Thursday, 2016-06-09

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rburtonkergoth, paulg_: for delayed deletion ionice is great, make the rm have lowest priority for IO ops07:42
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mortderiredo_rootfs is barfing on me, not sure why10:54
mortderirePackage 'grub' has no installation candidate10:54
mortderirePackage grub is not available, but is referred to by another package.10:54
mortderireThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or10:54
mortderireis only available from another source10:54
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LeifSohi! bitbake seems to ignore a recipe I added. Is there a way to force the cache to reload besides deleting it entirely?11:05
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CTtpollardLeifSo: could you describe what you have done?11:09
LeifSoCTtpollard: I added a directory to a layer I'm using and added a file to that layer11:10
LeifSonow it seems to me, that bitbake didn't notice the extra directory within the layer leading to skipping the recipe11:10
CTtpollardLeifSo: you'll probably have to make it visible to bblayers.cong11:11
LeifSoCTtpollard: just added a directory, not an entire layer :)11:11
CTtpollardalso, have you instructed the you're building or local.conf to build your new recipe/11:11
LeifSoCTtpollard: there's a wildcard within the layer, that covers the added directory+recipe11:12
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LeifSoCTtpollard: yeah, no luck building it explicitly11:12
LeifSowhen I provide the recipe explicilty (-b $file), it works.11:12
LeifSois there a way to dump all the directories bitbake searches for recipes?11:14
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LeifSosolution: build$ rm -rf tmp/cache11:27
LeifSotoo soon -.-11:28
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LeifSois there some magic that'll make bitbake quietly skip recipes? E.g. naming convention whatever?11:30
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rburtonLeifSo: asking because a recipe isn't being parsed, or because you want it to be ignored?11:34
LeifSoturned out the layer.conf proclaimed another directory inbetween -.- ${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bb11:35
LeifSorburton: bitbake didn't find it11:35
rburtonyeah that happens :)11:36
LeifSothe wildcard was correct. Could have needed a hint when running with e.g. '-D' like: "you're looking for recipe z. Found it at x/y/z, but x/y is not matched by your layer.conf's."11:37
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LeifSorburton: since bitbake does so many things automagically I figured it might skip something somewhere..11:38
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LeifSoI created a class for dev purposes that does nothing but set the root pw. Now packaging the system fails, because the corresponding package cannot be found, because not files were packed -.-11:42
rburtonwhy would it go wandering around the file system in places you didn't specify?11:43
rburtonALLOW_EMPTY=1 to generate a package with no content11:43
jaskijLeifSo but there is such class already? extrausers11:44
LeifSojaskij: exactly. As far as I understood, you need to create some .bb and inherit from extrausers, to actually use it11:45
jaskijLeifSo yes, you inherit it in the image recipe11:45
LeifSoah, okay11:45
LeifSojaskij: thanks :)11:46
jaskijLeifSo or jest use debug-tweaks11:47
LeifSojaskij: I assume debug-tweaks enables passwordless login?11:48
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LeifSojaskij: I just saw, that debug-tweaks are already enabled11:49
LeifSobut ssh access is not granted using root/root. What's set by default?11:50
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rburtonroot/no password12:02
LeifSorburton: does not work here -.-12:13
LeifSo'permission denied'12:13
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LeifSomight that be related to using open ssh instead of dropbear?12:51
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prattomcan someone guide how to install bzr and dos2unix on yocto12:56
rburton says that nobody has written a recipe for bzr, so you'd need to write a recipe yourself12:57
rburtonfor dos2unix, you can write your own recipe or just use "tr"12:58
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prattomwhat about scipy and libnfc installation on yocto13:03
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prattomhas anyone tried scipy on yocto13:18
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mcfriskcould someone hint how to add task logs sstate cache? Curently there are no logs saved for the things which are in sstate cache which makes it harder to debug issues which generate bad data to it.13:19
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RPkergoth: around? Could do with discussing some scope problems with you...14:06
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jaskijanyone here has any experience with meta-ti?15:18
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kergothrburton: good idea, would you suggest the idle class, or best effort at the lowest priority? would idle slow it down too much? guess it depends on how quickly one needs the space freed16:08
