Tuesday, 2016-03-22

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otayHi. What is the correct way to add a line in the target image to /etc/rc.local? Do I need to patch the recipe that creates it or can I do it from a different recipe?04:30
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bluelightningotay: typically you'd patch the recipe that provides the thing, using a postinstall script (pkg_postinst_${PN} () { ... })04:45
bluelightningotay: but rather than using rc.local wouldn't you be better off using an actual initscript?04:45
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bluelightningif you can provide the initscript we have pretty robust support for ensuring it gets enabled04:46
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otayokay, good info on the patch. Was wondering about that. Yes, initscript would be better. But even better would be to modify the actual software itself. However, I'm not totally sure of the future of it so don't want to spend too much effort.04:52
otayTo clarify, the build I'm doing comes with smartpm. I just need to set a default channel.04:53
otaySo, yeah, adding the channel the proper way would be better but figured if I can add the channel (repo) easily it will buy me some time. Sorry to sound like a hack.04:55
otayThere are a lot of layers in this build. Feels like I'm jumping in to the deep end.04:55
otayBut you just gave me another idea04:56
otayCorrection: you gave me the answer.04:57
otaypost install script04:57
otaySo I can patch the thing that makes rc.local. 2) do a post install script in a different package or same package or 3) cry a lot.. jk;3) set the channel in the code somewhere.04:59
otayIs it uncommon to modify the destination image from a recipe? I mean, couldn't I do  echo foo >> ../../dest/image/etc/rc.local from a totally different recipe?05:01
otayOr is that weird?05:01
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otayEither way, I like the post install script idea. At least I can handle that. Thank you05:02
* otay :)05:03
otaybtw; we have a fork of yocto.05:03
otay(I mean the guy who hired me does ;) )05:04
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bluelightningotay: you can't poke files into the image like that from another recipe05:14
bluelightningotay: in an image recipe, you can add a call to a function in ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND and then have that function do whatever you want to the image though05:15
bluelightninghaving said that there ought to be a means to set up feeds without needing to do this05:15
bluelightningwhich version of the build system are you using (or rather, which is your fork based on) ?05:15
otayahh, interesting.05:15
otayIt's the Wind River one05:15
otayWell, one of them I should say05:16
otayThe one for IoT.05:16
niteshnarayanlalHi, I am facing an issue while writing a recipe. This recipe depends on another package not just for its libraries and headers05:17
niteshnarayanlalbut also for its makefiles05:17
niteshnarayanlalso I can't simply import its headers and libraries to std path05:17
niteshnarayanlalany suggestions?05:17
otaybluelightning but I agree, that doing something like ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND is a sign I'm doing something wrong. I like your idea of post-install. And actually, just want to make an rpm that does it. Sound clean05:18
otay(sounds clean: An rpm that just runs a command in a post install script. I wish I would have thought of that. :)  )05:20
* otay goes to it05:21
otay(smart channel --add in pkg_postinst_${PN} in OurRepo.rpm) +1 to bluelightning.05:26
otayniteshnarayanlal I had that problem before also but ended up doing something different so I'm no help05:45
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Ulfalizeri get some annoying "WARNING: QA Issue: foo has an incompatible license. Excluding from packaging. [incompatible-license]" warnings where there doesn't seem to be any real problem since the packages in question are never included in any images. it should be safe to silence them with INSANE_SKIP, right?06:07
niteshnarayanlalotavio, yeah the best possible solution I think is to build that package from the same recipe first06:14
niteshnarayanlaland then use it06:14
niteshnarayanlalalthough its not a very refined way :/06:15
otayUlfalizer I was getting a similar QA warning and did: do_qa_configure () {}06:19
otayoverride. Not sure if it will help in your case.06:19
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Ulfalizerseems a bit hackish06:24
Ulfalizerlooks like the INSANE_SKIP_* logic is coded specifically for each case in package.bbclass06:27
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Ulfalizerbut it hasn't been coded for incompatible-license :/06:28
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otaymaybe the license type given doesn't match the license file?06:29
otayDoes anybody know if it's possible (from a layer) to make an archive (rpm) that only has a post install script in it?06:31
