Thursday, 2016-02-25

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rburtonanyone debugged code in gdb that forks?01:42
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tknyccHi i'm  getting /bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off after I boot the device using yocto image ...can anyone help?07:53
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LetoThe2ndtknycc: 'the yocto image' is far too little information, unfortunately. which board, which image? something default, or did you add/remove something? did it work already, or never so far?07:55
RagBalI've added networkmanager and modemmanager to my image but they don't seem to autostart with the system, are there any init scripts for them?07:57
tknyccLetoThe2nd:never so far board is sabresd ...yocto daisy branch ful-multimedia-image  and the complete log is
LetoThe2ndtknycc: full-multimedia-image is not something that is in standard poky, so it must be something you added.08:00
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tknycceven core-image-minimal has the same problem08:00
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LetoThe2ndtknycc: basically i'd guess that something in your init system settings or kernel config gues wrong.08:01
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LetoThe2ndtknycc: is there some known good starting point that you have?08:02
tknyccis that something tpardon?08:03
tknyccsorry, is that something to do with uboot params ?08:04
LetoThe2ndtknycc: maybe. depends on what you hand the kernel as bootparams08:04
LetoThe2ndmy advice would be - reset evertyhing to the starting point, then repeat your steps to find where things break08:05
tknycci've just cloned the community bsp and given bitbake core-image-minimal08:06
tknyccI did not add anything extra08:06
LetoThe2ndwell i don't have a sabresd so i can't comment on that particular one. i just know that i tested the community layer against a wandboard and it worked fine08:07
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LetoThe2ndmaybe you accidentially did not carry out one of the steps properly. like i said - my suggestion is to start completely clean from scratch again.08:09
tknyccok ...let me try that08:10
tknycccan you guess something with uboot params
LetoThe2ndi won't dig through those scripts, sorry. little value in it, as i'm no sabresd user as i told you. and such things or often board specific08:14
LetoThe2ndtknycc: if you tinkered with the uboot env, reset it too.08:14
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simonlI have a custom kernel where I'd like to build a few modules without including them as dependencies of the kernel-modules package.12:30
simonlI could have sworn I knew a straight forward way of achieving this, but I can't for the life of me remember what I did the last time. Any suggestions?12:31
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rburtonshush YoctoAutoBuilder12:32
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fl0v01hi, iam having a hard time compiling extensions of ruby gems in my build. The gems compiling itself works, but i get a QA Issue: Architecture did not match error.13:27
fl0v01The compiled extensions also want to be installed in "extensions/x86_64-linux/" instead of "extensions/arm-linux-gnueabi.13:27
fl0v01Is there anything i can do to let ruby compile the extensions for the right arch?13:27
rburtonyou'll need to tell it to use the right compiler13:29
rburtoni suspect this is something that has to be done gem by gem13:29
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gauranghi all13:37
gaurangone problem i am facing while adding package as part of SDK13:37
gaurangsay my package name is X, and ihave created x.bb13:37
gaurangafter bitbake, it generates RPM like libx, libx-dev, libx-dbg13:38
gaurangwhat should I give in to add this as part of SDK ??13:38
gaurangany hint ??13:38
fl0v01ruby somehow generates the makefiles that are used with a script extmk.rb and there is also a which has impact on the used compiler flags. in the ruby recipe ( there is a sed script that replaces compiler flags. i think i need to change something there13:38
gaurangeverytime, i met with the error13:39
gaurangERROR: nativesdk-X not found in the base feeds (x86_64-nativesdk noarch any all).13:39
gaurangbecause the generated RPM name is nativesdk-libX-*.rpm13:40
gaurangi have added nativesdk-X into meta-toolchain to make it part of SDK13:40
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gauranganyone came across like this scenario ??13:41
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rburtonuse libX instead of X13:49
rburtonas the packages are not called X13:49
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rburtonthey're called libX13:49
rburtonremember recipes != packages13:49
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simonlany insight on my issue? (from ~90mins ago)14:02
