Friday, 2016-06-17

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mwarninghi, I have deleted the deploy folder. How do I get it back?06:43
fredcadetemwarning: I believe you have to call bitbake with the targets you  need06:54
fredcadeteit should all be reused from sstate, so it will not take so long06:55
kergoththat won't help unless you wipe tmp, otherwise the stamps will let bitbake know the deploy tasks have already been run, so will be skipped06:55
kergotheither wipe tmp, or remove all the do_deploy stamps from tmp/stamps/06:55
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mwarningkergoth: where do I find that tmp folder?07:09
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fredcadeteby default it's in the builddir07:30
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mwarningbitbake.lock  buildhistory  cache  conf   sstate-cache  tmp-glibc07:53
mwarninghm, I wonder which one fredcadete meant07:54
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fredcadetemwarning: sorry, dropped out08:25
mwarningnp :)08:25
fredcadeteif it's not there, maybe your build has configured it to a different directory from the default08:25
fredcadetetry: bitbake -e | grep TMPDIR=08:26
fredcadetethere you go08:26
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mwarningfredcadete: well, but then everything needs to be compiled from ground up again.08:27
fredcadeteyou mean if you delete it?08:28
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mwarningit's 23GB in size on my system08:28
fredcadeteactually, for many end tasks yocto archives the results in the sstate-cache08:28
mwarningsstate-cache is 2GB08:29
fredcadeteso if you delete dir, then bitbake your image again, you will see many "SetScene" tasks instead of builds. this is bitbake taking archived results form sstate-cache08:29
mwarningI can rename it and see what happens08:29
fredcadeteyes, it's smaller because sstate-cache only keeps the output of the compile process, it does not have intermedia things like build directories and .o files08:30
fredcadetedo like this: mv tmp tmp-old08:30
fredcadetethen bitbake, see if it works08:30
fredcadeteif it does not, you still have your old state in tmp-old08:31
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atmchello, can i use the preemp-rt patches with yocto for a raspberry pi image?08:32
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mwarningfredcadete: looks like it has worked. the deploy folder is there again an looks fully populated.08:39
mwarningBut it is funny that the old tmp-glibc was 23GB, but the new one is only .26GB08:39
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fredcadetemwarning: that's normal. If you go look in tmp-old/work/whatever-arch/whatever-recipe/ , you will see it has source files, build directory with .o files, an install directory, and package-split directories all taking up place08:42
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fredcadetecompare with the same work directory for the new tmp dir, and it has almost nothing.08:42
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mwarninghm, ok08:43
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rt_Can I do pip install in my bitbake recipes to build my python package dependencies? I couldn't find any custom recipe which uses requirements.txt10:02
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mastierrburton: hey, I looked for the pathes you talked about, but there are propably not yet in master, because runqemu still look for arg in given list. Could you tell me where I can find them ?10:21
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rburtonmastier: they're on the oe-core list and not ready for merging yet.  if you'd be interested in working on them then they'll appear with a search for runqemu rfc.10:22
mastierrburton: you mean that patch ?
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mastierrburton: ok, great, last question, what would require to make this patch merged ? for the current master the patch does not apply10:40
rburtonoff the top of my head i can't recall what the problem was10:40
rburtonobviously the first requirement is to be rebased :)10:41
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mastierrburton: I am quite new to this old-fashioned approach to pull requesting ;-) so if someone want badly to have his changes to be merged, must keep finger on the pulse10:50
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rt_Can I do pip install in my bitbake recipes to build my python package dependencies? I couldn't find any custom recipe which uses requirements.txt11:46
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mwarninghi, is it possible to use versions in dependencies of a recipes?12:17
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rburtonmwarning: DEPENDS, no, RDEPENDS, yes12:21
mwarningrburton: I tried to add DEPENDS = "nano-2.2.5" to my recipe. It does not build, but meta-oe/recipes-support/nano/nano-2.2.5 exists/.12:23
