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Seekhais there someone familiar with angstrom?00:55
kergothi'd suggest the angstrom channel.00:56
Seekhapeople are idle there...00:57
Seekhaand less people too... so I tried here00:57
kergothtimezones. it's evening in the US, and the UK folks went to sleep hours ago01:04
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khemSeekha: what questions do you have on angstrom02:39
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archer121Hey, WHen I set a cmake flag in my recipe, is it possible for me to confirm if it worked? Or in other words, I just want to see the cmake output.07:07
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rtr_Hi. Is there a command to list QA warnings?08:12
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JaMacat tmp-eglibc/qa.log08:18
JaMartr_: but not all QA warnings are listed there08:19
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rtr_@JaMa Thanks09:36
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aravinPVHello, I am trying to compile opencv with cuda support. So what I did is to create my own layer with higher priority, copy opencv recipe from meta-oe and added -DWITH_CUDA=ON to EXTRA_OECMAKE. But the opencv that gets compiled doesnot have cuda support09:52
aravinPVI am asked to set the WITH_CUDA=ON cmake flag.09:53
aravinPVI tried EXTRA_OECMAKE = "-DWITH_CUDA=ON" and got this error: CMake Error: The source directory "/run/media/fury/storage/yocto/poky/build/tmp/work/cortexa15hf-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/cudacv/3.0+gitAUTOINC+424c2bddb3-r0/build/-D WITH_CUDA=ON" does not exist. while do_configure10:10
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aravinPVissue solved10:39
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rtr_How do I rebuild all the dependencies along with the main recipe?10:53
JaMawhy would you want that?10:54
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JaMayou can delete tmpdir and sstate-cache10:55
rtr_@JaMa One of the recipes is failing when compiled individually but passing when other recipe which depends on it is compiled10:59
rtr_Just want to recompile everything in that line10:59
JaMamaybe it's trying to use some file from WORKDIR of the dependencies, so just fix the recipe11:08
rtr_@JaMa will removing sstate-cache remove everything?11:14
rtr_All the recipes get rebuilt from scratch?11:15
aravinPVhello, anyone have any idea whta DEBUG: Removing manifest: <file> in log.do_compile mean? Will it be a problem?11:16
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JaMartr_: yes11:18
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aravinPVHello, this is my first recipe. It is a simple one which installs a binary from a .deb file. Can anyone please take a look and identify the mistakes?12:26
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aravinPVwhy is the package not being created?12:43
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aravinPVIf I am writing a recipe to install binaries from a .deb file, do I have to write the do fetch?13:10
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aravinPVI am trying to write a simple recipe that installs a few files to /usr from a .deb file. This is the recipe I wrote: and this is the error I get: Will somebody please point out what is wrong?13:36
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aravinPVhey, package is there in build/temp/deploy/deb, so why is it not getting installed?14:12
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aravinPVyay! I found a clue!!!'14:20
aravinPVSo -dev and -dbg packages are boing installed but not the actual package itself. And I can't install the -dev package because it lists the original package as a dependancy14:21
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aravinPVI want to package whatever is in my  ${WORKDIR}/output  but doing a FILES_${PN}-dev = "${WORKDIR}/output" didnot work.14:45
aravinPVwhere is everybody?14:49
fl0v0how do you install the package? Is it install in a image recipe or in local.conf?14:52
fl0v0there is a big difference of the package being build and the package being isntalled14:52
aravinPVThe package being build does not have the files I want to be installed. I have opened them and checked, fl0v014:54
fl0v0you need to add the files in the recipe14:55
fl0v0FILES_${PN} += " "14:56
fl0v0have you done that?14:57
aravinPVThis is the part where I am confused.14:57
aravinPVI have tried many variations of the above said thing, but none worked14:57
fl0v0there are many recipes who do this, maybe just 'grep -r FILES_'  in your source folder14:58
aravinPVmy ${WORKDIR}/output has "/usr/..." so how should FILES_${PN} look14:58
fl0v0you dont use hard coded pathnames14:59
fl0v0see here:
aravinPVWhy is FILES_${PN}-dev = "/" should do the job, right?14:59
aravinPVfl0v0: Ok, I am tryinh  FILES_${PN}-dev = "${prefix}"15:01
fl0v0are we talking of the recipe above? dont use those pathes15:01
fl0v0normaly you do not install anything in your root15:02
fl0v0what are you trying to do?15:02
aravinPVIn desperation I tried those.15:02
