Tuesday, 2016-02-09

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aureleHi everyone!08:17
aureleI'm running ubuntu 16.04 since a few days, I'm using yocto 1.7 (not the last one...) I'm facing issues with some packages because of gcc-508:19
aureleI installed gcc-4.9, but I would like to know if it is possible to tell bitbake to use gcc 4.9 instead of gcc-508:20
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aratiuaurele: you need to set the GCCVERSION variable in your confs09:18
aratiusomething like GCCVERSION = "4.9.3"09:18
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mckoangood morning09:26
aurelearatiu I will try this thanks09:31
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maciejjohi, what would be the cleanest way to modify the CFLAGS for a set of recipes?10:56
maciejjoI need to create a "debug" image where certain packages are build with debugging symbols10:56
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aratiurburton: does the rpm backend support ascii armored signatures?12:06
aratiufrom what I see there are generated only binary signatures inside the rpm files12:06
aratiuI'm adding a feature to the gpg signer to support signature types and I'm wondering if this feature can be supported by rpm also12:07
rburtonaragua: no idea12:07
rburtonerm, aratiu: no idea12:07
aratiuipk files and package feeds can support easily both types of signatures because they are in outside files, separate from the pkg12:08
aratiuanyway I'll not touch the way the rpm backend functions, I was just curious12:09
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aratiurburton: I'm getting those annoying pexpect errors with the rpm backend, is it ok to create a commit to convert the gpg_sign to use Popen + pipes instead of pexpect?13:37
aratiuI'm running python 2 in a virtual environment and installing pexpect is a real pain13:37
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rburtoni'd love that, pexpect is a pain13:38
rburtonit's calling rpm isn't it?13:39
* rburton hasn't looked at that properly13:39
rburtongood old gpg lets you pass secrets on fds and things, much nicer13:39
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aratiuI can pass "--passphrase-fd",  str(keypipe[0]) to gpg13:39
aratiucand I do something similar with rpm?13:39
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rburtonno idea, sorry13:47
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Marexrburton: I also updated the last two patches with Upstream-Status: Submitted [] , so I will repost the whole thing14:30
rburtonok, cool14:30
Marexrburton: both patches are needed, so let me rebuild just to be sure and repost14:44
JaMaarmpit: why didn't you remove ./meta/recipes-extended/tzdata/tzdata_2015d.bb in fido's upgrade to 2016a?14:47
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CTtpollardI've just ran show-appends from bitbake-layers, and it's correctly showing the appends I would expect for the mesa recipe, but then also states 'WARNING: mesa_git.bb: missing append for preferred version'14:58
CTtpollardI'm not expecting any appends for mesa_git, so I'm not sore why it's producing that14:58
ryansturmerIf there's a recipe in another layer that installs a file, and it turns out that I don't want that file in the installation - the accepted way to deal with that in my layer is write a bbappend file in my layer with a do_install_append that removes it, right?14:59
CTtpollardanyone know of the reason this warning is showing?15:00
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janekHello guys, did anyone of you try to get recipes data using bitbake libraries?15:26
janekI did import everything what needed (python)15:27
janekd = bb.data.init()15:27
janekd.setVar("BBPATH", BBPATH)15:27
janekbb.parse.parse_py.BBHandler.handle(recipe_path, d, None)15:27
janekI can handle most recipes this way, but I have problems when parsing recipes inheriting specific package groups15:27
janeke.g. : bb.data_smart.ExpansionError: Failure expanding expression ${@oe.utils.ifelse(d.getVar('PACKAGE_ARCH_EXPANDED', True) == 'all', 'allarch', '')} which triggered exception NameError: name 'oe' is not defined15:27
janekis it the correct way to parse it?15:27
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rburtonjanek: best to use something like tinfoil which handles this for you15:30
rburtonsee many of the scripts in oe-core/scripts (like devtool)15:30
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denixwhat's the best way to clean up old cruft in the tmp/work dir?15:52
rburtonrm? :)15:54
kergothi think that's what scripts/cleanup-workdir was for, but i've never used it15:55
