Friday, 2016-07-08

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #866 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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flor__okay, thanks RP06:13
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LeifSohi! how do I specify a certain version of QT I'd like to use? The current git version has a bug ( I'd like to try to circumvent by using an older, stable release.08:15
yoctiBug 1329715: was not found.08:15
LeifSoDo I have to provide VCS revisions for every component or is there a central place where I can specify it?08:15
RPLeifSo: you'd have to edit the QT recipe to point at the version you want to use instead of whatever its currently set to08:16
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LeifSoRP: well question is how the components' recipes (e.g. qt_base, qt3d, qtdeclerative, etc.) source the code? It would be easy if they used
RPLeifSo: if you look at the recipe (.bb) files, you should see a SRC_URI08:19
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LeifSoBut, I assume, they're using individual source locations, forcing me to provide dozens of revisions08:19
RPLeifSo: you can specify tarballs or VCS revisions in those variables08:20
LeifSoRP: thanks for your help. I understood the principles of source fetching in yocto. I was just wondering whether I'd have to go through all the recipes or whether there'd be something where I could simply specify a certain release for all of QT's components that are part of such a release08:21
LeifSolike qt-everywhere distribution08:21
LeifSois there a channel dedicated to yocto qt stuff (meta-qt5)?08:22
RPLeifSo: The recipes may be parametrised, I don't know. I'd suspect not but if you understand the principles, why not look at the recipes then you'd know...08:22
LeifSoRP: thanks, that's what I'll do now then, I guess :-/08:23
lewiatanHi. Can you help me a little bit with initramfs in yocto? I'm new to this topic, but I want to use it to encrypt rootFS in my image (I use meta-raspberrypi layer).08:26
lewiatanWhat I did is enabling initramfs and specifying "initramfs-debug-image" as "INITRAMFS_IMAGE". Now I'm booting to this initramfs and that's it..08:27
lewiatanso my question is: what should I do next?08:27
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lewiatanCan you point me to some source of knowledge or explain here?08:27
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_stephanis there a way to always build some package with an image but not install it automatically? so I can just copy the package to the image and install it when needed?08:31
redenginsure, just build the target and it'll create a package08:33
_stephanI know that way, I just want it to happen automatically :)08:34
_stephanokay, I could write a script that builds the image and my extra packages08:34
redenginor you could run multiple bitbake targets08:34
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redenginone for the image and one (or more) for packages08:35
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rburtonif you're alergic to doing bitbake myimage myotherrecipes then write a recipe that just depends on the image and other recipes08:37
rburton(and inherit nopackages in it to stop it spending time making empty packages)08:38
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_stephanah, thank you rburton, that sounds nice08:39
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_stephanI'll try that :)08:39
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redenginrburton, won't that still expose the dependencies on the sysroot?08:40
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redengini.e. you'll get a functional sysroot, but it'll conflict when you attempt to install packages?08:42
rburtonwhy would it conflict?08:43
redenginif the packages come from a future build08:43
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neverpanicyou could explicitly depend on the task that writes the package instead of using DEPENDS (which is a dependency on do_populate_sysroot)08:44
boucman_workyes, I think if you depend on recipe::task it works08:48
redenginneverpanic, thats more sensible if he really wants an image that'll be able to install packages08:49
_stephanthat sounds good too, thanks08:55
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redenginwill a task dependency kick off the build of a task?09:03
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rburtoni still don't understand why a recipe that has DEPENDS=myimage somerecipe someotherrecipe won't do exactly what you want09:28
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Flow__hi, I have a simple question: I have a recipe creating a library with a special non standard include path, the include files are correctly splitted into -dev package, now I try to depend in an executable on that, but the include files seem not to be populated. what am I doing wrong11:54
LocutusOfBorgotavio, at the end it was *really* an yocto issue, and got fixed
LocutusOfBorgthanks to whoever fixed it :)11:55
