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tripzeroif I have optionally enabled components, and I add them to FILES_${PN}... won't it error if those components are disabled?00:07
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bluelightningtripzero: no00:40
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mckoangood morning06:49
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LetoThe2ndmood groaning mckoan07:28
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btoothhi all.. is there a way to set options for stripping?07:35
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khemin your local.conf set export STRIP = "${HOST_PREFIX}strip <options>"09:43
AnticomHi all. What exactly is determining the architecture of a package? I've got "all", "<my-machine>", "cortexa9hf_vfp_neon" and "cortexa9hf_vfp_neon_mx6qdl" and i'm confused why that is09:45
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khemit says where the packages can run09:51
khemall means it can run on all kind of machines09:51
khemcortexa9 can run on SOCs based on cortecxa909:51
khemyour-machine are limited to just your machines09:52
khemx6qdl seems FSL innovation so ask them09:52
Anticomkhem: no offense but i wasn't asking what it meant but why certain packages are deployed for certain architectures. Shouldn't all of my packages being build for one arch?09:53
AnticomI don't get, why that is, what's causing it and how to track down where it's set / determined09:54
khemAnticom: feeds are prepared for multiple machine scenario09:54
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khemthe same structure scales to all kind of machines and shares the packages across them as much as it can09:55
Anticomkhem: Well I've got MACHINE = "xy" in my local.conf. Why is bitbake still building for other machines then?09:55
Anticomlike what variable in a recipe etc. is instructing bb to do so09:55
LetoThe2ndAnticom: usually only the kernel is really hw dependent. so only that is supposed to be in the feed for your specific machine.09:55
LetoThe2ndAnticom: the rest of the userland only is limited by the arch, so it can be safely shared actross multiple machines.09:55
AnticomLetoThe2nd: And that's done using COMPATIBLE_MACHINES?09:55
LetoThe2ndAnticom: i don't know what triggers it, i only know what it means :)09:56
AnticomLetoThe2nd: But still i don't know how to take control over it09:56
LetoThe2ndi've never had the need to tinker with that. because "it just works"(TM)09:57
khemtaking control ?09:57
khemits a wrong thing to do09:57
khemwhats wrong that you want to take control09:57
Anticomkhem: e.g. how would i control what recipes are installed just by changing MACHINE but not the image target?09:58
Anticomis that even possible?09:58
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LetoThe2ndwell whats the use case?09:59
LetoThe2ndin the trivial meaning, add some trailing selectors to the IMAGE_INSTALL in your image recipe10:00
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LetoThe2ndyou can select for specific machines, arches, whatever that way.10:00
khemimages are generic10:00
LetoThe2ndkhem: ... unless you de-genericize them10:01
khemif you want to exclude a package then do so in image recipe10:01
khemyes you can for your own peril10:01
LetoThe2ndTharr be drrrragons!10:01
khemthere are several ways to add/remove packages per machine10:01
khemyou can use RECOMMENDS and BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS e.g.10:02
khemin machine config data10:02
mborzeckidistro is (or should be) generic too10:02
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AnticomLetoThe2nd: It's not **the** usecase. Afterall I'm just trying to get a deeper understanding. I've been thrown into an existing messy project and trying my best to clean up what i've found ;)10:02
LetoThe2ndAnticom: well then, this is one pf the parts best left as-is. it works.10:03
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mborzecki(unless it doesn't)10:03
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LetoThe2ndmborzecki: it obviously does, because otherwise the use case would have been "make it work"10:04
AnticomLetoThe2nd: Strongly disagree with that oppinion. Just because it currently works doesn't mean that you shouldn't improve what you found. That's guaranteed massive and time consuming maintanance lateron10:05
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mborzeckiLetoThe2nd: or it just 'sort of' works, depending on how we grade 'works' in this context :)10:06
LetoThe2ndAnticom: Feel free to disagree. But if "improvement" means "hackily work around system inherent design decisions, just because i think i know better", then i guess your argument just fails in the long run.10:06
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AnticomLetoThe2nd: No it's more about "fixing inconsistencies and hax due to no one ever worked with yocto before"10:07
Anticom*in our dev team10:07
LetoThe2ndAnticom: you mean, "worked with OE before"10:07
rtrtHi. I've enabled Storage=persistent in journald.conf but var/log is symlinked like this ----------> /var/log -> volatile/log10:08
Anticomrtrt: --> #systemd10:08
rtrtIs this a bug?10:08
LetoThe2ndAnticom: if you want to improve your setup, make machine, distro and image orthogonal. thats a widely accepted best practise for maintenance :-)10:11
AnticomLetoThe2nd: That's one of the things i'm working on :)10:13
mborzeckirtrt: IIRC persistent means that journal logs to /var/log/journal, not a bug10:15
mborzeckirtrt: you may need to adjust tmpfiles to make it non-volatile, see /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d or /etc/tmpfiles.d10:16
rtrt@mborzecki But it's a symlinked folder to volatile which is destroyed during reboot10:16
mborzeckirtrt: systemd-tmpfiles creates the link, that's why you need adjust its config to not touch /var/log or just make sure that it links /var/log/journal to a nonvolatile location10:19
mborzeckibtw. it should be possible to configure journal storage location, so maybe that's the easiest way?10:20
rtrt@mborzecki Oh. Will try both. I could see 00-create-volatile.conf in /etc/tmpfiles.d which might be responsible for this. I'm not sure if I should edit this10:23
niteshnarayanlalhi i want to build a 64 bit toolchain from a build which is for 32 bit platform10:25
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riz___Quick question. The lib files that are built into my target's /usr/lib will be located at "/poky-build/tmp/sysroots/intel-corei7-64/usr/lib", correct?14:52
boucman_worknope :P14:54
