Wednesday, 2016-03-23

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kergothHmm, I bet we could remove the PKG_CONFIG vars / exports from bitbake.conf if we wrap pkgconfig-native, and create a pkgconfig-cross which emits a wrapper around pkgconfig-native that goes in crossscripts and sets the vars for target.03:40
kergothmight have to try that03:40
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niteshnarayanlalhi for a package there is dependency on another package which must be compiled after that,07:38
niteshnarayanlalnow I have added DEPENDS07:38
niteshnarayanlalbut still its not working07:38
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Ulfalizeris there some yocto helper or "canonical" command for recursively installing files from a directory in do_install()? imo it's usually a bad idea, but i need to work with some existing code.09:59
Ulfalizeri see lots of recipes rolling their own with various 'tar -c ... | tar -x ...' variations09:59
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AnticomUlfalizer: So do you want to install actual source code to your target?11:14
AnticomIirc there is a way to populate source packages somehow. Maybe you could use the archiver feature to build a source package of your recipe and install that to your target:
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AnticomLetoThe2nd: Do you know, whether i can use ifupdown with systemd? I'm having a hard time finding a proper solution to change interface config during runtime (e.g. via ifconfig) in conjunction with systemd-networkd :/11:29
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rburtonAnticom: why would you want ifupdown and networkd?12:08
rburtonseems like saying you want bsd and linux kernels12:08
Anticomrburton: no i want ifupdown instead of networkd :)12:09
rburtonso… don't enable networkd?12:10
AnticomFor the past hardware models we didn't use yocto and now there are two problems arising (If we want to switch to systemd): 1st our bussiness code is coupled to some tools like ifconfig, ifup, ifdown etc. 2nd: As i already said i'm having a hard time to find some runtime configuration equivalents to the way it works when using ifupdown. Hence i was was wondering, whether it would be possible to use ifupdown in conjuction with systemd (instead of networkd). I12:11
Anticomfound this: which made me wonder12:11
Anticomrburton: thought connman was the default then?12:12
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rburtondepends on the image, some oe-core sample images use ifupdown, some use connman12:12
rburtonnone use networkd and we disable it by default12:12
pevsterRandom question, I have a u-boot recipe that should be using : SRC_URI = "git://;branch=master;protocol=git"12:13
pevsterHowever, watching whats going on via trafshow it seems to be downloading the git archive from,http which is obv very slow12:14
pevsteram I missing something?12:14
rburtonit shouldn't be very slow, obviously12:17
rburtonits downloading from the mirror as it's generally faster12:18
rburtonhalstead: ^ reports of our mirror being slow again :(12:18
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pevsterWell, it may be that I'm nowhere near the mirror...12:19
pevsterSource                           Destination                      Protocol      Size          CPS12:19
pevster────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────12:19,http,59175             tcp           28222K        30K12:19
pevsterCan I persuade it to use something else faster / more local to me?12:19
dragonatorHello everyone, I have a question regarding patching a package in do_patch task in *.bb file12:19
dragonatorIs there a way to patch a pckage only for one template and not for all12:20
dragonatorI tried using the TMPL variable that is passed to the build command but it is not visible in the bb file12:21
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dragonatorAny suggestions?12:21
rburtonpevster: unset MIRRORS and PREMIRRORS12:21
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pevsterrburton: I don't actually set either explicitly in my local.con ; do you mean set both to null explicitly?12:23
Anticompevster: take a look at poky/meta-yocto/conf/distro/poky.conf12:25
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AnticomThose are probably the default mirrors you're currently using12:25
Anticomyou could _prepend your own12:25
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Anticomrburton: Different topic: I'm having an issue with PACKAGE_FEED_URIS.