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rburtoni just rm tmp/ occasionally15:59
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denixwell, as a developer I do the same once in a while16:23
denixbut what about autobuilders? or distro builders?16:25
fraywe carry around sstate-cache, but typically builds start with a fresh tmp in our autobuilders..16:26
kergothi'd never want to keep around tmp for an autobuilder, too risky to not go from scratch. for continuous integration, we use sstate, for release and periodic, we build from scratch16:26
fraythat is just an artifact of space savings.. not designed that way16:26
rburtonthe public AB has a clean tmp every build too16:26
denixfray: exactly, but do you clean old sstate files?16:26
frayand as kergoth said for his case, we also have regular "build everything from scratch" autobuilders.. (at least once a week)16:26
fraywe time them out using atime16:26
kergothyeah, we use atime too16:26
fraysince even if it's not obsolete..  a simple rebuild will "bring it back"16:27
kergothnot perfect, but gets the job done. the i ntermediate artifacts can hang around, someone brought that up on the list recently16:27
fraywe've got the atime set to between 3 and 7 days.. with a once a week (or more) from scratch build16:27
kergothi think ours is similar. i use 7 days for my personal builds, but i think the official ones are shorter than that due to the # of builds and space limitations16:28
frayI know our build guy has some additional heuristics other then atime, but that is the primary16:28
kergoththere's sstate-cache-management.sh, but that's only useful if you have every combination of configuration you might want to build handy16:28
fray(last time I checked, we do something like 1000 builds a day for our base core product.. most of those are different configurations and platforms)16:28
kergothbut we build multipel product versions and branches and whatnot, so that's just out16:28
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*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has joined #yocto16:30
*** csanchezdll <csanchezdll!~user@galileo.kdpof.com> has quit IRC16:30
fraythe frequency of our autobuilds goes down as a product gets older..  fewer changes means we need fewer builds to verify changes..16:30
kergothif you don't need the intermediate artifacts, (though IMO you should keep them for bitbake -S printdiff, becuase it's just a matter of time till someone wants to know why something is building from scratch), you can clear them out by builidng from sstate and then using those stamps to clean, i.e.: bitbake foo; rm -rf tmp; bitbake foo; sstate-cache-management.sh --yes --cache-dir=sstate-cache --stamps-dir=tmp/stamps16:31
fray(ohh and all of those are internal builds.. we have a seperate system for production/release builds)16:31
fraykergoth which intermediate artifacts are you referring to?  the do_install (vs do_package)?16:32
kergothyeah, the tasks that don't run when later tasks are cached16:32
denixok, so I guess I'm not doing anything weird here... :) clean build once a week, cron-based clean up of old files... was wondering if there was a more generic script16:32
*** sjolley1 <sjolley1!~sjolley@> has quit IRC16:32
kergothwihtout those siginfos, you won't be able to use printdiff, but there's value ini wiping do_package if you're short on space or have distribution size requirements16:32
* kergoth shrugs16:32
fraydenix the script kergoth mentioned is about the closest you'll see to a more generic script16:33
kergoththough i suppose one could disable sstate emission for do_package somehow.. hmm16:33
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto16:33
fraywe don't often use the siginfo from the autobuilders.. so it's not much of an issue for us16:33
denixfray: yep, thanks16:33
fray(or system was built before that script existed.. and continues to work, so we've not attempted to move to using it)16:34
fraytrying to remember but we've got a build holding area (failed builds, sstate-cache that kind of thing) thats something like 20 TB of storage..16:34
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has quit IRC16:34
kergothif you're distributing sstate, i.e. to accelerate out of box experience, then it's critical to be able tof igure out why the cache isn't working as expected if it isn't working as expected :)16:34
frayso we've not really had a problem (so far) as long as we use the atime16:34
fraykergoth, so far we've only distributed sstate in specific cases.. and in those cases it comes from the production servers, which don't timeout the sstate16:35
kergothdoes the yocto project autobuilder and testing infrastructure do any sstate reuse testing? i.e. between different build dirs, build hosts, etc to check for unexpected rebuilds?16:35
