Tuesday, 2016-06-14

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lewiatanHi Everyone07:37
lewiatanI have a question:07:37
lewiatanIs that possible to "rename" root user to something else in yocto recipe?07:38
boucman_worklewiatan: I'm not sure if that's possible in linux in general...07:38
boucman_workroot is a very special name in the unix world07:39
boucman_workyou can create another user and give him most/all rights, but that's not technically renaming root07:39
lewiatanI'm sure that renaming root is possible in linux in general and I also know that's not the best idea07:40
lewiatanbut my case is like so:07:40
lewiatani have multiple applications, config files, systemd services, etc that use admin instead of root - it was renamed on different system07:41
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lewiatanI know I can add admin account, but then, when I need an access to device, say: /dev/watchdog I will need to add my user to root group and change permissions of /dev/watchdog (permissions for group)07:42
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lewiatansince /dev/watchdog is created at runtime- how can I change it's permissions for group in yocto?07:43
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boucman_worklewiatan: probably you need to play wid udev rules to do that...07:43
boucman_work(not renaming root, changing permissions of dynamic devices)07:43
lewiatanok. udev is something new to me. any manual or bitbake recipe example you could recommend?07:45
fredcadetethis one is rather good as an udev reference: http://www.reactivated.net/writing_udev_rules.html07:46
boucman_worklewiatan: I would strongly advise playing directly on your device for some time (i.e writing the rules and testing them there) to get the hang of it07:47
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boucman_workudev has some pretty cool features and is very good at what it does07:47
boucman_workbut it's solving a complicated problem, so the solution can't be completely simple and it takes a little time to master07:48
boucman_workonce you've understood udev, writing a .bb or .bbappend that simply add a file in /etc/uder/rules.d should be trivial07:48
lewiatanok. Thank you - I'm going to try that07:49
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fredcadeteIs there a way to get a list of files in the sysroot that are (or not) tracked in sstate?08:10
fredcadeteI have just found out one BSP recipe that was copying files directly to the sysroot and causing failures when reusing sstate, and I would like to see if there are other recipes doing the same08:11
qt-xand now password :D08:11
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fredcadeteregarding my previous question, it's possible to get a list of things putting in sysroot by looking in tmp/sstate-control. Things like cat tmp/sstate-control/*.populate_sysroot08:50
fredcadeteif anyone has a better suggestion, it's always appreciated08:50
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TlktlkHi! How can I abort a Yocto job after some error? That is, after bb.error("Something is wrong!") I want to abort the job. Is there something like 'abort()' maybe?09:40
TlktlkI could not find anything in the documentation =S09:40
rburton(or bbfatal if you're in a sh function)09:41
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maelcumhello. i need to do something like PREFERRED_PROVIDER from an image, which doesn't work according to a discussion on the mailing list.10:37
maelcumwould it work to simply depend on the desired package either from the image or a package that occurs in the image?, e.g. RDEPEND on libjpeg-turbo to "prefer" libjpeg-turbo as the jpeg library?10:38
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rburtonmaelcum: can you not just set preferred provider in your distro config10:41
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maelcumrburton: in one case yes, in the other case maybe not because we're building two different images from the same overall setup.10:56
maelcumthe overall setup comes from a team that is not very good at the whole yocto thing :/10:57
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maelcumfor $reasons, both images have packages that depend on the same package, but it has different providers depending on the image to build.10:58
maelcumwell, thanks so far.10:58
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rburtonkergoth: ping13:08
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skfaxAre there ways to trigger a proper rebuild after changing the source files for a package?14:13
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boucman_workskfax: it should work magically, but it depends a bit on how you are changing the source file (or, more explicitely, where...)14:16
