Friday, 2016-04-15

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lpappbluelightning: you there?04:42
bluelightninglpapp: hi, yes04:43
lpappbluelightning: hello, is there a way with opkg to see if a package is installed not depending on opkg lock?04:48
bluelightningI guess you could just grep the packages file04:49
bluelightningactually grepping wouldn't work, you'd need to actually read it in04:49
bluelightningsince the info is spread across multiple lines04:49
lpappyeah, I was looking for the meta data stored by opkg.04:49
bluelightningI think it's in /usr/share/opkg04:50
bluelightningI don't have an image built with opkg handy to check unfortunately04:51
lpappthat is alright, thanks.04:51
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mwarninghi, my image does not even have dhcp installed. Is there a list that I can copy to get a set of programs that are needed for basic operation?08:46
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lpappbluelightning: still around?08:47
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lpappso /usr/share/opkg only has a directory called intercept; I am looking for the metadata opkg is using to find whether a package is installed as querying that does not work when opkg is running due to the file lock.08:48
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LetoThe2ndmwarning: core-image-minimal? core-image-full-cmdline?08:50
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mwarningLetoThe2nd: neither, it'S some demo from a bsp package08:53
mwarning* demo image08:54
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mwarninghm, but I will try those images :-)08:54
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LetoThe2ndmwarning: thats what i meant, look at those what they pull in08:57
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mwarninghm, I get "ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'core-image-full-cmdline'"09:04
mwarninghm, now it seems to build. But I wonder if that is still based on the BSP09:05
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LocutusOfBorghi, general question, the best yocto book?09:27
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LocutusOfBorgI mean the more complete09:27
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LocutusOfBorgI have "Embedded Linux Development with Yocto Project"09:28
LocutusOfBorgbut I want something more complete now :)09:28
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raykinsella781LocutusOfBorg: trail and error is the best teacher10:10
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LocutusOfBorgraykinsella781, not for my colleagues who are approaching it for the first time10:13
LocutusOfBorgI have to teach them the yocto basics, and I would like to have some real book to give them in case of troubles10:14
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raykinsella781LocutusOfBorg: hum, I don't know of anything.10:26
LocutusOfBorgthere are many on amazon10:29
LocutusOfBorgbut some of them are "available starting from may"10:29
LocutusOfBorgI'm using yocto since some years, it wouldn't not be for myself (even if I'm still learning new stuff on a daily basis)10:29
belenLocutusOfBorg: I would be interested in hearing a bit more about the things your colleagues find difficult / struggle with. Any chance you would be willing to have a chat with me about it?10:30
LocutusOfBorgthe problem is that I have already knowledge about building, cross building, target, host, building a recipe10:32
LocutusOfBorgbecause I'm a Debian Developer, so this is just a matter of syntax10:32
LocutusOfBorgsome of my colleagues needs to start from "why should we cross compile stuff"10:32
LocutusOfBorgand they have no much experience in troubleshooting yocto issues10:32
LocutusOfBorgI'll have some talks, but I would like to have also a book10:33
belenLocutusOfBorg: Makes sense. That I know of, there is this one already published and the one you found coming up in May. But there could be others10:35
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LocutusOfBorgI have that book already10:39
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rburtondv_: the gst upgrade will have to wait until 2.1 releases, obviously11:30
dv_gstreamer you mean? yeah11:31
dv_but is it still OK to insert some backports for 1.6.3?11:31
rburtonif there serious problems yeah11:31
* dv_ is considering to add a few11:31
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rburtonoe-core is releasing very soon!11:32
rburtonso you may end up having a patch miss 2.1 but get merged into the branch for 2.1.111:32
dv_yeah makes more sense11:32