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Ulfalizerotay: nah, the problem is just that one of the packages generated from the recipe has a blacklisted license06:32
Ulfalizerhowever, that package isn't used, so it's okay06:32
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mckoangood morning08:13
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LetoThe2ndhowdy! :-)08:22
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aratiugoood morning08:23
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AnticomHi all. I'm having an issue with my own distro. I've copied poky.conf to my own layer, renamed and modified it: https://gist.github.com/Anticom/1bd29c45f002a0b96a8408:32
AnticomThe issue i'm faced with now is that i can't see, where default-distrovars.inc is included now08:32
AnticomAny recommendations how to track down the issue?08:32
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AnticomOkay i've tracked it down to bitbake.conf08:51
AnticomHow would i change, what that includes? custom bb.conf in my layer aswell? :O08:51
AnticomOr would you just not use IMAGE_FEATURES_DEFAULT at all?08:52
mborzeckiAnticom: what is it that you're aiming to do?08:55
Anticommborzecki: Well 1st currently i'm having a lot of IMAGE_FEATURES_remove in my image target to get rid of various features comming from IMAGE_FEATURES_DEFAULT and 2nd i wanted my own distro anyway so i can set stuff like update channels there. I think also the choice of init manager would be appropriate there, wouldn't it?08:58
mborzeckiAnticom: yes, this is the right place to setup systemd as init08:59
Anticommborzecki: However i don't want to reinvent the wheel (which would end up being square with my skills anyway) but only tune certain aspects of poky.conf (e.g. the IMAGE_FEATURES)09:01
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AnticomBut i'm still having a hard time figuring out what is included or configured where and why09:02
AnticomAnd (probably most important) some bb internals09:02
mborzeckiAnticom: keep in mind that distro should only setup a policy, image decides what gets installed (and that may partially depend on distro features)09:03
Anticommborzecki: But poky.conf is setting some IMAGE_FEATURES i don't need. Why would i have x11 as distro feature if my target device doesn't have a screen? :>09:03
Anticomor opengl or alsa if i don't need audio09:04
bluelightningAnticom: you would never provide your own bitbake.conf, unless you were doing something with bitbake completely other than OpenEmbedded that is09:05
mborzeckiAnticom: i don't recall poky setting image features directly, iirc it's more like poky would enable x11 in distro features09:05
Anticommborzecki: it is09:05
bluelightningAnticom: just override the values you want to in your custom distro config, or even local.conf temporarily09:05
rburtonremember poky is a sample, if it doesn't fit what you want (which is expected) then create your own distro with your own DISTRO_FEATURES09:05
rburtonpoky explicitly enables lots of features09:06
bluelightningAnticom: you're familiar with bitbake -e which shows a trace of where variables get set?09:06
Anticombluelightning, rburton and how are the DEFAULT_ _DEFAULT meant to be handled? Just throw them away in a custom distro?09:06
AnticomBecause their values are burried deep in some include hierarchy which i don't get how to override09:06
Anticombluelightning: yup i am :)09:07
bluelightningAnticom: the intention is that you provide your own value for DISTRO_FEATURES, or add/remove items from it - DISTRO_FEATURES_DEFAULT is meant to remain at the default in case you need that09:07
bluelightningfor most cases the hierarchy is irrelevant - just set the value you want to set in your distro config09:07
Anticombluelightning: So how wDISTRO_FEATURES_DEFAULT living in meta/.../default-distrovars.conf which along the way is included by bitbake.conf?09:08
rburtonbecause its the default?09:08
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Anticomhow would*09:08
rburtonjust assign your own09:08
bluelightningAnticom: you're not meant to change DISTRO_FEATURES_DEFAULT09:08
bluelightningchange DISTRO_FEATURES, that's what actually has an effect...09:08
Anticombluelightning: well that was my question :)09:08
Anticomso just set DISTRO_FEATURES ?= "a b c ${DISTRO_FEATURES_LIBC}" discarding any default stuff is the way to go?09:09
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rburtona distro should use =09:10
mborzeckii'd say DISTRO_FEATURES = ".." rather than ?=09:10
bluelightningAnticom: pretty much except you might as well use = not ?=09:10
mborzeckiunanimous ;)09:10
bluelightningit's great when we all agree :)09:11
Anticombut why is it done that way in poky.conf?09:11
Anticomlike what would set DISTRO_FEATURES prior to poky.conf?09:11
bluelightningAnticom: it's meant to make it slightly easier to override if you want to keep using poky.conf itself09:11
Anticomso local.conf is evaluated first and then poky.conf?09:11
rburtonit actually just makes it more fragile, we should change that to = imho09:11
Anticomwell wouldn't it be better to keep ?= in that case so i can still override DISTRO_FEATURES in local.conf?09:12
