Tuesday, 2016-07-05

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c0rnelvmeson, there's no visible error, it's just ignored, as far as i can tell. i will look again, antway05:41
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c0rnelpfff, it seems that genivi repos are alive, hence i can not reproduce the problem anymore :(05:58
c0rnelbut the build is not over yet05:58
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sveinseI am about to do a concept test of an yocto port of an embedded Qt5 application (which runs on armhf target today). What is the possibility to run yocto with an application requiring openGL emulated on intel?08:36
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boucman_worksveinse: I think it works... but I havn't tested recently. the default distribution (poky) suppors opengl iirc08:37
sveinseboucman_work: ok, then I'll test it. But, isn't this more about quemu's capability than poky/yocto per se?08:38
boucman_workyou didn't specify that you were targeting qemu :P08:39
boucman_workand to answer your question... i don't know what qemu+opengl does... I think that it kinda works, but I have no first hand experience08:39
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sveinseboucman_work: True, I didn't. I see I forgot that part of the question. Let me explain: The yocto image is going to be run on armhf, but I'd like to prototype yocto on intel for simplicity. I assumed that you had to run it via some emulator to be able to run it from boot. So are there any other methods available? Docker? vbox?08:42
boucman_worksveinse: I usually develop on intel (as in : build a yocto image for intel) then run it on qemu. opengl has a better chance of working that way. HW acceleration might even work08:44
boucman_workbut it depends what you want to test. Usually changing architecture on linux causes little problems08:44
rburtonqemu+opengl is software rendering08:44
rburtonno matter what hardware target08:44
sveinseboucman_work: Excellent. Than I'll start with that. Thanks08:44
rburtoni'd prototype for intel and run on real x86 if you care about opengl08:45
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sveinserburton: good to know. It does not matter thou. It's a concept test, so getting the build up and running is more important than the performance of the app08:45
sveinseAs pointed out, the game changes slightly when moving to real architecture and HW08:46
boucman_worksveinse: still, prototyping on x86 is way easier... yocto produces bootable usb key for testing, which is pretty handy if you want to avoid qemu08:47
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sveinseboucman_work: why? IMHO if I need to make a bootup a dedicated x86 machine running an image, there is no principal difference from doing the same on the real arm HW instead, right?08:49
boucman_worksveinse: depends if you have the real HW, I thought you didn't and wanted to use qemu instead08:52
boucman_workif you do, then why not... I still tend to do on x86 because it's more practical, but YMMV08:52
sveinseboucman_work: We do have real HW, but I don't want to throw BSPs into the mix just yet (I'm very new to yocto yet), so I had hoped doing yocto via x86 and perhaps via qemu would smooth up the learning curve08:54
boucman_worksveinse: if your app can work on x86, try with x86, it's easier08:55
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boucman_workonce you can run it on a usb key on a normal computer, you can switch to the HW08:55
boucman_workthat would be my approch08:55
sveinseboucman_work: It can, if it gets opengl. Qt5 apps require opengl these days08:56
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sveinseSo I'll try the sw rendering approach08:56
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mathieu1hi, it's maybe more of a systemd issue, but I'm trying to get networkd with PACKAGECONFIG_append in a systemd bbappend file, but they do not appear on the target, am I missing something?09:00
boucman_workmathieu1: did you add networkd to IMAGE_INSTALL ? networkd might be in a separate package..09:01
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mathieu1ah that could be the case yes, because the systemd-networkd binary appear in my build folder, it's just not included, I'll try this, thanks09:02
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boucman_workmathieu1: the binary should also appear somewere in the package-split directory next to the build folder09:11
boucman_workthe exact place where you find it will tell you what package includes it09:12
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rburtonoe-pkgdata-utils list-pkg-files systemd will list all packages/files generated by the systemd recipe09:23
rburtonerm oe-pkgdata-util, even09:23
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mathieu1thanks, it s listed here and appears also in tmp/sysroots/ so maybe I need to clean my image before a rebuild09:26
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boucman_workI really need to learn more about oe-pkgdata-utils09:29
rburtonoe-pkgdata-utils —help is a good starting place :)09:29
boucman_worktime is what i'm missing, mainly :P09:30
* boucman_work needs to write a mail to the architecture mailing list about building multi-partition yocto builds...09:30