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boucman_workyocto can be used while developing software, but the recommanded way to do that is to use detool14:16
*** billr <billr!~wcrandle@> has joined #yocto14:17
boucman_work(grep the yocto manual for that)14:17
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boucman_workif you just go in work/ and modify the source there, you have a high risk of accidentally loosing your changes and no, yocto won't automatically detect code changes.14:17
skfaxboucman_work: It's a local SRC_URI location where the files are being changed. It does not seem to be detected correctly14:19
*** obsrwr_home <obsrwr_home!~obsrwr@> has joined #yocto14:19
skfaxboucman_work: I'll look into detool, but bitbake would be ideal14:20
boucman_workskfax: devtool calls bitbake internally, but it's the proper way of telling yocto "the source is a moving target on the local filesystem" wheras I am not sure how SRC_URI works to detect file changes14:21
boucman_workremember, yocto's main point is to integrate, not to develop14:21
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boucman_workand devtool is a really great tool....14:21
boucman_workesp if you want to work on a patch to an external software14:22
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skfaxboucman_work: The source is fully contained in a local directory. They are packages for meta-ros describing individual ROS packages14:23
skfaxboucman_work: I'll try to make devtool work, thanks!14:23
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lpapphello, the entries in FILES_${PN} seem to be optional as there is no error message given, at least in daisy?14:54
lpappif I put some dummy entry without syntax error in there? The documentation does not seem to clarify whether those are optional or mandatory entries14:55
*** harisokanovic <harisokanovic!~harisokan@> has joined #yocto14:55
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kergothlpapp: that's correct, an entry there that matches no file is silently ignored. it's not ideal for user added bits, but we rely on it for our default (the default FILES_${PN} in bitbake.conf lists a ton of common paths which don't exist in plenty of recipes)15:01
lpappI see, thanks.15:02
lpappI am tempted to suggest a single line to Scott mentioning this in here: http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/2.0/ref-manual/ref-manual.html#var-FILES15:04
lpappbecause my colleague was asking me and could not give him an authorized answer without asking or looking into the code :)15:04
kergoththat would seem reasonable to me. it would be nice if we could improve this is in some way, perhaps handle the default values differently than user added values somehow, so it'd be easier to catch typos, but an unpackaged file is quickly seen as a warning, so not really a big deal usually15:05
ulf`nisha: Annika asked me to turn off Star Wars Episode 315:05
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nishaulf` :)15:07
lpappkergoth: hmm, yeah. My colleague had the issue of not updating the SRCREV and the new version added a new file. The build process finished, but in the end, the package did not contain the expected file.15:10
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rburtonkergoth: you may be interested in ross/dirs on poky-contrib15:11
*** Saur <Saur!pkj@nat/axis/x-frzapayyymeugtgp> has joined #yocto15:11
rburtonlpapp: that would be firing the unpackaged files qa check, so you should check you haven't accidently turned that off15:11
*** Tenhi_ <Tenhi_!~tenhi@static.> has quit IRC15:12
rburton(installed-vs-shipped, warning in oe-core, error in poky)15:12
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lpapprburton: only INSANE_SKIP_${PN} += "ldflags"15:19
rburtonlpapp: i mean your distro config15:19
rburtoncheck what WARN_QA and ERROR_QA have15:20
rburtonthis is an error, imho.15:20
lpapprburton: those are not set15:22
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RPkergoth: did you have a chance to look at the runqueue/taskdata changes? I'm assuming you're ok with such a cleanup?15:30
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kergothRP: yes, sorry I didn't reply yet, I meant to that day and the email got buried. I'm absolutely in favor, I was never a fan of all the id mapping. I haven't thoroughly reviewed the code, though, it's a massive patch :) but you absolutely have my ack. certain external tools might require adjustment, but that's okay, if any do, they were relying on internals anyway, since there's no official api for some of the information15:49
kergothrburton: I'm a bit confused, reading your dirs patches, tasks currently run in their own process by the worker, so changing cwd shouldn't affect future tasks at all, only future functions within the task. no?15:50
