Wednesday, 2016-06-08

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ephloduron last question how do I add systemd to my final image00:02
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billrIn your conf/local.conf file, add: DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " systemd" and VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = "systemd"00:04
billr(as two separate lines)00:04
billrIf you already have a DISTRO_FEATURES_append entry, then just add systemd to the list.00:05
ephlodurok ..btw I'm building an image for raspberry pi3 that does not make a difference00:05
billrshouldn't matter what your target is00:06
ephlodurdo I need DISTRO_FEATURES_BACKFILL_CONSIDERED = "sysvinit"00:07
billrif you want both systemd init and sysv init. If you want only systemd init, I don't think you need the backfill entry. (Not an expert on that one.)00:08
ephlodurhow can I import openssl-dev whithout enabling dev-pkgs in EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES00:09
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billrtry adding it to IMAGE_INSTALL_append in local.conf?00:11
ephlodurok thanks that the way IMAGE_INSTALL_append ?="openssl-dev"00:12
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billrYes, but put a space between opening " and 'openssl-dev'00:13
billrand I think you probably want just = and not ?= in this case.00:14
ephlodurok thanks I will try that now00:14
ephlodurit does not seem to like the MACHINE ??= "raspberry2"00:15
billrDo you actually have a "raspberry2" machine definition?00:16
ephlodurok the problem was I need to add MACHINE ??= raspberrypi200:17
billrand change the ?? to a single ?00:17
ephloduroh ok ..00:17
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ephlodurcan I remove PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qemu-native = " sdl"00:18
billrok. ?? or ? may work depending on how your local.conf file is written. Looks like you got it, though.00:18
ephlodurfor an raspberry00:18
billrI don't think it will matter, as it should apply if you're not using a qemu target00:19
billrshould -> shouldn't00:19
ephlodurok thank.. now I building with an see what happen00:20
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billraway for a few minutes, will check back on you in a bit00:21
ephlodurthank for all the help00:22
billryou're welcome. Build still going ok?00:31
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ephloduryes billr so far so good .. I have two warnigs00:36
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parrotwhich package contains libc.a (libc static library) in yocto?05:51
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kergothparrot: most likely glibc-staticdev or libc6-staticdev, depending on whether it was renamed or not06:04
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parrotkergoth: ok. Thanks06:18
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david_rhello, i can't build webkitgtk 2.10.7 with yocto krogoth on Debian 32b(4GB RAM, 8GB swap) system, i'm getting this msg: "mmap: failed to allocate 2502798416 bytes for output file: Cannot allocate memory". has anybody the same problem?08:04
CTtpollardisn't 32b capped at 4GB memory?08:05
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Shiftee_Not with a PAE kernel08:07
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david_ri'm on PAE kernel08:10
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rburtondoes that allow an extended range for a single process?08:13
rburton"The 32-bit size of the virtual address is not changed, so regular application software continues to use instructions with 32-bit addresses and (in a is limited to 4 gigabytes of virtual address space."08:13
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LetoThe2ndin short, pae means that the system altogether can use more than 4gb, but any single process is still affected by that limit.08:16
Shiftee_That looks like the problem08:16
parrotbut he's just trying to allocate ~2.5 GB of space right which is less than 4GB?08:16
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LetoThe2ndwell the 4gb are still brutto, i don't know what is net payload08:17
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LetoThe2ndanyways, just another reason to not stick with 32b08:17
xkonnirburton: yes i set up a webserver hosting all the deb packages now, that works fine.08:19
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xkonninext issue: installing things is not permanent when using a rootfs-image... guess i need to setup a root partition on the sdcard08:20
rburtonparrot: iitc a single process only has 3gb of the address space, and you may have used 1gb of that already08:20
rburton(as the kernel has a gb for itself)08:22
fredcadeteespecially given that that allocation will try to get 2.5GB in *contiguous* virtual address space08:22
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rburtonbut yes, for build machines with stuff like webkit and llvm, 32 bit isn't enough08:23
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LetoThe2ndi remember a talk where they showed shaders could not be compiled in 32b space...08:23
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xkonniam i correct that IMAGE_FSTYPES = " ... sdcard" is the image i want to create an image i can modify after dd'ing and?08:31
david_ri've got the same feeling that mmap won't be able to find 2.5GB free in mine 32b PAE system, so i need to build on 64b, thanks for help :)08:31
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xkonniunfortunately creating a sdcard image results in this:
LetoThe2ndxkonni: 'sdcard' is not a standard image format, but something that usually comes from the fsl layers08:35
