Monday, 2016-07-04

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khempoky uses rpm by default, so it seems you have customised your distro its not vanilla poky, please list your changes and version of release being used06:13
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mckoangood morning07:37
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c0rneli have a problem with genivi git repos access08:57
c0rnelhowever, i have a local downloads/ directory08:57
c0rnelstill, yocto complains about the upstream being inaccessible08:57
c0rnelis this because they try to see if there is any up[date upstream?08:57
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fredcadetec0rnel: this has been brought up in #automotive09:04
boucman_workc0rnel: yes... I think you can set NO_NETWORK=1 or something like that to avoid it09:04
boucman_worklook in the mega manual09:04
fredcadetec0rnel: there has been an infrastructure migration and the new git server now requires authentication:
fredcadetegenivi IT is looking into it09:05
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c0rnelfredcadete, boucman_work thank you09:13
c0rnelanybody knows if there's a mirror on github for genivi? the email seems to imply this09:18
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fredcadetec0rnel: some of the repositories have been migrated to
fredcadetebut not all09:24
c0rnelfredcadete, thank you, that's what i've thought since i've not seen dlt-daemon there, for example09:24
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jdtlkHi! I am trying to create a new recipe for a package. I am using the 'SRC_URI' varaible to define the url of a .tar.gz package containing the source. I have tested it and it correctly fetches and unpackages the files.09:29
jdtlkMy question is, how can I modify the name of the folder in which the package gets extracted?09:29
boucman_workjdtlk: I don't think you can, but you can tell yocto what the name will be by setting the "S" variable09:30
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jdtlkoh, so instead of changing the directory in whcih the files get extracted to the working directory, I should do it the other way around: change the working directory to the one in which the files are extracted09:31
jdtlkis that what you mean?09:31
rburtonSRC_URI says what uris to download and unpack, S says where the main source ends up after unpacking09:32
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rburtonyou cant change the directory structure of a tarball, as that's up to the tarball itself09:32
jdtlkI see09:32
boucman_workno, you don't change the workdir, you change the sourcedir (which is a subdirectory of the workdir)09:32
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jdtlkI just the wrong word, 'S' is the sourcedir, not the workdir09:33
boucman_workworkdir is where yocto stores all the stuff it needs to work, including but not limited to the sourcecode09:33
jdtlkOkey, i got it09:33
jdtlkThanks for your help! =D09:33
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jdtlkOh, I also want to ask you guys about another thing. This recipe should build the package only for the SDK, using native compilation09:36
jdtlkFrom similar recipes, I saw the  BBCLASSEXTEND = "native nativesdk" line at the end, which seems to add the recipe to the SDK and using native compilation09:36
jdtlkbut it also adds it to the target09:36
jdtlkHow can I make the recipe so that the package is not added to the target?09:36
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rburtonBBCLASSEXTEND just makes it *possible* to build in various forms09:46
rburtonyou decide where it gets used09:47
boucman_workrburton: I understand the question as "how can I disable non-native builds" (which I don't know the answer to)09:47
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jdtlkHow do I decide? Now when I execute 'bitbake mypackage' it tries to crosscompile it09:48
jdtlk(which fails)09:48
rburtonthat would be because you asked it to do a target build :)09:48
jdtlkI would like it to compile it (as this is an application for my dev machine, not for the target)09:48
jdtlkcould you clarify where am I selecting a target build? (in local.conf?)09:48
rburtonbitbake foo is a target build of foo09:48
boucman_workjdtlk: did you add the recipe to IMAGE_INSTALL ?09:49
rburtonif you want the native form for host, you want foo-native09:49
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rburtonif you want something you can run on the host in a sdk, you want nativesdk-foo09:49
jdtlkOh, I see. Runing 'bitbake mytarget-native' works just fine! =D.09:50
jdtlkIs there a way to make it so that just 'bitbake mytarget' uses the native compilation?09:50
rburtonnot really09:50
rburtonyou can not have a non-native form if you name the recipe to foo-native09:51
jdtlkThanks again, I am making this work as I expected, which is nice =)09:52
jdtlkYocto is really easy to use, im liking it a lot. Developing new recipes is not that easy, but I guess it takes sometime =)09:52
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mwarninghi, how do I install a directory structure containing files etc. in a do_install() method?12:35
mwarningI've read that cp should not be used..12:36
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_stephanmwarning, just use "install -d" or "install -m"12:40
_stephanfrom ${WORKDIR}/... to ${D}${sysconfdir}/... for example12:40
_stephaninstall has a manpage, it's a standard linux tool12:41
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mwarningah, thanks12:41
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rburtonmwarning: the thing is cp will often use *your* UID for files, whereas you want files with root:root ownership.12:46
rburtoninstall lets you set ownership12:46
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boucman_workrburton: btw, I always wondered... is do_install run under fakeroot, or does it use another trick to keep the permisions when run as a normal user ?12:52
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mwarningrburton: ok, thanks for the clarification12:53
