Tuesday, 2016-04-05

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mckoangood morning08:18
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antbHi, I am unable to solve a problem when launching my bitbake compilation : "ERROR: Taskhash mismatch ... verses ..." Do you have any proposition to solve this ?08:51
mckoanantb: maybe pastebin your details...08:54
antbThe message come from siggen.py08:57
antbI tried a cleanall without success08:57
antbI also tried to delete the sstate for this package08:57
antbbut doesn't work either08:58
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mckoanantb: I guess your problem is into meta-own09:33
mckoanantb: meta-own/recipes-own/skell/skell_svn.bb09:33
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fl0v01Hi does anybody know by chance if screen rotation with an imx6 works properly? when i'm rotating with 'xrandr -o "inverted"' i get a rotated image, but the screen is no longer redrawn10:14
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antbmckoan: Pretty sure it doesn't depends on my recipe10:52
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ionte_hi. have a problem. i have a python package that i've written a custom recipe for. in the package is a C extension. when building the extension it fails because <bluetooth/bluetooth.h> is missing11:45
ionte_i have included bluez (tried with both 5 and 4) on the image11:45
ionte_and /usr/include/bluetooth/bluetooth.h exists in the bluez image working directory11:45
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ionte_any idea?11:46
rburtonthe recipe needs to DEPEND on bluez511:46
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rburtonunless you're building the C extension on the target, in which case you need to install bluez5-dev to get the headers11:46
ionte_hm, i see i've only added bluez5 to RDEPENDS, not DEPEND. don't remember the difference...?11:47
ionte_oh, runtime dependency... i see.. thanks!11:47
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rokrau__Does anyone know whether it is possible to get the "official" 7'' touschreen for the Raspberry Pi to work with any of the recipes out there with yocto? If so I would appreciate any pointers. I got to the point where I could see console output to the screen after messing with rpi-update but I feel that's not the right way to do it. I was building using meta-raspberrypi.14:44
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KakaduFolks, at the moment bitbake git fetcher does some really weird stuff like cloning bare repository and clone from there real sources.  Do you know any lightweight git fetcher which only clones latest sources with --depth=1?15:17
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rburtonKakadu: the nice people at github point out that shallow clones are not as useful as you think15:19
rburton(but the answer is no)15:19
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Kakadubtw, do you have a like to 'nice people at github'?15:20
rburton(there was an interesting post where they had to blacklist someone using github as a CDN15:20
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KakaduMaybe I should ask an original question... What should I specify in SRC_URI if I want to fetch, for example, from git@localhost:/opt/git/linux-da8xx.git ?15:29
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rburtongit://localhost/opt/git/linux-dax888.git should work15:31
rburtonassuming you've got a local git daemon running, as that git uri suggests15:32
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KakaduNo, I didn't start any daemon15:33
Kakaduand `git -c core.fsyncobjectfiles=0 ls-remote git://localhost/opt/git/linux-da8xx.git`15:33
Kakadubut with git@localhost/... it works15:33
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jandersonI have done something like this before with a local repo: SRC_URI = "git:////opt/git/linux-da8xx.git;protocol=file;"15:34
rburtonso git must be doing magic and seeing that whilst you're asking for git transport over tcp to localhost, it actually just shortcircuits to local files15:35
rburtonyeah, what janderson said15:35
rburtonif you want local access over files then ask for it15:35
rburtoni think you have one to many slashes there though, git:///opt should be sufficient15:35
jandersonYeah, maybe copy paste error15:36
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KakaduYeah, I tried it but I get in ${WORKDIR} a directory /opt/linux-da8xx.git/ with contents of bare repository (probably beacuse /opt/git/linux-da8xx.git/ is a bare repository). And I decided that I'm doing something wrong.........15:39
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Ulfalizerrburton: do you think do_packagedata[vardeps] = "PKGDATA_DIR" would make sense? would that dependency be detected automatically? (and no, changing PKGDATA_DIR wasn't my idea -- it's because of a shared nativesdk/target sysroot thingy we do for our SDK.)15:41