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LetoThe2ndso did that work before? did you check that the branches (e.g. poky revisions and the fsl layers) match up?08:44
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xkonniLetoThe2nd: i'm using fsl layers. and i didnt build a sdcard image before. actually i just want something i can e.g. dd to the sdcard, tell uboot to run it, apt-get install packages and keep them when rebooting08:46
xkonnicurrently using an u-boot rootfs image. but its loaded in the ram and modifications do not persist08:47
LetoThe2ndxkonni: "i just want" is usually not helpful in debugging stuff ;-)08:47
xkonniLetoThe2nd: yes right. what i meant is: if there are alternatives to 'sdcard' that match my goals, i would consider using one of those08:48
LetoThe2ndxkonni: so take a step back. did you follow the fsl instructions on how to use and configure their layers? did a vanilla rebuild of their getting started guide succeed?08:48
xkonnithe u-boot image works perfectly08:48
xkonniso i just added 'sdcard' to the image_fstypes, rebuild, ^^ that error08:48
xkonnithe whole build is based on fsl layers08:49
LetoThe2ndbut is that the setup as described by them, or something you came up with yourself? does it carry any modifications?08:49
xkonnibesides the sdcard its pretty close to what they describe08:50
LetoThe2ndyou're evading my questions.08:50
xkonniadded some packages, vim, ... and deb package management08:50
xkonninot on purpose, let me try again08:50
LetoThe2ndstart over with a clean slate. find out when it breaks.08:50
xkonnimhhm... and a working build is not a 'clean slate'?08:51
LetoThe2ndand really make sure that all the included layer revisions match up08:51
LetoThe2nda working build is not a clean slate.08:51
xkonniok, so i take a minimal fsl image, build it, add 'sdcard' and build it again?08:51
LetoThe2ndbecause a working build still might carry modifications that just didn't show their effects yes.08:51
LetoThe2ndexactly. my advice is to get the initial, minimal setup that you were provided, and add absolutely nothing. build it, then add the sdcard fstype, and build again.08:52
xkonnii thought the problem would be something simple. like exceeding rootfs-size, missing some dependency08:52
LetoThe2ndif that already breaks, you know that you have to look in your upstream. if it works, you have to look in your modification.08:53
LetoThe2ndit also might be that the BSP just doesn't support the sdcard image.08:53
LetoThe2ndwhich its documentation should tell08:53
xkonnithats an option, yes... will check the other fsl-image configs08:54
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xkonnithough the error tell me its something stupid: Exception: TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'NoneType' objects08:56
xkonnie.g. missing "" in a config08:56
LetoThe2nd... which *might* come from the sdcard setting triggering some function, but the layer not providing sufficient configuration data for your board.08:56
xkonnipossible... ;)08:57
LetoThe2ndtaking a first look at suggests that the sdcard fstype only makes sense for imx and mxs socs, by the way08:57
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LetoThe2ndby the way, if its only about persistency during development, you could also resort to a nfs root file system. but in any case, the process of making your device self-bootable and offering persistent memory should be provided by its documentation, as its highly board implementation specific.09:04
xkonnifound the actual issue... IMAGE_CMD is None for sdcard...09:05
xkonniand thats most likely, as you said, due to missing options for my platform09:05
LetoThe2nda.k.a. the layers you have do not support the sdcard image for your platform.09:05
xkonniright, thats what i wanted to say09:06
LetoThe2ndso see my last post before that conclusion :-)09:06
xkonniyes i just wanted to support your statement09:06
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LetoThe2ndnah, i meant the "by the way..." line :-)09:07
xkonninfs might work, but then i dont always have a network. having persistent data on the sdcard would be my favorite option09:08
LetoThe2ndthen its RTFM time :-)09:08
xkonninot necessarily with that sdcard image, there are certainly other options09:08
xkonniright, the docs are rare on that one though09:09
xkonniso instead of ls1021a + topic i ended up with yocto + topic09:09
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LetoThe2ndthen kick your supplier, because that really is board specific.09:09
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xkonnisome partner said 'here, use that board, its awesome'09:10
xkonniso here we are...09:10
LetoThe2ndthen kick your partner09:10
xkonniwell i do have the rootfs... i can extract it. guess i just need to tell uboot to use mmc 0:1 instead of the image09:12
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xkonniwasnt that hard after all... once you know that bootm addresses can be skipped with a -12:16
xkonni just in case12:16
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aurelehello all13:03
aureleI'm using ${DATETIME} in my receipes, and I get some "Taskhash mismatch"..., I would like to know how I could avoid this error13:05
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rburtonthis was just discussed on oe-core@13:09
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aurelerburton, thanks13:11
aurelerburton, if it was for me ;) I will try to see archive13:12
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skfaxWhen bitbaking a package X some other package Y fails. However when doing "bitbake -g X" and grepping the resulting dot file, there are no packages depending on Y. Why is Y included in the build?13:14
aurelerburton, can't find anything where was it discussed?13:22