rburtonpeople who do DISTRO_FEATURES += in local.conf suddenly find glibc wont build09:12
bluelightningAnticom: if you're curious about the order, look at the bunch of require... lines in conf/bitbake.conf09:12
rburtonAnticom: you'll have to overide the entire declaration, if you want to alter then use _remove and _append - then it doesn't matter09:12
Anticombluelightning: That's the only thing im missing in the docs: More pretty drawings like in android docs for example09:12
bluelightningAnticom: FWIW, local.conf *must* be parsed before the distro config, since before local.conf is parsed we don't actually know what the value of DISTRO is ;)09:12
mborzeckiAnticom: this is the order in which *.conf are included https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/meta/conf/bitbake.conf#n69609:12
Anticombluelightning: good point :)09:13
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AnticomThank's for all the information yet again (:09:13
Anticomwith great comunity comes great projects ;)09:14
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bluelightningI agree we should document the order, the question is where would be the best place in the docs to do it...09:14
Anticombluelightning: either a seperate "internals" section or isn't there something explaining how bitbake works in a high-level view already?09:15
AnticomLike where there are some charts explaining it already09:15
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mborzeckiAnticom: there's a bitbake manual, but that mostly covers the fine details of parsing and effects of +=, _append, ?=, = and so on09:22
Anticommborzecki: I know but thanks :)09:23
AnticomHave to reboot, brb09:23
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Anticombluelightning, rburton: One more question: Why is graphical and audio stuff set in the defaults? I mean talking embedded devices (thinking towards IoT devices like "simple" connected temperature sensor etc.) they offten don't have a display and/or speakers. Is there no more "elegant" way to split those concerns into seperate configs / units?09:35
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AnticomI'm imagining something like IMAGE_FEATURES packagegroups where you could say "i want audio" or "i have a display"09:35
rburtonAnticom: it's entirely expected that you change your DISTRO_FEATURES for what you're working on09:35
AnticomOr is poky meant to be more feature packed?09:35
rburton*poky* enables almost everything, for testing09:36
Anticomrburton: Of course it is but from my personal experience it's tedious to get that sorted as a newbie :)09:36
Anticomrburton: okay get it09:36
rburtonif poky disabled audio and video, we'd have nothing testing those recipes09:36
rburtonAnticom: clearly the bits of the docs where it says "and now you create your own distro" needs to be clearer09:37
Anticomrburton: so the idea is if you're new just build poky; it has everything and can do anything09:37
Anticomrburton: well there's a long weekend ahead. I might fiddle with a draft for you guys if that might help09:37
AnticomThat would also help me prove that i got everything right so far09:38
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mborzeckianother big thing is when to define your own machine09:38
Anticommborzecki: i.MX6 ftw :p09:39
Anticomi'm not responsible for the BSP part but afaik keith-koep ships some bsp stuff so it's rather straight forward09:40
Anticomrburton: Btw is there some way to find out more about what a certain distro feature does? For example can i search for distro features on layers.openembedded.org ?09:42
rburtonAnticom: they're often deliberately vague09:42
rburton(opengl for example)09:43
Anticomrburton: is there some bb flag to find out more about it? like -e ?09:43
rburtonwhat flag in particular?09:43
Anticomfair enough but grep can take forever if you don't know based in which directory you have to search09:43
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Anticomrburton: Well i was asking for a "debugging /tracing" thing where you could provide an image feature instead of a target much like bb -e target09:44
Anticomor recipe to get my terms correct09:44
rburtonAnticom: search meta/09:44
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Anticomrburton: probably the distro features often refer to some linux googable stuff like "argp" for example i suppose09:45
rburtonpretty sure that one isn't used anymore09:46
rburton(grep agrees)09:46
rburtonwe have a standalone argp recipe for glibcs without it these days09:46
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rburtonoh uclibc respects it still09:47
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AnticomOh one last thing i've asked myself a couple of times now. I sometimes see @bb.utils.foobar helpers here and there. Are they documented in the bb manual? I actually never really coded python so i don't even know, whether that's some inlined python or some custom bb DSL and where to find the API09:54
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rburton${@ is inline python09:56