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Ulfalizer+= might be safer, but mostly checking the concept. i have the issue that changing PKGDATA_DIR (for a fix) does not seem to regenerate package data in the new location.15:46
Ulfalizeri'll do some more digging though15:46
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Ulfalizerdo_packagedata doesn't seem to get rerun when PKGDATA_DIR changes even with do_packagedata[vardeps] += "PKGDATA_DIR". same for do_package.15:57
Ulfalizermaybe i'm missing something...15:57
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badfuguHello, I've recently run into a snag while bitbaking openssl and hoping someone can help17:32
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badfuguopenssl-1.0.2d-r0 is hanging during the do_fetch task (as is openssl-native of the same version). The download of the openssl tarball seems to work fine; fetch log shows a number of "Searching for ... in paths" lines (for patches), and stops after the line "Searching for debian1.0.2/block_diginotar.patch in paths" and subsequent list of locations17:35
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Xzhi there18:37
Xzhere is the vague question about the performance of Yocto builds - is i7 5960x overclocked to ~4GHz (8core) with ~32GB RAM and 500GB SSD going to be much worse than regular Xeon (24-48cores)/60+GB RAM rig?18:39
Xzstandard Xeon core is 2.3GHz18:40
Xzsomething like that18:40
kergothtough to say, there's certainly diminishing returns on the cores, but it also probably depends on what you're building. i imagine RP & pidge and co and done a fair bit of benchmarking on their autobuilder, maybe they'd know18:41
kergothadding qt5 basically doubles my local build times :'(18:41
Xzthe tradeoff is between getting a 1) local high-spec PC, 2) local workstation (loud!) 3) VM/remote workstation18:43
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Xzthe 1) is the cheapest obviously and has other benefits of having a good spec local linux terminal18:43
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kergothyeah, that's a tough call. i pretty much gave up on local build machines for noise/power reasons and live with 3, despite the annoyances18:43
kergothlaggy vpn = pain18:43
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kergothgahh. *so* annoying when i go to fire up a quick image build to test something on my board and it decides to rebuild the universe from scratch and completely block my progress for a while18:44
Xzkergoth: that's pain, agreed; I also hate how high ping affects usability of the machine - even stupid autocompletion in the shell goes wrong18:45
*** townxelliot <townxelliot!~ell@> has quit IRC18:46
Xzso I find myself assuming that autocompletion will fill the line and start typing new stuff, and then figure out it didn't autocomplete and everything gets wrong18:46
Xzbut maybe it's just me and my high-ping experiences with linux shell18:46
kergothugh, yes, i do that all the time too18:46
kergothhttps://mosh.mit.edu/ might be of interest here. it does speculative local echo18:46
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Xzthat's cool!18:47
kergothsadly it doesn't do agent forwarding as is, but there's a branch that does18:47
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Xzalso as far as I remember usually there are couple of bottlenecks during the build. When it starts Yocto will kick off as many threads as possible until e.g. gcc gets compiled. Then everything calms down and only gcc is compiling. After that we go again full throttle and calm down waiting for some X11, am I right here?18:52
kergothyeah, there'll always be choke points where it can't really max the resource usage of a beastly system, though it can usually run off and do some fetching or unpacking while stuck on a compile18:53
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XzI'm just trying to say that probably after 8 cores doubling them will not deliver build in 50% of time18:53
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neverpanicthe two bottlenecks I usually see are the compiler bootstrapping and libc for the target18:58
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Xzok, two of them fair play19:09
Xznow GHz-wise 8cores * 4GHz = 14 core * 2.3GHz19:10
Xzso it looks for me until I had a workstation with more than 14 cores I should not see much of a difference here19:10
Xzincluding the two bottlenecks where only 1 core is involved - we probably get around 8cores*4GHz = 18cores*2.3GHz19:11
Xzdoes that make sense?19:11
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Xzor I'm missing some other factors19:12
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neverpanicXz: the compiling of the bottlenecks is done in parallel19:16
neverpanicjust the configure phase, for example, isn't19:16