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skfax(I found through "bitbake -e X" that Y is included through image_types.bbclass; just trying to find how to remove this dependency)13:27
rburtonchange your image type?13:28
rburton(concrete examples are great though)13:29
skfaxIt is based on recipes-graphics/images/ and the problematic package is mtd-utils13:31
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skfaxI'm on the dizzy branch of yocto and there are patches fixing mtd-utils in later branches, so I can try to cherry pick those commits13:32
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skfaxEnded up just doing IMAGE_DEPENDS_ubifs = "" in my image file after the inherit. Not a clean fix, but works14:01
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graphiqs_is there a proper way to influence variables in .bbclass files or append code to them from a different layer?14:49
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maciejjohi, is anyone here familiar with PRU development using meta-ti? I have problems building ti-cgt-pru package17:42
maciejjoI posted a message on meta-ti list:
maciejjobut maybe someone here knows how to handle this?17:43
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maciejjoseems that execution of ti .bin installer fails18:04
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maciejjook, the problem was: missing 32bit glibc on build host (which should yield a warning, but somehow I missed it)18:47
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kergothgod i hate having to do world builds for testing21:39
kergothtake so long21:39
bluelightningkergoth: overnight?21:42
paulghow many steps in a world build nowadays??21:42
kergothdepends on thel ayers you include :)21:43
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kergoththe one i'm running right now is 24,372 regular tasks after 10,230 setscenes21:43
paulgcalls for a dual socket xeon or similar.21:44
paulgthat said, we still bottleneck around some key pkgs leaving a lot of the system idle when that happens.21:45
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kergothI/O is often a serious bottleneck as well21:55
bluelightningany ideas on how we might optimise things?21:56
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paulgkergoth, yeah I do all my work on dual disk RAID0.  Helps some vs. single disk.22:03
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paulgbluelightning, I'm not sure if this has been done before, but I was entertaining the idea of identifying "hot" pkgs and ensuring they got preferential treatment in download, unpack, configure etc.22:05
paulgi.e. on a per step basis.22:05
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paulgthere is no rush to unpack gnome-icon-themes if we've not unpacked for building perl-native yet.  :)22:08
paulgthe odd time I've looked at a build and seen 5 or more pkgs all in do_package / do_rpm ; that is probably more of an I/O bottleneck than unpacking tho....22:11
kergothpaulg: i think bitbake already does its best to do that22:12
paulg...not sure how one would avoid that.22:12
kergothbottlenecks are built as early as possible in the task sorting22:12
kergothin the scheduler class22:13
paulgGood.  Then I can scratch that idea off my "should look into that someday" list.  :)22:13
kergothwe've expeirmented with adding weighting based on resource type / availability, i.e. no more than N unpack/patch, etc, but i'm not sure that sort of thing ever went anywhere22:13
kergothrichard's likely experimented with scheduling optimizations more recently than i, though22:13
rburtoniirc he did and it didn't really help22:14
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kergothi had similar results a few years ago when i was playing with it, sadly22:19
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paulgI wonder if the unpack would get a speed-up of pre-reading the entire pkg instead of interspersing the reads with writes...22:27
paulgI did something similar to that for gnu diff some many years ago.22:28
kergothI wonder how the performance is when doing builds on a tmpfs, I think someone was playing with that22:28
paulgI've done that on other build systtems but not oe/yocto/bitbake22:29
paulgthe difference wasn't super huge IIRC.22:29
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paulgthe "rm -rf" once done was however much improved.  :-)22:30
kergothmost useful script i have when doing yocto builds: bgrm. just nohup/disown's backgrounded rm -rf, after first renaming/moving it, so you can immediately start the next build rather than twiddling your thumbs waiting on the rm -rf tmp22:32
paulgya, I do sth similar ; "mv tmp deletmelater ; (sleep 12h ; rm -rf deletemelater) & "22:33
paulgif I'm still working in 12h then my life already sucks.22:33
paulgand less i/o contention assuming I don't need the space ASAP.22:34
paulggenerally speaking I try and push everything off a cliff as least often as possible.22:35
paulgbut it still happens too often.  :-/22:35
kergothsadly my remote build vms lack the space to delay the removal very far out :) especially when doing world builds. that's a great idea when you hvae the space, though22:35
paulgheh, looking at that old thread, I was testing on what was then a low end machine.  Whopping 32MB RAM.22:36
paulgyou'd not even stop to pick up a gfx card or router out of the trash with that amt of RAM now.  :)22:36
paulgGood times.22:39
JEEBreminds me of being quite happy in 1998 or 1999 because of getting a whopping 64 megabytes of EDO RAM :)22:41
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kergothHmm, should make it so a sigterm sent to a sleeping delayed rm -rf causes an immediate rm -rf, in case you reboot while one is pending22:55
* kergoth does so22:55
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