rburtonbb.utils are cunningly in bitbake/lib/bb/utils.py :)09:56
AnticomIs there a list of commonly used helpers?09:56
rburtonthere's also meta/lib/oe/ with some stuff in09:56
rburtonbb/utils.py is a convenient list of utility functions :)09:57
AnticomI'd like to write more sophisticated recipes but i'm having a hard time to understand what the params are and what some of them are good for09:57
AnticomOkay, i'll check that out09:57
boucman_workyeah, the python API would need some love on the documentation side...10:04
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*** clement_ is now known as clement10:13
mborzeckialong with defined variables, like `d`10:17
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@host224-145-dynamic.244-95-r.retail.telecomitalia.it> has quit IRC10:22
Ulfalizerthere's a little bit of documentation in the bitbake manual at least10:26
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*** raykinsella78 <raykinsella78!rkinsell@nat/intel/x-wrebofoofrqmjjix> has joined #yocto10:32
raykinsella78call me crazy - but does file-rdep do an ldd or readelf -d to figure out the dependencies of an executable, and then check that something provides them.10:33
*** nighty <nighty!~nighty@s581215.xgsspn.imtp.tachikawa.spmode.ne.jp> has joined #yocto10:37
AnticomI don't get where pulseaudio is added to my DISTRO_FEATURES. bb -e recipe yields: #   append utils.py:128 [features_backfill]  \\\ #     " pulseaudio bluez5"10:43
AnticomBut what has utils.py got to do with my DISTRO_FEATURES and what is features_backfill?10:43
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Anticomnvm, think i've figured it out myself10:46
*** leon <leon!~leon@> has joined #yocto10:47
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*** leon is now known as leon-anavi10:48
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stevebaker_Can someone tell me where do I use a custom defconfig for uboot in my uboot.bbappend? I used UBOOT_MACHINE="defconfig", but it gives me no errors and it seems that the defconfig is not really used. Any help very appreciated. thanks10:53
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niteshnarayanlalhi i am trying to modify this recipe11:58
niteshnarayanlalI have few patches which I am including and then trying add CFLAGS_append and LDFLAGS_append to11:58
niteshnarayanlaladd the path of required library and headers11:58
niteshnarayanlalbut it is still not able to find those11:59
niteshnarayanlalI am wondering if I am doing that at wrong location.11:59
niteshnarayanlalas it is using something init.sh11:59
niteshnarayanlalnot sure if those flags will impact its compilation11:59
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riz_When I use "bitbake core-image-minimal -c populate_sdk" is there a way of changing the directory it builds into? It asks me the first time, but no other time after that.13:06
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rburtonit asks you where to *unpack* but after that you don't need to run the installer13:08
riz_It isnt asking me anymore13:09
riz_Just the first time13:09
riz_I updated my poky build, so I wanted to update the SDK, but in a different directory13:10
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*** sujith_h <sujith_h!~toaster@kde/developers/sujithh> has joined #yocto13:11
igor3maybe its because you need to run bitbake -c cleanall core-image-minimal before populate_sdk again13:14
rburtonriz_: do you mean the directory the installer unpacks to?13:14
rburtontry a fresh terminal, maybe its finding an env var and updating the one you're currently using?13:15
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ohmyhello everyone13:19
riz_New terminal did not work13:19
ohmyi've a strange behavior with eGalax touch screen, recognized by my system as HID, so i'm trying to bind/unbind the USB from HID to touchscreen driver but getting No such file or directory error whenever i try to echo -n "1-2.4:1.0" >  /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usbtouchscreen/bind13:20
ohmyanyone know in wihc situation this kin of error happends (u checked that my device is unbound before)13:21
* CTtpollard is also having problem with an eGalax touchscreen 13:22
igor3riz_: try to run the sdk with the option -d <dest_path>13:23
*** paulg_ <paulg_!~paulg@> has joined #yocto13:23
igor3is that what you want;/13:23
*** raykinsella78 <raykinsella78!rkinsell@nat/intel/x-rrtfuruovkufsppw> has joined #yocto13:23
igor3install the sdk in a different path?13:23
CTtpollardohmy: udev is currently picking my screen as a mouse and as a tablet, not as touch13:24
rburtonohmy: depends on the hardware but have you verified that its mean to appear as a touchscreen?13:27
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ohmyrburton: well actually it's a touch screen, and the touch works when i connect it to my ubuntu desktop, but on my embeded device its jut recognized as hid :(13:34
rburtonohmy: sounds like you need to check that you've actually build and loaded the touchscreen driver13:34
rburtonor that ubuntu doesn't have patches to make it work in their kernels13:35
