Friday, 2016-06-24

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khemXz: you can use file:///x/y/x00:13
khemto access /x/y/z on your machine00:13
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davisi am trying to remember how I disable sdl from qemu build.  Any ideas?00:25
davissomeone told me before and I didn't write it down.00:26
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khemcomment out PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qemu-native = " sdl"00:29
khemPACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-nativesdk-qemu = " sdl"00:29
khemin your local.conf00:29
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bluelightningXz: use externalsrc.bbclass for that01:35
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c0rneli'm trying to follow the quick start guide and i can't seem to make it work05:41
c0rnel$ source oe-init-build-env05:41
c0rnelError: '../project/conf/' must be a directory containing local.conf & bblayers.conf05:41
c0rneli'v tried on two different machines (one fedora 22, one f24), i've even cloned it05:42
c0rnel* again05:42
c0rnelam i doing something wrong?05:42
c0rnelfind . -name "prohject" does not find anything05:45
LetoThe2ndc0rnel: howdy.05:45
LetoThe2ndc0rnel: lets just givve it a quick check :-) 1) you created some directory 2) you cloned poky.git into it, right?05:46
c0rnelbranch is krogoth05:46
c0rnelLetoThe2nd, right05:46
LetoThe2ndso now, you are inside your directory, and if you do 'ls', then you see at least, or hopefully only, the directory named "poky", right?05:47
c0rnelthen i cd into poky05:48
c0rnelthe i checkout the branch05:48
LetoThe2ndleave that out for now :)05:48
c0rnelthen i try source * and it fails05:48
c0rnelLetoThe2nd, ok05:48
LetoThe2ndjust stay there, and give 'source poky/oe-init-build-env' a try05:49
c0rnelLetoThe2nd, same error05:49
c0rnelmore or less05:50
c0rnelexactly same error05:50
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c0rneli was expecting that it will complain for poky/project/...05:50
c0rnelbut no, the error is the same05:50
c0rnelmaybe it's important that i've already checkout the branch05:51
LetoThe2ndc0rnel: ok. rule of thumb, do not do stuff inside the poky dir. consider it as upstream that is not meant to be modified05:51
c0rnellet's try with an untainted clone :)05:51
LetoThe2ndc0rnel: for your specific error, yes. give an untainted clone a try first, and then lets see when it starts.05:52
c0rnelLetoThe2nd, but how can i checkout the branch from outside poky?05:52
LetoThe2ndc0rnel: checking out the branch is fine, of course. its picking the upstream revision - but you should not do the source in there, as it will create and modify files.05:53
c0rnelLetoThe2nd, i see05:53
c0rnelthen maybe the QS guide must be updated05:54
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LetoThe2ndc0rnel: maybe.... yes.05:54
c0rnelLetoThe2nd, the project/ directory is expectd to be inside poky/ ?05:55
LetoThe2ndc0rnel: nope05:55
c0rnelLetoThe2nd, ok, with a new clone, no branch checkout, same error05:55
LetoThe2ndc0rnel: hm ok. give me a second05:56
c0rnelcan you maybe try to reproduce it?05:56
LetoThe2ndthats what i'm about to do :-)05:56
c0rnelok :)05:56
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LetoThe2ndc0rnel: no error here.06:00
c0rnelLetoThe2nd, hmmmm06:00
LetoThe2ndso my current guess is, that fedora is doing something... 'different'06:00
c0rnelgit clone git:// ?06:01
c0rnelor maybe my environment is tainted?06:01
LetoThe2nd1) git clone git:// 2) source poky/oe-init-build-env06:01
c0rneldo you find a project directory inside your poky/ ?06:01
LetoThe2ndc0rnel: nope, and neither in my build dir. thats fine, i didn't expect any there.06:02
c0rnelbut where is oe-init-build-env taking it from?06:02
* c0rnel is confused06:03
LetoThe2ndc0rnel: if i had to place a bet, then i'd say that there's something fishy with your python environment06:03
LetoThe2ndi assume that you have installed the required packages as listed in the QS?06:04
LetoThe2ndok, hm06:06
c0rnelbut still06:06
c0rnelif you do not have a project/ directory somewhere, how is taht script working?06:06
c0rnelwhere is it taking {local,bblayers}.conf from06:07
LetoThe2ndc0rnel: well suggests that you are seeing a tainted error message already. that the script is looking for a template directory, which for unknown reasons is set to something *project* on your box06:08
c0rnelguess what06:08
c0rnelin a fedora 21 machine works fine06:08
c0rneland the sample files are in meta-poky/conf06:09
LetoThe2ndso it seems that something in the environment of your other boxes breaks the script06:09
c0rnelLetoThe2nd, ok, so its' tainted environment already06:09