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Anticomrburton: oh nvm... bitbake -e just finnished: PACKAGE_FEED_URIS="/path/to/repohttp://my.ip:8000" ...didn't _append prepend a whitespace aswell?12:34
LetoThe2ndnah, thats +=12:35
Anticomi love those kind of mistakes12:36
Anticommissing whitespace was the last thing i've expected to be the issue12:36
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boucman_workdragonator: what's a template in that context ?12:54
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dragonatorboucman_work: Template in this context is the image you want to build. Lets say I have configured  two images to be created during a full build : A & B . And I want to patch the package only for image A12:57
boucman_workdragonator: no, you can't... at least not simply.13:00
boucman_workyocto build packages, then uses packages to build images13:00
boucman_workbut packages are built independantly of the image(s) they will be deployed on13:00
dragonatormhm...I understand13:01
boucman_workmaybe you could do two packages with different version of the same soft13:01
dragonatorOk. Then another question13:01
boucman_workI think there is also a mechanism in image recipes to override files, but I never used it13:01
dragonatorIf my package depends on library, which is provided under different name, how can I tell it how to search for it ?13:03
boucman_workok, let me reformulate your qutestion, to make sure I understand...13:06
boucman_workI have a binary on my target that needs a particular .so, that .so is provided by multiple packages, how do I deal with runtime-dependencies13:06
boucman_workis that it ?13:06
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dragonatoryes :)13:16
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dragonatorI knwo about RDEPENDS variable , but it seems that It could not find the right .so13:17
boucman_workRDEPENDS should depend on a package, not a library, so it should be the name of the package providing the library13:17
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boucman_workif multiple packages provide the library, you can have your package depend on a "virtual package" and the real packages providing that same "virtual package" but I never had to do that myself, so i'm not sure how it works13:18
dragonatorActually the problem isn't during do13:21
dragonatorops...During do_install task ,but during do_rootfs task13:21
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dragonatorMy package bb file is processed without errors13:21
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boucman_workso what's the error ?13:35
boucman_work(and what does your package put in RDEPENDS)13:35
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dragonatormy package depend on openssl ( and
boucman_workok, so you need to DEPEND on openssl (to make sure the packages are actually built) and that should be enough I guess...13:40
dragonatorand the error is something like: Can install <my_package>_<version@lib32-86: no package provides
dragonatorduring do_rootfs13:41
dragonatorCan copy the exact error in the moment ,because I started a clean build now :/13:42
boucman_workdragonator: can you pastebin the .bb of your recipe somewhere ? and what architecture are you targeting ?13:43
boucman_workare you doing some multilib, mixing 32 and 64 bit ?13:43
dragonatoryes, it is multilib13:48
dragonatorbut I haven't done it myself13:48
dragonatorand I'm not sure If I can pastebin it somewhere because it's kind of work-related.Unfortunately I'm a bit stuck and seek external help :/13:50
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boucman_workhmm, multilib works, but it's a can of worm... you seem to depend on the 32bit version of openssl, but maybe only the 64bit version is built ? I don't know...13:58
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dragonatorWell.Thank you for your time.I'll keep digging.14:02
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boucman_workdragonator: try running "bitbake lib32-openssl" and see if it helps14:04
boucman_work(that's not a solution, but it will help diagnose the problem)14:04
dragonatorI tried...It builds fine14:04
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boucman_workoh ? hmm14:05
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jose1985hey, quick question14:39
jose1985when building an image recipe14:40
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jose1985the final image is only built when all the QA issues are solved, correct?14:40
CTtpollardwarnings can be ignored14:40
rburtonwarnings are not fatal, errors are14:41
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jose1985ok, but in case of QA error I noticed that the packaging is done regardless14:41
jose1985but the final image isn't built14:42
jose1985am I assuming the right thing?14:42
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Anticomi suppose this is done to give you a chance to inspect what has gone wrong there :)14:54
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rburtonjose1985: package qa happens in parallel to actual packaging14:55
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karobarIs there a good way to use a .deb file to install a component without having to write a behemoth of a recipe file?15:11
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joshuaglkarobar: bin_package.bbclass ?15:15
