Saturday, 2016-06-18

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Xznot here I guess01:17
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soreauIt seems is down so bitbake edison-image fails when trying to download but I'd like to build only the kernel. I'm aiming to write a kernel module. Is there a way to avoid the problem target?02:43
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #811 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #832 of nightly-world is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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soreaunow's back up but I get libwebsockets-1.23-chrome32-firefox24.tar.gz'. Checksum mismatch! and bypassing that, it downloads a .tar.gz file but it's actually a text file containing html content04:26
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cyrille_Hi everybody ! I've a little problem with Yocto. I try to add cups recipe on my layer but on the generated image, /usr/share/doc folder is not created. Do you have any idea to resolve this problem ?14:04
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soreauI've tried everything to build yocto, nothing is working. bitbake fails early and loudly14:29
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Crofton|worksoreau, pastebin the messages, my crystall ball is cloudy14:53
soreauCrofton|work: hi14:53
soreauCrofton|work: I get libwebsockets-1.23-chrome32-firefox24.tar.gz'. Checksum mismatch! and bypassing that, it downloads a .tar.gz file but it's actually a text file containing html content14:53
Crofton|workhmmm14:54, do_unpack) failed with exit code '1'14:54
Crofton|worktry removing the files relasted to that from the dl dir and re download14:54
Crofton|workand look in the recipe and see what SRC_URI is14:54
soreauCrofton|work: But I'm not sure if I have the right edison-src downloaded to begin with14:54
Crofton|workwhich layer is that coming from14:55
soreauI've seen several places to acquire and downloaded a few different versions14:55
soreauCrofton|work: I don't know14:55
Crofton|workannoyingly it is in several14:55
Crofton|worklooks like we need a better home for it :)14:55
soreaulet me try rm bitbake_download_dir/*14:55
Crofton|workI wouldn't tremove the whole thing :)14:56
Crofton|workbut I outlines the basic process14:56
soreauCrofton|work: Well FWIW, the first time I tried, was down..15:02
Crofton|workremove the files for it from download and try again15:02
soreaunow I redownloaded everything with -c fetchall15:02
soreauand now rerunning without -c fetchall15:03
soreaunope fail15:03
macbugHi, can anyone point me in a direction for finding out howto customiz my filesystem layout?15:03
Crofton|workuse wget on the SRC_URI from the recipe15:03
soreauCrofton|work: it downloads a tar.gz that is really ascii text html15:04
Crofton|worksoreau, you'll need do a little detective work15:05
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soreauCrofton|work: here's the latest failed output
soreauwget --no-check-certificate && file libwebsockets-1.23-chrome32-firefox24.tar.gz  ultimately gives "libwebsockets-1.23-chrome32-firefox24.tar.gz: HTML document, ASCII text, with very long lines"15:07
soreauand it's an html file15:07
soreauautoconf-2.69.tar.gz seems like the right type but it reportedly fails to unpack too, not sure if it just bails out when libwebsockets fails or what15:09
soreauCrofton|work: what's the recommended src to grab?15:09
Crofton|workI know nothing about websockets15:10
soreaume neither15:15
soreauCrofton|work: also I don't even care to build this part, I can't imagine it's required for the kernel image15:16
soreauI just want to write a kernel module15:16
soreauI can't understand why this is so broken15:20
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soreauCrofton|work: thanks for the replies but I'm still no closer to figuring out how to build yocto poky15:37
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soreauAfter manually fixing the missing file problems, I get, do_patch) failed with exit code '1'15:56
soreaubitbake_download_dir/git2/ does not exist; check .git/objects/info/alternates.15:56
soreau| error: bad tree object c03195ed6e3066494e3fb4be69154a57066e845b15:56
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soreaunow getting | /usr/bin/ld: mpn/.libs/invert_limb.o: relocation R_X86_64_PC32 against protected symbol `__gmpn_invert_limb_table' can not be used when making a shared object for gmp16:33
soreauhaving to download everything manually, I don't know why16:33
Crofton|workdo you have firewall issues?16:34
Crofton|workYou are working with the Edison?16:34
cyrille_Hi everybody ! I try to add cups recipe on my layer but on my generated image, /usr/share/doc folder is not created. Do you have any idea to resolve this problem ?16:35
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soreauCrofton|work: No firewall issues afaik, running linux x64 host to build and target is edison yes16:43
soreauwget works to download most all of the items it says are missing and I use the same SRC_URI in the bb files16:44
Crofton|workwhat instructions are you following16:44
* Crofton|work is really hoping someone who knows edison stumbles by 16:44
soreauI have to manually clone bare repo for git://
soreauCrofton|work: I have read many instruction sets but basically just download and extract edison-src, source poky/oe-init-build-env and run bitbake edison-image16:46
soreau and for example16:48
soreauCrofton|work: It's no hurry, I'll probably idle here until I get it resolved or give up :)16:49
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Crofton|workyeah, I've tried to get enough background hopefully someone can help you16:50
soreauThe thing is, I built some hardware to dim an AC light. It detects zero-cross of the ac sine wave and sets a pin high when this happens. When this is detected in the C program interrupt, it in turn sets another pin to high which is input to the circuit to fire a triac and turn on the current, but waiting so it's cutting the leading edge of the wave. It works but I'm just bitbanging with mraa so it's unreliable at higher timeouts, which causes the light16:54
soreau to flicker16:54
soreauI'm guessing that a kernel module could read and write the pins faster and eliminate (or at least mitigate significantly) the timing issues16:55
soreaubut I might use a real arduino (promini or something) instead since it would be more reliable and wouldn't have to mess with the kernel16:56
soreauI was going to install kernel-dev and try to build an out-of-tree standalone module but it complained about device space while installing so I didn't trust it16:56
soreau(on the edison directly)16:57
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soreaualso tried busy wait instead of usleep but results are actually worse17:12
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