Friday, 2016-04-01

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AnticomHi all. Could someone elaborate the VIRTUAL_RUNTIME var a little more? There's virtually no documentation neither in the mega manual nor in the bb manual :/09:04
AnticomI'm trying to figure out, why meta/recipes-connectivity/avahi/ is still installing an init-script, although i've got VIRTUAL_RUNTIME_initscripts = "" :/09:04
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Ulfalizeri just learned that package.bbclass adds a (>= <current version>) requirement to automatically added package dependencies, though not always from looking at the code. when wouldn't it get added?09:31
AnticomUlfalizer: Hm not sure but from tracing the SC of package.bbclass it seems it's comming from ASSUME_SHLIBS09:35
Anticom ver_needed > shlib_provider > lib_ver > dep_pkg > e > assumed_libs > d.getVar('ASSUME_SHLIBS', True)09:37
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Ulfalizerthanks. maybe it's just when it can't find the lib-to-package mapping, for whatever reason. ASSUME_SHLIBS seems to be a hint.09:40
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rubdosNewbie here... I don't feel comfortable editing my build/conf/bblayers.conf. I shouldn't commit that file, as it contains absolute paths, depending on my system. If I want to build the image elsewhere, I'll have to reconfigure that file for that specific system, right?13:24
rubdosHow can I make it so that when the init scripts get sourced, the bblayers get configured automatically?13:24
CTtpollardrubdos: something like this?;a=blob;f=gdp-src-build/conf/bblayers.conf;h=66b2f26e5dafbfed89f8d2b102913c7701ba3926;hb=refs/heads/qemux86-6413:26
rubdosseems reasonable. You have a file somewhere in your scripts that copies over that file to build/conf?13:27
JaMahalstead: was the openembedded-commits hook changed to send only the "digests" or is there some more complicated logic which decides if it will send individual patches or only the digest?13:27
rubdosI have a feeling that yocto merely is a bunch of prefabbed bash scripts around openembedded and bitbake, right?13:28
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boucman_workrubdos: technically, yocto is an organisation. most of the work done by yocto is done in oe-core/bitbake13:32
boucman_workbut yocto also provides a ton of recipes and infrastructure around oe13:32
rubdosoh okay. I probably meant to say "poky" then :)13:32
boucman_workpoky is a distro for openembedded, just like angstrom is... i.e it's a usefull pre-configuration for building stuff13:33
rubdosI see :)13:34
rubdosI think I was more of expected "the Rails way"; something like convention over configuration, or something like that. Anyhow, it's useful in any case :)13:35
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kergothRP: will 2.2 be branched soon, after M4, or after release? is the branch point something covered in the release process, or is it unspecified?15:39
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RPkergoth: I tend to branch fairly late as it only encourages people to send patches for master rather then concentrating on the release15:44
RPkergoth: release date is at the end of the month so I'd guess at a couple of weeks but there isn't a fixed defined point15:45
kergothyeah, I figured, that makes sense. was just curious about whether that late point is defined, or if it varies15:45
kergothokay, thanks, that's what i was wondering15:45
kergothi'm starting to understand why linus has defined merge times, though that'd be hard to pull off without his lieutenants to gather changes15:45
kergothheh :)15:45
RPkergoth: the feature freeze point does drive me completely insane every time around :/15:47
RPkergoth: There are at least a few people who do help gather the patches...15:48
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kergothyeah, i know saul does his consolidated merges, and ross does his mut stuff15:49
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igor3someone knows where is the .templateconf and how can I change it?17:22
igor3on the yocto manual only says that I must set the TEMPLATECONF var in the .templateconf, but the templateconf is inside the poky repository17:23
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igor3my problem is that poky sets the path starting from the OEROOT that points to poky path17:32
igor3there is a way to start from the updir?17:32
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kergothigor3: TEMPLATECONF can be set however you like, it doesn't have to be set via .templateconf17:35