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gaurangadding nativesdk-libX doesnot help14:04
gauranggetting the same error14:04
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kergothAnyone know if there are any plans to support the wic image fstype with live/hddimg?15:38
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fl0v01is it save to build for different machines in the same build directory?15:44
fl0v01thanks :)15:46
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chris___How do I recreate the package index?16:10
chris___I built a new package, and would like install it on my target using smart.16:10
chris___Apparently the package index of my feed needs to be manually recreated.16:11
mborzeckibitbake package-index16:13
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chris___simple as that. Perfect! Thanks.16:17
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sixsmithok something weird and dissapointing happened16:35
sixsmithI paused the bitbake last night and reopened it today16:35
sixsmithI had about 2500 packets compiled16:36
sixsmithnow it started back from 120016:36
sixsmiththis is frustrating because the same hdd space is occupied and I'm compiling under virtualbox...16:36
sixsmithand I'm at 1200 now with 11 gb remaining out of 60 gb16:36
sixsmithI patched the autotools.bbclass because it wasn't compiling openjdk-8-jre16:37
sixsmiththe whole bitbake process is very broken and not newbie friendly16:37
sixsmithand after that this happened16:38
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CTtpollardsixsmith: out of interest, why are you building in virtualbox?16:40
sixsmithI don't have the means to otherwise16:41
sixsmithwill it be ok if I'm hitting the hdd limit to copy the folder somehow to anotehr machine? ( because increasing the hdd space of a fixed virtual drive image seems impossible)16:42
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sixsmithand then start the bitbake process there?16:42
kergothsixsmith: the task list it shows is out of the total tasks to be run this time16:43
kergothnot the total ever run16:43
kergothso yes, itll show a smaller amount, since it's picking up where it left off16:43
kergothyou're just misunderstanding what it's telling you16:43
sixsmithwell yesterday it said somerhin like "2500 out of 5000"16:44
sixsmithnow it says16:44
sixsmith"1300 out of 5000"16:44
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kergothAny wic experts around?17:03
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rburtonkergoth: edbart if he's around17:04
rburtonits 7pm for him so maybe not17:04
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kergothaha, looks like it's just a bug. wic prepares swap partitions, but then doesn't write that partition to the disk17:08
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kergothso the swap partition ends up not having had mkswap run on it in the final image17:08
frayis there anything write?17:08
kergothassemble() only operates on partitions with a source, even though partitions without a source are still lprepared17:08
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kergoththe parted bits are run, but no data is written to that partition on diks17:09
* kergoth digs17:09
fraymy point is does there need to be anything written (i.e. mkswap)?17:09
frayI know mkswap writes out a few bytes of an ID string.. but is it really needed?17:09
fraywith sparse files, the 'hole' left should just be all zero's anyway..17:10
kergothwithout it, swapon fails17:10
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frayahh ok17:10
frayso the magic is needed17:10
kergothwhich, depending on the configuration, can cause failures/errors. i.e. "Unable to find swap-space signature"17:10
kergothseems so17:10
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kergothalso, what's the point in constructing a partition image on disk and then throwing it away? either don't create the empty partitions / swapon partitions at all, or use them :P17:11
kergothand it's not just swap here. i.e. an empty squashfs partition is created, running mksquashfs, and then thrown away, so that partition won't be mountable on target17:12
kergothafaict anyway17:12
* kergoth tries to fix17:13
kergothah, i see17:14
kergothi was incorrect, it' sjust swap that's bugged17:14
* kergoth tests fix17:14
kergothone-liner, figures :)17:14
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rburtondamnit rpath errors in db17:32
rburtonwas it Crofton|work or kergoth who was talking about those17:32
*** jjmb <jjmb!> has joined #yocto17:32
kergothHmm, wonder what happened to the patches to add ovmf to oe-core17:33
Crofton|workI expect that explains the patch you asked about :)17:33
kergothwould be nice for testing efi images in qemu17:33
*** roxell <roxell!~roxell@linaro/roxell> has quit IRC17:33
rburtonCrofton|work: so what does hardcode_into_libs do?17:33