kergothRP: I'm in back to back meetings this morning, still going on16:08
*** fredcadete <fredcadete!d4a63893@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC16:08
rburtonkergoth: my nicerm just uses ionice -c316:08
rburtonappears to help16:08
* kergoth nods16:09
rburtonbut i've not done tests16:09
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*** mortderire <mortderire!~rkinsell@> has joined #yocto16:14
* kergoth tweaks bgrm to ionice to 3 by default to test it out for a while and see16:16
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has quit IRC16:16
RPkergoth: basically if you put a line like foo=${@' '.join([d.getVar('D', True) + x for x in (' '.join([d.getVar('FILES_bash-' + p, True) or '' for p in ['lib', 'dev', 'staticdev', 'doc', 'locale', 'ptest']])).split()])} into do_install, it fails with Exception name 'd' is not defined16:18
*** sjolley <sjolley!sjolley@nat/intel/x-ukysberyvnxlleza> has quit IRC16:18
kergothah, yes, i've hit that on a number of occasions over the years16:18
RPkergoth: the problem is "generator expressions, dict comprehensions  and set comprehensions are executed in a new scope. List comprehensions  are not, but only in Python 2.x. In Python 3 they all use a new scope. "16:18
RPkergoth: so that expression works in py2 but not in py316:18
RPkergoth: so do we add d to globals in utils.better_eval() or ???16:19
*** jaskij <jaskij!> has quit IRC16:19
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kergothI'm assuming that scope can only access globals, not locals, similar to how locals specified in eval can't be used from inside a def'd function, so has to be passed in or set as global?16:22
*** megha_dey <megha_dey!meghadey@nat/intel/x-mrpsalfmmksyfdhl> has quit IRC16:22
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kergothah, indeed. eval can only set locals and globals, can't define the enclosing scope16:31
kergothmakes sense16:31
*** toscalix_ is now known as toscalix16:32
RPkergoth: I think we're going to have to change better_eval somehow, I just can't decide how :/16:35
*** mortderire <mortderire!~rkinsell@> has joined #yocto16:35
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kergothRP: i wonder if we could create our own enclosing scope rather than either locals or globals by nesting the expression in a def'd function and calling that, passing d as an argument16:38
RPkergoth: we probably could, I have to admit I dislike the amount of that we already do though :/16:39
kergothi.e. exec 'def foo(d): return <some expression>' in ns; result = ns['foo'](d)16:39
kergothi'm not a fan of the generated function definitions we have already, but there's only so much we can do given the limitations of exec and eval16:39
kergothit's either that or set it as global16:39
kergothi guess global could work, not really seeing a downside, since we control both namespaces anyway. we shouldn't need to alter the global in our functions16:40
* kergoth ponders16:40
kergothwould be nice if you could control the enclosing scope/context in eval/exec, but given it has to be done at compile time, and compilation is a prior step, i can see why that would be problematic16:42
RPkergoth: The bigger question is what to do with DataContext() - currently that is in local scope and could potentially be a lot more dangerous in global :/16:42
kergothhmm, possibly16:44
kergothif it's a new global scope for each one, so they can't affect one another, it might be fine. a generator expression doesn't leak into the global scope anymore the way it used to in python 216:46
kergothmight be best off going the enclosing function route just to be safe, though16:48
kergoththough that wouldn't help context, woudl it..16:48
*** sno <sno!~sno@> has quit IRC16:49
*** sa2ajj <sa2ajj!> has joined #yocto16:54
kergothrburton, paulg_: there we go, is what i use, now with both ionice and delay options, inspired by your scripts16:54
*** megha_dey <megha_dey!meghadey@nat/intel/x-adjqluvpqgyedrsv> has joined #yocto16:55
kergothif you're curious, the temporary file is used to allow it to only remove the bits whose mv has succeeded, while leaving the rest alone. it was either that or a for loop with saving the args into a variable, but that can be error prone due to quoting and separator selection16:56
*** willnewton <willnewton!~will@unaffiliated/willnewton> has quit IRC16:58
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megha_deyHi, under which layer do I add an initscript if I am using the systemd init system so that it gets installed under /usr/lib/systemd/ ? currently I use systemvinit and add the init script as a bbappend to meta/recipes-core/initscripts/ and it gets installed under the /etc/init.d/ .17:10
kergothlayer is irrelevent17:11
kergothinherit systemd, install the service to ${D}${systemd_unitdir}, and set SYSTEMD_SERVICE17:11
*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away17:15
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kergothHmm, should probably pull argparse_oe into bitbake so we can use it for bitbake-layers & other scripts there18:23
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* paulg wonders if build-appliance gets nightly build coverage.18:31
paulgERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'libgl' (but /home/paul/poky/meta/recipes-core/packagegroups/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)18:32