boucman_workwell, they might be there too, but I don't think it will always be the case14:54
LetoThe2ndwell except if your target arch is intel-core7-64 ;-) then its very well possible ;-)14:57
riz___It is my target14:58
riz___So is there a central place that shows the root of the target?14:59
riz___I am asking because certain drivers that I see in usr/lib/dri are not on my actual targetr14:59
LetoThe2ndthe place you named correlates the most with it, but you should not rely on it being a 100% equivalent.14:59
riz___actually, the entire dri folder is missing14:59
riz___specifically and swrast_dri.so15:00
LetoThe2ndlike i said, they don't have to correlate. if you need access to the targets filesystem, have the image created as ext and loopmount it. or tar.gz and unpack it.15:01
LetoThe2ndclosest thing is probably tmp/work/<machine>-<target-triplet>/<image>/<version>/rootfs/15:03
LetoThe2ndbut there was some drawback on that too.15:03
riz___If I would like to just add the i965 driver prior to build how would that be done?15:04
LetoThe2ndhave your recipe install it properly?15:05
LetoThe2ndthats the way.15:05
riz___Would in be done in the intel-corei7-64.conf? Because I believe I see it there15:05
LetoThe2ndwhy would a driver file be installed in a machine.conf?15:05
riz___I figured that is where it would be included15:06
LetoThe2ndjudging by the name, it sounds a lot like mesa.15:06
LetoThe2ndi'd start there. maybe you're just missing some distro feature? opengl?15:06
riz___I have opengl15:06
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LetoThe2nd(just geussing)15:06
LetoThe2ndin any case 1)find out which package builds the file 2) modify the recipe, or its variable to properly install them.15:07
riz___I In this case would I alter's PACKAGECONFIG variable?15:08
riz___Am I on the right track?15:08
LetoThe2ndmaybe. i'm not familiar with mesa.15:09
riz___OK. That sheds more light on it. Thanks.15:09
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denixhas anyone built qtdeclarative lately (5.6-rc)? I'm getting examples/quick/quickwidgets/qquickviewcomparison/mainwindow.cpp:180:14: error: 'QCoreApplication' has not been declared15:28
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JaMadenix: builds fine here with almost default configs15:37
denixJaMa: hmm, strange. thanks, will keep digging15:38
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kergothedbart: ping16:51
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khemI have fixed the android-tools recipe from meta-shr, but I see it being useful for more than android, I would like to propose to move it to more common place may be oe-core is right place16:57
khemthe native version could be used for using sparse image generation16:57
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kergothgit ls-remote can now also tell you a remote repository's default branch: $ git ls-remote --symref origin HEAD17:30
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psidhukergoth: that's awesome, know what version git that is?17:30
kergothreading the release notes for 2.817:31
psidhuah, perfect17:31
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JaMakhem: what was broken in current version?17:43
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kergothWhat's the correct process for patch submission for changes intended specifically for 2.2, not 2.1, given it's not yet branched? RFC for 2.2, [PATCH for 2.2], ..?19:32
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fraydon't know the correct process.. but RFC it.. and then submit it after branching19:33
fraybut -I- ...19:33
kergothi feel like someone should be collecting these things into a branch, and then merging that to master-next/mut after 2.2 is branched, but i don't know if that's being done or if it's much less formal and patch driven19:35
* kergoth shrugs19:35
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kergothbluelightning: have you given any thought to making a few of the hardcoded bits in devtool controllable from the metadata? Specifically 1) extra source prep, as is done for the kernel, and 2) extra externalsrc logic, as is done for the kernel (.config bits)19:47
bluelightningkergoth: probably not enough, but it does sound sensible19:47
bluelightning(not enough thought, I mean)19:48
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kergothfor 1) i was thinking either we could do an extra parse after writing the bbappend that enables externalsrc, then examine SRCTREECOVEREDTASKS, and if we haven't run any of those yet, run them. Then any recipes/classes with extra source prep could add them there (which they probably want to anyway) and devtool would then pick that up or 2) have a task similar to do_image_complete. a 'we know all the sources are ready to go at this point', which is likely19:50
kergoth just before do_configure but after do_unpack, anything between do_unpack and do_patch, and everything between do_patch and do_configure..'19:50
kergothnot sure if that makes sense or not, but..19:50
kergothi'll see about opening a bug in the bts for tracking purposes19:50
kergothi was intending to add a source preparation hook for recipes to use so they stop adding tasks and mucking with prefuncs/postfuncs, but then i realized integrating with devtool extraction might be non-trivial :)19:51
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kergothHmm, the uninative shim was fetched, but uninative wasn't enabled. wonder why20:05
kergothoh, nevermind, i see, it was fetched and enabled, just did so after the build configuration summary was displayed, so the NATIVELSBSTRING shown there wasn't correct20:11
kergothits shown correctly in the second build20:12
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kergothman, it's the worst when -S printdiff shows you nothing but a list of fetch/unpack tasks20:18
kergothi hate it when that happens20:18
kergothwonder if my sstate cleaning is running into the issue with removal of intermediates due to lack of regular access, as was recently discussed on the list20:19
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neverpanicYes, that's something we've run into as well20:26
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neverpanicOur plan to address the issue was to just set a size we want to keep and then periodically delete stuff that hasn't been referenced in a while20:27
neverpanicNo idea if that's going to work, though.20:27
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #119 of nightly-checkuri is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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