kergothi.e. at mentor graphics, we have our own setup environment script in our layer which sets it (among other things) and then sources the default scripts17:35
seebsToday I learned that there is a bug in the variable assignment tracking/display.17:36
igor3hummm... but the OEROOT will still pointing to poky path, it is the default?17:36
seebsWhich is that if you're looking at gdb's PACKAGECONFIG, the fact that PACKAGECONFIG[python] exists means that the tracker thinks PACKAGECONFIG is a python value.17:36
kergothseebs: ah, yes, i've seen that before too. nature of the beast, we're conflicting namespaces17:37
kergothigor3: why is that a problem?17:37
seebsI'm trying to remove readline for mingw, and failing, because the PACKAGECONFIG[readline] is overriding anything else. And because I can't track stuff, I can't debug this well. I'm temporarily renaming the flag to [py] in my copy.17:38
igor3I want to set my own bblayers.conf with the path of my layer, but the OEROOT isnt pointing to my layer, so I have to put ../path17:38
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igor3it does not seems to be normal17:38
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igor3its the default if you want to create your own bblayer.conf? setting the paths with "../"?17:39
kergothi don't really see why that's a problem. setting paths relative to the core seems quite reasonable to me17:42
kergothseebs: renaming it in general seems like a good idea. we might want to add a sanity check. if PACKAGECONFIG[python] exists, error. (or func, or doc, or.. :)17:43
igor3nice, thank you kergoth17:45
seebsI am not sure there's any other cases, and it makes SENSE to name it "python", it's just that we're overriding the flag namespace for two unrelated functions17:47
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seebsWell, a lot more than two, probably.17:48
seebsokay so for reference, i just spent something like an hour debugging my inability to control PACKAGECONFIG as expected...17:49
seebsBecause I was running my builds with SDKMACH=i686-mingw3217:49
seebsrather than SDKMACHINE=i686-mingw3217:49
seebsCongratulations to me, I have successfully april-fools-pranked myself, apparently.17:50
kergothseebs: this is just one of many cases where we needed a dictionary and abused flags to get one17:59
kergothdownside to the current file format18:00
kergothwe could use the variable name namespace, but then there'd be no way to get a list of available packageconfigs without iterating over every key in the datastore..18:00
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seebsYeah. We have a similar problem with the massive overloading of _.18:03
Ulfalizeroverloading of _? where?18:08
Ulfalizerkergoth: how are flags implemented internally? with a dictionary on each variable?18:10
seebsWe use _ for overrides, but also for special things like append/remove, and also often as just part of names.18:12
seebsYou can't make an override named "append". :)18:13
seebsWe had a really interesting behavior once involving "OVERRIDES_append = ..."18:13
Ulfalizerah, i see what you mean now18:13
seebsIt was pretty much nondeterministic, except that on any GIVEN system/build/set-of-layers, it seemed to be consistent.18:13
seebsBut we had at least one thing using that thing in an override, which worked in one environment and not in another.18:14
Ulfalizerunrelated question, but do you know if any reparsing of files is involved in BBCLASSEXTENDS? is it still parsing once but mucking about with variable values afterwards?18:16
Ulfalizersome uses of := together with BBCLASSEXTEND might be problematic in that case i guess :/18:16
kergothUlfalizer: no reparsing, no18:17
Ulfalizeryeah, that's what i guessed18:17
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kergoththe metadata is copied for each variant, then the class is programmatically inherited, and the metadata re-finalized18:18
kergothsee _create_variants() & friends in bitbake/lib/bb/parse/ast.py18:18
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*** zproden <zproden!5316fd9f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto18:31
zprodenHi guys. Can I fetch source just for one package with bitbake fetch? For example, I want only the content of linux-dummy.bb18:35
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zprodenMaybe this is not the best example. Better would be
kergothbitbake -c fetch <recipe>18:41
