Wednesday, 2016-05-11

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maciejjoafter problems with GCC 6 I found a cool solution for separating yocto build environment from host OS - docker container08:43
maciejjoI wanted to create it but seems someone beat me by a month:
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neverpanicUsing a container for Yocto builds is hardly news.08:51
maciejjoprobably - I did not stumble upon this earlier, and this particular docker is quite fresh08:56
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niteshnarayanlalhi is there a standard way to use multiple 32 and 64 bit toolchain in the same yocto recipe10:07
boucman_workniteshnarayanlal:  yes
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niteshnarayanlalboucman_work, thanks for the reference10:16
boucman_workit makes building images horrendously long, though :P10:17
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hanthings_Hello. Maybe somebody can help with my issue. I still get this error "multiple providers are available for virtual/kernel (linux-yocto, linux-dummy)" even tough I have a linux-yocto_4.4.bbappend in my layer where may machine is added to compatible machines var. Does anyone knows why10:31
niteshnarayanlalboucman_work, actually I have a part of package built using 32bit tool chain and rest using 64t bit tool chain10:38
niteshnarayanlalthat's the problem10:38
boucman_workniteshnarayanlal: a "part" of a package ? that's tricky10:41
boucman_workhanthings_: the bbappend doesn't influence the choice of kernel provider10:41
hanthings_boucman_work, the kernel provider is configured in my machine.conf10:42
boucman_workso you have aline like10:42
boucman_workPREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel ?= "linux-toradex"10:42
boucman_workin your machine.conf right ?10:42
boucman_workthat's weird... you sure you don't have a typo in there ?10:43
hanthings_this is exaclty what I have in my conf10:43
hanthings_PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/linux ?= "linux-yocto"10:43
hanthings_ 33 PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto = "4.4%"10:43
boucman_workI have virtual/kernel not virtual/linux10:44
boucman_workplease try that... that could be it10:44
hanthings_let's see10:45
hanthings_boucman_work, nice catch :) thanks10:46
hanthings_I always read linux and in my mind was casted to kernel :P10:46
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boucman_workyeah, that's the sort of mistakes I make too :P10:55
niteshnarayanlalboucman_work, yes actually the recipe builds two packages11:00
niteshnarayanlalsuch that one is dependent on another, now I cant make separate recipes for them11:00
niteshnarayanlalso the prerequisite package is built using 32 bit tool chain and the later one uses 64 bit tool chain11:00
niteshnarayanlalits weird but this is how it is :P11:01
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hanthings_Hi. Have some issues with starting a fitImage11:54
hanthings_for some reason the board stops at "Starting kernel ..."11:55
hanthings_Verifying the fitimage.its it looks that kernel is marked uncompresssed. However in the kernel-fitimage.bbclass I've found this comment "# Override KERNEL_IMAGETYPE_FOR_MAKE variable, which is internal11:58
hanthings_ 11         # to kernel.bbclass . We have to override it, since we pack zImage11:58
hanthings_ 12         # (at least for now) into the fitImage .11:58
hanthings_ 13         d.setVar("KERNEL_IMAGETYPE_FOR_MAKE", "zImage")11:58
hanthings_sorry the paste didn't work as expected11:58
boucman_workhow is your linux console configured ?12:00
boucman_workwhat is your kernel commandline ?12:00
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hanthings_you mean bootargs?12:01
hanthings_bootargs=root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rw rootwait console=ttymxc1,115200 mtdparts=mxc_nand:1024k(u-boot),512k(env1),512k(env2),14m(boot),240m(data),-@2048k(UBI) nohlt panic=112:01
boucman_workok, (just checking) you are sure about this part : console=ttymxc1,11520012:03
boucman_workit means, IIUC, that the kernel will print its messages only on the serial line, not on the screen12:03
hanthings_that's correct12:05
hanthings_I mean the configuration is correct12:05
hanthings_I'm connected to the console using the serial line12:06
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hanthings_Does anyoane knows how can i debug a non booting fitImage?12:23
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niteshnarayanlalboucman_work, if I am doing a build for 64 bit platform but want 32 bit toolchain to be built with it12:31
niteshnarayanlalis there any direct way for it?12:31
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snoutobillr : are you there my friend !12:36
snoutofolks , i have a simple question12:36
snoutoi wanted to add custom splash screen to core-image-minimal , i am following a cookbook of yocto , after downloading yocto from Git , i simply issued12:37
snoutoShell# source oe-init-build-env qemuarm12:38
snoutothe script created a folder called qemuarm inside "Poky" directoy12:38
snoutonow , i wanted to add psplash to that qemuarm image , so i created recpies-core directory inside "qemuarm" folder12:39
boucman_workniteshnarayanlal: once you have configured multilib as described in the link I posted, you can add package like lib32-<a package name> in your IMAGE_INSTALL and it will install the 32bit version12:39
boucman_workso it will build the toolchain along the way12:39
snoutoinside that recipes-core directory , i have placed the folder called "psplash"12:39
boucman_work(i'm not sure what you are asking for exactly)12:39
snoutoboucman_work, i want to add psplash to the image i am building12:40