rburtonyou want just "nano"12:23
rburtonas that's like the name of the recipe, assuming its nano_2.2.5.bb12:23
mwarningyes, using just nano would work. But I like to say that I want a higher version than, let's say
mwarningor a specific version12:25
Crofton|workmwarning, you know about PREFERRED_VERSION?12:31
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Crofton|workI  know it isn't quite what you are trying to do12:31
mwarningCrofton|work: yes, but that only works in conf/local.conf12:31
Crofton|workor distro.conf12:32
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mwarningnever seen that, but it does not look like it is what I want.12:32
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rburtonmwarning: you can't have versions in DEPENDS12:42
rburtonwould be nice, i agree12:42
rburtonpatches welcome12:42
rburtoneven if it just results in the build aborting because you need to set preferred version12:42
mwarningbasicly, I want to have my own release which contains a list of programs of a specific version.12:44
mwarningmaybe someone can tell me how this can be achieved12:45
mwarningmaybe my starting point is wrong12:45
Crofton|workmwarning, it sounds like you need a custom distro that sets PREFERRED_VERSIONS12:47
mwarninglooks like it12:47
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tobias_hey, im maintaing an old application running with xulrunner. The application worked fine in jethro but when i migrated to krogoth it wont load. accordning to ldd no libraries are missing. The output of the jsconsole in xulrruner says "The character encoding of the plain text document was not declared". Iave checked all the meta tags an charset is set to utf-8 on all but one where an ISO charset is set. What package could i be missing ?12:55
CTtpollardshould bitbake catch all gplv3 packages during the initial parse if set as incompatible, or can it fail later on?12:55
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rburtonCTtpollard: should fail at parse time13:08
CTtpollardrburton: noted13:08
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CTtpollardrburton: are any packages exceptions to this?13:09
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mwarningis there a way to let do_install() do nothing (it is a dummy recipe) - I get an error that the package cannot be installed.13:12
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RPseebs: around?13:17
fredcadetemwarning: I'm not sure, maybe this helps?
frayhe won't likely be around for another couple hours13:23
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mwarningfredcadete: that worked! :-)13:31
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fredcadetemwarning: great!13:31
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* kergoth yawns14:27
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kergothbeth left intel? huh15:42
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billrkergoth: yup. She got an offer she couldn't refuse. Formed her own company to consult for someone in Netherlands, but can work remote from home most of the time.15:47
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kergothnice, sounds like a good opportunity15:47
billrI think so.15:48
billrLeft most of the AB stuff to me. She's still around and involved, though, and will be the gatekeeper for the AB git repo as far as applying patches, etc.15:49
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kergothah, cool. sounds like that should help ease the transition15:53
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seebsRP: around-ish. Might be sick, though, so possibly not smart.16:02
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RPseebs: sorry to hear that. It was just to give you a heads up on
yoctiBug 9761: normal, Medium+, 2.2 M1, eduard.bartosh, IN PROGRESS REVIEW , Failed to  extract rootfs by using runqemu-extract-sdk16:03
RPseebs: we think we understand the problem and its not strictly pseudo but its messy :(16:03
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j8does anyone install a toolchain on their target ARM device to develop on target?16:08
*** marka <marka!> has joined #yocto16:09
frayI have, but I don't do it a lot for actual development, more quick prototyping and debugging16:11
j8that makes sense16:14
seebs... You know, the ldflags thing seemed like it should be reasonable, but that may be a reason to undo that.16:15
seebsand the chrpath thing seems reasonable.16:16
fraypseudo needs to work with the system and "native" versions of  the rpath only points to the 'native' version16:17
frayso you end up running a system binary with an rpath that tries to load an incompatible "native" version, and it died16:18
frayget the rpath out of there, and let the executables handle the rpath issues and it all works16:18
fray(RP correct me if I'm wrong)16:18