ohmyCTtpollard: well for me (udevadm monitor) outputs KERNEL[66625.251575] add      /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:15.0/usb1/1-2/1-2.4/1-2.4:1.0/0003:0EEF:7200.0014 (hid)13:35
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ohmyrburton: i load the touchscreen driver manually13:35
riz_so I type bitbake core-image-minimal -d "<dest_path> populate_sdk?13:35
ohmyrburton: modprobe usbtouchscreen13:35
rburtonriz_: -d when running the installer.  bitbake -c populate_sdk just builds the installer.13:36
igor3riz_: do you want to build a new SDK or want to install a new SDK?13:37
ohmythis is my log http://pastebin.com/mY3Yw6d813:37
riz_I want to build my sdk again in a different directory13:37
igor3when you run bitbake -c populate_sdk <image> it will build a installer on the deply dir13:37
rburtonthat makes no sense13:37
rburtonyou pick the directory on sdk install13:37
igor3the installer is a script that will install the SDK on your machine13:38
riz_I am getting confused. I have only built the sdk using bitbake. Then I setup the environment and point to the SDK using QtCreator13:38
rburtonyou might want to install the sdk then13:39
ohmyrally stuck if anyone have a begining of idea13:39
rburtonas populate_sdk just builds a tarball in your deploy directory13:39
ohmytried echo -n "1-2.4:1.0" > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usbhid/unbind13:39
ohmythan modprobe usbtouchscreen13:39
ohmyand after echo -n "1-2.4:1.0" >  /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usbtouchscreen/bind13:39
ohmybut the last commands says  write error: No such device13:40
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igor3riz_: first go to the build/tmp/deploy/sdk13:41
igor3there is two files, .manifest and .sh13:42
igor3so run the .sh file13:42
igor3it will prompt you where you want to install the SDK13:42
igor3then it will install the SDK on your machine13:43
riz_Yes. OK13:43
riz_Got it13:43
igor3youre welcome13:43
*** jmleo <jmleo!~jmleo@105-197-190-109.dsl.ovh.fr> has joined #yocto13:44
jmleoHi there !13:44
riz_I have to add "INHERIT += "populate_sdk_qt5" in my local.conf, correct?13:44
riz_For qt5 that is13:44
jmleoI have ntp in my image, and I only have ntpd on my target. How can I get ntpq and ntpdate ?13:45
*** gabrbedd <gabrbedd!~beddingfi@li680-65.members.linode.com> has joined #yocto13:47
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*** nighty-- <nighty--!~nighty@p001.gate.atson.jp> has joined #yocto13:50
jmleoI can see a ntp-utils rpm file, but how should it be installed in the image ?13:52
*** nighty <nighty!~nighty@s229123.ppp.asahi-net.or.jp> has quit IRC13:53
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Anticomjmleo: depends on what runtime package manager you've got14:01
Anticomoh, it's an rpm14:02
Anticomwell just copy the rpm somewhere on your targets filesystem and run rpm -i /path/to/ntp-utils14:02
jmleook, but I would like to have it when I compile the ntp recipe... I have "ntp" in my image but ntp-utils does not exist14:04
igor3is because ntpdate is a different package14:05
igor3jmleo: you need to install on your image the package ntpdate and ntp-utils..14:05
frayyou should always use rpm -U --not-- -i unless you specifically know what you are doing..14:05
igor3if you look at ntp recipe14:05
igor3you will see the packages that it builds14:05
igor3PACKAGES += "ntpdate sntp ${PN}-tickadj ${PN}-utils"14:06
fray-i will allow the system to install multiple copies of a package, which is almost certainly what you never want14:06
jmleofray, igor3 thx :)14:07
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boucman_workjmleo: add it to IMAGE_INSTALL for your image14:20
jmleoboucman_work, yes, thx, I just did it :p14:20
boucman_workIMAGE_INSTALL is the list of packages you want on your image (not recipes)14:20
*** belen <belen!Adium@nat/intel/x-sicnecghapcvjwjo> has joined #yocto14:20
jmleothat was my confusion (package / recipe)14:21
boucman_workok, you're good, then :)14:21
igor3people, I made two images on a distro that one image has the tar.bz2 of the other image inside.14:23
igor3to do it, I put the tar.bz2 of the image on the src_uri of a package that is installed on the other image14:25
igor3and I made a task dependecy of the do_fetch of this package depending on the do_build of my image14:26
igor3The question is: The IMAGE_INSTALL become a dependency of my other image?14:26
rburtoninstead, make the container image depend on the first image's do_deploy14:27
igor3sorry, but how can I do that? I dont know what is a container14:28
*** dlerner <dlerner!~dlerner@50-198-55-145-static.hfc.comcastbusiness.net> has left #yocto14:28
rburtonone image contains another image14:28
rburtonso the outer image needs to depend on the inner image's do_deploy task14:28
igor3it is exactaly what I want14:29
*** sjolley1 <sjolley1!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto14:30
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igor3But how I will put the image inside my other image? via SRC_URI?14:30
rburtonyou'd write some code to do that14:30