fray(specific cases are almost always '-native' components..)16:35
kergothi used to do a lot of that manually16:35
kergothi.e. natives should rebuild when changing build hosts, but target should have 100% reuse still16:35
fraykergoth, it does some.. I don't know if it's all improved since the old days.. but I filed some defects on specific tests I wanted to see..16:35
fraybuilds with different usernames, host types, etc..16:36
JaMawe generate around 4TB of new sstate per month (even when we aren't changing upstream layers) .. :/16:36
* kergoth nods16:36
kergothJaMa: wow16:36
frayJaMa do you time anything out?16:36
rburtonkergoth: some16:36
frayI know our problem w/o the weekly (or more often) atime removal was we could easily fill 8TB in that time16:36
JaMachromium is quite big and almost any change is invlidating sstate signature of one of its dependencies16:36
fraysince the storage server was designed for failed builds and sstate.. that was too much16:37
frayahh ok16:37
rburtonkergoth: we discoveved that we need to add PARALLEL_MAKE to the tests, as some recipes (cough java) rebuild when that changed16:37
JaMaso we prune the sstate periodically (keeping only the latest)16:37
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC16:37
rburtonkergoth: if you have thoughts or ideas, i can point you at the tests we have and bugzilla :)16:38
kergothI should really try to integrate some changes to the signature generation. one thing that bugs me is we don't just change it when the metadata results change, but also how we got there.16:38
kergothi.e. FOO = "bar" and FOO = "${BAR}"; BAR = "bar"; generate entirely different checksums16:38
kergothwhen the used var is FOO, that is16:38
kergothwhich just seems wrong16:38
*** yann|work <yann|work!~yann@LFbn-1-1026-146.w86-247.abo.wanadoo.fr> has quit IRC16:39
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kergoththat reminds me, i should add a new subcommand to 'bb', i want to be able to, on demand, ask bitbake for the metadata signature of a given variable. if it's a task, give me both the current base hash and task hash, otherwise just the variable checksum16:40
kergothpossibly optionally dumping signature data16:41
* kergoth ponders16:41
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:44
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armpitJaMa, by mistake16:51
JaMaarmpit: ok, fix sent16:52
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armpitJaMa, thanks16:53
JaMakergoth: but the counter-example is FOO="${WORKDIR}/foo" when the value is different, but the signature doesn't change because top directory change can be easily excluded from signatures16:55
JaMalast time it was discussed on ML RP claimed that the cases where it works better with vardepvalue flag aren't that often and I agree16:55
kergothWORKDIR isn't excluded from signatures, TOPDIR is16:55
JaMayes, but WORKDIR uses TOPDIR16:56
kergothin my original implementation, expanded values were checksummed, but vars were re-expanded with a blacklist, so blacklisted / excluded vars were left as is16:57
kergothso it used the final value, but i.e. ${WORKDIR} would be left like that if it was left out of signatures16:57
kergothimo that was a good compromise solution, but there are performance implications with that, so i can see why richard didn't take that approach16:57
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kergothhuh, odd, i have these commits on top of a tag in the git repo, export, then bitbake applies that series to the tarball of that same version, and the patches fail to apply.. guess either the tag doesn't actually match the release, or patch is applying differently than git17:02
Ulfalizerhow do you run the do_configure() step from a devshell? do you need to have run it previously so there's a run.do_configure.1234 in temp/ that you can run?17:08
*** SoylentYellow <SoylentYellow!~SoylentYe@207-114-172-147.static.twtelecom.net> has joined #yocto17:08
kergothfunctions & tasks aren't available in devshell at the moment17:09
kergothnot directly, anyway17:09
Ulfalizernext q: how do you run cmake? doesn't seem to be available in the path, even though the recipe inherits cmake.bbclass.17:09
*** fl0v01 <fl0v01!~fvo@pD9F6A1B4.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has quit IRC17:10
Ulfalizerguess i could check what run.do_configure.1234 does...17:10
RPkergoth: we could probably quite easily make the checksum computation pluggable and experiment with that17:11
rburtonUlfalizer: it just runs cmake as it's on the path17:11
Ulfalizeris it expected that i wouldn't get it on the path in the devshell?17:12