boucman_workit's almost doable :P09:30
rburtonisn't that what wic is for?09:32
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boucman_workrburton: not really. wic is about assembling stuff, my problem was creating multiple .ext4 file from one ROOTFSDIR09:37
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boucman_worki.e have /usr on a separate partition09:37
boucman_workthe problem is that it's pretty easy to create a new image_type that would only contain /share (just use mkfs on the correct subdir of ROOTFSDIR)09:38
boucman_workbut mkfs doesn't have a --exclude option, so creating the "/" partition without the content of /share was tricky. I moved the content of /share to another directory and back, but that's not very error-proof09:39
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mathieu1Thank you very much, my issue was that I didn't rebuild my core-image first before my "extended" one so the changes werent propagated into it... (pretty silly) cool to learn about the oe-pkgdata-utils it's quite usefull09:49
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m57nhi guys11:59
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m57ni know we can append systemd search paths to check for other unit locations. is there any way i can another search path in my recipe? looking at the systemd.bbclass file, it seems not, but i'd like to generate a kind of a jail environment12:03
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CoLa|workwhen I add a "LAYERDEPENDS_baa = "foo"" line to "baa/conf/layer.conf", that layer completely vanishes from bitbake (e.g. not shown anymore with "bitbake-layers show-layers")12:12
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sgw_Reminder: We will have a Yocto Project Technical Meeting in 40 minutes,14:20
sgw_Ready-Access Number: 8007302996/9139049836  Access Code:     270575114:20
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armpitYPTM - armin is on14:55
*** grma <grma!~gruberm@> has joined #yocto14:59
joshuaglYPTM: Joshua joined15:00
RPYPTM: Richard joined15:00
sgw_YPTM: Starting Conference now, Saul is Chairing in Stephen's absense15:00
* vmeson joined YPTM15:01
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RParmpit: I was going to ask you about running a 2.1.1 build15:02
frayI'm picking up the pieces here.. if there is anything I need to comment on let me know/ping me15:03
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* zeddii clearly forgot about the meeting .. again.15:12
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joshuaglsgw_: ^^15:14
sgw_joshuagl: Thanks15:14
sgw_YPTM: Richard is requesting interesting idea for short blog entries and the wiki page above is the tracking location, please take a look and add any thoughts/ideas you might have15:15
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armpitis YP is at lsb4 for 2.2 ?16:08
*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristanva@> has joined #yocto16:08
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rburtonarmpit: unless someone sends patches for lsb5 yes, and tbh as lsb5 requires SANE…16:20
rburtonarmpit: i'm currently an advocate of either a) keep lsb at 4.1 or b) remove all traces of LSB support16:21
frayhonestly, I'm fine with all of lsb5 and simply document we don't support SANE16:21
frayso compliant no -- but 'close enough' for embedded work16:21
rburtoncurious as to who is asking for "something close to lsb" :)16:23
frayin the past a few things in the LSB we've simply ignored if they're not sane for our environment..  primarily around workstation/dkestop loads16:23
rburtonnot really the point of lsb ;)16:23
fraypeople who look to buy based on checklists16:23
fray"LSB Compatible *" "* All features of LSB 5 other then ... implemented"16:23
frayit is not unusual for a buy sheet to include it has to support LSB16:24
frayoften what that really means is the LSB utilities exist, and a verys mall number of libraries exist -- even though the customer builds everything from source and doesn't care about binary compatibility..16:24
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armpitI wonder if a separate layer would make sense. LSB is kinda needed for CGL compatible ie another check list16:31
rburtoni endorse a separate layer16:32
rburtonwell maybe a meta layer that is just packagegroups and maybe a sample distro config, which depends on all the other layers needed to bring in all the bits16:32
zeddiiah cgl the spec that just won't die ;)16:33
rburtonlike qt[345], sane, etc16:33
armpitzeddii, : )16:33
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armpityeah. QT for headless CGL systems16:36
* armpit adds another task to TODO list16:42
rburtonthere's a bug about lsb5, feel free to add yourself to the CC list with any thoughts16:44
*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away16:44
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khemlsb could be another layer like meta-lsb18:26
frayI'm not against that either.. my only concern is testing..  if it's managed and tested as part of the YP -- no worry.. if it's managed externally.. then I worry it won't get any attention18:26
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khemyeah poky could include it in by default18:28
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