dv_is an 1.6.3 -> 1.6.4 update acceptable for 2.1.1 ?11:32
dv_this would also contain the bugfixes11:33
dv_its mainly about stuff like audible glitches at the beginning of playback caused by faulty discontinuities11:33
rburtonoe-core froze for upgrades about a month ago11:34
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dv_well this is a bugfix release11:37
dv_but the border between bugfix and upgrade is pretty thin11:37
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rburtonthe only thing that goes into oe-core post-release is bug fix patches11:39
rburtonunless you have a *very* special reason.  openssl having 20 CVEs in a fortnight was a special reason and it was deemed safer to upgrade than attempt to backport and verify the patches.11:40
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dv_hmm is it possible to set up opkg on the device so that it pulls .ipk files from my build machine?12:49
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mwarningdv_: certainly, but I do not know how, yet-12:53
dv_ah, found it :)
dv_this is from 2014 though. hopefully its still valid12:54
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rburton1dv_: just install whatever http daemon you want on the build machine, and use PACKAGE_FEED_URIS in your local.conf to set the url to find the feeds13:06
rburton1i have a lighttpd exporting /data/poky-master/tmp/deploy, and PACKAGE_FEED_URIS = "http://flashheart.local/poky-master"13:07
davisoh my gawd, i finally got this device to boot my kernel13:09
davisi was not told you need to bump a version number if you use the web api to reprogram the part13:10
davisi did it via usb and it updated the bootloader properly13:10
davishowever when I boot and plug in a usb android phone with tethering, it shows /sys/class/net/uap0 instead of usb0 like it does on my intel box13:11
davisis uab0 a device name for arm?13:11
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karobaris it possible to set a dependency for two different versions of the same package?13:24
*** lpapp <lpapp!~lpapp@kde/lpapp> has joined #yocto13:24
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raykinsella78karobar: probably, but it sounds fishy13:45
karobarwhich sounds fishy, the question or the answer? :)13:50
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raykinsella78karobar: the question ...14:15
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riz__Hello, I tried making a recipe to autostart my qtapp on boot. My recipe is pretty simple and can be seen here:
riz__For some reason it does not work. I have used the same method for starting a touchscreen driver, but it is not behaving the same for my qt app15:08
*** dv_ <dv_!> has quit IRC15:09
riz__The script I am trying to run simplly tries running a sample qt app and includes only the following line:15:09 /usr/share/cinematicexperience-1.0/Qt5_CinematicExperience -platform eglfs15:10
*** dv_ <dv_!~quassel@> has joined #yocto15:10
fxgiraldeauriz__, the INITSCRIPT_NAME does not includes the .sh extension, is that normal?15:10
riz__That is how I see the examples and how my other example worked15:11
riz__pretty sure that is fine15:11
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mbroadstwhat is the proper configuration for a project that doesn't include a license in their release tarball, but e.g. indicates it in their README? just package a copy of the license with the recipe?15:14
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rburton1mbroadst: do you mean for LIC_FILES_CHKSUM?15:21
*** t0mmy_ <t0mmy_!~tprrt@> has joined #yocto15:21
rburton1that's not packaged15:21
*** demonimin_ <demonimin_!~demonimin@unaffiliated/demonimin> has joined #yocto15:22
rburton1but yeah point it at the README and use beginline/endline (iirc) to identify the license text in the readme15:22
rburton1plenty of prior art for that in oe-core15:22
*** fxgiraldeau_ <fxgiraldeau_!~fxgiralde@> has joined #yocto15:22
rburton1good to also point it at a source file if there's a license in the comments15:22
*** clopez <clopez!> has joined #yocto15:22
*** dv_ <dv_!> has joined #yocto15:22
mbroadstah okay, yeah there are a few node modules I'm trying to make recipes for and they basically only have a license in the package.json, which I wouldn't want to use as that is likely to change quite often15:23
*** sa2ajj <sa2ajj!> has joined #yocto15:23
*** igor2 <igor2!~igor@> has joined #yocto15:23
mbroadstlooks like this one in particular has it in the, so beginline/endline works15:25
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has joined #yocto15:25