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*** Xz <Xz!~kmsywula@> has joined #yocto16:25
*** Snert__ is now known as Snert_16:25
Xzhi there, I'm trying to clone repository from that starts with 'ssh://'. Yocto fetcher seems not to understand that protocol. How do I make it work?16:26
RPfray: correct, we need to let the selected search the right system paths. If there is an RPATH it all gets messy16:27
RPThe RPATH may be right for SDK components but not native ones16:27
RPkergoth: the above is from your pseudo LDFLAGS change :(16:28
* RP suspects we should rip a load of the rpath stuff out of the SDK LDFLAGS now16:28
fredcadeteXz: the URL should be something like "git://user@host/path;protocol=ssh"16:29
fredcadeteincidentally, I'm not finding the doc for this...16:31
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Xzfredcadete: that worked! magic16:40
fredcadeteXz: what a wonderful thing to happen on a friday afternoon16:41
fredcadetehave a nice weekend16:41
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Xzcan I skip 'do_patch' step for kernel build?16:47
kergothRP: yeah, I saw, that sucks, sorry. i'd expect either everything in the sdk to be using that libc or none, not some combination of the two :\16:50
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has joined #yocto16:51
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*** berton <berton!~fabio@> has joined #yocto17:09
Xzkernel build seems very difficult nowadays17:10
XzI have custom repo with custom kernel that I want to add to my image. When removing 'do_patch' step it fails saying 'could not sanitize configuration fragments'.17:11
*** zeddii_home <zeddii_home!> has joined #yocto17:12
Xzif I preserve do_patch then it tries to apply some ARM patch that won't apply - and I'm trying to build x64 arch17:13
*** LoganG <LoganG!~LoganG@2607:5300:60:47bc:dead:beef:dead:beef> has quit IRC17:14
*** sgw_ <sgw_!sgw_@nat/intel/x-pthddyywpsokapsb> has quit IRC17:19
XzI don't know why it tries to apply some random patches17:20
*** nillerbrun <nillerbrun!> has quit IRC17:22
frayI am not a kernel expert..  but to start with.. the system isn't apply random patches..17:22
frayIn the yocto project kernel source, there is a defined set of patches and features that is combined to produce the final source code that is used to compile..17:23
Xzfray: I would love just to pull my custom kernel17:23
frayif you change the sources, feature or configuration that the overall patch set may change..17:23
Xzfray: it's already patched17:23
fraythen don't use linux-yocto17:23
Xzfray: how do I add my kernel to yocto build then?17:24
fraycreate a new recipe for your kernel17:24
fraythere were docs on doing this last time i looked.. on what you needed to inherit (class wise) and some other specifics..17:25
fraythen use your version instead of linux-yocto17:25
frayat a minimum you will need inherit kernel17:25
frayspecify your src-Uri and defconfig...  for some reason I think ther ewas a linux-yocto-custom or something like that..17:26
fraythere was an example on using a kernel directly17:26
Xzfray: was it in docs on
*** toanju <toanju!> has quit IRC17:26
frayI don't remember, but I believe it should be in the kernel section17:26
fraylook in the poky checkout 'meta-skeleton' for recipes-kernel/linux/  that might be what you want17:27
aehs29does anyone know how to get the lcd3 cape working on the beaglebone black?, it seems to me that linux-yocto (which is what MACHINE=beaglebone sues) does not contain the driver for it, I tried using linux-ti-staging from meta-ti and it didnt work either17:34
Xzfray: let's say I finished my linux-yocto-custom recipe17:34
kergothXz: yes, there's coverage of custom kernel builds on the docs17:34
Xzfray: how do I replace standard kernel with my custom one?17:34
Xzkergoth: found the manual already, it explains how to create the recipe17:35
kergothPREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "your-recipe-name"17:35
*** sgw_ <sgw_!~sgw_@> has joined #yocto17:35
Xzkergoth: in local.conf?17:35
kergoththough with correct use of COMPATIBLE_MACHINE, explicit pref is often unneeded17:35
kergothwherever you want to put it, bitbake doesn't give a crap as long as it's set and is in the global config metadata17:35
Xzkergoth: let me try that17:35
kergothnormally the machine would do it, but you're overriding what the bsp is doing, so yes, local.conf would be appropriate if you don't want to create your own machine (which, to be clear, would be the better route)17:36
Xzkergoth: I'm just testing couple of kernel patches17:36
Xzkergoth: that will eventually be upstreamed17:36
Xzkergoth: so no need for spinning new layer with all its configuration files17:36
Xzkergoth: I pretty much need to do an engineering build, make sure everything works17:37
*** dmoseley <dmoseley!> has joined #yocto17:37
Xzkergoth: after that I will work on getting it integraded into yocto upstreamed kernel17:37
