Tuesday, 2016-05-10

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snoutobillr : if i want my custom linux distribution to show a logo during booting only (like apple IOS displays apple logo until the desktop appears) how can i do this ?00:45
billrsnouto: make sure you include the 'psplash' package and set a bitmap file. Here's one thread on the same question: http://yocto.yoctoproject.narkive.com/Cn3r1hSa/custom-splash-screen-using-psplash . I'm sure you can find others.00:49
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khemthere are few more options e.g. dietsplash and plymouth01:22
khemplymouth integrates well with systemd01:22
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snoutokhem : Thank you01:54
snoutobillr : Thank you , you really were very helpful to me01:54
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rai_I'm trying to build the kernel and FS for the Intel Galileo 2.  I DLed the BSP from the Intel website and the and ran setup.sh . The build complains of many layer.conf files not found.  I've noticed that some layers (meta-*whatever*) don't have a 'conf' or layer.conf file.  Shouldn't all layers have a layer.conf ?03:56
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tasslehoffI have an old target running dylan. Can't move on because I'm stuck at kernel 2.6.39. Now I want GCC 5.2. Think that can be done?05:45
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mckoangood morning07:37
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khemRP: Here is fix for non-glibc c++ header issue in SDK that I was talking about other day http://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core-contrib/commit/?h=kraj/gcc-6&id=e52025a59bc3bc19a5bcb16c9ab43ba7eb29f87208:17
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RPkhem: ah, neat :)08:17
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khemRP: my tree is growing, I have accumulated many updates in there08:28
khemwhen are we opening master08:28
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RPkhem: its open now basically08:29
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khemRP: OK08:40
khemRP: In my tree, I have currently pointed the gcc/glibc/gdb to branches inside my github forks for ease of fixing08:41
khemRP: I will ask rburton to give it another run on ab08:42
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lpappHi. Can RREPLACES/RCONFLICTS/RPROVIDES be applied for moving files from one package (also recipe) to another (also recipe)?09:12
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lpappor what would be the right way for making opkg happy at a potential upgrade on the field?09:13
rburtonyes, that's what they're generally for09:13
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lpappI used these when I renamed a package from old to new: RREPLACES_${PN} = "old-name"09:14
lpappbut I have not yet used them for files.09:14
lpappi.e. in the file restructuring sense, both packages will coexist in the future, they will just differently distribute the files at a potential upgrade.09:15
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lpappor is it something like opkg that I should use with some force option at package upgrade not to complain about clashing files from different packages?09:18
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lpappor I should first remove the old packages and then install the new ones? What is the best practice here to solve this?09:19
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rburtoneasiest way is to go read the debian developer guide, the chapter on moving files between packages09:21
rburtonexplains how to do it, but basically use replaces/conflicts/provides09:22
lpappthank you, do you have a recipe in mind doing this in meta already?09:23
rburtongrep RCONFLICTS, you'll find some09:23
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lpapprburton: I can only see package conflicts, not file.09:35
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lpappe.g. in ./meta/recipes-support/libnl/libnl_3.2.22.bb09:41
lpappor ./meta/recipes-kernel/lttng/lttng-ust_2.4.0.bb09:43
lpappthese are all replacing packages, which is fine, but I cannot find an example for file restructing between two existing packages.09:43
lpappor is it enough to set these up between two packages?09:44
lpappwithout caring about the files?09:44
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lpapprburton: from the debian manual: "It is usually an error for a package to contain files which are on the system in another package. However, if the overwriting package declares that it Replaces the one containing the file being overwritten, then dpkg will replace the file from the old package with that from the new. The file will no longer be listed as "owned" by the old package and will be taken over by the10:12
lpappnew package. Normally, Breaks should be used in conjunction with Replaces.[53] "10:13
lpapp     Replaces: foo (<< 1.2-3)10:13
lpapp     Breaks: foo (<< 1.2-3)10:13
lpappso it seems to be that the specification is not file based, but the same as for whole packages.10:14
lpappexcept that it does not say conflict10:14
lpappnot sure why it does not say rprovides though10:14
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lpappis it RREPLACES_${PN} = "foo (<= 1.1.1)" -> is it possible to specify the PR version in that line for foo?10:52