rburtonhave a dig around meta/classes, some of the image types there embed other images inside them14:31
riz_Now when I am installing my SDK I get "Setting it up...ls: cannot access /opt/poky/2.0.1/environment-setup-*: No such file or directory". Never happened before. Any ideas?14:31
*** jmleo <jmleo!~jmleo@105-197-190-109.dsl.ovh.fr> has left #yocto14:31
igor3riz_: it seems like you do not have permission to write in this path14:32
igor3I recommend you to install the SDK on you home directory.14:32
*** armpit <armpit!~akuster@2601:202:4000:1239:752a:b248:cc43:f43f> has joined #yocto14:32
riz_Will try now14:32
igor3thanks rburton14:33
igor3I will take a look on it14:33
rburtonigor3: (initramfs, for example)14:33
igor3nice, thank you sir14:34
*** AndersD <AndersD!~anders@h83-209-191-235.dynamic.se.alltele.net> has quit IRC14:37
riz_Same thing when installing in home directory14:38
riz_This is odd.14:39
riz_Could it be that the SDKPATH is broken?14:39
igor3its weird, I have never seen it before14:40
igor3the SDKPATH and other enviroments will be set only after you source the SDK/environment-setup-*... is how the SDK works14:40
riz_Doesnt it create the environment setup script?14:40
riz_That is what I am not understanding14:41
riz_Why does it want to see it there when it is supposed to create it14:41
igor3the SDK installer will create a path with a toolchain and a sysroot path14:41
igor3there will be a script that you will source14:41
igor3then when you source this script, you will have your environment to build anything14:42
igor3but your machine will be the same with the SDK installed14:42
riz_Yes, but installingthe SDK provides the script14:42
riz_So why is it saying it cant find it if it needs to create it?14:42
igor3this script that you are having problem, is exactly the script you have to source14:43
igor3its the weird stuff14:43
igor3I dont know why14:43
igor3maybe you can run it with sh -x14:43
igor3and see what is going on14:43
igor3try to install the SDK with sh -x14:43
Anticomrburton: When adding PACKAGE_FEED vars to my distro.conf it's wise to assign them using += since local.conf is parsed first, right?14:44
AnticomJust want to make sure i'm missing something14:44
igor3basically the script will unpack the toolchain and stuffs on the path, only changing the paths with the path you choose on the installation14:44
rburtonAnticom: depends, really.  you could just use = in the distro and if someone wants to extend they can use _append in local.conf.14:46
Anticomgnah... i forgett about _append way too often. Thank's for pointing that out14:46
Anticomwait what? but i thought _append is evaluated at parse time14:47
Anticomso it's added to PCK_FEED_FOO in local.conf and then will be set (--> overwritten) in distro.conf wouldn't it?14:47
AnticomThink i have to read that chapter in bb manual yet again .__.14:48
*** mattsm <mattsm!uid128834@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-dshbllnufugvbspf> has joined #yocto14:54
rburton_append happens *after* = += etc14:54
Anticomkergoth explained it to me differently iirc14:58
kergoth_append/_prepend/_remove are lazy and happen at the end of parsing or at getVar()/expansion time, depending on bitbake version. =+/+=/.=/=. are immediate operations, at that exact line during the parsing14:59
*** yann|work <yann|work!~yann@LFbn-1-1026-146.w86-247.abo.wanadoo.fr> has quit IRC15:01
boucman_workkergoth: and ?= ??= are... complicated :P15:01
kergoththere's only one difference between the two15:01
kergoththe last ??= which is defined wins. the first ?= which is defined wins15:01
kergothas ?= sets the var right there, whereas ??= is a lazy default15:01
kergothrule of thumb: ??= is usually the right answer in config metadata, ?= or = is usually the right answer in recipes/classes15:03
kergothbut, if both are in use on the same variable, of course you need to consider that. ?= will always win over ??=, since ?= sets the var15:04
Anticomkergoth: hm but didn't you say that _append etc. was evaluated at parse time?15:05
Anticomor was that something different?15:05
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto15:06
kergothas i just said, those are evaluated at the *end* of parsing in old bitbake versions15:06
kergothnot when encountering that line, the way the others do15:06
kergothappend/prepend/remove are lazy, the others are immediate15:06
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AnticomOkay get it, thanks for clarification15:11
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mborzeckikergoth: iirc if I have FOO ?= "x", and FOO += "y" then in the end I'll get FOO = "y" right?, but if I had FOO_append = " y", the result would be FOO = "x y"15:13
kergothnope. ?= is immediate. the line after the ?=, FOO is x15:17
kergothif FOO was ??=, then yes, the += would immediately set the value and the default wouldnt' be used15:18
kergothso i think you had them mixed up :)15:18
mborzeckiseems so ;)15:19
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kergothsometimes i think we should either pick one, be lazy or not, otherwise there's confusion about what happens when15:21