rburtonboucman_work: yeah install happens in fakeroot12:54
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boucman_workok,, thx12:55
mwarningI get "Getting checksum for atlas-common SRC_URI entry foo-orig.tar.gz: file not found except in DL_DIR" - what do I have to do?13:03
mwarningI have created foo-orig.tar.gz and placed it in the download directory13:04
rburtonif you want to pretend that the fetcher did a fetch, then you need to touch foo-origi.tar.gz.done, as otherwise the fetcher will run and delete the file you just put there13:04
rburtonon the assumption that as there's no .done file, it didn't finish the fetch13:04
rburtonbasically: don't just put files into DL_DIR unless you're deliberately avoiding the fetcher.13:05
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mwarningI want to deliberately avoid the fetcher. :-)13:07
boucman_workmwarning: if you don't fetch "for real" for the web, i would advise saving the .tar.gz in a directory next to your recipe and use a file:// uri in SRC_URI13:07
rburtonwhat boucman_work said13:08
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rburtonthe only time you should avoid the fetcher is if you have a file that you should be able to download but can't, say the host is down. then put the file in DL_DIR and touch filename.done.13:09
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boucman_workand even then, own_mirror is your friend :P13:11
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c0rnelboucman_work, what is own_mirror?13:29
c0rneli don't see it in the mega manual :)13:29
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boucman_workit's a way to specify a local directory as a "real mirror" (download is more a cache than a mirror, IIUC)13:34
boucman_worknote that this is the "latest" version of the mega-manual, so this might be an unrelease feature, i'm not sure13:35
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c0rnelah, because it's '-' not '_' :)13:37
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c0rnelthank you boucman_work13:37
mwarningdoes our local source file package need to have a specific root folder name?13:39
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c0rnelnot, as far as i understand13:42
c0rnelabout the common downloads directory: is the read access enough?13:43
c0rnelmy understanding is that if the recipe is updated and you _need_ to download a newer version then you need to have write access13:43
jdtlkI would like to call a bash script from a recipe. How can i get the path?13:44
jdtlkThe relative path to the recipe, or to the layer13:44
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boucman_workjdtlk: <= is that what you are looking for ?13:48
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jdtlkboucman_work: thanks, that could work13:49
jdtlkthe path of the layer itself would be great, though, so I can have recipes less coupled13:49
boucman_workI'm not sure why you would want that... layers are a pretty weak concept once recipes are parsed, you usually don't want to rely on them...13:50
boucman_workcould you explain ?13:50
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jdtlkI have a bash script for a post-compilation process (sign + encryption) which needs to be done after my recipe has compiled13:51
jdtlkSo i would like to call that bashscript in the do_deploy_append, so that the final artifacts are ready13:51
jdtlkI need to have a way to get the path of the bash script so I can call it13:51
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boucman_workjdtlk: wouldn't do_compile_append be a better place ?13:53
boucman_worksince at that point $S points to where your sources have been unpacked (to find your script)13:54
boucman_workand $B to where the builartifacts have been generated by do_compile13:54
boucman_work(it is common for $B == $S but it is not always the case)13:54
jdtlkThe script is not with the sources, it is an external script that needs to be executed on the final artifacts13:55
jdtlkIt cannot be distributed along with the sources13:55
boucman_workjdtlk: so... is it in your meta ? (next to your recipe)13:56
boucman_workin that case, add it as file:// in the SRC_URI and yocto will copy it in WORKDIR13:56
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boucman_workthat's how it's usually done13:56
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jdtlkokey, that can work13:57
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LetoThe2ndare there any plans for a YPDD or OEDEM at berlin this year13:59
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mwarningIs it possible to set the PV in a recipe based on a script?14:10
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mwarningI have multiple files that only differ in their version number and just want to use the latest number14:10
boucman_workmwarning: it is possible, but this is probably not what you want... can you explain your use-case a bit better ?14:15
mwarningour jenkins instance build our package with a version number included (e.g. foo.1.0.0.tgz) and places in a directory. When the yocto build is triggered, the recipe should build a new package.14:17
rburtonyou can set PKGV14:17
*** edbart <edbart!ebartosh@nat/intel/x-zopqawyhqbghuema> has joined #yocto14:17
mwarningPKGV? I will check the docs?14:17
mwarning! :)14:17
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c0rnelis there a known issue with python 2.7.9?15:09
c0rnelsite.conf seems to not work on Fedora 2215:09
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vmesonCoLa|work: Fedora 22 is (almost?) at EOL but it worked fine a few months ago. Pastebin your error?15:36
joshuaglseebs: around? we've found a few issues in pseudo master15:40
*** frsc <frsc!~frsc@> has quit IRC15:42
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joshuaglseebs: I had to `chmod +x` ports/unix/subports to build —
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has joined #yocto15:43