lpappso for instance, something like 1.1.1-r3 instead of 1.1.1?10:53
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lumpiduif I want to define do_compile() differently for native builds and for cross compilation builds: is there any do_compile_native() or how do I have to express this ?11:35
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lumpidu@rburton: thanks, works!11:48
lumpiduif a recipe is built indirectly natively because of a bitbake rootfs-image  -c populate_sdk, how do I access the devshell for the native build of that recipe ?11:52
rburtonbitbake recipe-native -c devshell11:53
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lpappthis seems to work RREPLACES_${PN}-foo = "bar", but this does not RREPLACES_${PN}-foo = "bar (<=1.1.1)", i.e. I am getting conflicts at opkg install pkg-foo: RREPLACES_${PN}-foo = "bar". What am I doing wrong?12:04
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lpapphas this ever been tested ? ./meta/recipes-support/libcheck/libcheck_0.9.12.bb:20:RREPLACES_${PN} = "check (<= 0.9.5)" I see no version specified at other replace places.12:33
lpappalso, this is weirdly constructed, too: ./meta/recipes-core/init-ifupdown/init-ifupdown_1.0.bb:37:RCONFLICTS_${PN} = "netbase (< 1:5.0)" -> what does 1:5.0 mean?12:34
jkulpapp: I suppose 1 is epoch (PE)12:35
lpappjku: hmm, ok, thanks.12:38
lpappI cannot see an example for the versioning restriction even in meta-oe...12:39
lpappperhaps opkg is buggy for the version operators? Because it works fine without...12:40
lpappbut once the replace happens, it is not required in newer versions for our project.12:40
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mcfriskdoes jethro run nicely with read-only rootfs, or are fixes/backports/hacks needed?13:06
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karobaranyone have an idea what would cause a improperly implemented machine configure file to cause satisfy_dependencies_for errors? I've got a better explained question here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/37124104/bitbake-fails-during-satisfy-dependency-for13:33
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AnticomHi all. Does putting relative paths in bblayers.conf work?14:15
*** maxin <maxin!~maxin@> has joined #yocto14:16
AnticomMy task is to assemble a git repo (probably using submodules) to have a single repo that can be checked out and is ready to build our image. Afaik this is not how it's meant to be used but have to do that, unless you've got a better suggestion of course :)14:17
shaguAnticom: you could use variables such as $รข{TOPDIR}14:17
*** astrophys <astrophys!~janderJLR@> has joined #yocto14:18
shaguAnticom: for example BBLAYERS = "${TOPDIR}/../meta"14:18
Anticomshagu: oh... totally forgot that it was an actual bb file... lol thanks :)14:18
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lumpiduin my nativesdk libpthread is missing, how to add it to there ?14:46
*** adelcast <adelcast!~adelcast@> has joined #yocto14:46
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AnticomBtw. why is there meta-*/ in poky's .gitignore?15:06
boucman_workAnticom: gitignore doesn't ignore stuff that is already tracked by git15:07
lpapppeople may like cloning meta layers into the poke root15:07
lpappI certainly used to do that15:08
boucman_workso my guess is that it allows to hide whatever layers the dev has added while still tracking the ones that are in git15:08
lpappthat is right.15:08
Anticomlpapp: that's exactly what i wanted to do. However now i'd have to force them in15:08
lpappAnticom: why not submodule?15:08
*** tjamison <tjamison!~tjamison@> has joined #yocto15:08
Anticomlpapp: from poky?15:09
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has joined #yocto15:09
lpappbecause they have their own history...15:09
Anticomi'm having a parent repo where poky is one of its submodules. That's how i wanted to do it15:09
Anticomguess i can set our repo as upstream for poky and leave the downstream for updates?15:10
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto15:10
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rburtonAnticom: if you've a parent repo then you could put the other layers alongside poky instead of under it15:17
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Anticomrburton: that's the solution i'm going with now :)15:17
*** obsrwr_home <obsrwr_home!~obsrwr@> has joined #yocto15:18
rburtonmakes it clear that the layers are not part of poky15:18
neverpanicAnticom: that's also what we're doing.15:18
neverpanicSo if that's "not how it's meant to be used", rest assured that there are others violating that rule.15:19
*** tjamison <tjamison!~tjamison@> has joined #yocto15:19
Anticomrburton: Also i still don't get how to use yocto w/o poky repo. Iirc it's "just" a reference distro however there are plenty of scripts and tools already set up for you so starting from ground up would be a rather huge efford, wouldn't it?15:19
rburtonclone bitbake and oe-core15:20
*** ulf` <ulf`!~Ulf@> has joined #yocto15:20
Anticomneverpanic: I thought you just version your own layers and set up your environment by getting the provided stuff yourself instaed of managing them in submodules15:20
Anticomrburton: oh okay15:21
Anticomoh man, haven't worked with yocto for 4 weeks bc of vacation and now i'm starting from scratch again :/15:21