c0rneland indeed i've set the TEMPLATE Conf previously on that session06:10
LetoThe2nde.g. you broke it yourself ;-)06:10
c0rnelsorry for all the noise06:10
c0rneli should have known better06:10
LetoThe2ndhappens, its ok :-) good luck then!06:11
c0rnelnopw let's check the fedora 24 machine again06:11
c0rnelthank you very much LetoThe2nd06:11
gtristanpohly, so another coincidence, it looks like I'm trying to use some work for which you seem to be the most recent committer :)06:11
pohlygtristan: it is a small world ;-}06:12
pohlyWhich work is that?06:12
gtristanpohly, yeap :) I wonder if you could help me put some pieces of the puzzle together for the tizen spec2yocto project06:12
pohlyOh, not that one. I've successfully managed to forget everything about that.06:12
gtristanspecifically, I was able to run the conversion, that's pretty neat, makes some tidy bb files from spec files... from there I am trying to get passed init_yocto_env06:13
pohlyBut okay, perhaps I can figure something out again.06:13
gtristanI think right now things have just been a bit scattered06:13
pohlyI wouldn't call the resulting .bb files tidy, but I guess they served their purpose.06:13
pohlyinit_yocto_env? Don't remember that one at all. Do you have a pointer?06:14
gtristanlooking at that, right now I'm not sure where the ../meta-tizen-ivi/conf/bblayers.conf.sample is supposed to come from, or what git clone yocto:/home/yoctotizen/yocto/yoctoTizen ... is supposed to be :-S06:14
c0rnelLetoThe2nd, is there a known quick way to reset the environment?06:15
gtristanHonestly, I will probably try to forget this one too asap, it will be a fire and forget one-off conversion, just from a slightly differing set of spec files06:16
pohlyI've never used that script.06:17
gtristanah, it just looked like the logical entry point to setting things up, not using it per se but trying to grasp where the right pieces / moving parts come from06:17
LetoThe2ndc0rnel: something like 'env -i /bin/bash' should at least give you a clean subshell06:18
pohlyI think what it does is set up a complete distro, perhaps based on Poky.06:18
gtristanyeah, I guess I can safely ignore most of it and just build the resulting specs as a layer on top of oe-core, which seems to be what it's doing06:19
gtristanhonestly right now I have ~100 spec files, an abundance of binary blobs, and a base system which should probably just be replaced by oe-core in this scenario06:20
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gtristanpohly, would it maybe be wise to avoid spending time on this, and just tediously do it myself ?06:21
pohlyYes, I think it would be better to do it manually.06:21
pohlyPerhaps "devtool" can help with creating recipes from .spec files - bluelightning?06:22
pohlygtristan: it is very likely that the generated .bb files will not work without manual work either.06:23
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pohlyGenerated with spec2yocto! The same is true for devtool generated ones, but those are a lot cleaner.06:23
bluelightningpohly: sort of yes, though it doesn't read much of the spec file06:24
bluelightningjust the meta fields if there is a spec file within the source tree06:24
bluelightningyou can't actually feed it a spec file alone (yet)06:24
bluelightningwe are looking into doing some of that kind of thing at the moment06:25
gtristanIt looks like spec2yocto is generating a sort of db from many spec files, with assistance from a big config file, and sorts out the deps that way too06:25
gtristanso I would guess you kindof need a complete set of specs to get the best result anyway06:26
c0rnelthank you LetoThe2nd06:27
gtristananyway, as it's a one-off conversion and not necessarily an automated process, I think even if it takes me a *bit* more time to in copy/paste of boilerplate... the results will be better to do it by hand06:28
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subbu_mHi all07:16
subbu_mI have a query in util-linux package07:16
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subbu_mwhy do #yocto recommends SHARED_EXTRA_OECONF = "--disable-login"07:17
subbu_min util-linux package07:17
subbu_mthe file path is: meta/recipes-core/util-linux/util-linux.inc07:17
subbu_mit means that yocto is not recommending to use login from util-linux package. Thats why login.shadow is been used in the current code07:19
subbu_mis there any reason behind it?07:19
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rburtonnerdboy: 12.04 was dropped march 2015, even 1.8 didn't support it08:00
AnticomHi all. I'm having issues with bitbake fetching from a svn repo. I can checkout manually from that repo and stored the credentials for it. However if i invoke bitbake it fails with svn E17000108:01
