Tuesday, 2016-03-15

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deviosityAnybody know how to manipulate the x86_64 sysroot to install the proper packages in yocto?00:17
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deviosityI'm trying to get a newer version of the m2crypto python module installed so I can install crda and use wireless on my devices00:24
deviosityI have a newer version with the appropriate fixes for removed SSLv2, on my host os, and in yocto recipes. For some reason on the X86_64 sysroot it is installing only the broken version.00:25
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mckoangood morning07:26
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AnticomHi all.08:31
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aratiuAnticom: hello08:31
AnticomCan i have (and is it sensible) to have DEPENDS in an image recipe? do_rootfs is failing due to missing dosfstools-native and mtools-native. Of course this can be easily fixed by baking it manually but when i think towards CI long term this will get nasty08:32
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bluelightningAnticom: you would do that by do_rootfs[depends] += "dosfstools-native:do_populate_sysroot mtools-native:do_populate_sysroot"08:45
bluelightninghow are you hitting a situation where you need those and the dependencies aren't added automatically?08:45
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mborzeckirough guess, missing deps on an image built with wic08:49
Anticombluelightning: yes, they aren't08:51
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AnticomSo for future-proofing is there a way to _append it to do_rootfs w/o using += when it might get added some time in the future?08:54
Anticomor doesn't that matter?08:54
mborzeckijust wondering, but you would not usually require dosfstools or mtool for rootfs, sounds more like a depedency for do_image08:54
Anticommborzecki: well bitbake reports "Error: The image creation script '<...>/my-img/temp/create_image.wic' returned 1" and in 3rd line from bottom it says "Error: Function failed: do_rootfs"08:59
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Anticomso is it rather do_image[depends] += "..." ?09:00
mborzeckiAnticom: can you post a complete log?09:04
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Anticommborzecki: you mean the log where it says "Logfile of failure stored in .../log.do_rootfs.xxxx" ?09:05
Anticomor the stdout of bitbake?09:05
mborzeckistdout of bitbake09:06
Anticommborzecki: https://gist.github.com/Anticom/0e8fb6a663972a09e66c09:09
Anticomfor mtools-native `sed 's/dosfstools/mtools/'09:10
mborzeckitry putting this in your local.conf: IMAGE_DEPENDS_wic_append = " mtools-native dosfstools-native e2fsprogs-native"09:10
Anticommborzecki: i was looking for a solution i could share in the repo09:11
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mborzeckiwell, idealy this should be in the same place where IMAGE_FSTYPES is set09:12
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Anticommborzecki: i only got wic set in IMAGE_FSTYPES09:18
mborzeckiAnticom: that's why you get this problem, you're apparently building an image for sdcard, where at least one partition is a FAT partition09:19
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mborzeckiwic needs dosfstools for mkfs.vfat and mtools for mcopy09:19
Anticommborzecki: okay so simply appending fat (case sensitive?) to my IMAGE_FSTYPES should fix the issue?09:19
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mborzeckinope, IMAGE_FSTYPES a is different thing09:20
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mborzeckiwhat you need to do is tell that the 'wic' image type requires dosfstools-native and mtools-native, that's what IMAGE_DEPENDS_wic.. line does09:21
AnticomOkay so the IMAGE_DEPENDS_wic_append is the way to go?09:21
Anticomwhat is the difference to do_image[depends] += "..." ? Or is it just a matter of personal preferences?09:21
Anticomi suppose do_image[depends] doesn't care, whether i'm building an image using wic or not (?)09:22
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mborzeckido_image[depends] sets task dependencies, so before do_image is run the depdnencies must be finished09:22
mborzeckiand yes, it does not care if you're building a wic image or not09:22
Anticomso your solution is the prefered one?09:23
mborzeckiyes, the same thing is done in image_types.bbclass for other images09:24
Anticommborzecki: one last question: what's the e2fsprogs-native good for?09:24
Anticombitbake wasn't complaining about it but you where suggesting it09:25
mborzeckiit's just wic only finds out what tools will be needed once the *.wks file is parsed09:25
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mborzeckiAnticom: long shot but your image may likely contains an ext[234] partition, if it does not you can skip e2fsprogs09:26
Anticomfdisk -l just says "Linux" to the other patitions. afaik it is ext409:27
Anticomhowever bitbake didn't complain about that one missing09:28
mborzeckiperhaps it's already there through some other dependency09:29
mborzeckiyou can ping edbart for additional insight on how wic builds images, iirc he's the current maintainer, i've merely contributed a couple of fixes and bootimg-parition plugin :)09:29
AnticomOkay thanks mborzecki and also bluelightning09:30
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MWelchUKPC back up.10:01
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zero_notehi guys, I'm trying to achieve the fastest boot time on an embedded board (yocto jethro), my init system is systemd and I read somewhere (general fast boot slides) that is possibile to pre-configure or eliminate udev10:41
zero_notesome of you have never performed a similar operation?10:41
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LetoThe2ndzero_note: iron out the usual suspects prior to such extreme measures :-)10:57
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LetoThe2ndzero_note: find a good lot of inspiration here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTRA1PRJWH810:57
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zero_noteLetoThe2nd, thank you :-)10:59
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otaviorburton: hello11:06
otaviorburton: please apply the fix you prefer in jethro, the libsdl-native is breaking framebuffer distros completely. I think we ought to continue the discussion but this is a master topic than11:07
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AnticomWhere would i typically configure my repository channels?12:46
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rburtonAnticom: in a recipe you ship (or use PACKAGE_FEED_URIS in your distro config)13:15
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zero_notehi folks, on the same build machine (ubuntu 14.04.4, gcc 4.8.4) I've cloned 2 git repos: one for my yocto project and the latter is the u-boot repo, so I bitbake the sdk, install it and source it, but I can't compile u-boot due to an error related to a missing tool16:08
