Friday, 2016-05-20

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niteshnarayanlalHi I was trying to use a if condition in my recipe file:if [ ${MACHINE_ARCH} == ls1 ] ; then06:31
niteshnarayanlalbut its not working06:31
niteshnarayanlalI looked at the documentation06:31
niteshnarayanlalbut couldn't find out whats wrong06:31
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khemniteshnarayanlal: you need to use "1" = "2"06:44
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niteshnarayanlalkhem, something like this : if [ "${MACHINE_ARCH}" == "ls1" ]06:54
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niteshnarayanlalif [ "${MACHINE_ARCH}" = "ls1021atwr" ]06:54
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maciejjo_hi, I have a question - how can I build multiple versions of a package?08:40
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boucman_workmaciejjo: depends what you mean by "version"08:40
boucman_workas in 2.0 vs 1.108:40
boucman_workor x86 vs arm08:41
maciejjo2.0 1.108:41
boucman_worki'm not sure, it's probably a bitbake option, let me have a look for a sec08:42
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cart_manDoes anybody know of a nice Yocto IMX6 QT5 tutorial ? I am having problems setting up my image for targeting QT IDE08:43
boucman_workmaciejjo: I can't find it, not sure it can be done from the command line08:44
maciejjoboucman_work: generally what I am trying to achieve is building 3 versions of linux08:45
boucman_workyou can use PREFERRED_VERSION_pn-<your package>=<version> in local.conf and then bitbake the package twice with different version number08:45
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maciejjook, this would work manually, but I would like to build multiple versions for one image08:47
maciejjois such thing supported?08:47
boucman_workhmm, no... multiple versions of the same package replace each-other...08:48
boucman_workkernel is a bit special, though, but I don't think it's supported08:48
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rburtonno its not supported08:56
rburtonyou can version the packages explicitly, like glib is08:56
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rburtonobviously the contents can't conflict either09:00
maciejjook, maybe I'll try this way09:01
boucman_workmaciejjo: what exactly are you trying to do ? why do you want to do it ?09:02
maciejjoI want to have an image that contains few kernels packed in fit image that allows user change which kernel to use at boot time09:04
maciejjothis is done for development purpose so few kernels can be tested without reflashing09:07
presentSmall patch question guys.09:08
maciejjoas far as I understand simmilar enhancement to what I want has been requested here:
yoctiBug 6945: enhancement, Medium+, 2.2 M1, zhe.he, IN PROGRESS REVIEW , kernel-dev: multiple kernel build09:08
presentI want to propose a patch for adding --fbdev option for psplash.09:08
presentBut there are patchs in different repositories.09:08
presentpsplash and poky09:09
presentHow should it be done?09:09
maciejjobut from what I see in patches it only adds possibilty to build multiple image formats, not kernel versions09:09
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rburtonpresent: why do you need to modify the meta-poky append?09:38
presentrburton, base-files to add fbdev file09:41
present meta/recipes-core/base-files/base-files/fbdev     | 1 +09:43
present meta/recipes-core/base-files/ | 8 +++++++-09:43
present meta/recipes-core/psplash/files/psplash-init      | 7 ++++++-09:43
rburtonright, that's all in meta/ so send to openembedded-core@09:44
presentrburton, I have the one for psplash itself too.09:46
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presentThey go together.09:48
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boucman_workpresent: isn't the core one independant from psplash ?10:07
boucman_work(the psplash depends on the core one, i'm not sure about the other way round...)10:08
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fredcadetehello channel10:19
fredcadeteI'm getting started with using the multilib feature and have a question10:20
fredcadeteis it possible to specify that a specific package should always be built for the "lib32-" tune?10:20
boucman_workhmm, not per-se10:21
boucman_workmultilib means that you have a whole bunch of new package available for your architecture (the 32bit variants)10:21
rburtonif you want foo in the lib32 tune then bitbake lib32-foo10:21
boucman_workbut those are built only if they are needed, just like any package10:21
rburton(and add lib32-foo to your images etc etc)10:22
boucman_workso either because you ask for them on the commandline, an image needs them to install them on the target, or another package depends on them10:22
fredcadetesure, the thing is the distro builds for 32-bit and 64-bit machines, but this package will fail on 64-bit10:23
rburtondon't build it then :)10:24
fredcadeteI will work around with putting an override on the packagegroup that depends on the bad package, something like RDEPENDS_${PN}_aarch64_remove = package-foo, RDEPENDS_${PN}_aarch64_append = lib32-package-foo10:24
fredcadeterburton: thanks :)10:24
rburtonyeah, that works if you've got it in a packagegroup10:24
fredcadeteI was just wondering if there was a way to put this specification in the package recipe instead of the packagegroup10:25
fredcadetebut the workaround is good enough10:25
