Monday, 2016-04-04

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niteshnarayanlalhi I wrote a recipe for a package trousers, its working but giving a warning06:03
niteshnarayanlaltrousers-dev-0.3.13 was registered as shlib provider for, changing it to trousers-0.3.13 because it was built later06:03
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mckoangood morning07:31
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neverpanicI have a use case of referencing SYSTEMD_PACKAGES_${PN} in a do_install script, but ${SYSTEMD_PACKAGES_${PN}} is not valid shell. Does anybody know from the top of their head how to do this?09:13
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neverpanicerr, SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN}09:16
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neverpanicOr is there a way to run python snippets from shell?09:33
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rizIf I am looking to install drivers for a multitouch touchscreen, how do I go about including the driver when building my poky image given that the driver is just an executable?14:00
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rburtonhave a recipe that builds a package, install package into image14:01
igoryou put it on your distro.conf14:01
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rizEven if it is just an executable?14:02
rizDo I need the source?14:02
rburtonif you got given a binary, then make a recipe that simply copies the binary into a package14:03
rizOK, thanks.14:04
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boucman_workriz look at do_compile[noexec] for your recipe, and copy the file in do_install14:04
rizThe executable file you mean?14:05
rburtonor inherit bin_package14:05
rizOK, so there are multiple ways.14:06
rburtonyou don't need to do either of those really14:06
rburtonwrite a recipe that downloads and installs the binaries14:07
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rizWill there be any changes I will need to make to the BSP to allow for mutlitouch screens?14:07
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boucman_workriz: that depends a lot on what exactly you call "the bsp" and what's in it :P14:08
rizYeah, that is the confusing part for me. I just consider, for example, meta-intel to be my bsp.14:08
boucman_workBSP is a word with so many meanings in the embedded world that I try not to use it14:08
boucman_workthe most common meaning for bsp is "whatever .tar.gz our board provider shipped with the board"14:09
rizI agree. I am finding that it is not as defined when dealing with linux14:09
boucman_workbut i've seen it to mean a bsp-layer, or "the sdk"14:09
rizRight. I would separate the SDK out of it.14:10
CTtpollardriz: more than likely you will have to enable hid multi touch in the kernel, if it isn't already14:11
boucman_workriz: if the bsp is a yocto layer, you probably can integrate any change needed as a .bbappend in a separate layer, so you wouldn't need to change it14:11
riz.bbappend woould probably be the route given that if I pull any updates for my base kernel I still have my changes14:12
rizSo, I guess the best approach is to add a touchscreen layer..14:12
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rizWould this be discussed in the Kernel Development documentation or BSP development docs?14:15
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rizigor: when you say put it in your "distro.conf" (e.g. poky.conf) would it be the same as putting it in my bsp.conf (e.g. intel-corei7-64.conf)?14:18
rburtonmake your own distro.conf14:18
rburtonliterally just a case of copying poky.conf if you want to start simple, and delete anything that isn't relevant14:19
rizI see, but lets say I did put it in my bsp.conf, what is the disadvantage to that?14:20
rburtonwhy edit meta-intel for no reason14:22
rburtonif you want to upgrade meta-intel in the future, you'll have to unpick your changes14:22
igoryou can create your machine conf14:22
igorand put what you want there14:22
rizRight, so best practice is to try and edit layers furthest from the hardware first?14:23
igorif you driver is a module, so you set the MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS with the package14:23
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igorI like to separete what is hardware stuffs in a layer and software suffs in another layer14:26
igorthere is many ways to do everything, so you can organize it as you wish14:27
rizRight. I agree, but it seems like sometimes things get a little blurry between the lines. It could also just be my lack of understsnding.14:29
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igorIts kind of confusing in the begining, but generally you can find examples on google14:32
igorit helps a lot14:33
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rizYeah, the problem is that you have everyone doing a single thing 5 different ways and not every way works for your application so I am just trying to solidify a method that works for me.14:34
igorit strue14:34
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smiller6Care to confirm a suspicion?16:31
smiller6Is there a significant difference produced in the installed state of the rootfs using IMAGE_INSTALL_append += "" vs RDEPENDS_${PN} = ""16:32
smiller6ie, is there a difference in the installation footprint of a package installed using either of these entries?16:32
kergothone is direct, one is indirect via the dpes of something else you're already installing, presumably. the metadata of the package will obviously differ, but the final installed package list should not16:33
kergothassuming i understand the question16:33
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smiller6I'm sure you do. Just to be specific, I'm running into an issue with python2 vs python3 on a system.16:36
smiller6Python2 for instance is on the target and installed with the python-core or python-distribute; the core library is what one would expect.16:37
smiller6Python3 installed on the target is missing key components from the core library.16:37
smiller6Apologies if this sounds similar to a question asked on Friday, it's part of the same investigative thread.16:38