*** roxell <roxell!> has joined #yocto17:33
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Crofton|workyou are lucky I recall what I did :)17:33
Crofton|workI suspect you will find it contrl rpath flags though17:34
kergothah, i see, found the bug in bugzilla17:37
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seebsrburton: I haven't personally debugged code that forks in gdb, but I seem to recall that 7.10 has code for doing that?18:22
bluelightningmorning all18:31
fray7.10 has most of the code to do it.. ;)18:31
fraythere are a few bugs apparently..  7.11 or 7.10.2 or soemthing like that fixes the ones I know of18:31
fray(most bugs BTW are in cross-debugging over a fork.. local on-target debug over fork should just work)18:32
frayI do think dbeugging over a fork though requires a switch to be enabled in GDB, the default is to ignore fork18:32
kergothhuh, i didn't know it supported that. cool18:33
kergothHmm, I can't decide if I think is worth pursuing or not. leaning toward not, just as the bang for the buck is low18:34
yoctiBug 9171: normal, Undecided, ---, ross.burton, NEW , Consider limiting the scope of depchains to runtime deps18:34
* kergoth ponders18:35
fraydebug over fork (even on the target) is 'relatively new'.. within the past couple of years..18:35
fraythe debug over fork (remote) is -very- new and within the last couple months18:35
kergothah, nice18:35
seebsand now... back to staring at pseudo's startup code very carefully and with a great deal of distrust.18:40
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JeenaIrgendwie nervt es langsam immer mehr dass ich auf meinem grossen starken Rechner daheim nur OS X habe anstatt Linux. Vielleicht sollte ich dualboot versuchen18:45
Jeenaich brauch OS X wirklich nur fuer Krieeeg18:45
Jeenaoh wrong channel18:45
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neverpanicJeena: interesting nonetheless ;-)19:00
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_william_hi all19:38
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nerdboyso we diagnosed a couple of oddities with the qemu hang...21:21
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nerdboy1) hardened x86 VM "just worked" and somehow qemu-native qemu-arm binary ended up with a proper PT_PAX header and was marked ex22:03
nerdboy*no host side qemu installed, just libsdl22:03
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nerdboy2) hardened x86_64 machine (not a vm) had the do_rootfs problem, and somehow qemu-native qemu-arm binary ended up *without* a proper PT_PAX header22:05
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nerdboyhost side qemu didn't work either until we marked it exm22:09
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@2a01:2000:2000:3dc5:f279:59ff:fe64:3a8> has joined #yocto22:11
nerdboyso it looks like there's an issue with (gentoo host) qemu package on hardened (might need an extra flag set on install) but i have no idea how/why the qemu recipe built differently inside bitbake22:12
nerdboy"Things that make you go Hmmm..."22:12
nerdboyBut...  non-hardened gentoo x86/_64 works Fine for a few years22:13
nerdboyhow can we get rid of the Big Fat Warning?22:13
*** caiortp <caiortp!~inatel@> has quit IRC22:14
nerdboydo i need to be the Official Supporter?  (no jock-strap jokes please Crofton thnx)22:14
Crofton|workOfficial supporters get the key to working qemu22:15
nerdboymy guess is since the PaX options are different between x86/x86_64 that might be it...22:16
nerdboyx86_64 multili-strict, check...  straight x86 and x86_64, check and check22:19
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nerdboyVMs and real hardware, check and double-check22:19
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rburtonfray: around?22:33
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@2a01:2000:2000:3dc5:f279:59ff:fe64:3a8> has joined #yocto22:33
*** lilwyrm is now known as wyrm22:34
rburtonfray: rpm5 just blew up, i just replied on the list22:35
fraynon-intel target right?22:35
frayI just founda  rpbolem22:35
frayintersting, which target is that (BSP)?22:36
fraythat is the same thing I'm working on, but a different problem.. I'm wondering if it's the same issue or somethinge lse22:36
fray(SSE2 usage was enabled by default in this module, and that obviously doesn't work on targets w/o SSE)22:37
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@2a01:2000:2000:3dc5:f279:59ff:fe64:3a8> has quit IRC22:40
rburtonyeah this was qemux8622:42
rburtonluckily, i usually use corei7-64 :)22:42
frayHmm.. I didn't hit it there.. maybe I was using x86-64, I'll re-check when my aarch64 build completes22:43
rburtonsounds like the same thing though, so that's okay22:43
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frayI'm building qemux86 right now22:47
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