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rburtonkergoth: postfuncs run in the same context (unless i'm massively misunderstanding this log i was reading)15:52
*** townxelliot <townxelliot!~ell@> has joined #yocto15:53
rburtonkergoth: and its functions in general, not just tasks.15:53
rburtonso everything that calls exec_func was chdir'ing to B15:54
kergothah, indeed. okay, fair enough15:54
kergothI'm assuming we don't need a try/finally on this since the exception will prevent future processing in that task context regardless, so it's not a big deal if the pwd isnt' restored when an exception is fired15:55
kergothrburton: okay, the patches look good to me. i'll try some builds for us and see how it goes15:56
rburtonworks on my local testing, its about to hit our AB15:56
rburtonas you can see, there's a few little fixes in oe-core needed15:57
rburtonso it would be interesting to see what else breaks15:57
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kergothyeah, other layers are what i'm wondering about, hopefully there aren't too many such assumptions15:58
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lpappwhat could be the reason of ${libdir}/libfoo.so not becoming part of my package even though the file is there in ${WORKDIR}/image/usr/lib/.16:38
lpappso in ${D}/${libdir}16:38
kergothby default .so is a symlink to the actual soname, and is only used to link at build time, so is included in ${PN}-dev, not ${PN}16:39
JaMait's part of some package or you see the QA warning about it, most likely PN-dev16:39
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lpappoh, yes, indeed, it is in -dev; gotta look up how to override that16:44
*** willnewton <willnewton!~will@unaffiliated/willnewton> has quit IRC16:45
kergoththere are a number of ways. if you just add that path to FILES_${PN} it won't do much becuase ${PN}-dev is before ${PN} in PACKAGES16:46
kergothi usually do this when i need to:16:47
kergothFILES_${PN} += "${libdir}/*${SOLIBSDEV}"16:47
kergothFILES_SOLIBSDEV = ""16:47
kergothyou could try that16:47
kergothi haven't needed to in some time, though16:47
lpappI think I used PACKAGE_BEFORE_PN before.16:47
kergothyeah, that works too if you want to rearrange the PACKAGES order instead16:48
kergothlike i said, a number of ways :)16:49
kergothFILES_SOLIBSDEV is used in FILES_${PN}-dev, so emptying it means ${PN}-dev no longer grabs those16:49
kergothwhichever you prefer16:49
kergothas with everything else in yocto, really.. :)16:49
lpappah, ok, I was just preparing with FILES_${PN}-dev = ""16:50
lpappdid not know SOLIBSDEV works literally.16:50
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #218 of nightly-checkuri is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-checkuri/builds/21819:46
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kergothcan someone tell me where the OE_QMAKE_ vars in qmake_base are used in the qt3 build, because I'm not seeing it. It looks like we aren't patching the linux-g++ mkspecs to actually obey them, unless i'm missing something19:55
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alejandro3Hello how are you? ee'm new someone can explain that addresses the issue19:59
kergothif you have a question, ask it19:59
nillerbrunI have a question about bitbake recipes and patches, is anyone available to answer a few questions?20:02
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nillerbrunI found something in the mailine, I would like to patch back into the current stable branch. I like the idea of including this patch in my recipe. I added the file to SRC_URI but it doesn't seem to be running the patch. I believe it might be a file path issue.20:04
nillerbrunmy patch is here: /home/ubuntu/jethro/sources/meta-validmfg/recipes-validmfg/dev/dev/add_Nitrogen6QPMAX_and_SOMv2_support.patch20:04
nillerbruntrying to patch this file: /home/ubuntu/jethro/sources/meta-fsl-arm-extra/conf/machine/nitrogen6sx.conf20:04
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nillerbrunbut the patch references the file like this:20:04
nillerbrunMy SRC_URI looks like this: SRC_URI = "file://add_Nitrogen6QPMAX_and_SOMv2_support.patch;apply=yes;patchdir=~/jethro/sources/meta-fsl-arm-extra/"20:06
kergoththat really doesn't make any sense.20:07
kergothyou can't patch a layer in a recipe20:07
kergothrecipes patch their iown sources20:07
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nillerbrunyeah, I thought something like that.20:07
Pete_hi is anyone there?20:07
nillerbrunwhat are my options here?20:07
Pete_nillerbrun, I have a yocto question if you feel like trying20:07
kergothnillerbrun: what eaxctly are you trying to do? you can't modify a config file in one layer from another, at all. submit the fix upstream20:08
Pete_kergoth: what is the protocol on this chat?  when can I begin?20:09
nillerbrunsorry my terminology isn't there yet, new job, ~2 weeks20:09