kergothforgot opengl in your DISTRO_FEATURES? that's when i've hit errors like htat18:32
paulgah, could be. Guessing if I didn't care about gemu gfx I could just dump it from the list.18:33
* kergoth shrugs18:33
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paulgkergoth, yep, this was essentially a vanilla config I started with for this, with no DISTRO_FEATURES18:40
paulgI added DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " opengl"    and it STFU.18:41
paulgodd that this isn't sucked in by default when you specify build-appliance as the target...18:41
* paulg is contemplating having a nightly build of build-appliance confirm that it can build itself.18:42
paulgwant it to be as vanilla as possible, w/o  meta-kitchen-sink, meta-vortex-of-crap, etc.18:42
*** caiortp <caiortp!~inatel@> has joined #yocto18:43
paulgso wasn't expecting to have to add features.18:43
kergothdoing *anything* to the global config based on what recipe you happen to be building isn't smart, would lead to non-deterministic builds18:46
kergothbut yes, i'd expect either qemu to default to no gl or nodistro to default to opengl18:46
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paulgkergoth, yeah qemu is probably a better place for that.19:05
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RPpaulg: build-appliance coverage:
RPkergoth: would you agree that putting d into the global scope is probably the best way forward for now?20:46
RPkergoth: probably take a copy of get_context() and then inject it?20:47
kergothI would think so. If we can find a way to improve it further from there, we can do so at some point in the future.20:49
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* paulg checks out the link from RP20:52
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paulgRP, but as far as you know, there is no regular "can build-appliance rebuild itself" test, right?21:02
* paulg thinks build-tarball has more python3 goo in it than build appliance does...21:02
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RPpaulg: I'd love to see a testimage test for build-appliance that we could run to test that21:10
yoctiBug 9713: normal, Medium+, 2.2 M1, ross.burton, IN PROGRESS REVIEW , needs to be updated for python321:11
*** cesdv <cesdv!> has quit IRC21:12
* paulg has the individual list of python3 sub pkgs needed to augment that ; turns out to be about 13 more than the 42 it has now.21:12
*** nemequ <nemequ!> has left #yocto21:12
RPpaulg: I'd love a patch21:12
*** cesdv <cesdv!> has joined #yocto21:12
paulgI'm working on it ; trying to find the time.21:13
paulgI need the same patch for meta-overc anyway.21:13
paulgRP if you want to assign that to me, go ahead.21:13
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RPpaulg: I'll let you and rburton 'fight' over it :)21:28
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paulgRP, I'll just log in and leave a note indicating what the list is and that I can submit a patch eventually, so that rburton has the opportunity to move onto other things if he wants.21:39
paulgassuming I can recall my login.  :)21:39
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* paulg suspects his desktop in the office can recall the login21:40
*** igor2 <igor2!~igor@> has joined #yocto21:41
RPpaulg putting info there would be most helpful21:42
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has joined #yocto21:42
paulgneed to finish what I'm on in the next 15m and then I'll try and login from offsite where I am now...21:46
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RPkergoth: does seem reasonable ?21:49
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rburtonpaulg: email if you can't,  its sad we don't test that anymore.22:11
paulgrburton, I've been implicitly testing it for a while now (manually :-/ ) since with meta-overc you can generate what is essnentially the build applicance but with a kernel and grub.22:12
paulgand the normal stuff like tab completion etc etc that make using it as a build server not suck.22:13
RPrburton: needs automating. We could file a bug...22:13
rburtonRP: going to fire a mut if thats okay?22:13
RPrburton: yes, more than ok but can you pull the bitbake patch in -next please?22:13
rburtonyeah i rebased to master-next22:13
RPrburton: thanks22:13
RPrburton: been meaning to sort patches but been having so much fun with multiconfig22:14
*** igor3 <igor3!~igor@> has joined #yocto22:14
RPI did have bitbake parse and load three different MACHINE settings into memory at once :)22:14
*** igor2 <igor2!~igor@> has quit IRC22:15
RPDownside is the parsing from cache failed but that didn't surprise me22:15
RPone step at a time...22:15
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paulgRP, managed to fumble my way in; bug 9713 updated.22:32
yoctiBug normal, Medium+, 2.2 M1, ross.burton, IN PROGRESS REVIEW , needs to be updated for python322:32
RPpaulg: thanks!22:34
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* RP -> Zzzz22:36
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* paulg wanders off for food22:36
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kergothRP: looks fine to me (bitbake d in globals patch)22:47
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