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kergothWIP: successfully built an oe-core world build with and confirmed no buildhistory delta15:31
*** Hauke <Hauke!> has joined #yocto15:31
riz__Anyone have an example of starting an app at boot?15:32
riz__I have tried the various examples I found but nothing seems to work15:32
*** pidge <pidge!pidge@gateway/shell/bnc4free/x-mysrnkpgtdwacyjk> has joined #yocto15:33
*** Biliogadafr1 <Biliogadafr1!> has joined #yocto15:34
rburton1write init script, success15:34
rburton1for a better answer, define app and startup.15:34
rburton1erm, boot.15:34
*** Biliogadafr <Biliogadafr!> has quit IRC15:35
riz__rburton: I am trying to get the Qt5_CinematicExperience example app to start once I boot my image15:37
billrriz__: I've generally used a custom init script as rbuton1 suggested. Flexible and works well. Also lets you start multiple programs, if need be (we started half a dozen of them).15:38
riz__billr: that id what I am having trouble with15:38
riz__This is what I have:
riz__It does not seem to work15:38
kergoth"does not seem to work" is not useful15:39
kergothwhat exactly is the behavior?15:39
riz__my script simply has "/usr/share/cinematicexperience-1.0/Qt5_CinematicExperience -platform eglfs" in it15:39
riz__IT doesnt start15:39
riz__One thing I noticed is that I do not see it in the /etc/init.d folder15:40
billrthat would explain why it doesn't start15:40
rburton1you did remember to uncomment do_install, right :)15:40
*** sgw_ <sgw_!~sgw_@> has joined #yocto15:40
riz__Well that is another question.15:40
*** MiskaX <MiskaX!~jussi@> has joined #yocto15:40
riz__IS that part needed?15:40
riz__I did that and still did not work15:40
rburton1if you don't install a file then it can't be in the package15:40
rburton1first step is getting your script into the package15:41
riz__I thought that the inheritance of update-rc.d tookk care of that automatically??15:41
*** marex-cloud____ <marex-cloud____!sid137234@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto15:41
rburton1riz__: no, how would it know where to find the script?15:41
rburton1also, your script and the variable have different names15:42
rburton1(rename it to just qtapp)15:42
riz__I have it in SRC_URI, then I reference it using INITSCRIPT_NAME15:42
riz__I thought that was how it knew15:42
rburton1because most packages ship their own init scripts15:42
riz__hmm ok15:42
rburton1so the class just expects there to be an init script with the name installed, somehow15:43
riz__I don't need ".sh" when referring to the script file?15:43
rburton1most init scripts don't have .sh endings15:43
riz__OK, and that would be int, I do not need to reference this using IMAGE_INSTALL or anything?15:43
rburton1so when you've verified that you're generating a package with the script actually in it15:44
riz__Wait, so my actual file should not end in .sh? Or is that fine?15:44
rburton1yes youll need to put that package into an image15:44
rburton1rename the file to qtapp, and update the SRC_URI15:44
rburton1(there's an optimisation for .sh init scripts that will cause subtle changes of behaviour which might bite you)15:44
*** jonathanmaw <jonathanmaw!> has quit IRC15:44
riz__ok. I will try this real quick. brb15:45
*** jonmason <jonmason!sid36602@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto15:45
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kergothquestion: should we write a script to test various combinations of packageconfigs?15:57
*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristan@> has joined #yocto15:57
rburton1sounds hideous15:58
rburton1and some are mutually exclusive15:58
*** t0mmy_ <t0mmy_!~tprrt@> has quit IRC15:59
kergothyeah, but most arent even tested at all15:59
*** CTtpollard <CTtpollard!> has quit IRC15:59
rburton1until we have a full dependency system in packageconfig i'd say automated testing is mental15:59
kergothi wrote some bits to experiment with scripting disabling of all packageconfigs that add extra dependencies15:59
kergothyou should see how much exploded :)15:59
rburton1well, i guess a script to do builds for all combinations for a specific recipe might be sensible15:59
kergothall sorts of implicit deps and configs that are required to build at all and..15:59
kergothyeah, that's what i was thinking as a start15:59
kergothall combos of all recipes is a massive matrix16:00
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!> has quit IRC16:00
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riz__rburton: It did not work. qtapp is not getting into init.d. My recipe is as follows:
*** evanmeagher <evanmeagher!~MongooseW@> has joined #yocto16:09
*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away16:12