smiller6So what you confirm so far what I thought, i.e. that installing the python3-* should produce core library install. But everything from the lib-dynload directory is absent, resulting in an inability to load core modules.16:39
smiller6So far, I've been able to locate all the required files in the directory used for cross-compiling, on the build host.16:40
smiller6But those files are then apparently not moved into the package for installation.16:40
smiller6When I asked a similar question on Friday, I didn't have as specific an idea of the problem. But the advice given at the time was that if the file's signature emitted by a recipe differed from what was expected, the file would simply not be included in the package.16:42
smiller6This makes some sense, and it seems there's a good possibility that that is what is going on. But as I mentioned the files appear to be in the proper place on the build host.16:42
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smiller6So my challenge is understanding what would prevent the files (that do indeed appear to exist, and do indeed appear to follow the correct signature) from making it into the package??16:43
kergoth'signature' has no meaning in this context. are you talking about the file's path on disk?16:44
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smiller6Apologies, yes. For instance, the calls out which files should be in a package, and those files appear to exist on the build host and follow the convention laid out in the manifest.16:46
smiller6If I may provide a more specific example?16:50
kergothexist where on the build host?16:53
kergothyes, a specific example would be helpful, this is too much hand waiving16:53
smiller6Take for instance, the python-math package16:55
smiller6Here's entry in the
smiller6SUMMARY_${PN}-math="Python math support"16:56
smiller6RDEPENDS_${PN}-math="${PN}-core ${PN}-crypt"16:56
smiller6FILES_${PN}-math="${libdir}/python2.7/lib-dynload/ ${libdir}/python2.7/lib-dynload/ ${libdir}/python2.7/lib-dynload/ ${libdir}/python2.7/random.* ${libdir}/python2.7/sets.* "16:56
smiller6Each of the files can be located in a directory on the build host that, if I understand correctly, is used during the cross compile:16:56
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neverpanicthat's a build for your build architecture, not for your target architecture16:58
neverpanicIIRC you mentioned that you expected the file on target?16:58
*** joshuagl <joshuagl!~joshuagl@> has quit IRC16:59
neverpanicfind home/smiller6/gdp9/genivi-demo-platform/gdp-src-build/tmp/work/ -maxdepth 2 -type d -iname 'python3'16:59
smiller6Yes, so for python2, each of the files and dirs that I just mentioned correctly exist on target.16:59
neverpanicBut the directory you quoted wasn't the one where they have been built for the target16:59
kergoththe only path you pasted to irc is lib-dynload, not the contents of it17:00
kergothand it was from python-native, not python17:00
neverpanicSo looking at this folder tells you nothing about what's going to be on the target17:00
* kergoth nods at neverpanic 17:00
smiller6I agree, and I think I'm still with you so far.17:00
smiller6So, what would prevent something in this mentioned directory from making it to, say the package intended for the target?17:01
smiller6Give me a moment to locate that directory...17:01
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neverpanicsmiller6: in the general case, python-native is built for the architecture of your build machine, but python will be built for the architecture of your target17:02
neverpanicso python-native might be x86_64, but python could be an arm architecture if that's what your board runs17:03
smiller6Ok, yes I think I follow so far.17:03
neverpanicthat's the correct location for python17:03
kergothcomparing them will tell you absolutely nothing. look at python, not python-native17:03
smiller6Yes, the location just provided is for python, and appears to be correctly populated, and the contents of which make it into the package and onto the target.17:04
smiller6(Thank you for your patience so far)17:04
smiller6But this directory:17:05
*** toscalix <toscalix!~toscalix@> has joined #yocto17:05
smiller6the corresponding one for python3, is not correctly populated with the expected files from the manifest.17:05
smiller6Apologies if I'm going about this incorrectly. So am I to understand that this means that something has prevented an actually proper build of python3.3 for the target platform>?17:06
kergothas i told you last week, you should look at the log of the python build to see why it didn't emit those files17:06
*** blueCmd <blueCmd!> has left #yocto17:07
smiller6Yes, you did mention that.17:07
smiller6Forgive me, is the log I should be looking for specific to the python3 build or for the whole build run?17:09
smiller6ie /tmp/buildstats or /tmp/log/cooker/intel-**17:10
kergothlog files are written for each task of each recipe which is run, in the temp/ subdir of the recipe's workdir17:10
kergothneither of those are it17:10
smiller6Ah, thank you very much, I shall take a look.17:10
kergoththis is in the yocto project documentation, i'm certain17:10
smiller6I'm sure you are correct.17:11
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smiller6Thank you for that advice, the files appear to be failing in the do_compile step, preventing them from being built, preventing them from being included in the package.17:21
smiller6Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.17:22
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kergothHmm, think I need to switch bitbake-layers to using an extensible plugin command mechanism like devtool/recipetool. Any objections?19:00
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kergothbluelightning: any thoughts on something like ? worst case if it moves to plugin based, could keep those in a separate layer, but i'm curious about general interest22:52
bluelightningkergoth: most of that looks reasonable22:54
bluelightningit would be nice to have the find-* as one command though if that's practical22:54
kergothyeah, i was thinking about that too. just find-layers and args for via name and via path, and possibly default to pulling in deps rather than that being a separate command, not sure22:57
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kergothokay, thanks for the input, i'll keep at it22:57
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