Thursday, 2016-01-28

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fsdunIIRC it's to get the layername/LAYERDIR of the base .bb file, but I cannot find the name. Any can give me a pointer how to find it?10:25
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bachpHi. Does somebody know if there is a way to install all the dependencies of a package without building the package itself?13:17
bachpI would like to have an image that includes all the packages mentioned in the DEPENDS variable of the recipe but I don't want to build my-app.13:18
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #332 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Failure [failed Running oe-selftest] Build details are at
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armpittrick or treat ?14:55
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rburtontrick, selftest blew up14:57
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kergothfsdun: ${@bb.utils.get_file_layer('${FILE}', d)} will get you the layer name for the file, but not the layerdir16:08
kergothfsdun: meta-mentor provides it already, though..16:08
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jedixIs there a way to pass through something to git for the bitbake fetcher?  Specifically, I wanted to set the credential.helper to cache16:29
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olivier___Hi everyone,16:31
olivier___I'm trying to bbappend a recipe already "bbappended" by another layer.16:31
olivier___My layer's priority is higher and is shown after the other one when I type 'bitbake-layers show-appends'.16:31
olivier___Unfortunately, it's not taken into account (ie, when I change the file used by my .bbappend, the image is not rebuilt)16:31
kergothjedix: set FETCHCMD_git = "git -c core.fsyncobjectfiles=0 -c credential.helper=cache"16:31
kergothjedix: the fsync thing is what's in the default value of FETCHCMD_git when it's unset16:31
kergothafaik that should work, anyway16:32
kergotholivier___: are some of the appends using % and others not?16:32
jedixthanks kergoth16:32
CTtpollardolivier___: try -c clean on the package, and then try again16:32
kergothjedix: np16:32
olivier___CTtpollard: The other one yes, and so does mine.16:32
olivier___kergoth: The other one yes, and so does mine.16:33
jedixnow, of only the parsing recipies message didn't trample the input request :)16:33
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kergoththat doesn't surprise me, you'd really need to use a credential helper that pops up in X or something else out of band, probably16:34
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olivier___CTtpollard: I have another recipe with the "same structure". If I modify a file used, 'bitbaking my image' automically rebuild the package16:35
olivier___FYI, the recipe is ".../recipes-core/init-ifupdown"16:36
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kergotholivier___: the only issue i know of with appends not obeying priority order was a bug relating to non-deterministic ordering between % and non-% appends, which was fixed in poky commit 3cb87724a5b21550e99c18e97b665d6604bb2fa9 (which was bitbake commit f980f060cd0d1e7fe5011f3c325c1b254f05eccf)16:38
kergothbeyond that, i don't know of anything that would cause the behavior you described, unless your append isn't being parsed at all16:38
kergothdid you check bitgbake -e recipename to make sure it was parsed? it will show what files were parsed in the top of bitgbake -e output16:38
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CTtpollardquick question on % wildcard appends, if I have a %.append and the layer with the highest priority has two recipes for the append, which will the append apply to?16:39
CTtpollardi.e, two different version number recipes16:40
kergoth% is a wildcard16:40
kergothit will apply to any version16:40
kergothso whichever version you end up preferring / building, it will apply16:40
CTtpollardif there's two versions in the layer, how does it determine which?16:41
olivier___kergoth: So, the file is correctly listed.16:42
kergothit will also show the history of changes to the variable in question, so you can see if it was set by this and then overridden by that16:43
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olivier___kergoth: Ok, I'll check. Thanks !16:46
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heeenanyone using imx6 boards here? or another board with a viv gc880 on it17:37
heeenare you seeing really bad gpu performance?17:38
* nerdboy hasn't poked at the gpu much yet17:38
nerdboyfbdev on earlier 4.x worked okay17:39
heeenwhich board?17:39
nerdboynot messing with vendor-y blobs/forks much really...17:40
heeenwe are seeing like 20-30fps on simple examples, its ridiculous17:40
heeenI wanted to try newer viv drivers but freescale don't allow listing the download directory :<17:41
nerdboywith what combination of kernel/rootfs?17:41
nerdboyand what hardware?17:41
heeenLinux imx6dlsabreauto 3.10.17-1.0.2_ga+g33597e3 #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Jan 22 12:03:50 PST 2016 armv7l GNU/Linux17:42
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nerdboyare you building fsl-community-bsp stuff?17:44
nerdboywhat branch?17:44
*** roccof <roccof!> has quit IRC17:45
nerdboy3.10.17 looks old, even for a vendor fork...17:46
heeenI don't think we are17:46
nerdboywhat are you using?17:51