neverpanicIn our experience, higher clock rate was better than more cores with lower clock rate19:16
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XzI got kicked off by the web client19:25
XzI don't have a normal client configure at this moment :\19:25
Xzdid I miss much of a conversation?19:25
XzI think the web client kicks-off everytime somebody uses my nick in the message19:26
Xzthat's messed up!19:26
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Xzagain my concern is whether the workstation is going to be 2x/4x/8x faster than a high-spec PC19:28
Xzand I'm not talking high-spec workstation, that would be around $2k-$2.5k workstation from a *cheaper* source, so read around $3.5-$4k retail price19:30
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neverpanicI think you got the three lines I wrote earlier?19:32
*** alimon1 <alimon1!~alimon@> has joined #yocto19:32
XzI got when you said compiler gets compiled in parallel19:32
Xzonly configure step is 1 core19:32
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neverpanic"In our experience, higher clock rate was better than more cores with lower clock rate"19:32
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Xzthat's in favor of high-spec PC19:33
XzI wonder if somebody overclock Xeons also... :)19:33
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jbrianceauhi, do you know guys if there is a clean way to apply patches contained in a repo ?20:48
jbrianceausomething like20:48
jbrianceauSRC_URI = "git://myrepo.git"20:48
jbrianceauSRC_URI += "file://${S}/git/patches/mypatch.patch"20:48
jbrianceaunote : the above fails because do_fetch task complains that mypatch.patch doesn't exist, which is true because do_unpack didn't occur yet20:50
neverpanicI think you'll have to do this manually, e.g. in do_unpack_append()20:51
kergothdo_patch_prepend or do_patch[prefuncs] would be better20:51
kergothactually, this might work: SRC_URI_append_task-patch = " file://${S}/git/patches/mypatch.patch"20:51
kergothonly adds it for the do_patch task20:51
jbrianceaukergoth: oh that seems to be exactly what I'm looking for20:52
kergothuntested, of course, but should work20:52
jbrianceaukergoth: I try it right now, thanks !20:52
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RPXz: It really depends on how parallel your workload is after the compiler. There is the bottleneck, then the cores help. RAM is also a good boost for general speed20:59
RPXz: I have a dual Xeon system and love it, as long as its in a different room to me ;-)20:59
bluelightningjbrianceau: perhaps a silly question - but why not simply have those patches on a different branch?20:59
* RP hates laggy remote systems20:59
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jbrianceaubluelightning: good question :) it's because we use open source software that embeds patches in its own git repo21:02
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jbrianceauand I don't want to replicate the patches in the recipe21:03
bluelightningah ok, so the question would go to the maintainers of said open source software I guess21:03
XzRichard, the comparison here is between 4+ GHz 8 cores with 32GB of RAM vs workstation with let's say 24 cores of Xeon 2.3GHz with let's say 64GB RAM21:03
Xzand I'm looking for a machine I can stash under my desk21:04
Xzbut I could work on the workstation to make it quiet *I hope* if needed21:04
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jbrianceaubluelightning: correct :)21:05
Xzsmallest Xeon on demo-depot is 14 cores, so both of them will be minimum 28 cores...21:05
jbrianceaukergoth: it works perfectly ! thanks again, you saved my evening21:07
kergothnp, glad to hear it21:07
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RPXz: I suspect the Xeon will be fairly loud21:19
RPXz: I was impressed with the Xeon system I have being quiet at idle. When its wound up its like a jet turbine though21:20
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rburtonRP: thats because yours is mental21:40
rburtonmine is quiet at idle, and only a bit noisy at full load - and only webkit can get it to actually turn the fans on full blast21:41
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neverpanicinteresting, I don't hear mine even when doing two compilations simultaneously.21:45
neverpanicI guess that means my office is too load.21:45
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Xzlooks like everybody here uses workstations21:53
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neverpanicOh, and make sure you get decent SSDs. I had the "pleasure" to build on a Samsung 840 EVO until recently, that wasn't the best setup.22:01
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Xzis the EVO a SSD on PCIe?22:11
Xzwith all of the bells and whistles? like internal RAID matrix22:12
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