zprodenkergoth: ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES ''. Close matches:   linux-yocto18:43
kergothbitbake doesn't accept a filename, it never has18:43
kergothread the bitbake manual, yocto manuals, or bitbake --help18:43
kergothit accepts a recipe name or other provider18:43
kergothbitbake -c fetch virtual/kernel18:43
kergothbitbake -c fetch linux-yocto18:43
zprodenok, thanks. It is working now.18:45
zprodenhowever, I have another problem, because it is downloading very slow. Like 100 kbps. This is strange, because when I do "git clone git://" it is downloading very fast, like 12Mbps18:47
zprodenwhen I go to and click on " linux-yocto-4.1-4.1.15.tar.gz" for example, it is downloading with similar speed (like 100 kbps)18:49
zprodenkergoth: can I fix it somehow? Is there any mirror of
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*** smiller6 <smiller6!~smiller6@> has joined #yocto19:04
smiller6Greetings, I'm hoping for some advice on an issue that I realize may not have an easy solution, but I need a strategy for going forward.19:07
smiller6I believe I'm experiencing an issue related to python3 not properly installing on the target.19:08
smiller6Nutshell example:19:09
smiller6The following command,19:09
smiller6bitbake -e python3 |grep \^PACKAGES=19:09
smiller6produces output in which I locate19:09
smiller6​​among others.19:09
smiller6Added to the conf/local.conf is:19:09
smiller6IMAGE_INSTALL_append += " \19:09
smiller6python3-math \19:09
smiller6​On the target, I run19:10
smiller6import math19:10
smiller6> ImportError: No module named 'math'19:10
smiller6Looking at the manifest, math should be placed in the python3-core package, and that should be installed along with others in core.19:13
smiller6Implying that the step taken above to explicitly install python3-math package should not be necessary.19:14
Croftonsadly I have no python3 things to try19:14
CroftonI assume you looked at where the modules are?19:15
*** dv_ <dv_!> has quit IRC19:16
smiller6Yes, unfortunately it's a behaviour I'm showing with some python modules as well. The successful work around up to this point has been to include the packages explicitly in IMAGE_INSTALL_append, but as you can see that measure failed for this case (and others), and it doesn't sit well that this doesn't seem to be the way I shoould necessarily be going about it.)19:17
*** evanmeagher <evanmeagher!~MongooseW@> has joined #yocto19:17
smiller6Taken from another direction, if I locate the rpm built for python3-math, transfer it to the target, then attempt to install, the target will claim that the package is already installed.19:18
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igor3see the content of python-math.rpm, maybe the math implementation isnt in the rpm19:19
rubdoshehe, made a Makefile with PHONY: all and all: bitbake ...19:22
smiller6I shall check19:22
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smiller6Alright, so please forgive the copy-paste spam action, but:19:28
smiller6SUMMARY_${PN}-core="Python interpreter and core modules"19:28
smiller6RDEPENDS_${PN}-core="${PN}-lang ${PN}-re ${PN}-reprlib ${PN}-codecs ${PN}-io ${PN}-math"19:28
smiller6FILES_${PN}-core="${libdir}/python3.3/__future__.* ${libdir}/python3.3/_abcoll.* ${libdir}/python3.3/abc.* ${libdir}/python3.3/copy.* ${libdir}/python3.3/copyreg.* ${libdir}/python3.3/ConfigParser.* ${libdir}/python3.3/genericpath.* ${libdir}/python3.3/getopt.* ${libdir}/python3.3/linecache.* ${libdir}/python3.3/new.* ${libdir}/python3.3/os.* ${libdir}/python3.3/posixpath.* ${libdir}/python3.3/struct.* ${libdir}/python3.3/warnings.* ${libdir}/python3.3/19:28
smiller6site.* ${libdir}/python3.3/stat.* ${libdir}/python3.3/UserDict.* ${libdir}/python3.3/UserList.* ${libdir}/python3.3/UserString.* ${libdir}/python3.3/lib-dynload/binascii.*.so ${libdir}/python3.3/lib-dynload/_struct.*.so ${libdir}/python3.3/lib-dynload/time.*.so ${libdir}/python3.3/lib-dynload/xreadlines.*.so ${libdir}/python3.3/types.* ${libdir}/python3.3/platform.* ${bindir}/python* ${libdir}/python3.3/_weakrefset.* ${libdir}/python3.3/sysconfig.* ${li19:28
smiller6bdir}/python3.3/_sysconfigdata.* ${libdir}/python3.3/config/Makefile ${includedir}/python${PYTHON_MAJMIN}/pyconfig*.h ${libdir}/python${PYTHON_MAJMIN}/collections ${libdir}/python${PYTHON_MAJMIN}/ "19:28
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smiller6From the file for python3.19:29
smiller6python3-core appears to have the RDEPENDS...${PN}-math"19:29
smiller6Viewed on the target, the /usr/lib shows the *.py files that should be there according to what is inside the rpm for -core.19:31