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mbroadstare there any helper utilities for installing a full directory in do_install? or rather can I just do a cp -r? trying to anticipate any gotchas before doing a full build here :)16:15
billrriz__: I don't know what all the update-rc.d inherit does automatically, but in an example I built awhile back I had a line like this as part of the do_install:16:15
billr  update-rc.d -r ${D} qtapp start 98 S .16:15
billrwhich creates links in /etc/rc?.d.16:15
kergothmbroadst: cp -a is fine, but you may well need to chown it after the copy to make sure the ownership isn't leaked (we don't want files owned by the build system user on target)16:16
kergothalterantively cp -a --no-preserve=ownership16:16
kergothif there's no symlinks or anything -r would do16:17
riz__billr: What is the 98 S?16:17
riz__And that line just goes at the end of the do_install(), right?16:17
kergothno, update-rc.d calls belong in the postinst/prerm scripts16:17
mbroadstkergoth: I was using a `for file in..` loop with `install ..` on each of them for a basic single level folder16:17
kergothbut you really should be using the bbclass16:17
mbroadstbut I want to install the `node_modules` which is a potentially huge and deep structure16:18
riz__Yesh, I did use the class, it isnt working16:18
* kergoth nods16:18
riz__kergoth: Do you see anything wrong:
kergothagain, isnt working is not useful.16:19
kergothlooks fine to me. after installation in the rootfs, does /etc/init.d/qtapp exist? what about paths in /etc/rc*.d/?16:20
riz__That is what I dont understand16:20
riz__IT doesnt get put in init.d16:20
*** Jefro1 <Jefro1!> has quit IRC16:21
billrriz__: S and 98 are used to create a symlink from your init script in /etc/init.d to a start/kill file in /etc/rc?.d. S means run at system start, K means run on shutdown. The number indicates the order, so that command would create a symlink S98qtapp in /etc/rc3.d to start your app on startup.16:22
kergothriz__: the class is irrelevent, then16:22
kergothif hte file isn't in init.d, then your package is probably not even installed, or your do_install is wrong16:23
kergothmake sure your package is even installed in your image16:23
*** evanmeagher <evanmeagher!~MongooseW@> has quit IRC16:23
riz__It is not installed16:23
riz__That is my issue16:23
riz__I am not seeing what is wrong with the recipe16:24
kergoththe recipe is irrelevent16:24
kergothif you haven't bothered to add your package to your image, then changing your recipe will do nothing16:24
kergoththe image controls what packages get installed. creating a recipe doesn't magically add it to your image16:24
riz__ok. let me check it out16:24
kergothCORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "yourpackagename" in local.conf, or IMAGE_INSTALL in the recipe16:24
*** Nilesh__ <Nilesh__!uid116340@gateway/web/> has quit IRC16:24
*** focus <focus!~Doug@> has quit IRC16:24
riz__IMAGE_INSTALL_append would work too right?16:25
*** Nilesh__ <Nilesh__!uid116340@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto16:27
*** raykinsella78 <raykinsella78!~rkinsell@> has joined #yocto16:28
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riz__kergoth: OK, that worked as far as getting qtapp in init.d16:37
riz__So does the inherit of update-rc.d take care of starting the script?16:37
riz__It did not run the scrit I guess, because my app didnt start16:37
riz__I did manually run the script in the terminal and it worked fine, but for some reason it did not start on boot16:38
billrriz__: that's a good start. Is there a link in etc/rc3.d to qtapp?16:39
*** wenzong <wenzong!~wfan@> has joined #yocto16:39
riz__let me check16:40
*** Crofton|work <Crofton|work!> has quit IRC16:41
*** Crofton|work <Crofton|work!> has joined #yocto16:41
riz__kergoth: yes there is16:42
billrriz__: what's its name?16:43
*** billyw <billyw!~billyw@> has joined #yocto16:43
billrriz__: does this app require the xserver to be be running?16:45
*** townxelliot <townxelliot!~ell@> has quit IRC16:46
riz__is it that it is trying to start before that?16:47
billrif it does, you'll need to put the symlink file in /etc/rc5.d and give it a higher sequence number than the xserver it runs later, like S98qtapp16:47
*** evanmeagher <evanmeagher!~MongooseW@> has joined #yocto16:47
billryes, it is trying to start before X starts and fails.16:47
riz__How do I put it in rc5.d?16:47
*** raykinsella781 <raykinsella781!~rkinsell@> has joined #yocto16:47
*** raykinsella78 <raykinsella78!~rkinsell@> has quit IRC16:48
riz__Also, where can I learn about this entire topic? I searched google but did not find much.16:48
