Thursday, 2016-03-24

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hanthingsHello. Is there an easy way to mask systemd services from recipes. Tried to ln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/foo.service, but got a permission denied. Is the post installation script the only way?07:48
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hanthingsfind the issue. I was doing the symbolic link incorrectly.07:56
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neverpanicGood morning everyone08:53
neverpanicWe have multiple recipes that fetch from the same SVN repository08:53
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neverpanicThat sometimes leads to problems because one of the fetch tasks has the svn working copy in DL_DIR locked08:54
neverpanicIs there a recommended way to avoid the issue (e.g. specifying a separate download cache directory for each of the recipes)?08:54
boucman_workI think you can specify a name for the download in SRC_URI, check the bitbake documentation08:57
boucman_worki'm not sure what it does for svn specifically08:57
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neverpanicYeah, there's downloadfilename, but that's only used in and, so I doubt that does what I need :(09:00
boucman_workmaybe patch bitbake ? :P09:00
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boucman_workI wonder if you could set DL_DIR inside a recipe... would that break stuff ?09:01
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neverpanicThat's a very good question09:03
neverpanicThere's also SVNDIR, maybe I can set that per-recipe...09:04
bluelightningwe should be writing a lockfile that prevents concurrent fetches of the same file in DL_DIR09:08
bluelightningif that's not working for SVN that's a bug09:09
neverpanicAnd the path_spec property of the svn fetcher seems to allow me to change the directory where the initial checkout happens, but the updating code using ud.moddir which doesn't respect path_spec, so that code path seems to be broken, too.09:10
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neverpanicbluelightning: it's not only concurrent fetches, the tuple (fetch, unpack) needs to be run under lock, otherwise a parallel job might copy different files than it expected09:10
bluelightningthat shouldn't be necessary... unpack can't start without fetch having succeeded09:11
neverpanicrecipe A fetching r123 from $url, recipe B fetching r456 from the same $url, A:do_fetch, B:do_fetch, A:do_unpack, B:do_unpack, both end up with r456 in $S09:11
bluelightningyou've observed that exact scenario?09:12
neverpanicI think I'm observing that right now, yes.09:12
bluelightninghmm ok09:13
bluelightningI'm not familiar with the specifics of the svn fetcher... to be honest I try to steer clear of svn as much as possible09:13
bluelightningsometimes there's no choice of course09:13
neverpanicThe symptom is that the source code for my recipe A is empty, possibly because B:do_fetch and A:do_unpack run in parallel and the first thing svn does is remove the files, then re-add them?09:13
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bluelightningI'd really hope it's not doing that because it would be somewhat wasteful09:14
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bluelightningbut then I can't be sure09:14
neverpanicI could just put SVNDIR .= "/${PN}" to fix this for now, I guess.09:15
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btoothhi.. in my recipe i am going to install a shared lib to /opt/sys/lib .. but bitbake/yocto does not create the symlink (soname) for this lib -- but it does when installing to /usr/lib -- so how to tell bitbake/yocto to the same for /opt/sys/lib?09:30
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btoothping bluelightning: in my recipe i am going to install a shared lib to /opt/sys/lib .. but bitbake/yocto does not create the symlink (soname) for this lib -- but it does when installing to /usr/lib -- so how to tell bitbake/yocto to the same for /opt/sys/lib?09:42
neverpanicyocto doesn't create the symlink, afaik.09:43
bluelightningbtooth: we don't create those symlinks, whatever build system you are using does that09:43
neverpanicldconfig may, if you run that.09:43
bluelightningbtooth: e.g. libtool09:43
bluelightningit seems bizarre that destination path would have any effect on that09:44
btoothbut in package-split i find my lib ( and symlink -- that symlink is somehow created by yocto09:44
btoothwhen installing to /usr/lib09:44
bluelightningas I said, "yocto" isn't creating that symlink09:45
bluelightninghow is your lib built?09:45
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btoothinherit pkgconfig autotools-brokensep09:46
neverpanicSo it seems one can also not set SVNDIR on a per-recipe basis either :/09:47
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bluelightningbtooth: so the library is built using autoconf/automake/libtool then?09:47
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btooththats all, my recipe does not more for installing into /usr/lib, for installing to /opt/sys/lib i overwrite do_install .. but i think i am missing then something in my do_install09:48
bluelightningbtooth: I'm asking more about what's in the source tree, not the recipe09:48