smiller6But missing is, say, from the python3-math rpm.19:31
smiller6So as a side question, am I misunderstanding the manifest, that core SHOULD include math?19:32
smiller6What might account for explicitly including the python3-math package in the image install, but the files in the rpm not being on the target image?19:34
smiller6Apologies and gratitude to all who've read so far...19:35
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neverpanichow do you determine that the python3-math package is not on the target image?19:36
neverpanicmaybe it is, but the content is wrong?19:37
neverpanicdid you check the image manifest for python3-math?19:37
neverpanicdid you check what's in the python3-math package?19:37
smiller6Yes, to most of those questions.19:50
smiller6If I look at the rpm on the build host, inside is /usr/lib/python3.3/random.py19:51
smiller6That file is not located on the target, implying that the package did not install properly (but smart on the target claims that it was installed)19:51
smiller6Second: Correct, I think that the content is wrong for this package. As mentioned, in the rpm is, but the manifest indicates there should be more files in there:19:52
smiller6FILES_${PN}-math="${libdir}/python3.3/lib-dynload/cmath.*.so ${libdir}/python3.3/lib-dynload/math.*.so ${libdir}/python3.3/lib-dynload/_random.*.so ${libdir}/python3.3/random.* ${libdir}/python3.3/sets.* "19:52
smiller6"sets" for instance19:53
kergothif the .so's arent included, likely they didn't come out of the python build. see teh logs of the python build19:53
smiller6Please forgive me, do you mean that some step might be skipping a few of the .so files when building, resulting in an incomplete installation (that does not cause overt errors elsewhere in the build process)?)19:58
smiller6As a side, if I navigate to <builddir>/buildhistory/images/intel_coreiu7_64/glibc/<demoplatform>/image-files/ there's some output like:20:01
smiller6installed-packages.txt shows python3-math-3.3.3-r1.0.corei7_64.rpm.20:01
kergothyes, it's entirely possible that python disabled emission of some module without failing the build20:01
kergothi've seen it before20:01
neverpanicsmiller6: Yes, that's what he's indicating. What could also be happening is that due to configuration, the generated files have different names, and the FILES_${PN}-math list doesn't match anymore20:01
neverpanicIn that case the files would probably land in some catchall package at the end20:02
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smiller6"and the FILES_${PN}-math list doesn't match anymore" sounds spooky...20:04
neverpanicFILES_${PN} is just a list of glob expressions; everything that matches gets moved into this package. Everything else, doesn't.20:05
kergothindeed. having a pattern there taht doesn't match anything is non-fatal20:05
neverpanicIf there's a more generic expression for a package further in $PACKAGES, that may not be fatal20:05
neverpanicOnly if none of the globs match a file and it doesn't get packaged, you'll get an error20:05
smiller6Alright, that's fair.20:06
neverpanicIf you don't have rm_work enabled, check ${WORKDIR}/packages-split for your python3 build20:06
neverpanicAnd see if the missing files are in there somewhere20:07
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smiller6Apologies, I don't see a packages-split directory. But if I head to the /image/usr/lib/python3.3 in the python3 WORKDIR, I do see a number of files in there that should be on the target, but are not.20:14
smiller6It's true that files in the /image dir ultimately are what gets written to the rootfs?20:14
neverpanicimage is split into packages (which should be written to packages-split)20:28
neverpanicand those packages then get installed on the target20:28
neverpanicSo if the files are in image, but not on your target, then the packaging is your culprit20:28
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khemRP: around ?21:04
khemI am looking for code which sets up symlinks for toolchain in SDK between uclibc and glibc candian-cross compilers in install21:05
khemI need to hook clang into this symlinking21:06
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smiller6As an aside, thanks to each who've helped so far. I've clearly got some more investigation to do...21:14
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khemRP: cross_canadian_bindirlinks() is what I was looking for21:50
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