Wednesday, 2016-02-24

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NileshHi bitbake fails at last step complaining " do_rootfs) failed with exit code '1'" can anyone please help04:34
Nileshthe complete error is here it says KeyError: 'getpwuid(): uid not found: 004:44
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cart_manHey guys. Where can I get a list of possible " EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES " for Yocto?06:44
cart_manLetoThe2nd: ^^06:50
cart_manSorry you are the only person on here that has ever responded lol06:50
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LetoThe2ndcart_man: hehe, maybe you asked the wrong questions - or at the wrong time ;-)06:54
LetoThe2ndcart_man: basically there's a list of known IMAGE_FEATURES in the yocto documentation. that however is not exhaustive, because any distro or layer can add whatever it wants.06:54
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cart_manLetoThe2nd: I do not see the list of things that you can actually put behind " EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES "07:05
LetoThe2ndcart_man: and therefore,
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cart_manLetoThe2nd: Ok thanks allot! Is it possible to build APT-GET into the package?07:37
LetoThe2ndcart_man: we have dpkg, ipkg and rpm. no idea about more 'advanced' package management tools, as i've never needed them07:40
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LetoThe2ndcart_man: as well as
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LetoThe2ndi think especially the latter is of interest for you.07:43
btoothhi all, how to tell bitbake to create an debug image out of the package-split debug folders (dbg ipks)?07:44
LetoThe2ndbtooth: do you need anything that extends beyond just building with IMAGE_FEATURES dbg_pkgs and dev_pkgs?07:46
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btoothLetoThe2nd: i need a full debug image, all parts should be unstripped, so the resulted image under tmp/deploy/images should contain only debug versions07:49
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LetoThe2ndbtooth: is that just your requirement reworded, or have you actually verified that said feature does not fulfill your needs?07:52
btoothLetoThe2nd: okay :) I am going to add them to IMAGE_FEATURES and test.. thanks07:55
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mckoangood morning08:05
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_gpg_hello everybdy10:24
_gpg_i'm stuck with an issue (meta-fsl-arm) and i'd really appreciate if some can give me an insight10:24
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_gpg_when building my image when building sgml, it complains that" does not exist or is empty.10:25
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_gpg_i'm really stuck and dont know how to approach this issue10:25
_gpg_ive read some old posts reparding opensp dependency i've add it and it builds fine10:26
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cygnushello, is it possible to somehow verifiy if a recipe will compile before running bitbake?13:08
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sujith_hcygnus: may be you can check the environment of the recipe with bitbake -e recipe. And then check for do_compile function13:18
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cygnusso I would just type bitbake -e <name_of_recipe> and it would verifiy?13:19
cygnusand it knows where the recipe it, without giving it the "layer" or something>?13:19
sujith_hcygnus: It would help us know the complete environment recipe has got. So in that you can search for do_compile and see if there are instructions to compile13:20
sujith_hcygnus: If the bblayers has the information about the layer where the recipe is located, then bitbake will automatically pick it up.13:21
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cygnusok... so I verified the package with bitbake -e <name>14:32
cygnusseems like... it compiled or something?14:32
cygnusdoesn't seem to output any log message... like a "success" or something?14:32
cygnusis that how it's supposed to run?14:32
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ilgioshi everybody, i'm new of yocto and i need a recipse to add to my project nagios. Can someone help me? [the one on yocto project website had me some problems]14:34
cygnusso after the usual .bb recipe configs,I added "inherit autotools"14:34
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RagBalI'm trying to get ModemManager to work, but it doesn't seem to auto start on my system, anything I'm missing?14:43
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ilgioscould anyone help me?15:28
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #55 of nightly-checkuri is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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* armpit more blacklisted recipes i care about16:54
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Crofton|workarmpit, I think i got the ones I care about fixed16:57
Crofton|workJaMa, is making us work16:57
JaMasorry for not doing your work :)16:58
JaMaI think I got the ones I care and couple I don't care about fixed16:58
Crofton|workbetter to keep builds going and mark troubelsome recipes16:58
JaMaand if it stays broken, then at least my bitbake world wont take so long16:59