boucman_worksnouto: i'm not sure exactly how to do that, but what you are doing sounds wrong12:40
snoutoboucman_work: i just wanted to add psplash to the image i am creating12:40
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boucman_work# source oe-init-build-env qemuarm12:40
boucman_work^ this will create a build directory called qemuarm (instead of the more common "build")12:40
snoutowhat is wrong with that ?12:41
boucman_workfrom that directory you can edit a file "conf/local.conf"12:41
boucman_workbut you can't add recipe in your build directory, yocto won't look for them there12:41
snoutowhere can i place them and how can i attach them and let yocto feels them ?12:42
boucman_worksnouto: you have bulid core-image-minimal already, right ?12:42
snoutoboucman_work:   yes , i have built core-image-minimal already , but i wanted to customize it by adding a splash screen during the booting process instead of the more common linux black screen12:43
boucman_workok, add the following in your local.conf12:43
boucman_workEXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES_append = "psplash"12:44
niteshnarayanlalokk thanks12:44
boucman_workthat should add a splash screen to your image. rebuild the image, check that it works, and then you'll look into customizing it12:44
snoutoboucman_work: where exactly psplash exists that yocto will look for ?12:45
snoutoboucman_work: thank you so much my friend , but can you answer , where yocto grab that folder called "psplash" in this case ?12:45
boucman_workif you look into the file qemuarm/conf/bblayers.conf you will see a list of layer directories12:46
boucman_workeach of them contains a conf/layer.conf file that explains where to find all the recipes ( *.bb and *.bbappend files)12:47
boucman_workpsplash is in the layer called "meta" under recipes-core12:47
snoutoboucman_work: you are awesome , thank you for enlighting me , ignorance is very bad , thank god , that ignorance , is not written in genes :)12:48
snoutoboucman_work: there are some errors12:49
snoutoERROR: core-image-minimal was skipped: 'debug-tweakspsplash' in IMAGE_FEATURES (added via EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES) is not a valid image feature. Valid features: allow-empty-password dbg-pkgs debug-tweaks dev-pkgs doc doc-pkgs eclipse-debug empty-root-password hwcodecs nfs-client nfs-server package-management post-install-logging ptest-pkgs read-only-rootfs splash ssh-server-dropbear ssh-server-openssh staticdev-pkgs tools-debug tools-profile tools-sdk tools-testa12:49
snoutopps x11 x11-base x11-sato12:49
rburtonSnert_: when using append you need to put a space before the value12:50
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snoutorburton: are you talking to me ?12:50
rburtonerm, yeah12:51
rburtonsorry, tab complete went wrong12:51
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snoutorburton: what should i write though ?12:51
snoutorburton: something like EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES_append=" psplash"12:52
snoutowith a space before the value of psplash between quotes , that what you meant ?12:52
rburtonappend doesn't add whitespace12:52
rburtonwhich is why you got debug-tweakspsplash12:53
snoutorburton: i have made that12:54
snoutobut still receiving the same error sir12:54
boucman_workyeah, sorry I always mess-up between append, += and co.12:54
rburtonsnouto: paste as unless you didn't save you won't get that exact error again12:54
boucman_workI have a nice cheatsheet for that, but I'm usually too lazy to open it :P12:54
snoutowhat do you mean sir ?12:55
rburtonoh hang on, psplash isn't an image feature12:55
snoutoyeah that what the error tells12:55
rburtonso… don't add psplash to IMAGE_FEATURES.  if you're trying to add psplash to an image then you need to modify IMAGE_INSTALL or its deriviates.12:56
snoutocan you paste the command12:56
snoutorburton: can you paste the command for me , i am just a newcomer to yocto12:57
boucman_workrburton: psplas is an image feature, according to the ref-manual... it's not just a package12:58
boucman_work(I assume it changes stuff on the kernel command line or something)12:58
snoutoboucman_work: probably , you are using an older version of yocto, this happens between packages in open source community12:59
snoutoboucman_work: never mind about this12:59
rburtonah, the image feature is "splash"12:59
boucman_workoh wait, the feature is "splash" not psplash12:59
boucman_workmy bad12:59
snoutoboucman_work: so what about psplash ?12:59
rburtonthe spash image feature says "have a splash screen", the default implementation of that is with psplash13:00
rburtonall the splash image feature does is add a single package to the image, which defaults to psplash13:00
snoutoso what should i place then ,13:01
rburtoneither works13:01
rburtonthey're literally identical at the end of the day13:01
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snoutook , the last question , how can i modify that image13:02
boucman_workrburton: I would have thought the feature would influence kernel CLI or something like that... no ?13:02
boucman_worksnouto: we will answer that once you have booted an image with the default splash screen :P13:03
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boucman_workone thing at a time13:03
snoutorburton: it works , the splash screen shows yocto project and a progress bar13:03
snoutoboucman_work: yes it worked13:03
snoutoi can see it using runqemu qemuarm13:03
snouto#runqemu qemuarm13:03
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snoutoboucman_work,rburton: you knew , i can't find the image itself , i think it exists as an array of bytes in C code13:04