kergothas i said to nillerbrun like 5 minutes ago, Pete_, if you have a question *ask it*20:09
kergothdon't quibble and ask to ask20:09
nillerbrunthe fix is already submitted in master20:09
kergothjust spit it out and wait and see if someone responds20:09
Pete_got it20:09
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kergothnillerbrun: then submit the fix as a proposed backport to the stable branch for the stable branch maintainer.20:10
kergothassuming the branch still has a maintainer, depends on what branch/release you're on20:10
Pete_I'm trying to configure a layer to apache2 instead of httpd.  Can you direct me to recipes/layers that will do this?20:10
kergothuh, the apache2 layer has apache220:10
kergother, apache2 recipe20:10
kergothand it's images and packagegroups that select what packages get installed, not a layer20:11
Pete_yes, but I wind up with httpd and want apache to be the server20:11
kergothwhat image are you building, from what layer?20:11
kergothnot all images and packagegroups are going to provide you an easy way to change teh apckages being included, woudl need more details to say20:11
Pete_openembedded and it's an intel image20:11
kergothneither of those make any sense20:11
*** alejandro3 <alejandro3!~canaima@> has quit IRC20:11
kergothyour'e using oe classic? and "an intel image" isn't useful20:11
kergothexactly what image recipe is it?20:12
kergothwaht bitbake command are you running?20:12
kergothregardless, your best bet is probably to create a bbappend in your own layer to the image or packagegroup and in the bbappend change the package being included20:13
kergothexactly what variables need to be change i woudlnt' be able to say without more information20:13
Pete_the recipe is recipes-httpd20:13
kergothno, that's not a recipe20:13
kergoththat's a directory20:13
kergothand that's the recipe of the http server, not hte image20:13
kergothagain, what bitbake command are you running to build your image?20:13
Pete_underneath that is a series of directories.  Assume these are the individual recipes?20:14
kergotha recipe is a .bb file20:14
Pete_bitbake dc-image20:14
kergothsee the yocto project documentation20:14
kergothokay, so examine dc-image.bb and see if it's pulling in httpd there20:14
*** Pete_ <Pete_!32f7afdd@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC20:14
kergothnillerbrun: if upstream isn't amenable to applying the change to the stable branch, your best bet would be to create your own layer, copy the machine file to it under a different name, apply the fix to that, and use that as your MACHINE instead of the upstream one20:17
kergothbitbake lets you append a recipe, but not a class or config file20:17
kergoththere are other options, but would need more details to say20:17
nillerbrunkergoth: it's a pretty simple patch, just adds device support https://github.com/Freescale/meta-fsl-arm-extra/commit/a10be64136363b90bd225df817a893aa9edb3808.patch20:18
kergothah, that's pretty straightforward20:19
kergothit's the kernel recipe which is using the KERNEL_DEVICETREE variable. worst case you could bbappend it in your own layer and do KERNEL_DEVICETREE_append_nitrogen6x = " imx6qp-nitrogen6_max.dtb imx6q-nitrogen6_som2.dtb"20:20
kergothor could append to it in local.conf, but that's tougher to maintain going forward20:20
nillerbrunyes currently our build proceedure is pretty convoluted, compile and then copy a bunch of file in manually. I would like to get it all in recipes.20:20
nillerbrunoh nice, yeah that works, I didn't realize that you could append anything like that. I thought it was special function for certain variables20:22
nillerbrunWe'll likely switch to krogoth fork soon anyway and this patch won't be necessary.20:22
kergothbitbake metadata is all a key/value store, with flags being additional key/value pairs against a variable, as further metadata. anything can be appended, prepended, etc20:22
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has quit IRC20:23
nillerbrunkergoth: thanks!20:23
kergothfrom bitbake's perspective the only difference between a variable and a function is the presence of a single flag internally20:23
kergothit's still just a name and a value20:23
kergoththe bitbake manual or the yocto chapter of the architecture of open source systems book might give you some useful background20:23
kergothhttp://www.aosabook.org/en/yocto.html, https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/1.6/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual.html (obviously the 1.6 in the url canb e changed to whichever release you're on)20:24
nillerbrunyeah i was reading that, but I was concentrating on the section about recipes.20:24
kergothbitbake manual covers the basic metadata file format / syntax20:24
frayany suggestions, I'm using a buildtools-tarball from master, and I'm trying to connect (using python2.7 build w/ the SDK) to a https site.. from what I can tell the 'ssl' module isn't findign the certificates..20:24