btoothbluelightning: yes09:48
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bluelightningif you want to change the destination library path wouldn't you change libdir?09:49
mschmidt_esdHas someone here built meta-fsl-ppc for T1040D4RDP successfully with jethro?09:50
btoothbluelightning: sounds good to me, how to do this? libdir = /opt/sys/lib?09:50
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bluelightningbtooth: quotes around the value, but yes09:51
bluelightningbtooth: this is within the recipe of course09:51
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neverpanicbtooth: you overwrite do_install? Do you call "make install" in your overwritten copy?09:56
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btoothbluelightning: if i do: libdir = "/opt/sys/lib/" then do_configure fails..10:01
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btoothneverpanic: i tried: make install DESTDIR=${D}/opt/sys/lib/ -- but that installs then to /opt/sys/lib/usr/lib10:02
btoothi don't really whant to overwrite do_install, i want yocto to install to /opt/sys/lib instead /usr/lib10:03
neverpanicbtooth: yes, because DESTDIR isn't prefix.10:09
neverpanicmaybe you want to configure your package with --prefix=/opt/sys?10:09
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AnticomHi all10:13
AnticomI suppose it's a rather simple question but i just can't get my head wrapped arround it: How do i implement a recipe in such way, that it installs a unit file, if systemd is used and a 'legacy' init script when sysvinit is used?10:14
AnticomAlso i'm curious since it's possible to use systemd for the main image and sysvinit for the rescue image how that would work out. I guess i could use bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'systemd', ....) but would that not cause any problems with the scenario i just described?10:15
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btoothneverpanic: thanks! that's it10:46
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sujith_hWhile trying to run ptest for lttng-tools, I can see lot of logs of PASS. The final log that I see is: "PASS: 290 - Kill session daemon". And after that no output is seen on the console11:58
sujith_hwhen I try to rerun ptest for lttng-tools, I see final output as "PASS: 1 - Start lttng-relayd (opt: -o /tmp/tmp.mTXKVGVtZZ)"11:59
sujith_hThis message comes after PASS: 290 - Kill session daemon12:00
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sujith_hThe lttng-tools version is 2.612:00
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sujith_hany pointers would be really helpful, to know why the tests doesn't proceed ahead.12:01
igor1someone know how smart choose between two rpms that provides the same package?12:05
igor1i'm trying to understand why a image is installing a custom package that provides initscripts instead the original initscripts12:06
igor1my preferred_provider is initscripts12:06
igor1but other package installs the custom initscripts and the image is installing the custom initscripts12:07
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_4urele_igor there are priorities between channels12:13
_4urele_igor1,  there are priorities between channels12:13
_4urele_igor1, as far as I know if two different packages provides the same file you will face some errors (at compilation time if both packages are part of the image,  and at installation time with the rpm)12:18
_4urele_igor1, I had those kind of problems but maybe it was a mistake from my side12:18
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igor1_4urele_: my cursom initscripts only RPROVIDES, so it does not provide at all12:20
igor1_4urele_: my environment is kind of different because I build two images with one is inside the other12:21
igor1so one image installs custom initscripts and the other would install default initscripts, cause my PREFERRED_PROVIDER is initscripts12:22
igor1but it is not happening12:22
igor1I made the same thing with base-files and it worked12:22
igor1I am getting this problem only with initscripts12:22
igor1I tried to debug bitbake inside the code and at the end I saw that smart chooses the packages it will install12:23
igor1it only have a list of pkgs, that is the packagegroups that have the dependencies, so packagegroup-core-boot depends of initscripts but smart is installing my custom initscripts instead12:24
igor1and I can't wonder why12:24
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_4urele_igor1, sry now I understand... but I can't help further12:27
igor1_4urele_: thank you sir12:27
igor1_4urele_: but this channels priorities can be something, I will learn a bit more about smart to try to understand it12:28
igor1thank you12:28
_4urele_igor1, I used channels priorities to install packages directly on the target (maybe check if your packages are on different channels)12:30
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #731 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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khemtrying to open grub_cv_target_cc_soft_float=14:09
khemtakes long14:10
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JaMaI see the same here14:12