*** seebs_ <seebs_!> has joined #yocto17:38
kergothif it's desitned for upstream, why not just modify the kernel rather than replacing it with your own? or at least use the existing one as a baseline, copy it, rather than going the custom route?17:38
*** seebs <seebs!> has quit IRC17:38
kergothif upstream is a linux-yocto kernel, then you should use the linux-yocto tooling to submit your patches to the source17:38
Xzkergoth: the story is - kernel work was done by Yocto-ignorant kernel dev17:39
Xzkergoth: I'm Yocto, kernel-ignorant guy17:39
Xzkergoth: we just try to make it work together :)17:39
Xzkergoth: so he ported plenty of patches on top of the tree that was building fine using linux-yocto bbappend17:40
Xzkergoth: now it doesn't build anymore - do_patch step fails applying some ARM patches17:41
*** berton <berton!~fabio@> has quit IRC17:41
Xzkergoth: which is weird, as my arch ix x64. but I guess these days kernel build got way more complicated17:41
zeddii_homenot really17:41
zeddii_homemake a small error in any part of the system, and it goes off the rails.17:42
zeddii_homesimply not understanding it, doesn’t make it “way harder"17:42
*** berton <berton!~fabio@> has joined #yocto17:43
Xzzeddii_home: there is no point in me and you arguing about how kernel build changed over time17:43
* zeddii_home is more than aware17:43
Xzzeddii_home: my expectation is that if I build x64 kernel then I'm dealing with x64 problems, not ARM related ones17:43
zeddii_homebecause you hosed the recipe17:43
zeddii_homedon’t know what to tell you17:43
zeddii_homewhen you use a recipe, that has patches17:44
zeddii_homeand point it at a different tree17:44
zeddii_homeit is still going to try and apply its patches17:44
zeddii_homethat’s no different than any recipe in the system.17:44
Xzzeddii_home: well, default URI is to get kernel from yoctoproject.org17:44
Xzzeddii_home: that's something that 'WE' host, so why having additional patches in the layer for it???17:45
frayyou are either using the YP kernel or you are not..  if you have made changes, you are not..17:45
zeddii_homedid you post your kernel recipe ? I just re-joined the channel and didn’t see it.17:46
Xznot much in there17:48
Xzthat's my bbappend17:48
Xzit goes along with couple of config fragments17:48
zeddii_homethat’s going to try and build the BSP that is defined in the yocto-kernel-cache, against a tree that doesn’t have the patches defined in the yocto kernel cache17:48
Xzno patches in my layer17:48
zeddii_homeso the tools are going to try and make the tree match the patches that the kernel-cache is specifying.17:49
zeddii_homeso you either need your own machine, or just drop the kernel cache and provide a defconfig17:49
Xzzeddii_home: isn't defconfig equal to config fragments?17:50
zeddii_homeit just gets block applied, and you get what you get. defconfig is part of the core kernel.bbclass.17:50
Xzzeddii_home: so I just cat all config fragments into 1 file and that will be defconfig, right?17:50
zeddii_homemaybe. better to just do a configure run outside of the build system17:51
zeddii_homeand save the .config as ‘defconfig’ and then feed it back in.17:51
zeddii_homethe defconfig will have more values filled in, than the concatenated fragments.17:51
fraythe kernel-cache has instructions for each machine on what features to enable (read that as what patches to apply and kernel options to enable)..  you have a custom kernel that does not have the patches available.. so the mismatch is telling the system to reconstruct the kernel and now your patches don't apply because of this..  they both have to be in sync17:51
Xzfray: what is kernel-cache?17:52
fraySRC_URI = "git://;protocol=ssh;name=machine;branch=${KBRANCH}; \17:52
fray           git://;type=kmeta;name=meta;branch=yocto-4.4;destsuffix=${KMETA}"17:52
fraysecond entry of your SRC_URI17:52
zeddii_homethat’s the kernel meta-data, it’s in the docs.17:53
Xzwhat would be the forkflow to make it work with existing SRC_URI as is?17:53
zeddii_homethe name is historically significant, but easier to just call it the meta data when describing it.17:53
zeddii_homeXz: if you aren’t changing the source tree ?17:53
zeddii_homejust add your patches on the end of the src_uri like any recipe17:53
Xzzeddii_home: build will brake the same way17:54
zeddii_homeif you do need to change the source tree, the linux-yocto-custom, or the kernel recipes you can find in the meta-* layers of the oe ecosystem will do.17:54
zeddii_homeXz: nope.17:54
Xzzeddii_home: apparently there are some conflicts between my patches and kernel-cache patches17:54
zeddii_homefolks are building like that all day, every day. unless something has broken in the past couple of days, and no one has raised a bug and screamed at me.17:55
zeddii_homeif you can point me at your patches. I can bbappend them to my linux-yocto-4.4 and see what happens.17:55