billrnot sure how to get it in rc5.d :-) I would think there woud be an option to update-rc.d....16:48
riz__ok. I'll search16:50
riz__What can I search to learn about this topic. I don't quite understand the rc folders and the startup sequence numbers16:51
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!~Gianfranc@ubuntu/member/locutusofborg> has quit IRC16:52
billrThe number in the rc?.d directory refers to the runlevel and the directory contains a group of files to be run for that run level. Do a search for sysVinit or system V init16:52
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@> has joined #yocto16:53
billrThe numbers in the filename just provide a mechanism to order things to force some processes to startup earlier than others, e.g., S20xserver will ruin before S99yourapp.16:53
kergothINITSCRIPT_PARAMS controls the arguments passed to update-rc.d, which in turn controls how the links are created in rc*.d16:53
kergothdebian's documentation may be of use if the yocto docs aren't, as that's where update-rc.d is from16:54
billrThanks, kergoth! i did not know that.16:54
khemkergoth: can we get reverse dependencies from bitbake ?16:56
riz__Thanks. Yeah, I figured but yocto documentation does not really describe its use that well16:57
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*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has joined #yocto17:01
kergothkhem: not sure what you mean by that17:01
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rburton1riz__: erm, are you using systemd?17:25
* rburton1 catching up on log17:26
*** warthog19 <warthog19!~warthog9@> has joined #yocto17:26
riz__How do you use INITSCRIPT_PARAMS?17:26
rburton1if your app needs X then you need to tell it where the X server is17:26
*** stwcx <stwcx!~stwcx@> has joined #yocto17:26
riz__I cant find any docs on it17:26
rburton1(which is why i asked what "app" was)17:26
riz__as far as what the parameters you specify mean17:26
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riz__Well it runs just fine when I manually run it17:27
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riz__I think I need to specify the sequenc17:27
*** psadro1 <psadro1!~Thunderbi@> has joined #yocto17:27
rburton1to autostart X apps you can use /etc/X11/Xsession.d17:27
riz__But I dont know how to use INITSCRIP_PARAMS17:27
rburton1you don't17:27
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riz__OH. OK. That is new17:28
*** likewise <likewise!~likewise@> has joined #yocto17:28
riz__Where can I find infor on that? Or how do you do it? lol17:28
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rburton1to autostart an X application an init script wont work17:28
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rburton1riz__: just put your script into /etc/X11/Xsession.d17:28
rburton1and when X starts, it will run your script17:28
rburton1i'm assuming that you have an image which starts X17:28
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billrriz_: to answer your question about INITSCRIPT_PARAMS, it is documented in the Yocto 2.0.1 reference manual.17:29
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halsteadrburton1, I've done the weekly maintenance on 6 of the autobuilders but will wait until your builds finish on fedora22 and opensuse421 to complete.17:30
rburton1halstead: thanks.  hope i did't get in the way of anything!17:30
halsteadrburton1, No problem. We are trying to do a weekly update on my Friday morning but I don't want to interrupt your workflow if possible.17:31
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rburton1halstead: ok, cool.  i'll try to remember to leave the ab free friday afternoons and ping you if i want to get a build going on friday in future17:32
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rburton1riz__: oh and remember to make your script executabe17:33
halsteadrburton1, Thanks. It's a best effort, not scheduled downtime, sort of thing.17:34
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karobarI've got a package which can be added to build dependencies fine, but when added to the runtime dependencies, smart fails to find a shared object file. any thoughts?17:44
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kergothkarobar: insufficient information.17:46
*** focus <focus!~Doug@> has joined #yocto17:46
kergothactual errors are needed to diagnose17:46
karobarComputing transaction...error: Can't install oracle-jse-jdk-x86-64-1.7.0-u67r0@core2_64: no package provides
karobarduring the do_rootfs step of a recipe which has oracle-jse-jdk-x86-64 in the RDEPENDS_${PN} variable17:47