karobarthanks, will take a look15:16
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AnticomIs there any convenient tool with minimal requirements to measure boot times? When i'm using systemd i can use "systemd-analyze plot" but now i'm looking for a tool that works both for sysvinit and systemd16:16
Anticomsince i've ripped opengl out of my distro bootchart2 won't do it for me and i can't be bothered rebuilding almost the entire system to stuff it back in there16:16
boucman_worki don't know any other tool than bootchart... but i'm suprised that bootchart needs opengl. It should only need it to render, not to record...16:19
kergothyou can't use bootchart2 without opengl? would't it only need opengl fo rthe gui bits which could be done separately from the acxtual measurement?16:19
kergothmy question exactly.. :)16:19
rburtonbootchartd doesn't need opengl at all, its a gtk2 app16:20
psidhui want to override a kernel module (replace with out of tree module), but I get PR errors. I've tried adding the module via "PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel-module-<module-name>" to my local.conf, but can't get it to work16:21
psidhuhow can I accomplish this task?16:21
*** evanmeagher <evanmeagher!~MongooseW@> has joined #yocto16:29
Anticomhm this is the message i'm getting: "Missing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['gp-image-sdcard', 'bootchart2', 'python-pycairo', 'cairo', 'virtual/egl', 'libgl-mesa-dev']"16:35
jose1985rburton: thanks16:36
jose1985it makes sense actually16:36
AnticomAnd the only recipe providing libgl-mesa-dev i could find is
AnticomAnd this .inc in turn has REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURES = "opengl"16:37
AnticomSo what am i missing here if it's not opengl?16:37
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boucman_workmy guess is that it's a bug in the bootchart recipe...16:39
boucman_workwhen your distro has no opengl, bootchart can't be built because it doesn't separate the rendering part from the collecting part...16:40
Anticomboucman_work: kind of. i guess the issue is that bootchart2 recipe is providing pybootchartgui aswell16:41
boucman_workyes, i16:42
*** halstead <halstead!> has quit IRC16:42
Anticomkergoth: can i solve that issue with PACKAGE_EXCLUDE_append = " pybootchartgui" or something like that somehow?16:45
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riz__Dumb question. I the local.conf file I noticed that many additions leave a space after the first quotation mark such as DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = “ x11 wayland”. IS that space really necessary?16:51
*** armpit <armpit!~akuster@2601:202:4000:1239:752a:b248:cc43:f43f> has quit IRC16:52
Anticomriz__: for _append _prepend and _remove you most of the times want that16:52
Anticom+= automatically inserts a whitespace16:52
Anticomthe three others i just mentioned dont16:52
Anticomso if you do A="foo" \\ A_append="bar" you get A-->"foobar" which usually isn't what you want16:52
Anticomyou usually want "foo bar"16:53
Anticomhence you need to do A_append=" bar"16:53
riz__Ahhh. I see. Thanks!16:53
kergothspace is irrelevent for_remove16:53
kergoth_remove is word-based16:53
Anticomkergoth: fair enough :)16:53
kergothits value will be stripped, split, and each word removed from the variable16:53
riz__What about INHERIT?16:53
kergothso the space doesn't hurt, but isn't needed in this context either16:53
kergothINHERIT is a space separated list. what about it?16:54
Anticombtw kergoth will _remove only remove one occurence if there are multiple ones?16:54
riz__Is it good practice to put a space with that?16:54
kergothAnticom: no, it should be removing all16:54
kergothriz__: that doesn't really make sense16:54
*** evanmeagher <evanmeagher!~MongooseW@> has joined #yocto16:55
kergotha space with what?16:55
kergothwhat exactly are you doing to INHERIT?16:55
riz__INHERIT += “rm_work”16:55
kergothas i already said, the space in an _remove will have no affect whatsoever, regardless of the variable16:55
Anticomriz__: kergoth just told you it's most of the times about lists and there the elements are seperated with a whitespace16:55
Anticomlook at the example i gave you just a moment ago16:55
kergothas i just said, INEHRIT is space separated. if you don't include the separator, then it's going to break16:55
Anticomyou usually want "foo bar" instead of "foobar"16:55
kergoth+= adds it for you16:55
Anticomit has a different meaning16:55
Anticomkergoth: any clue whether i'm on the right track with my guesses concerning bootchart2 ?16:56
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC16:57
*** ant_home <ant_home!~ant__@> has joined #yocto16:57
kergothPACKAGE_EXCLUDE controls exclusion of packages from images, to a limited extent. it won't prevent packaging, and it defnitely won't remove dependencies. best to examine the bootchart2 recipe and see whats what, i haven't seen it, so couldn't say16:57
kergothafaik, anyway16:58
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zero_notehi guys, fast question: I've moved my build-dir in another place and now I can't build due to this error:     Error, TMPDIR has changed location. You need to either move it back to /home/***/***/***-alsafree/tmp or rebuild17:12
zero_notehow can I rebuild?17:14
rburtondelete tmp17:14
zero_notethank you17:16