Xzzeddii_home: what's the difference between applying patches using patch files inside the layer vs having them applied right away in git-clone ?17:55
zeddii_homeI’m not sure I follow.17:56
zeddii_homeif you are using the kern-tools (as linux-yocto does). they make sure you are building the tree that it expects. the patches are integrated already into linux-yocto, so they are skipped.17:56
zeddii_homebut if you point at another tree, they aren’t applied, and it knows that. so it tries to apply them.17:57
zeddii_homebut like any patch, if that tree has a different context, it goes boom.17:57
Xzwhat is kern-tools?17:57
Xzas I said - the dev that prepared the tree has no idea about Yocto17:57
Xzso he just backported set of patches on top of the tree that *used to build with my bbappend*17:57
zeddii_homedo you have that bbappend ? because what you have in yours, is doing what I’d expect.17:58
Xzzeddii_home: I do, let me dig it17:58
Xzzeddii_home: that's what I used to have - and it built fine18:00
zeddii_homeand that tree is a linux-yocto tree18:00
* zeddii_home has built steve’s tree before18:00
Xzzeddii_home: what dev did - he took the tree, applied couple of patches and now it doesn't build anymore18:00
Xzzeddii_home: I pretty much just pointed recipe to his tree and changed branch name18:00
zeddii_homeyou are pointing at a different kernel tree.18:00
Xzzeddii_home: yeah, but it's the same baseline + some patches18:01
zeddii_homedoesn’t matter.18:01
zeddii_homehas all my integrated patches that are part of linux-yocto18:01
zeddii_homeand the tools know that.18:01
zeddii_homeyou pointed the same build process at a different tree.18:01
zeddii_homeso it is trying to apply patches to make it consistent.18:01
zeddii_homeand they won’t apply to that baseline.18:01
Xzzeddii_home: I don't follow18:01
Xzzeddii_home: are you saying if I forked onto
zeddii_homethe kernel-cache, in your src_uri18:02
Xzzeddii_home: and didn't apply any patches - yocto would behave differently?18:02
zeddii_home*has* patches18:02
zeddii_homeif you had all the branches the same, yes, it should work fine.18:02
zeddii_homebut if you want to use your own tree, do that.18:02
zeddii_homejust don’t use the kernel-cache, and don’t inherit linux-yocto.18:02
Xzzeddii_home: well, eventually all these patches will be integrated into sakoman.com18:03
Xzzeddii_home: I just need engineering builds to test it18:03
Xzzeddii_home: later on, patches will go upstreamed into yoctoproject.org18:03
*** psnsilva_ <psnsilva_!> has quit IRC18:04
Xzzeddii_home: in other words, contains + couple of patches18:04
Xzzeddii_home: for me it's no difference if the diff is applied straight into git tree, or using SRC_URI += "file://..."18:04
Xzzeddii_home: because at the end of the day workdir will be the same18:05
zeddii_homeyah. exactly.18:05
zeddii_homelike I said, if you want me to try a build.18:05
zeddii_homeif I can see the patches, I can always try a build and see if something broke.18:05
zeddii_homeit happens ;)18:05
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igor3hi everybody, I created an image and set IMAGE_FSTYPES = "hddimg", then now when I boot on a pendrive with the image installed it prompts to me boot or install19:18
*** townxelliot <townxelliot!~ell@> has quit IRC19:19
igor3how can I disable it to just boot on my image instead syslinux19:19
igor3I saw on image.bbclass if IMAGE_FSTYPE contains iso or hddimg it inherits image-live class19:22
igor3and this class sets the prompts boot and install19:22
igor3but I don't want it and I did not find out how to disable19:22
kergothyeah, there's a bunch of hardcoded live-oriented stuff in live/hddimg/iso construction, sadly19:23
igor3there is a user friendly way to make a hddimg without this live boot?19:23
igor3I want the initramfs to boot the image, but I don't want this syslinux prompt etc..19:25
*** toanju <toanju!> has quit IRC19:27
igor3I think I found what I must do19:28
igor3the vmdk class inherit the boot-directdisk class, that I think is what I want19:29
*** nisha <nisha!~nisha@> has joined #yocto19:30
kergothmight also want to switch the initramfs. by default it's using one that includes the installer stuff19:38
kergothat least hddimg/live is, dunno about vmdk19:38
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kergothAnyone had to deal with trying to patch a file which is in dos line ending format? including those in the patch, as generated by diff, breaks patch application, and removing them breaks as it says the line endings don't match up (no crap). worst case could add a do_unpack postfunc to frodos the things20:13
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kergothokay, that's the last of my ldflags fixes submitted after doing a massive world build with the poisoning patch enabled just for cross. think i should be ready to re-submit in the near future for m2 if appropriate20:37
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