Sunday, 2016-06-12

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olejl77I have enabled systemd acording to: systemd critical-chain gives me getty@tty1.service @5.168s. Line above says @1min 30.530s. Does anyone know what could be the problem?07:21
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pablo_hi: i'm having a problem. When i want to build an image with "bitbake core-image-minimal" an error arrises stating it cannot find layer.conf... any hints?19:02
pablo_it's the same if i pass another target19:02
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pablo_ani help pls?19:43
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TwisteRpablo_: maybe, there is indeed no layer.conf in some of your layers?21:14
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pablo_TwisteR: thanks for the answer. I looked at bblayers and one directory was wrong... now it works!21:34
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pablo_hey... i've got another problem (sorry i'm a noob). I was working with meta-intel-iot-devkit, but now i wanted to write my custom recipe, just with a recipe for image and a blinky program... once i have the image, i have no rc.d nor /etc/init.d directory... what happened?22:01
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bertehi all, I'm getting error under Gentoo while trying bitmake do_compile for perl package which issue regarding any idea would be great,
pablo_hey, i've solver my previous problem. But now, i've written a script that executes a led blinking program... however, as blink is inside a while(1), startup takes 5 minutes in ending (think it's waiting for the script to finish)... how can i make it run in background?22:53
pablo_it says A start job is running for (null)22:55
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #214 of nightly-checkuri is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #807 of nightly-intel-gpl is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages BuildImages_1] Build details are at
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bluelightningpablo_: if you're using an initscript, probably you just have to run the program with " &" at the end of the command to put it in the background23:22
pablo_yes! thanks... that was it... i had completly forgotten about that!23:23
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pablo_another question, how can i change grub.conf from my custom layer?23:29
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