*** evanmeagher <evanmeagher!~MongooseW@c-73-71-33-109.hsd1.ca.comcast.net> has joined #yocto15:22
neverpanicAnticom: We want to be able to have one central version where we can go back and forth to bisect problems15:22
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Anticomrburton: btw is there any reason, why the layers have to be cloned manually and then added? Wouldn't it be more convenient to just specify the layers's location similar to SRC_URI and let some script handle the rest?15:29
Anticombesides effort to change it of course15:29
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rburtonyou've just described bitbake-layers ;)15:30
Anticomrburton: well but i can't check that bblayers.conf in15:31
Anticomsince the paths are absolute and unique to my machine15:31
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Anticomrburton: i was thinking about like a bbproject.conf where you just say BBLAYERS = "git://git.yoctoproject.org/poky.git git://git.openembedded.org/meta-openembedded ..."15:32
Anticomand have a tool to set up your environment15:32
Anticomthis way it could be versioned and easily managed15:32
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billrRP; finally got to the point where I saw your reply to the oeqa2 email thread. What you said here earlier reiterates your comments in the email. Thanks.15:34
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kergothAnticom: as rburton says, bitbake-layers can fetch from the layer index. one ofthe montavista guys had a patch series to add remote layers support to BBLAYERS, but i don't think it ended up getting too far15:42
kergothmost folks just address it with other tooling15:42
kergothrather than making bitbake do everything15:42
lumpiduSorry for repeating my question: my nativesdk recipe needs <nativesdk-prefix>/usr/lib/libpthread_nonshared.a which according to the host manifest is not installed in the sdk, but according  to the target manifest it is. I added a nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host.bbappend and inside RDEPENDS for libpthread-stubs, but it does not add the lib to the native sdk :( Any ideas ?15:42
kergothyou need nativesdk-libpthread-stubs15:43
kergothnativesdk packages are nativesdk- prefixed15:43
kergothyou could also ust add it to TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK in the sdk / image / local.conf rather than adjusting the packagegroup15:44
Anticomare variables like TOPDIR and THISDIR expanded in bblayers.conf?15:46
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lumpidu@kergoth, so is it ok to add it as RDEPENDS_${PN} += "nativesdk-libpthread-stubs" of the nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host.bbappend ?15:49
karobaranyone have an idea what would cause satisfy_dependencies_for errors, even when the .ipks are in a package arch dir which is set to my MACHINE variable? I've got a better explained question here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/37124104/bitbake-fails-during-satisfy-dependency-for15:51
lumpiduand to make the dependency clear that this has to be available before my recipe is compiled, to add RDEPENDS_${PN}_class-nativesdk += "nativesdk-libpthread-stubs" to the recipe ?15:51
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rburtonlumpidu: do you really need pthread-stubs?15:56
lumpidurburton: unfortunately yes: I am about to put grpc under a recipe: for that I need protobuf for generating the translated files and then the grpc libs depend on pthread15:59
lumpidurburton: is this a problem ?16:00
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rburtonglibc should be shipping pthreads16:00
rburtonmy glibc has /lib/libpthread-2.23.so and /lib/libpthread.so.0 in16:01
lumpiduwhat I am doing is bitbake rootfs -c populate-sdk and the  pthread libs are in the target sysroot but not in the host sysroot16:02
*** rubdos <rubdos!~rubdos@host-85-27-76-52.dynamic.voo.be> has joined #yocto16:02
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rburtonsadly i don't have a sdk built to compare16:06
rburtonlumpidu: so you want a nativesdk-grpc so you can run grpc inside the sdk itself16:06
lumpidurburton: ah what I am seeing is that the host sysroot has the libpthread.so inside but not the libpthread_nonshared.a which is required by grpc and which is present in the target sysroot16:07
rburtonwhy would you need a host libpthread-nonshared.a in a sdk?16:07
rburtonunless you're building other host binaries16:08
lumpiduwhat I want is to have the protoc plugins of grpc compiled for the native sdk so they can be run on the host when generating the grpc code for the target16:09
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lumpidurburton: is libpthread_nonshared.a a problem for host sdk ?16:21
*** adelcast <adelcast!~adelcast@> has left #yocto16:21
rburtonlumpidu: afaik, the host bits are just to run, so you won't get headers and static libraries16:22
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lumpiduis this something I could tweak with some .bbappend ? any hint on which recipe to look for ? glibc ?16:24
rburtonyou want to add nativesdk-glibc-dev to the sdk i guess16:25
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kergothJaMa: if we want to stay on 5.6, is the best bet to just lock down meta-qt5 to c1b0c9f546289b1592d7a895640de103723a0305? Is there a tag/branch for folks who aren't prepared for the jump yet?17:40