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Flow__anyone an idea whats wrong that the second reciped cant find the header from recipe 1?12:02
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neverpanicI'm trying to write a bbclass that basically does foreach dep in ${DEPENDS}; do invoke-function "$dep"; done12:32
neverpanicObviously that's not really simple, because DEPENDS could contain virtual/something and other interesting combinations12:33
neverpanicIs there a precedent on how to do something like this?12:33
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festerwhen i run runqemu attempting to boot mpc8315e-rdb, i get "Error: unable to classify arg [mpc8315e-rdb]"13:35
festeris this MACHINE not supported?13:36
zeddiinot under qemu13:36
festerhow can i emulate it?13:36
zeddiiyou can't13:36
zeddiithere's qemuppc for powerpc emulation.13:36
zeddiibut for other boards, it depends on what qemu supports, and there isn't much that runs without KVM backing, i.e. on e5500+ powerpc platform.13:37
festerI tried passing the args for the KERNEL and ROOTFS, but it complains that it can't surmise the machine based on the filename13:37
fester"Error: Unable to set MACHINE from kernel filename"13:39
festeris that method not supported as well?13:39
zeddiirunqemu only understands/supports a set of defined machines. so since it isn't one of the supported machines, it can't figure it out.13:39
zeddiieven if it could. it wouldn't run.13:40
festerzeddii: thank you for your help13:40
festeri should have asked before spending all this time13:41
zeddiino worries .. and, I've been there as well (digging in and realizing I was chasing something not possible)13:41
igor2hi guys, how can I build a tar.bz2 image with a initramfs?13:41
zeddiiFWIWW runqemu is being re-worked, so I'd expect a better failure message for that in the future.13:42
igor2I tried to set the INITRD and INITRD_IMAGE variables, but it did not change nothing13:42
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zeddiiigor2: I can offer an example.13:45
zeddiiI (we) do it this way in a project I work on.
igor2thank you sir13:46
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jonathanmawHi, I'm writing an image recipe from scratch (named "minimal-system-x86_32-generic-system" because I'm generating it from baserock definitions) and when I try to build it I get "nothing PROVIDES minimal-system-x86_32-generic-system". Could it being badly-written cause bitbake to not think anything PROVIDES it, or is it definitely a case of BBFILES not finding it?14:32
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jonathanmawthe contents of the image file currently look like
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khemjonathanmaw: is the recipe put in the directory that bitbake can see via BBPATH14:42
jonathanmawkhem: I'm fairly sure. I've got 'BBPATH .= "${LAYERDIR}"' in my layer.conf14:45
jonathanmawand BBFILES ought to be pointing to that image recipe. When I change BBFILES, I start getting warnings that BBFILE_PATTERN_baserock didn't match anything.14:45
jonathanmawIs there a good way to check?14:45
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boucman_work"bitbake -e " will print the bitbake environement before any recipe is parsed, you can check the exact content of BBPATH and BBFILES there...14:49
jonathanmawBBPATH and BBFILES look fine, then14:56
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jonathanmawunless BBPATH or BBFILES don't allow ".."14:57
boucman_workjonathanmaw: try with $TOPDIR instead of ..15:07
khemjonathanmaw: share your layer.conf15:09
khemfor the layer where you are adding this recipe15:09
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khemand I hope you have added the layer to bblayers.conf15:09
mathieu_ladoesn't bitbake see the underscore _ as a special character? I think bitbake minimal-system-x86 would work and see 32-generic-system as a version number15:10
mathieu_lafor instance the wpa_supplicant recipe is renamed wpa-supplicant, I guess there is a reason15:11
rburtonjonathanmaw: i'd definitely try changing the _ to -15:12
jonathanmawah, I didn't know about the underscores, that looks like it's a very likely cause.15:14
jonathanmawthanks khem, boucman_work, mathieu_la and rburton15:14
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rburtonoverrides are marked with _ so they tend to be specially treated15:15
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zeddiipro tip of the day. don't test patches to the kernel that modify EXTRAVERSION.15:28
zeddiithe kernel classes blow up when packaging15:29
* zeddii should probably log a bug against that, but I'm afraid I'd have to fix it. ;)15:29
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rburtonhalstead: i just fired a master on the AB but forgot it was your maint window now.  if you want to cycle the ABs, can you re-fire a origin/master nightly build please15:51
halsteadrburton, I'm still adding the 2 new builders. I can do the maintenance after your build.15:52
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