kergothHmm, I wonder if we should include the system hostname in the sanity file in conf/17:17
kergothi was thinking chroot and container builds that might use a build dir, easy to forget to remove it manually17:18
kergothnot sure many folks care about that use case, though, so possibly not17:18
kergothalso chroots wont change the hostname unless you jump through other hoops / change it otherwise. containers at least can change it via that namespace17:19
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igor3hi guys17:31
igor3I have an image that have another image inside17:31
igor3to do that, I made the same thing the kernel.bbclass does, creating a function that copy the image from deploy dir and add the task dependency to the do_build from the other image17:33
igor3but this image that is inside installs a package afw-initscripts that rprovides initscripts17:33
igor3and the image container, would install the normal initscripts, cause it is my preferred_provider17:34
igor3but it is not happening, both images are installing afw-initscripts17:34
igor3any tips about what I'm doing wrong?17:35
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josef_Hi, can anybody help me using wic with the jethro release? I currently see a pythonexception when running do_rootfs of the image recipe: "ImportError: No module named pysh"18:27
Ulfalizerif two layers provide the same bbclass, is there some way to prioritize one over another?18:27
Ulfalizer(and yeah, that's horrible)18:27
psidhuUlfalizer: yeah, through the layering system. Look at the BBLAYERS variable18:28
igor3I imagine that the BBFILE_PRIORITY can solve this18:28
Ulfalizerpsidhu: BBLAYERS just seems to be a list from looking at the reference manual. nothing says classes from earlier ones take precedence.18:30
psidhuUlfalizer: hm, I've always used it as the first to appear has higher precedence18:30
psidhubut maybe igor3 has a better solution for you18:30
Ulfalizerdon't think BBFILE_PRIORITY would help either18:31
Ulfalizerit probably won't ever even look at one of the bbclasses18:31
Ulfalizerpsidhu: that's what PREFERRED_PROVIDER and BBFILE_PRIORITY are for i think18:31
psidhuooh, I didn't notice that you're talking about classes, sorry18:32
psidhuUlfalizer: From the manual: Through the use of the BBPATH variable, BitBake locates class files (.bbclass), configuration files, and files that are included with include and require statements. For these cases, BitBake uses the first file that matches the name found in BBPATH.18:37
Ulfalizerpsidhu: would still need to assume that the layers are processed in a certain order for that to be helpful18:39
Ulfalizerfeels pretty brittle :/18:39
Ulfalizersince BBPATH is built by the layers' layer.conf files (iirc)18:40
psidhuUlfalizer: yeah, but it's a start, no? Adding to BBLAYERS should processes that meta layer first, and each meta layer's layer.conf should append itself18:40
psidhuthus creating order?18:40
Ulfalizerthat assumes layers are processed by going linearly through BBLAYERS18:41
Ulfalizerlikely, but hrrr...18:41
psidhuUlfalizer: I think they are18:41
Ulfalizerthe clean thing to do would be to get rid of the other bbclass file, so i'll go with that18:41
Ulfalizeror try to anyway18:41
psidhuhaha okay18:41
Ulfalizerthanks for the help anyway :)18:41
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kergothUlfalizer: BBLAYERS controls layer.conf parse order, and since layer.conf does BBPATH += in nearly all cases, the BBPATH Order is controlled by BBLAYERS order, and class/config file parsing uses the first from BBPATH.18:47
kergothUlfalizer: mentor's setup scripts reorder BBLAYERS by BBFILE_PRIORITY for consistency, rather than relying on the user ordering it sanely18:47
kergothkeep meaning to submit that upstream18:47
Ulfalizerkergoth: yeah, guessed that was the only way to control it. thanks.18:48
kergothreally hae to address it through documentation on your layer today, try to get the user to order it properly when they add it to bblayers.. course most users don' read docs, so you're basically hosed ;)18:49
Ulfalizerthey happen to be in the wrong order in this case too18:49
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Ulfalizerbut i'll try to get the clean solution with a single bbclass file before i rearrange it18:50
*** eraineri <eraineri!> has joined #yocto18:50
kergothoften you can get away without overriding the class entirely, i.e. add a new class which is opted in, which uses anonymous python or whatnot to counteract what the other class did18:51
kergothi've done that with the mel distro before to avoid copying classes from oe-core18:51
* Ulfalizer wants less entropy :S18:52
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psidhudoes anyone know how to override a kernel module and not run into packaging issues?18:54
*** fabo <fabo!> has quit IRC18:55
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kergothwhat exactly do you mean by 'override a kernel module'?18:55
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psidhuso say there's an in-tree kernel module called 'kernel-module-hello', and I have another recipe that also creates that kernel module and I want to overwrite the first one18:56
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kergothdisable the in-tree module :)18:57
*** halfhalo <halfhalo!halfhalo@nasadmin/webteam/halfhalo> has joined #yocto18:57
psidhukergoth: I realize that's the easy solution, but I need to have it enabled for certain build dependencies in the kernel18:57