joshuaglseebs: the others we've seen so far are unexpected owners on files, we're trying to determine whether that's just the new pseudo exposing latent bugs. Will keep you posted.15:44
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RPseebs, fray: What we're seeing is that we can have a do_install which installs something as root.root , then we do a sed -i -e 'xxx' <file> and its owned by the build user again. Is that what you'd expect?15:56
RPjoshuagl: ^^15:57
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* zeddii hopes that seebs and fray are drinking beer for the 4th.16:09
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rburtonyeah happy treachery day16:10
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rburtondamned colonials16:10
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IllNateI would like to remove a file (script) from the initscripts recipe, what would be the best way to do this?17:06
IllNateI would also like to add a script, but this is pretty straightforward, not sure how to remove one however.17:08
obsrwr_aren't those scripts part in the files directory of the recipe?17:08
obsrwr_just under different names maybe?17:09
IllNatethe scripts are there yes17:09
obsrwr_so just remove them from the recipe's SRC_URI17:10
IllNateI would like to avoid modifying poky recipes directly if possible. I suppose I could patch the scrip I want to remove to do nothing...17:11
obsrwr_you could do that i suppose, or redeclare SRC_URI in a bbappend17:11
obsrwr_to just not include that script17:11
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IllNateYes, that would be ok, thansk obsrwr_17:13
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IllNatethere is no method for blacklisting a file though, right. Redeclaring SRC_URI is the only way correct?17:14
obsrwr_i ain't saying that17:14
obsrwr_i'm just too lazy to think of one17:15
IllNatefair enough, i searched the mega-manual, i didn't see one17:15
IllNateit would also be ok to supply my own version of the script, if I placed this file in my append file location, would it use this instead of the one located in initscripts?17:19
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has left #yocto17:20
obsrwr_you can probably have a separate version of the recipe and set a PREFERRED_VERSION of that recipe in your local.conf17:21
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IllNatehmm, so yeah if i append the recipe and FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend with my replacement file location, it preferst to use my file over the one in the files location in the original recipe17:45
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simonlI have to move a few files between packages, so I'm trying to set RREPLACES properly18:14
simonlSeems like it should be straight forward, except that I'd like to limit which versions of the original package the new package can replace files in18:15
simonlfor example, package A-1.2 replaces files in B-1.1 and below. Can I specify a replaces relation for B version 1.1 and below only, so that I continue to get the sanity check once the migration is complete?18:17
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vinis it possible to extend a do_install in a bbappend file?20:06
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has quit IRC20:07
seebsRP: I would not expect 'sed -i' to change ownerships, no.20:09
seebsBut it is totally possible that something got broken by the updates.20:09
RPseebs: its something in but go and enjoy the holiday, I'd forgotten about that earlier20:11
RPseebs: its also wider than just sed breaking, its as if sometimes the ownership goes to the real current user rather than root when it should go to root20:12
RPseebs: this is in addition to which is clearly needed, mind if I just commit that?20:14
seebssure. do_install_append20:16
vinis it that simple -_-20:16
seebshuh. that's slightly surprising since I wouldn't have thought that would affect non-xattr things.20:16
RPseebs: that last bit just breaks logging a bit20:16
seebsHuh. Go ahead, but now I'm really curious as to how that escaped notice. I mean, it should have prevented things from working, I think.20:17
RPseebs: my builds had errors in the logs from that20:17
RPseebs: the other issue is bisected down to 58e4171525d5f319906a53ea169eac74631e7605. I don't know why that commit makes this break but it does seem to be that one20:18
RPseebs: only some recipes show it, linux-yocto and e2fsprogs in particular20:19
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vinseebs: that was it indeed. Thank you20:19
seebsoops i just realized20:20
seebsi'm not supposed to work on holidays20:20
seebsvin, pretend i didn't answer that question20:20
seebsotherwise we get in trouble and they take away our fireworks20:20
* vin whistles and looks around minding nobodies business20:20
seebsjust imagine that every time I answer a question or think about programming on July 4th, a bald eagle cries.20:20
RPseebs: and stop you throwing perfectly good tea in harbours?20:20
seebsthey said you could scale the recipe up to ten thousand people :(20:21
vinanother (non) question. Is it possible to add a user in a bbrecipe?20:25
*** pohly <pohly!> has quit IRC20:25
seebsi think it must be, because users get added somehow20:25
seebsand since I think everything is technically done by recipes...20:26
vinfound it20:26
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bluelightningvin: for users associated with a particular recipe I think you want useradd rather than extrausers20:41
*** __karthik <__karthik!~karthik@> has joined #yocto20:41
vinmaybe, because extrausers does not work :P20:41
vinthanks for the tip20:42
bluelightningthere are lots of examples of the useradd class in the core recipes20:43
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rburtonRP: ah that extra comma was important then?21:10
RPrburton: yes, that fixes the logging but not the permissions problem21:11
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rburtonwell logs that are not spammed is good i guess :)21:14
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