nerdboyi got 3.14.28-r0-udooneo on jethro the other day17:53
nerdboybut that's a fork of a fork even17:53
heeenwhats your version of imx-gpu-viv-17:55
nerdboythe old one is 3.14.28-ish for most devices17:55
nerdboyyou could try linux-fslc-4.117:56
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nerdboyimx-gpu-viv_5.0.11.p7.1 in jethro17:57
*** morphis <morphis!> has quit IRC17:57
nerdboyi would try jethro or master17:57
*** JaMa <JaMa!> has quit IRC17:59
nerdboyhave you looked at robert's sabreqsd page?18:01
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wyrmSo, how do the SDK targets decide which packages to build for the MACHINE sysroot, and which packages to build for the development sysroot?18:41
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nerdboychicken bones18:43
*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has joined #yocto18:43
kergothwyrm: what exactly do you mean by 'development sysroot'?18:44
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bengardinerHi guys. Question regarding SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}"19:39
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bengardinerthe 1.6 manual seems to advocate a fixed SRCREV in the recipe and applying floating SRCREVs in local.conf. Is that still true in more modern poky?19:40
bengardineri.e. is it more conventional for a published layer to use AUTOREV or not?19:40
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wyrmkergoth: The sysroot that is compiled for the ... development host? The workstation on which stuff is built, to be later installed and run on the destination platform.19:44
kergothTOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK defines host stuff (nativesdk recipes), TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK defines target stuff19:45
kergoththose correspond to the two sdk sysroots19:45
wyrmIf I'm reading the documentation right, Yocto calls that the TARGET platform.19:45
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jedixkergoth: too bad wget can't use anything like git's cache20:11
jedixI might have to write something to handle wget, in which case the git part will be trivial20:11
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rburtonbengardiner: published layers using autorev are prone to break20:59
rburtonrecomendation is to use static revs in recipes20:59
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bengardineragreed -- I'm glad to hear it21:00
rburtonif you want a "bleeding edge broken" mode, have a separate file that applies autorev21:00
bengardinerrburton: thanks21:00
rburtonpoky used to have a poky-bleeding which did this, it's less useful these days as it doesn't build much at all21:00
bengardinerrburton: cool -- it's like you're in my head :) I was going to remove all the AUTOREV in the recipes and add an .inc like bleeding :)21:01
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* nerdboy passes out foil hats21:04
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nerdboybengardiner: beware of Crofton|work ...21:05
bengardinernerdboy: what's that? "Crofton|work" ?21:06
nerdboyput on your foil hat you'll be fine...21:07
* bengardiner puts on foil hat21:08
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nerdboyautorev is "interesting" in a real project env...21:09
nerdboysomeone always forgets to push their crap21:10
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rburtonnerdboy: or, pushes crap21:37
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bengardinerrburton: I'm not sure if it's going to work or not cause they have strange SRCREV_XXX where XXX is not PN ; but I'm gonna give it a shot
*** LoganG <LoganG!~LoganG@2607:5300:60:47bc:dead:beef:dead:beef> has joined #yocto21:41
rburtonwell for recipes where there's just one entry in SRC_URI, you can remove all the name stuff21:42
bengardinerthanks, now I even have a backup for when my testing blows up :)21:43
nerdboyrburton: it's more exciting the other way21:43
bengardiner! :)21:43
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nerdboymore hair-pulling trying to figure out what regressed/didn't get fixed anyway...21:44
rburtonblimey andre is on a roll this week21:44
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* nerdboy definitely needs to visit rburton's corner pub21:47
rburtonwarning: britishisms21:49
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nerdboypretty sure that's the first time i've seen it used in a sentence...22:01
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* nerdboy should use "groovy" in sentence more often22:03
rburtonnobody says groovy22:03
nerdboythat would be the point...22:03
nerdboyalthough groovin' made a minor comeback in college22:04
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yann|workis there an easy way to run rm_work on all built recipes (or all recipes the image depends on), to make some space after-the-fact (I'm constantly switch rm_work on and off to debug things while avoiding filling my disk even more...)22:43
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tripzero2can gcc libssp be disabled from compiling?22:49
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nerdboywhere can i get my poodle clipped in burbank?23:37
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* nerdboy fears everyone is off listening to frank now...23:53
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