AnticomAny ideas how to troubleshoot / fix?08:01
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mckoangood morning08:29
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jaskijwelcome everyone09:09
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jaskijsay, if a recipe provides an extra package, like ofono and ofono-tests and I want to write a do_install_append for the latter do I write do_instal_append-tests in ofono bbappend or make an ofono-tests bbappend?09:10
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mwallewhy is do_unpack python code, but do_configure shell code for example. could you tell me where i have to look to determine if a task is in python or shell code?09:28
jaskijthe task name should have 'python' before it in the recipe09:34
jaskijmwalle look here:
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mwallejaskij: ah thx, i see, base.bbclass defines the base_do_unpack as python base_do_unpack09:39
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bluelightningjaskij: re your do_install_append, no, any task functions are for the entire recipe not per package09:47
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subbu_mHi all, any body knows the reason why does YOCTO recommends to disable login from util-linux plackage by default?09:50
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rburtonjaskij: bbappends are for the *recipe*10:00
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jaskijbluelightning, rburton: but IF the recipe provides some extra files in an extra package, what do I do then? the recipe and base package are ofono, but I want to add some post-inst to the ofono-tests package, which is also described in the ofono recipe, see here:
jaskijbasically ofono-tests just splits some files in separate package and I want to link those scripts in libdir inside /usrsbin10:25
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bluelightningjaskij: install and packaging are completely separate11:34
bluelightningjaskij: think of do_install as placing every file you would ever want packaged for the recipe in place, and then after that do_package splits those files up into each individual package11:35
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jaskijbluelightning: so just add those links in do_install_append and then add them to the ofono-test package via the FILES variable?12:06
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jaskijbtw, is there a way to detect if a specific driver is compiled as a module?12:07
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fledermauscheckthe kernel config or the modules tree or modinfo12:11
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jaskijbluelightning: thanks for the explanation, it works as intended12:46
jaskij*I mean I got it to work it how I wanted ^^12:46
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Xzkhem: if I use file:// I can only attach 1 single file. What I want is to replace SRC_URI for linux-yocto with my local copy of git repo17:57
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Xzkhem: externalsrc.bbclass won't work here too, as there are some patches to be applied17:58
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Xzgit clone user@localhost:/path/to/repo does the job, except it wants password18:19
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khemyou can fix it18:49
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khemby using ssh agent19:05
khembut really you should use externalsrc and apply the patches manually19:05
khemon x86_64 SDKhost it works ok19:06
khemor does it fail there too19:06
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kergothXz: git:///some/local/path;protocol=file19:15
kergothbut as khem says, externalsrc would be better yet19:16
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nillerbrunI have a 3rd party prebuilt binary that I'm trying to incorporate. I get an error saying that "no package provides" but I have
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megha_deyHi I am switching my yocto project from systemV to systemd, the psplash screen comes up but I dont see any of the messages or progress bar on it during boot. Any ideas on how I could get this working?21:51
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khemmegha_dey: psplash does not integrate with systemd22:55
khemnillerbrun: its linked with gstreamer 0.10.x22:56
khemnillerbrun: you have gstreamer 1.x22:56
khemthey are not compatible versions of gst22:56
kergothmegha_dey: probably best off trying plymouth instead, it's in meta-oe22:57
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