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mschmidt_esdYes, seems very slow. Already experienced that yesterday but thought it was due to my upstream.14:57
mschmidt_esdIs anyone here who has sucessfully compiled from meta-fsl-ppc with yocto-jethro?14:57
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Ulfalizeris there some nice way to disable the download cache for just a single recipe?15:00
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Ulfalizerto repair a broken cache entry on a remote machine that's hard (for me anyway) to access :P15:00
Ulfalizerjust disable the use of it preferably. would be nice if it was repopulated.15:01
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rburtonbitbake brokenrecipe -ccleanall15:02
rburtonwill delete it from the cache15:02
mschmidt_esdbitbake -f -c fetch package should refetch the package15:02
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kergothwhat exactly are oyu calling 'the download cache'? DL_DIR or PREMIRRORS/MIRRORS? the former better fits the desdription imo, but your statements make it sound more like the latter. best to use terminology used by the project..15:03
* kergoth yawns15:03
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UlfalizerDL_DIR... seems yocto has issues with concurrent fetches from the same SVN repository, if the original patch is to be trusted15:10
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Ulfalizerand yeah, sorry for not providing context. long day. :/15:11
Ulfalizeri usually snark at other people for not doing that15:11
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kergothHmm, need to make the source preparation bits in devtool a bit more generic. has hardcoded kernel bits18:15
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sveinseHow can I clean a previous build completely? E.g. which dirs in build should remain behind and not be deleted?18:30
kergothjust wipe tmp18:31
sveinseI just learned that swiching PACKAGE_CLASS from rpm to deb half ways into a compilation doesn't work very well...18:33
sveinsethanks, kergoth18:34
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sveinseHmm, it seems the sstate-cache dir also had to be deleted18:38
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riz__In my file can I inherit two things in a single line "inherit core-image populate_sdk_qt5" or should I make two separate "inherit" lines?18:43
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kergothdid you look at any other recipes?18:45
kergothhalf the recipes in oe-core inherit more than one thing on a single line18:45
kergothgrep is your friend :)18:45
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riz__I looked are recipes for minimal and base18:45
riz__Ill check it out now18:46
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kergothmore recipes than just images exist18:46
riz__Just looked at also18:47
riz__inline is fine18:47
kergothhuh, oddly the bitbake manual doesn't mention that it can inherit multiple with one inherit directive, that's surprising.
riz__Not that I saw18:48
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kergothriz__: mind opening a documentation bug at the yocto bugzilla about it, so others don't run into such confusion?18:52
riz__ok. no problem18:53
kergothHmm, it'd be interesting if devtool modify -x / extract made it easier to resolve rejects with patches, i.e. if it applied all the patches at once using git-am, so you could hop into the tree and resolve it and am --resolved18:54
* kergoth adds to the eventually-look-into-this todo list18:55
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riz__kergoth: for the bitbake user manual?18:56
kergoththe bug? yeah, it should be against hte bitbake docs i expect. though it wouldn't hurt to cover it in the main yocto docs somewhere18:57
igor1someone knows how smart choose between two rpms that provides the same package?18:58
kergoththat's redundant. an rpm is a package18:59
igor1yes, but he can provides more than a package19:00
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igor1if you run rpm -q --provides19:01
kergothah. if it's like other package managers, i'd guess when encountering two providers it'd error out and force you to specify which by package name, but i don't know about smart specifically, one of the rpm experts in the channel will probably know better than i on that :)19:01
igor1nice, thanks19:02
igor1I'm trying to understand why the smart is installing a custom package that a made instead the default package19:02
igor1my PREFERRED_PROVIDER_initscript = "initscripts", and the smart is installing the afw-initscripts, that RPROVIDES initscripts19:03
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riz__Somehow when running bitbake core-image-minimal -c populate_sdk, it is giving me errors about do_compile in qtsvg. I have not even included qtsvg at all. I did include it in local.conf at one point but now I removed it.19:06
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riz__I tried cleanall and that didnt work19:22
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kergothwhat.. how did i not know about quilt push --merge?21:12
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mranostayhowdy kergoth21:58
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