aravinPVI will post my updated recipe15:02
aravinPVI have some binaries from nvidia in the .deb format.15:04
aravinPVI want to install them15:04
fl0v0ok idnt really now how one handles precompiled packages15:05
fl0v0maybe there is a class for this15:05
aravinPVSImply tell me how to do this. Whatever I want to package is present in ${WORKDIR}/output. SO how will my FILE variable look like?15:06
fl0v0is there a source distribution of the software you want to install? this would it make easer for me15:09
fl0v0if not15:10
fl0v0the simples way to do it right now would be set the package management of your build to deb15:10
fl0v0than copy the file tou your build image and try to install it15:10
aravinPVno they are proprietary binaries whose source I don't have15:11
fl0v0kk i dont have experience of how to ship blobs15:11
aravinPVI am kinda stuck. I have tried what you said. It works like a charm. But this thing is a depandancy for something else that  want to build.15:12
aravinPVand the irony is that I am stuck with something so simple!15:13
fl0v0look if you can find an installer for deb packages15:14
aravinPVwhat do you mean by installer?15:15
fl0v0i dont know if tsometjhing like that exists15:15
aravinPVon yocto?15:15
fl0v0then you could use 'inherit deb'in your recipe15:15
aravinPVbin_package exists15:16
fl0v0yeah that sounds good15:17
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fl0v0look at classes/bin_package.bbclass thats a good advice15:17
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fl0v0ok you need to extract the files in the deb15:18
fenrigHi i cant remember the name of the network manager made by intel (for embedded use) for yocto :D15:18
fenrigcan somebody help refresh my mind15:19
fl0v0was it connman ?15:19
fenrigyeah I think so15:19
fenrigits this one15:19
aravinPVis it not done by base.class? I see them in ${WORKDIR}/output15:20
aravinPVit is already extracted to ${WORKDIR}/output15:20
fl0v0ah ok15:20
fl0v0so maybe set S to ${WORKDIR}/output15:20
fl0v0S = "${WORKDIR}/output"15:20
fl0v0then also inherit from bin_package315:21
fl0v0then base class should extract your package and bin_package installs it15:21
fl0v0it uses tar15:22
fl0v0so you need a tar archive with the binaries15:22
aravinPVI added the S parameter and something happened15:23
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fl0v0ok :)15:24
aravinPVdo_package_qa failed15:24
fl0v0can you pastebin your current recipe?15:24
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aravinPVwait a sec15:25
aravinPV -> looks like this contains something15:27
fl0v0hmm now you dont need FILES_${PN} = "/*" in the recipe anymore15:29
fl0v0but thats not the problem15:29
fl0v0i think15:29
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fl0v0hm the recipes looks good to me15:30
aravinPVI silenced the "already stripped" QA errror by adding INSANE_SKIP_${PN} = "already-stripped" to my recipe15:33
fl0v0does it work?15:35
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fl0v0well it builds :)15:36
aravinPVthanks a lot!15:36
aravinPVso the problem was that S was not set15:36
aravinPVfor bin_package to work on15:37
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archer121CUDA is a build dependency for OpenCV when it is compiled with CUDA support. CUDA binaries are available from nvidia as .deb files. So what I did was to create a recipe that unpacks this deb and install the binaries. Then I added this as a build dependency(DEPENDS) for opencv. Also I set the WITH_CUDA=ON flag for opencv's cmake. But still cmake output (from do_configure logs) indicate that CUDA support has not been turned on. This18:27
archer121has failed to locate the binaries. What possibly when wrong? How to fix it?18:28
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JaMaanyone else seeing perl build failures? 5.3.0/ld: cannot find -lssp_nonshared18:36
archer121Also where is the staging area where I can inspect?18:39
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nerdboyJaMa: i did, but in another context...19:02
JaManerdboy: ty, I have a fix already, it was something in my config19:03
JaMawe have bbclass preventing staging static libraries unless explicitly whitelisted (to prevent licensing issues)19:04
nerdboyare you even building with ssp?19:04
JaMaand new perl seems to be first recipe which require libssp_nonshared.a19:04
nerdboyperl needs a diaper...19:05
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mikecarpI am getting this weird issue20:59
mikecarpI have this warning:20:59
mikecarpcuda-npp-6-5: found library in wrong location: /usr/local/cuda-6.5/targets/armv7-linux-gnueabihf/lib/
mikecarpcuda-npp-6-5 is a build dep for opencv, but it is not there in the sysroot!21:00
mikecarpeven after there is this warning.21:00
mikecarpin short, there is no /usr/local/cuda-6.5/targets/armv7-linux-gnueabihf/lib/ in the sysroot21:01
mikecarpI am puzzled21:01
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mikecarpBut they appear in the correct position in th final image,21:17
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