snoutohow can i create such array of bytes from my custom image13:05
snoutoi read yesterday that there is a tool called "make-image"13:05
snoutobut i could not find it13:05
rburtonsnouto: the default image is psplash-poky-img.h in oe-core13:05
snouto#define POKY_IMG_RLE_PIXEL_DATA ((uint8*) \13:06
snouto  "\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377" \13:06
snouto  "\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377" \13:06
snouto  "\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377" \13:06
snouto  "\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377" \13:06
snouto  "\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377\377" \13:06
snoutothis is the array , i am talking about13:06
rburtongrab the psplash source from if you want a new image.  it looks like a gdk-pixbuf dump so the tools in gdk-pixbuf can generate that.13:06
rburton(iirc the psplash readme cover this)13:06
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boucman_workplease check /openembedded-core/meta-intel/meta-tlk/recipes-core/psplash13:07
boucman_workit gives an idea how to override the image with a bbappend13:07
boucman_workrburton: apparently yocto can take an actual image and generate the patch, no need to do that anymore13:08
rburtonyes so it can13:08
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rburtonso just put a PNG in the SRC_URI and it does magic13:08
rburton(assuming that hasn't bitrotted)13:09
snoutoboucman_work: where can i place the bbappend file with "files" directory that contains my custom image13:09
snoutoinside the qemuarm build directory that i have created using oe-init-build-env13:09
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rburtonin your own layer13:19
rburton(use bitbake-layers to create one)13:19
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mortderirehi folks, sent a patch into meta-openembedded, is there anyone I need to kick to reivew?13:50
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riz__When building my image with meta-qt, it always builds qtwebkit even though I am not including qtwebkit anywhere. I used depexp  for reverse dependencies but do not see anything requiring it.16:12
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kergothI'm working on a layer which holds mentor fixups for bsps for our use. It's not an ideal case, but it happens. There's a single meta-mentor-bsp repository, and within that is individual sub-layers for each bsp and possibly also common ones for bits shared amongst the bsps. These are not bsp layers, but only hold fixups for our distro for the bsps outside our control. The sub-layer layer names in BBFILE_COLLECTIONS are complete, i.e. mentor-bsp-<bsp/machin18:27
kergothe>, but I think naming the sub-layers meta-mentor-bsp-intel-corei7-64 is getting rather verbose and clunky, so I'm thinking the sub-layers won't include meta-, but the repo will. I.e. meta-mentor-bsp/common (this part is a pattern seen elsewhere, i.e. meta-amd, meta-intel), meta-mentor-bsp/intel-corei7-64, etc. Does that seem reasonable, even though it deviates from the meta- layer naming convention?18:27
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tlwoernerkergoth: yes yes yes!!18:50
tlwoernerthis is something i've been thinking about lately and brought up at the OEDAM at ELC18:50
davismight not be approrpriate for this channel, but in the grand scheme of things, if you have a system which is wearing out SD cards, would it be safe to say that the driver is not performing wear leveling properly?18:51
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tlwoernerkergoth: i wanted to write something to oe-arch but wanted to have a working concept in place and wait for the current dust to settle before opening a new can of worms ;-)18:52
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otaviokergoth: the sublayer is for you to enable it optionally?19:21
kergothour setup scripts have this notion of "optional layers", where if it exists, it's pulled in, but it being missing is non-fatal, so we'll make it so when you source the setup scripts from meta-mentor, it'll check for mentor-bsp and mentor-bsp-$MACHINE and pull them in if so, along with their depss19:22
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kergothwill have to figure out how to arrange that after more of our bits get integrated upstream with yours (which i still haven't had time to dig into, have a sick 1.5 year old at home now, and i work from home full time, and he's in a dada phase)19:23
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otaviokergoth: I see; and those fixes are not easy to upstream?19:30
otaviokergoth: ideally those fixes should be merged and dropped19:30
kergothyeah, usually they are, and in that case they go into meta-mentor-staging and go upstream eventually19:30
kergothour goal is always to minimize our layers, not maintain workarounds indefinitely :)19:31
otaviokergoth: regarding the tooling, it is fine. I hope you find some there soon ... but before, I wish your kid a fast recovery :)19:31
kergoththanks :)19:34
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radensHello, how can I install qemu on the yocto image? (I do not want to run the kernel under yocto, I want a version of the yocto kernel with kvm and with qemu or something similar on the image).20:08
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khemradens: you can look into meta-virtualization20:10
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khemthere must be a sample image for kvm/qemu20:10
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rburtonradens: yes, you can build qemu for the target20:12
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