* kergoth tries removal all the global exports but PATH and adding task level exports for them all on configure, compile, and install, and fires off a world build15:21
mborzeckigiven the time it takes for bitbake world, offworld build would seem more appropriate15:23
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riz_So I think I found out an old problem I have been having regarding not being able to run a Qt app on my poky image. When I readelf -l my image I see that there is a request for the program interpreter: /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.216:21
riz_I have found in "lib" in many places, but there is no such "lib64" that carries this16:21
riz_Thus it can't find it and my Qt app cannot un on the target (presumably)16:22
riz_My question is, how do I fix this? I am not even sure where in the build it is looking for this dependency16:22
boucman_workriz_: the app that doesn't work, is it a binary blob, or did you build it with yocto ?16:24
riz_I built it through QtCreator using the built and installed SDK16:24
boucman_work(typically this happens when the build system compiles for a multilib x86 but your target is x86_64 only)16:24
boucman_workhmm, then that's beyond my comprehension of cross-compilation16:25
riz_In your first scenario, what would the fix be?>16:25
rburtonuse the same distro for your sdk and your target16:25
rburtonin this case they don't match16:25
riz_That is what I figured, but I did use the same distro16:26
riz_How can I double check the match?16:26
riz_Also, where are the files that it is pulling the lib from? I feel that if I just make a lib64 folder and throw the file in there it will work.16:27
rburtonyou could symlink lib64 to lib and cross your fingers, but thats a terrible hack16:28
rburtonbetter to work out why your sdk thinks files are in a different place to the image on your target16:29
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!~Gianfranc@ubuntu/member/locutusofborg> has quit IRC16:31
boucman_workin my case it was a binary blob, I couldn't recompile... so my .bb for the blob made a symlink from lib64 to lib. ugly but it did fit my use-case16:34
boucman_work(of course, I never pushed that upstream :P )16:34
riz_How did you do the symlink?16:35
riz_I am unfamiliar with it16:35
riz_And is that done in the installed SDK files?16:36
*** csanchezdll <csanchezdll!~user@galileo.kdpof.com> has left #yocto16:37
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riz_I did it manually by adding a lib64 folder and copied contents of lib into it. That fixed it16:49
riz_How do I make it so that a lib64 folder is prebuilt in the image?16:49
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@host224-145-dynamic.244-95-r.retail.telecomitalia.it> has quit IRC16:52
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!~Gianfranc@ubuntu/member/locutusofborg> has joined #yocto16:53
rburtonriz_: unless you've found a really bad bug in the sdk, this is a configuration problem at your end16:54
boucman_workrburton: my use case is still a valid one, though... (not asking for anything here, just mentionning it if someone ever pops up with a similar problem)16:55
rburtonif you had a single random binary you could fix the binary directly…16:56
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boucman_workyeah, I never figured out how, though...16:59
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto16:59
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riz_I guess my question is what configuration is really needed? I bitbake my poky image, then I bitbake the SDK. Not sure what I can configure or mess up in between.17:03
rburtonboucman_work: scripts/relocate-sdk.py does that17:03
*** sjolley <sjolley!sjolley@nat/intel/x-nlzobwzkapuaefwn> has joined #yocto17:03
rburtonriz_: either your image thats booting isn't hte one you built, or the sdk is broken, or something else is wrong17:03
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!~boucman@bob75-2-81-56-46-209.fbx.proxad.net> has quit IRC17:04
rburtonfired off a sdk build to see17:04
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khemrburton: with latest patches I posted today, now we can build world for qemux86, qemux86-64, qemuarm64 on musl, Can we enable these on builder ?17:08
rburtonassuming the ab agrees, then yes17:09
khemlibunwind is still broken on mips* ppc*17:09
khemppc has few more issues17:09
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khembut I guess we can still start doing world build for three17:19
khemso we dont regress17:19
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jose1985I need to override a Python distutils package gfortran path17:21
jose1985i can't get it to stop using my host native one17:22
*** roxell_ <roxell_!~roxell@c-c82171d5.07-21-73746f28.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se> has joined #yocto17:22
jose1985can't find a way to override this setting17:22
*** jku <jku!~jku@212-149-212-50.bb.dnainternet.fi> has joined #yocto17:23
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challinananyone know of a backlight util for adjusting backlight (brightness) on LCD display without restoring to 'echo x >/sys/class/backlight... blabla17:41