zero_notearm-poky-linux-gnueabi-ld: cannot find -lgcc16:08
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zero_notebut I can't understand why the same u-boot source code compile with no problems using yocto recipes, while when I try to compile "manually" u-boot I get this error16:12
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zero_noteanyone have any clue about this? thanks in advance16:15
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kergothAnyone else running into illegal instruction building intel-corei7-64 from the qemu user mode bits? Seems the -cpu Nehalem,check=false isn't cutting it for this machine17:56
kergothhitting gobject-introspection failures as a result, along with the expected postinst failures17:56
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kergothrburton: ever hit this one? i saw it was your patch that added the qemu options18:00
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lazaohi guys18:02
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lazaois there any way to avoid the "conflicts between attempted install of" error msg while do_rootfs? i have two packages that provides the same library. I'd like to have a preferred one. I took a look at the update-alternative class but i'm not sure if it is the proper way to do it18:07
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kergothlazao: either use update-alternatives to avoid the conflict, use runtime provides to avoid them both being pulled into the same image in the first place, or configure rreplaces (probably with rconflicts and rprovides) to let one replace the other entirely (only valid if there's a clear case of one superceding the other)18:10
kergothHmm, think I might split out parts of bitbake-layers into a module in lib/bb/18:10
lazaois it possible to have a rreplaces only for one specific lib in the package? actually there are several libraries provided by this pkg.18:13
lazaoand i don't want the entire package to be replaced by the other one but i just want to replace a specific library provided by both packages.18:14
kergothyou'd likely have to break it up into multiple packages to handle that18:15
kergoththough rreplaces without rconflicts might let one overwrite the other without *uninstalling* the other, i'm not certain as to the behavior of the package managers in that case18:15
kergothroughly familiar with the debian policy manual, whicha pplies to opkg and dpkg, but even there i'm unsure, and i have no idea how rpm handles it :)18:16
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kergothHmm, we do logger setup in way too many places right now18:22
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kergothI wonder if my qemu issues are due to running in a VM, maybe it doesn't support all the features needed to emulate nehalem18:24
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khemkergoth: VM on VM ?18:36
khemit works for me in most of cases18:36
khembut have seen some vconsole related problem18:36
khemwhich dont happen otherwise18:36
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rburtonkergoth: that's interesting!  g-i works here with that machine.  can you pastebin the full log, and bonus points if you can get the core dump from qemu (which does magic to give you the emulated binary's dump)20:05
rburtonkergoth: (building again to verify…)20:07
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kergothinteresting, i'm guessing it's something to do with running in a vmware vm, but other machines run qemu fine. guess i should try running manually with check and see what it says20:20
rburtonah, in a vm20:23
rburtonthat might make an interesting differnce20:23
rburtonwell just verified that intel-corei7-64 builds gtk+3 and python-pygobject here20:23
rburton(not that modern xeon host)20:23
kergothk, thanks20:23
rburtonnot that you made me panic for a bit20:24
kergothi'll see about opening a bug in the bts in case it's something that needs addressing, or at least documenting20:24
rburtonno siree20:24
rburtonyeah bug please20:24
rburtonand bonus points for as much log as possible20:24
* kergoth nods20:24
rburtonbut a more pressing issue is where the bloody hell did i put that beer20:25
kergothIf any gluttons for punishment are around, could use another set of eyes on https://github.com/MentorEmbedded/poky/compare/master...kergoth:shallow-simplify. the commit message on the third commit documents the variables and usage20:34
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kergothI keep wanting to make it cleaner, but i'm honestly out of ideas. I don't like that it's so much special cased logic, but I can't see a way around it. I'd like the fetch core to better handle the mirror tarballs in a generic way, with a new method for the preparation of the tarball, but git shallow would still need special casing due to the fact that shallow tarballs are unpacked directly, without using clonedir at all20:37
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rburtonkhem: do you have any opinion on #9201?20:42
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aehs29do we have a POKYDIR variable or something like that?, I know we've got TOPDIR, but I want the one where poky resides21:04
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kergothsee COREBASE21:06
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aehs29kergoth: thanks!21:15
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aehs29kergoth: by any chance do you know how to get the location of a recipe given a PN?, I saw something but it requires a reference to the cooker21:18
kergothin what context?21:18
aehs29and I already have a bitbake instance running, idk how to get a reference to its cooker21:19
kergothfrom python in a standalone script, cooker is the way to do it, via tinfoil. from the metadata, just use the FILE variable21:19
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aehs29yeah it ownt let me call tinfoil21:19
kergoth"won't let me call"?21:19
aehs29it complains about the instance of bitbake thats already runnig21:19
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aehs29I can try with FILE21:20
kergothto run both a standalone script and a build at the same time, regardless of what script is in use, you'd have to use the memory resident bitbake server21:20
kergoththen both would interact with that21:20
kergothafaik anyway21:20
aehs29kergoth: oh alright, thanks!21:20
bluelightningaehs29: what are you attempting to do, out of interest?21:20
aehs29bluelightning: basically I run -c testimage, which runs a test, and I need to get the output via ssh, and ideally put it on the recipe's foder to use it via SRC_URI21:22
aehs29bluelightning: I could just ut it somewhere else and use FILESEXTRAPATHS, but its dirtier21:23
bluelightningusing the output of the test as input to the recipe? that sounds a bit unusual...21:24
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