*** tyler-baker <tyler-baker!tyler-bake@gateway/shell/linaro/x-yhpnxthcygjhkqmh> has joined #yocto18:57
kergothi doubt you're going to find a clean solution, most likely you'll have to hack something. you could use a different package name for yours, then use RPROVIDES/RREPLACES/RCONFLICTS to let the package manager replace the earlier installed package with yours as the later installed package, but bitbake may still get unhappy about both providing the same thing18:58
psidhukergoth: hm, alright. thanks for the insight18:59
josef_Has anybody used wic with the jethro release? As written above, I see some python exceptions when running wic on Ubuntu 16.04.19:03
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khemRP: I would like us to enable world build for musl on all qemu targets except qemuppc, qemuarm19:51
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caiortpI would like to disable some systemd services , like systemd-timesyncd, how is the best way to do this in my image's recipe?20:57
caiortpI will need create a .bbappend to remove this services?20:58
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RPkhem: we don't have the autobuilders for that. We don't do world on all arches for glibc, let alone musl21:06
RPkhem: we'd need major AB funds to make something like that happen21:07
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riz__When creating a new layer for making my own image based off of core-image-minimal, what should I select my priority to be?21:08
riz__Should it match that of core-image-minimals specified priority in poky/meta/conflayer.conf?21:08
kergothcore-image-minimal doesn't have a priority, the layer does. and it doesn't matter if the layer is just providing a new recipe with a new name. layer priority controls overrides when the same file is in both layers, or recipes with the same name, and controls bbappend application order21:09
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riz__kergoth: Instead of copying into my new layer and renaming it, why can't I just create in my new layer and put 'images/requires'21:13
riz__'requires images/', sorry21:14
kergothyou could do that, yes, though that particular syntax is wrong21:14
kergothdo you really want to inherit any new packages upstream adds to the image, when your purpose is entirely different from that image?21:15
kergothdoesn't seem wise to me21:15
riz__Fair enough21:15
rburton1core-image-* are *examples*21:15
bluelightningbesides there's really not that much in core-image-minimal that you wouldn't want to change21:15
riz__Then that brings me back to the priority question21:15
riz__I guess I did not fully understand21:16
bluelightningas kergoth said it doesn't matter in this situation21:16
riz__If it isnt inheriting a priority, what is overriding it?21:16
kergoththat question doesn't make sense21:16
kergoth'inheriting a priority'? what does that even mean?21:16
bluelightningwhat suggests to you that it's being overridden?21:16
kergoth'overriding it'?21:16
riz__I guess I misunderstand21:17
riz__I am used to inheriting priorities in WEC721:17
riz__Again, I am ignorant to yocto/linux21:17
kergothno idea what that even is. re-read my response, i just told you what layer priorities are used for21:17
bluelightningto generally answer your question the priority would be set highest for your custom layer since that's where you would want things to take precedence21:17
riz__That was what I was looking for21:18
bluelightningsomething like 10 perhaps (but the exact number isn't really important)21:18
riz__I see21:18
riz__And would I have to copy any files taken from poky/meta/recipes-core in my new layer?21:19
rburton1only the image recipe21:19
riz__How does it know to pull the packages from elsewhere? I am missing where that link is21:19
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riz__I mean as far as knowing where to look for the packages in the file system21:20
riz__or recipes, not packages. Sorrry21:20
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bluelightningriz__: they're all collectively pointed to by your bblayers.conf21:25
riz__Ahh. Perfect21:25
bluelightningor perhaps more strictly, bblayers.conf points to each layer directory, in each of which a conf/layer.conf exists that specifies how to find the recipes21:25
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riz__Understood. Thx21:27
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kergothdamnit, why is devshell still not working for me21:34
rburton1because it hates you21:34
kergothjust prints  its attempts to run screen -r repeatedly without actually connecting21:34
kergothhasn't worked for me on these machines in at least 6 months, but i'd thought it was the use of the chroot. not using it anymore..21:35
kergothis screen devshell working for others right now?21:36
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bluelightningkergoth: seems to be working here22:00
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kergothhmmm, strange22:06
kergoththis is stock ubuntu 14.0422:06
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Croftonarmpit, thanks for nagging about signing up for OEDAM22:28
armpitnp. with only 10 people we can get a party bus22:29
Croftonlimo rides22:31
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