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karobarwhat's necessary to build or install -dev packages?18:31
Croftonthey are built as part of the main recipe build18:33
*** evanmeagher <evanmeagher!~MongooseW@> has quit IRC18:34
Croftonyou can add them to the IMAGE_INSTALL.. variables or use the dev-pkgs IMAGE_FEATURE18:34
*** yann|work <yann|work!~yann@nan92-1-81-57-214-146.fbx.proxad.net> has joined #yocto18:35
karobarhmm, i've added it to the IMAGE_INSTALL but I don't have dev-pkgs18:35
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Croftondev-pkgs will install all -dev packages into the image18:41
Croftonmakes them a bit large :)18:41
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karobareven with dev-pkgs, it's not being added. Could there be a common reason why a recipe wouldn't provide a -dev package properly? There's a FILES_${PN}-dev from a .inc file (https://github.com/bmwcarit/meta-ros/blob/master/recipes-ros/catkin/catkin.inc)18:59
*** zeddii_home <zeddii_home!~zeddii_ho@CPEe8de27b71faa-CMbcc810032faf.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com> has joined #yocto18:59
Croftonenable buildhistory and look at the output?19:03
karobari'll take a look19:04
Croftonthat will show you what files are in what packages19:07
Croftonsometimes there are packaging issues and files get packaged in the wrong package19:07
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kergothHmm, fray, you know why the rpm recipe sets %_libexecdir to %{libdir}/%{name} rather than obeying our libexecdir? was that needed because the previous default value included PN/BPN?20:41
kergothjust curious, i was fixing recipes to stop relying on the target paths being exported20:42
*** smferris <smferris!~smferris@> has joined #yocto20:43
rburtoni seem to spend half my time on stack overflow correcting other peoples answers20:44
rburtonkergoth: seems like a fair assumption, fix it :)20:45
kergothheh :)20:45
kergothi hate breaking changes like removing global exports. there's never any way to know if it'll break external layers. worse yet, it can end up not breaking anything, just result in something not being packaged correctly20:46
Croftonrburton, there is a lesson there20:46
rburtonCrofton: stay away from SO?20:46
Croftonwe just suck at communicating20:47
kergothi lack the patience for SO. i'm a lot more patient than i used to be, but still a ton of those questions are answered all over the docs, annoys me20:47
*** ant_home <ant_home!~ant__@> has joined #yocto20:48
Croftonwe are trying to build good answers on SO20:48
Croftonit is hard though20:48
kergothI wonder if the BUILD_ vars should always be exported, or if recipes should opt-in if they need to build native tools as a part of their build process. plenty of such recipes have to define them to different variables anyway, as afaik there's no official naming (i.e. CC_FOR_BUILD)20:48
rburton_FOR_BUILD is moderately standard in autotools20:49
*** raykinsella78 <raykinsella78!rkinsell@nat/intel/x-zmbfwvubgildyjmx> has joined #yocto20:49
rburtonat least it's suggested and autostars has macros20:49
kergothin which case it's even less likely that defaulting to exporting *our* names is useful..20:50
kergothmight prototype it, see how much explodes20:50
kergothtrying to do test migration to use the task level exports i'm working on, it's surprising just how much we export20:51
rburtonkergoth: autoconf exports CC_FOR_BUILD, agree that BUILD_CC is likely unused by anyone else20:52
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mastier_Question: is it good idea to use function in local.conf ? I want do PREMIRROR_append for list of urls and for all protocol. I would pass them as bash array. If not what are the options ?21:35
*** mastier_ is now known as mastier21:37
kergothmastier: create a .bbclass or .inc which uses either anonymous or inline python to manipulate PREMIRRORS, then either add the former to INHERIT or require the latter21:48
bluelightningalternatively just set PREMIRRORS like a normal variable and use \n to split lines21:55
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mastierkergoth: ok, that's an idea, thanks, but maybe overkill22:31
mastieri prepared local.conf so it uses variables from environment22:31
mastierbut sometinh like PREMIRROR_APPEND =22:32
mastierhttp://.* {BB_EXT_PREMIRROR_URL1} \n"22:32
mastierthe again _append22:32
mastierhttp://.* {BB_EXT_PREMIRROR_URL2} \n"22:33
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #101 of nightly-checkuri is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-checkuri/builds/10123:35
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psidhui want to override a kernel module (replace with out of tree module), but I get PR errors. I've tried adding the module via "PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel-module-<module-name>" to my local.conf, but can't get it to work23:44
psidhuhow can I accomplish this task?23:44
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