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mrk377QUESTION - Has anyone installed mcafee solidcore (scsrvc) or any other virus scan (clamav) to their image? Is it a package that is readily available?  Don't ask why :(17:33
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armpitclamav is in meta-security17:37
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mrk377armpit - Thanks!17:39
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RPkergoth: FWIW. May or may not be related to what you were asking about17:44
yoctiBug 9020: normal, Medium+, 2.1 M3, richard.purdie, NEW , populate_sdk fails when I have another version of gcc in my own layer17:44
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mrk377ALL: I have a binary that requires and my jethro image uses  Can both co-exists in image, and be installed through a simple variable/option??18:28
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bluelightningmorning all20:25
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seebsThe more I look at the pseudo startup code, the more I wonder why it's taken this long to notice problems.20:42
JaMabluelightning: morning, UGT or did you move to different timezone?20:42
seebsLike, I am *sure* this can't be totally reliable, and yet, apparently failures have been rare enough that, before we added an abort-on-fail, it wasn't noticed failing particularly often.20:42
* armpit bluelightning from the future20:43
seebsAs in, I don't actually know of a known case of a failure caused by the server restarting code. Which is very odd.20:43
seebsAnd I can't make it happen outside of the heavily-loaded build machines, but it doesn't look like resource failure, and... gah.20:43
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seebsokay so20:49
seebsFor reference, when I find "No, really. It works." in a comment, in code I know I wrote but that I am not convinced I understand.20:50
seebsIt is *not* a big confidence booster.20:50
* kergoth chuckles20:51
kergothbeen there20:51
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seebs(For those just joining us, apparently under heavy load, pseudo can fail to spawn/connect-to a server, and we can't immediately see why. It looks like the server's not logging as-expected in these cases, or something, and we're trying to figure out what's failing. Unfortunately, it won't reproduce in anything reasonably-small.)20:54
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neverpanicseebs: Did you recently make a change so the issue becomes more visible?21:01
neverpanicOr rather: What are the symptoms? We run a couple of heavily loaded buildservers and haven't seen issues with pseudo at all.21:02
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bluelightningJaMa: I'm living in NZ now21:10
kergothi've seen failures contacting the bitbake server more than i've seen failures contacting the pseudo server, but then the build servers i use aren't massive in scale21:11
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seebsThere is a recent change, which is that if the client can't get a server, it calls abort().21:16
seebsWhich makes transient failures Much More Visible.21:16
seebsBut it seems to me that if there have been failures all along, we should have seen SOME of them.21:16
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neverpanicseebs: so what does it do if it isn't able to connect to the server?21:19
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neverpanic(before that change, that is, we likely don't have it yet)21:20
seebsBefore that, it would in general just silently-fail. Well, it should have emitted diagnostics, but I think only if debugging was on.21:21
seebsSo it'd just use raw filesystem data, or not update the database.21:21
seebsThing is, I'd guess 80% or more of pseudo messages end up not mattering. Like, you create a file, then delete it, net result no one cares.21:21
seebsOr you call stat, but you're only checking size or whether rwx are available, not setuid bits or ownership.21:22
seebsSo it isn't totally impossible that it just hasn't happened to matter, but it seems odd.21:22
neverpanicOK, but if we start rolling out permission bits and users on a large scale, we should eventually see it (a) fail, (b) not use the uid/gid/mode we want the files to be?21:23
seebsYes. In theory. But we haven't, and that's what's bugging me.21:27
seebsIt's conceptually possible that, say, prior to the recentish respawn changes, we *weren't* hitting it. But I can't imagine why, since those changes fixed something that was clearly a bug.21:28
seebsThus: More comprehensive logging (an event-log thing to let me record things and then dump them retroactively if something goes wrong), and thinking about reworking the server startup so that server exit codes can be more informative when daemonizing.21:29
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kergothHas anyone used the wic image fstype with hddimg/live/bootimg? pretty sure it's not possible at the moment, since live isn't handled like others, and the wic wks for efi requires the hddimg bits, which aren't populated until do_bootimg22:07
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seebsWell, hmm. I can find at least one plausible-looking race condition, but I can't make it happen without intentionally adding a sleep in the server on shutdown.22:11
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