19:10
* nerdboy needs a damn haircut...19:11
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ssb321joshuagl : Thanks for the feedback. I will look at the  gnomebase.bbclass19:16
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fsdunJaMa, Hi. Di you verify that sstate is working correctly for qt?19:35
fsdunJaMa, I have some strings in qmake which point to t different (nonexistent) sysroot19:38
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vmesonI'm want to measure the response time of a the PR server while other stuff (builds, stress tests) happen on my system.21:40
kergoththe PR server doesn't have to run on the same machine, but yes, that doesn't sound like a bad idea21:40
*** Guest15547 <Guest15547!~vivek@> has joined #yocto21:40
vmesonI could loop running bitbake -f -c package foo but that's restarting the PR server repeatedly.21:40
kergothonly if you leave it configured to autostart21:41
kergothyou dont have to do that21:41
kergothyou can run it yourself and point all your builds to it21:41
vmesonI thought I'd run: bitbake -c devshell foo and but now I don't know how to execute the run.do_package python/bitbake code - tips?21:41
kergothmaybe richard's python devshell would be of use?21:42
vmesonkergoth: I'll run a global PR server once my mega-core server is available. :)21:42
kergothyou could still run it global to all your builds, but keep it on the same machine21:42
kergothat least you avoid the restarting situation21:42
neverpanicDoes prserv always generate a new PR for each request or does it bundle that, e.g. using the recipe's hash?21:42
kergothit goes based on checksum/signature change, yes21:43
kergothit is possible for it to go backwards if you e.g. make a change and then revert that change, since it'd pull the previous value for the old cache, iirc21:43
neverpanicOK, we should definitely have one soonish then... the PR game is driving me nuts.21:43
vmesonthe problem being that for < 1% of our builds, the PRServer is timing out.21:43
kergothvmeson: ah21:43
kergothmust be high load, i've seen that occasionally too21:44
kergothquite irritating, but anything will keel over given sufficient load, really :) if it's taking more than 30 seconds to communicate over IPC to a local process, that's cause for concern :)21:44
vmesonand our timeout is 30 seconds -- we do push our builders pretty hard but I'm tired of just bumping the PR (and UI) timeout and I want to see what the response time distribution is.21:44
* kergoth nods21:44
vmesonso what's the about richard's python devshell -- shall I just google it?21:45
kergothit's -c devpyshell, gives you an interactive python session, afaik, where you could run e.g.
kergothdepends on what you're trying to do21:45
vmesonkergoth: thx. I've instrumented the client call to the PR server to get the response time, I figured I'd just run package repeatedly while another build is going on.21:46
kergothcool, should be interesting21:47
vmesonI suspect that the root cause is that the PR server is occasionally flushing it's DB to disk and this is getting backed up behind other IO.21:47
vmesonok, more to come, thanks again kergoth.21:47
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vmesoninitial (not very interesting) results: Under heavier IO load, I've seen 2-3 seconds latency but not 30 seconds yet.21:49
* vmeson heads home21:50
vmesonoh, the other idea (which is mine!) is to lower the priority / niceness of most processes so that the UI and PRServ get to run. Of course we'll see if it's an IO blocker first.21:51
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