JaMakergoth: krogoth branch17:42
kergothwe're not sticking to krogoth elsewhere, though :)17:43
JaMabut it will get bugfixes which apply fot 5.617:44
JaMamany projects are using older Yocto releases and meta-qt5 from krogoth branch17:44
JaMabecause they want 5.617:44
JaMaso you have oposite case :)17:44
kergothI don't know if we'll have to stay with 5.6 or not, but it needs to be carefully considered due to the licensing changes, which means dealing with legal :)17:44
kergothi'll try sticking with krogoth for now17:45
JaMait's possible that I'll eventually create separate branch for 5.6 maintanance which will be compatible with latest Yocto relases (once there are some incompatible changes) because of licensing17:45
* kergoth nods17:46
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* kergoth preps more ldflags fixes17:56
* kergoth wonders how he didn't hit some of these with the external toolchain, must not have built some of those recipes17:57
kergothRP: sorry i didn't get to the ldflags issues yesterday, feel free to hold off on the ldflags poisoning merge. i've got a sick kid at home, and he's in a dada phase, i barely got a half day of work in yesterday18:00
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khemkergoth: ldflags poising is going to expose a lot of recipes which dont respect ldflags so imo that should be fixed18:11
khemkergoth: secondly, its going to mean that when I do $CC hello.c with installed SDK from OE that wont work18:11
khemits a different behavior than rest of gcc world18:12
kergothbinaries don't work without setting the hash style to gnu?18:12
khemdefault it sysv18:12
khemeven though gnu_hash is better and faster, it would be less of a pain to drop it and take the hit if we really want the ldflags18:13
kergothi didn't realize gnu hash is required to run binaries, i thought it was just a performance improvement. regardless, we could easily apply the poisoning only to gcc-cross and not gcc-cross-canadian and sidestep the sdk issues entirely18:14
kergoththe main goal here to identify problematic recipes, which is via gcc-cross18:14
kergothRP: thoughts on that? i think we should set it aside entirely until more of the qa failures are fixed, regardless, but perhaps cross-canadian should be excluded18:16
khemare there some gut of gcc-cross that is exposed to libgcc and gcc-runtime as well ?18:18
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karobaranyone have an idea what would cause opkg to spit out satisfy_dependencies_for errors, even when the .ipks are in a package arch dir which is set to my MACHINE variable? I've got a better explained question here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/37124104/bitbake-fails-during-satisfy-dependency-for18:43
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khemkarobar: are those ipks empty ?18:54
otaviorburton: can you take a look at Neena's e-mail about FreeGLUT?18:56
otaviokergoth: I don't think 5.6 is worse than 5.5. 5.4 is the last one which were not gplv3 IIRC18:58
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khemQt is headed wrong way19:02
karobarkhem: no, the .ipks for all the dependencies seem to have control and data tars19:06
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JaMaotavio: but meta-qt5/master has 5.7 which is a lot worse than 5.6 in meta-qt5/krogoth for many people19:53
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kergothotavio: 5.7 removes lgpl 2.1 as an option19:55
* kergoth yawns19:55
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otaviokergoth: indeed20:48
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RPkergoth: In theory people should be using our SDK flags. If they're not, they're asking for trouble :/22:20
RPkergoth: I know people are unhappy about the --sysroot poisoning though22:20
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khemRP: I think as far as the options are bundled into CFLAGS or CC it should be fine22:26
khemRP: however, saying that you can not do $CC -o test test.c is not acceptable IMO22:27
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RPkhem: its a tricky one... :/22:32
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khemRP: most of folks have preexisting Makefiles,22:36
RPkhem: doesn't this mean we have problems changing gcc-cross too?22:36
khemasking for CC ${CLFAGS} -o test.o test.c ; LD $LDFLAGS test.o -o test22:37
khemis fine but then whats the point of gcc driver ?22:37
khemgcc-cross doesnt interact with users as much as SDK does22:37
khemit can be dealt with at recipe level22:37
khemit would help with cleanup but then we also have to keep in mind what developers expect22:38
khemmost of them expect native kind of experience22:38
khemespecially with SDKs22:39
RPkhem: don't you just do CC $CFLAGS $LDFLAGS -o test test.c ?22:39
RPkhem: our LDFLAGS are designed to go to the driver rather than the linker directly anyway22:39
khemRP: yes that would do it too22:39
khemhowever, they will begrudge22:39
khemhmm do we export CFLAGS and LDFLAGS into sdk env ?22:40
khemin that case it may not be needed22:40
RPkhem: we do export both afaik, yes22:44
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khemok that may help bit makefiles23:56

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