rburtonwell you've a packagegroup that explicitly asks for the target form of the recipe10:25
fredcadetethanks a lot, rburton and boucman_work !10:25
rburtonso its doing exactly what you're telling it to do10:26
rburtona neater way would be to have a variable for the recipe name and override that to pick the right form10:26
fredcadeteyes, it makes perfect sense given that they are considered separate packages10:27
fredcadeteand the variable override would be neater10:27
mortderirerc.local - how do we ensure it gets called during init10:29
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presentboucman_work, there is the psplash sources itself. I'll first patch there and wait for an answer.10:44
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gferenczIs there a good way to checkout the same branch on all the meta layers at once (as opposed to going into each one to change fido->krogoth for example)? This is of course assuming they all have the same branch available and they're just cloned to the poky directory. Or perhaps a better way to manage the meta layer repos than just cloning them to the poky directory?12:20
CTtpollardgferencz: you could look at tools like gitsubmodules or google repo12:22
gferenczCTtpollard, Sounds good. I started looking into submodules but thought I was headed down the wrong path. Thanks!12:23
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CTtpollarddoes anyone know if local / bblayers conf can make use of .inc files?14:56
JaMalocal.conf for sure14:57
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CTtpollardcool, I have a situation where I have multiple local.conf templates for different targets, but I want them to inherit a file of values14:58
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rburtonif they're values which are related to builds on your machine then you can use a site.conf15:02
kergothgferencz: mr is another option, if you want something a bit lighter. no manifest or main repo to maintain, just a config file to make it easier to run commands on a set of repositories15:02
kergothdepends on your needs15:02
kergothgferencz:, if you need. touch .mrconfig at the parent of the repositories, then go into each dir and do mr register, then you can run commands like mr checkout or mr update to run against all of them15:03
kergothi use repo at work, submodules for certain projects, and mr for local-only setups, myself15:04
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gferenczkergoth, Thanks for the pointers. I'm just getting started with yocto/bitbake, trying to find a workflow and figure out my needs. Options are a good thing.15:17
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rburtonkhem: you sent a four part series but i can only see half the patches on the list15:27
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kergothgferencz: indeed. lots of ways to do it15:32
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khemrburton: only 2 were worth submitting16:47
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Xzsomebody wants to buy my freenode nick for BTC18:10
Xz"oney and the new guy gets annoyed with messages that are supposed to be for you!18:10
Xz"hey. I'll pay you btc to part with your nick. my friend wants to register it."18:10
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Xzwho is doing documentation for Yocto? I have one patch18:11
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Crofton|workXz, send it to th elist18:20
XzCrofton|work: to openembedded-core or -devel?18:21
Crofton|workmaybe the yocto list18:23
Crofton|workso many lists,18:23
billrXz: if Yocto documentation, send to yocto list.18:25
Xzbillr: what's "yocto list"18:26
Xzbillr: I am subscribed only to -devel and -core18:26
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paulganyone aware of a quasi recent change in the locale rpm handling?20:40
paulgI'm still seeing the rpms get built but they don't get installed in the rootfs image.20:41
paulgmy build is largely based on the build-appliance but with a kernel and grub etc so you can boot it.20:41
paulgGLIBC_GENERATE_LOCALES is about generation ; doesn't mention installing...20:45
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kergothIMAGE_LINGUAS controls the install into the rootfs21:10
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paulgyeah I was looking at that... this sentence in the manual is kind of confusing21:17
paulgSetting the IMAGE_LINGUAS variable ensures that any locale packages that correspond to packages already selected for installation into the image are also installed.21:17
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paulganyway, I'm going to try setting that explicitly to en_US and en_GB and see if that "fixes" whatever changed.21:19
paulgpreviously I'd not set either of that or GLIBC_GENERATE_LOCALES and was just taking the yocto defaults21:19
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paulgI should say en-us and en-gb ;  looks like that var is expecting to mach the pkg name and not the locale name.21:35
* paulg waits on do_rootfs to see if it worked...21:35
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paulgkergoth, still no locale files in my new manifest.  :(   Not sure what to check next....21:49
paulgmight just checkout sth a month old and confirm they were still installed and then let "git bisect run" chew on it over the wknd.  :)21:50
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