*** maxin <maxin!~maxin@37-219-100-25.nat.bb.dnainternet.fi> has joined #yocto20:24
frayanyone seen this problem and/or have any idea how to resolve it?20:24
kergothi think there were some relatively recent patches to align the certificate paths20:25
kergothrings a bell, anyway20:25
fraythats what I thought, but I've not been able to find them20:25
kergothi have hit that before, but don't recall what the solution was offhand20:25
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frayya.. there was a patch from paul that fixes the cert dependency -- but it doesn't seem to fix the 'sdk' usage20:26
frayfrom my strace it appears to be looking in the wrong place for a file that doesn't even exist even if it was looking in the right place20:26
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto20:27
kergothfray: "[OE-core] [PATCH v2 3/3] openssl: Ensure SSL certificates are stored on sysconfdir" might be related?20:27
* kergoth shrugs20:27
fraycould be.. will look..20:28
frayI'd been searching for 'ca-*'20:28
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has quit IRC20:28
fraywhat was the date on that once (trying to figure out how far back Ineed to look)20:28
fraywait found it..20:29
kergothmay 27th20:29
frayfollowup the 27th20:29
* kergoth nods20:29
bluelightningfray: you have Jason's corresponding patch as well?20:29
fraynot seeing it20:30
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto20:31
* kergoth fights the qt-x11-free build :'(20:31
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #148 of nightly-musl is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-musl/builds/14820:31
bluelightningfray: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/commit/?id=d30aedcdf91d78c1553d8aa1f6769d3afa5cce8e20:32
kergothoh, man, qt-x11-free didn't create/patch the mkspecs to obey the OE_QMAKE_ vars, instead it relied on make -e?20:32
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frayBTW what I'm tryign to do is run 'repo' using the buildtools-tarball output.. it's failing trying to sync from google during the 'init'20:33
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto20:34
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fraylooks like all of those patches 'fix' the -native case..  it's the nativesdk that is tripping me up20:36
* fray checks he has them in his build dir20:36
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* kergoth grumbles20:42
kergothi look forward to the lsb version being bumped and qt3 going away / dying in a fire20:42
kergothafaict it inherits qmake_base but then ignores nearly everything the class does.20:42
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kergothbluelightning: wonder if we should also build up to package_qa for 'devtool build', to check for problems20:45
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bluelightningkergoth: there is a config option to change the target20:46
bluelightningkergoth: the task I selected was kind of deliberate though, I wanted to avoid forcing the user to fix those issues when all they wanted was to fix the bugs / make the changes they were immediately concerned with20:47
bluelightningkergoth: perhaps a better solution would be to still do the package QA checks, just demote them all to warnings20:47
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kergothah, that makes sense21:15
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nillerbrunkergoth: the append method seemed to mostly work, but I'm getting an error with do_rootfs21:41
nillerbrunERROR: imx6q-nitrogen6_som2.dtb does not exist.21:41
nillerbrunERROR: Function failed: do_rootfs21:42
kergothdo_rootfs doesn't use the dtb, the kernel build does21:42
kergoththat's a bit odd21:42
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nillerbrunyeah i tried a few variations. I patched the file directly which works, but very puzzling is that if I also add the _append to my recipe, it fails21:43
nillerbrunso path only works, _append only fails, patch and _append fails21:44
nillerbrunI'm not totally fussed, because I now see that boundary released their fork of krogoth on friday, but in the interest of curiosity21:46
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denixis it ok to mix sstate from different branches, i.e. master/krogoth?22:31
kergothwon't hurt anything22:41
kergothanything that should be different will have metadata that's different and different checksums22:41
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kergothi use a single sstate dir between like 4 different yocto versions, about that many mel versions, etc22:41
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denixkergoth: thanks for confirming!22:48
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