*** armpit <armpit!> has joined #yocto17:47
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karobarthat's when trying to run the command Command '<build dir>/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/bin/smart17:48
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daviskergoth: you here?17:57
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halsteadrburton1, Maintenance is done if you want to queue more.18:44
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riz___What is the best way to change the splsh screen image? I made a ppsplash_git.bbappend and put "SPLASH_IMAGES = "file://psplash-custom-image.png;outsuffix=default"" in it but that didn't work.20:08
davishmm. it appears bitbake virtual/kernel rebuilds my kernel but not my modules.20:16
davisis this normal?20:16
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davisbitbake-layers show-recipes | less does not show anythng that pops out as a seperate modules recipe20:19
davisbut I did bitbake -c clean virtual/kernel and then bitbake virtual/kernel and then bitbake imagename20:20
davisi booted the new kernel and I see my append string bumped up by one, but my /lib/modules/..../ does not show the new modules I enabled.20:20
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rburtonhalstead: did you see that my AB builds finished?21:29
kergothAnyone played with mapping packageconfigs to provides?21:29
rburtonhalstead: (subtext: can i start new jobs on the AB or are you still working on it)21:29
*** parrot <parrot!~chankit@> has joined #yocto21:29
halsteadrburton: all ready to go.21:30
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rburtonthanks halstead21:36
riz__I was under the impression that you can put a .bbappend in any layer and it will affect the relative recipe in another layer. I have tried this many times and it never seems to actually affect the original recipe.21:37
riz__Am I missing something?21:37
*** pohly <pohly!> has quit IRC21:38
neverpaniccertainly, because that works perfect for me. did you enable the layer?21:40
*** sjolley <sjolley!sjolley@nat/intel/x-oumdujnlvvkiycig> has quit IRC21:40
riz__yes, I put it in bblayers.conf21:40
kergothworks fine for me. the append has to be in the correct path, otherwise it won't be found by the BBFILES addition done by the layer.conf in the layer21:40
riz__neverpanic: I am using the layer for other things, however none of my bbappends work21:41
riz__OK wait21:41
neverpanicbitbake -e $yourrecipe and check at the top whether the bbappend is mentioned; also check whether you see any of the things you do in the bbappend in the output21:41
riz__So I have to have the same directory path as the original recipe in the other layer?21:41
kergothno, it just has to be matched by the wildcard pattern used in BBFILES21:41
kergoththe convention is to align wtih the location of the recipe, but it's not required as long as it's in a path that'll be found by BBFILES21:42
kergothread your layer.conf21:42
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neverpanicThe whole directory thing is really just a convention. You could write a layer that doesn't use them and just puts everything in the root dir.21:43
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kergothin fact, the workspace used by devtool does just that, there's an 'appends' dir they're all in21:44
kergothas long as the bbfiles matches the physical location, you're good21:44
riz__OK. So I am appending the following: /home/ryan/development/custom/meta-qt5/recipes-qt/qt5/qtbase_git.bb21:46
riz__My append file is in: /home/ryan/development/custom/meta-image/recipes-qt5/qtbase_%.bbappend21:46
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riz__My meta-image layer is included in layers.conf21:47
riz__kergoth: shouldnt that work?21:48
kergothno, that's almost guaranteed not to work21:49
kergothit's at the wrong level21:49
kergothyou put it in recipes-qt5 rather than recipes-qt5/qt5/21:49
*** gtristan <gtristan!> has joined #yocto21:49
kergothi've said repeatedly that the path has to align with what your bbfiles says in your layer.conf21:49
kergothread your layer.conf21:49
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riz__That was my original question21:49
riz__And I was told no21:49
kergothif you don't want to have to put it in that deep a dir structure, then you'll need to edit BBFILES in layer.conf to match21:49
kergothagain, make sure it's placed in a path that matches the pattern in BBFILES in layer.conf.21:49
riz__OK. Thanks. I gigured that was the case21:50
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