Ulfalizeroh... maybe those run scripts set up the environment too17:12
Ulfalizerat the beginning, iirc, including the path, prolly17:12
*** SpaceBebop <SpaceBebop!~SpaceBebo@50-73-9-149-richmond.hfc.comcastbusiness.net> has joined #yocto17:12
Ulfalizernm... i do get cmake in the path now. not sure what changed.17:14
Ulfalizermaybe because i did a full build of the recipe before running devshell17:14
rburtonUlfalizer: works for me17:14
Ulfalizereven if you e.g. remove tmp/ and then run devshell?17:15
rburtonwell that won't work17:15
rburtonas devshell just opens a shell in the work17:15
rburtondoesn't actually do much else17:15
Ulfalizerwould work/ get created prior though?17:15
rburton"addtask devshell after do_patch"17:15
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*** fitzsim` is now known as fitzsim17:17
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!~besquive@> has joined #yocto17:19
Ulfalizerso is it expected that  rm tmp/  bitbake foo -c devshell  wouldn't work? for some reason i don't get cmake on the path when i do that.17:19
Ulfalizerdoes do_configure() pull in cmake-native or something?17:20
rburtonyeah pretty much17:20
rburtonDEPENDS is actually do_configure[depends]17:21
Ulfalizerah, yeah, right17:21
Ulfalizeri remember that now17:21
rburtonthis lets fetch/unpack/patch happen whilst build deps are still being built17:21
rburtonso if you've a clean tmp do a bitbake foo first to populate the sysroots17:21
Ulfalizerodd... after successfully 'bitbake foo' and then running 'bitbake foo -c devshell', i still don't get a run.do_configure.* in temp/17:25
*** Crofton|work <Crofton|work!~balister@pool-108-44-110-59.ronkva.east.verizon.net> has quit IRC17:25
kergothUlfalizer: it built from sstate17:26
kergothso it had no need to run configirue17:26
kergothbitbake foo:do_configure; bitbake foo:do_devshell17:26
kergothor -c, whichever17:26
Ulfalizeris that syntax documented? looks handy.17:26
rburtonUsage: bitbake [options] [recipename/target recipe:do_task ...]17:27
rburtonfirst line of bitbake —help :)17:27
rburtonmy favourite option is -C17:27
* Ulfalizer rtfms17:28
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Ulfalizerso -C compile would run compile and everything that follows it?17:29
Ulfalizerif earlier stuff was up-to-date17:29
rburtonit would mark compile as needing to happen even if the system thinks it doesn't need to, and then build as usual17:30
kergothyep, -C is awesome17:30
rburton-C unpack is useful as a force-rebuild without having to do cleansstate17:30
kergothremember that it just re-runs the task, though, it won't always clean out first, so if you have old remannts floating around, a manual clean is still handy17:30
Ulfalizerok, thanks for the tip17:31
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benjamirchalstead_: do you know which testopia version we have in bugzilla.YP.org?18:13
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[Sno]khem: I've seen your question to submit a PR for cross-localedef wrt. the ABI-breaking patch (file://strcoll-Remove-incorrect-STRDIFF-based-optimization-.patch)18:31
[Sno]khem: doesn't cross-localedef has an external relationship to glibc?18:32
fraycross-localedef was based on localedef inside of glibc -- then "modified"..18:32
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frayI'd assume they could (and should) be kept in sync.. but I don't know if anyone is actively doing that.. (or maybe cross-localedef was merged into glibc when eglibc went away?)18:33
*** yann|work <yann|work!~yann@nan92-1-81-57-214-146.fbx.proxad.net> has joined #yocto18:34
[Sno]in poky/jethro, meta/recipes-core/glibc/cross-localedef-native_2.22.bb fetches ${GLIBC_GIT_URI};branch=${SRCBRANCH};name=glibc "manually"18:34
[Sno]so I dunno what kind of PR I should send (I hope it should be against https://github.com/kraj/localedef)18:35
[Sno]otherwise I'm totally confused :D18:36
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rburtonoh yeah i meant to talk to khem about that19:18
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phakorburton:  o/19:31
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[Sno]rburton: the "fix memory corruption" commit - patch comment like that (https://github.com/rehsack/poky/commit/1b1b9b25acfa70e70db1b429c0443be6671e3e8a) ok?20:08
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Crofton|worksomeone had an issue building something on an Edison20:53
Crofton|workI feel like busybox tar can't unpack long filenames20:53
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rburtonjust how long ago was bin/build/oebuild.sh removed?21:49
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