Thursday, 2016-07-07

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wrmrxquestion - is there an easy way to add a repository that isn't available on git to a toaster configuration? i've tried editing toasterconf.json but i'm not sure where in the file it goes01:40
wrmrxi have some board support files from NXP that i need to be made available to bitbake but i'm not sure how to add it via the administrator interface nor through editing the json file, since both seem to want to be linked to a git repository01:41
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khemwrmrx:what kind of files are these01:45
khemit could be better that you write a recipe for it and hold these files together in a tarball somewhere in your n/w01:45
wrmrxit's a layer with some machine definitions and some patches01:46
bluelightningas far as metadata goes, if you want to use local layers with Toaster you use the "import layer" function01:46
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wrmrxfrom the toaster ui? doesn't that ask you for a remote repo name?01:47
khemfile:///path/to/local/fs might work too01:50
wrmrxas vcs_url?01:50
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wrmrxalso - currently, i'm putting the entry for the repo on the same level under "layers": [] listed here:
wrmrxis that correct or should it be a separate layer source?01:51
wrmrxi'm assuming it should be okay because i put my non-tracked layer in the same folder as meta-yocto and meta-yocto-bsp01:52
bluelightningthe actual location on disk is not important (or it shouldn't be...)01:52
wrmrxas long as it's within the scope of "../../" ?01:53
wrmrx(as described by "apiurl" on the top level)01:53
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wrmrxi mean, isn't a local layer the procedure through which people might want to work on patches and build through toaster?01:58
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bluelightningAFAIK, layers should be specified using an absolute path, that means they can be anywhere02:05
wrmrxah, okay02:05
bluelightningbtw if you have Toaster-related questions that you don't get answers to, you might get more informed responses by posting to the toaster mailing list02:06
wrmrxthen, in the example toasterconf.json, why is it that the default apiurl is "../../" and all the layers on that source are relative to that?02:06
wrmrxthanks, i'll keep that in mind02:06
bluelightningI'm not sure I'm afraid02:07
wrmrxi may just return to doin it by hand, i'm not sure toaster actually offers too much that i don't already have besides possibly a visual frontend02:07
bluelightningit may be worth keeping in mind that toasterconf.json is just what gets used to create the database, once it's created you should use the Toaster main UI and/or the Toaster admin interface to configure it02:08
wrmrxah, okay02:08
bluelightningbeing able to examine the build output through Toaster is useful, but then you don't need to actually start your builds through Toaster for that (there's another mode where it just collects data for a command-line build)02:09
wrmrxyep, that's where you launch it with source, correct?02:12
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wrmrxalso -- quick last question -- thanks so much for helping me thus far -- i'm trying to compile yocto with kernel dynamic debug messages turned on, and i've tried a few different things02:15
wrmrxas per this file ( i see that i'm supposed to enable a flag in the kernel config file, which as i understand it gets built up from many config files throughout the layers02:16
wrmrxso what's the easiest way to just set one flag? i tried writing a patch to add a config fragment, but it didn't seem to work; and the only kernel flag that i can set with bitbake -c menuconfig doesn't give me the level of logging that i want02:16
armpitmmm, toast02:19
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bluelightningwrmrx: by "the only kernel flag you could set" do you mean CONFIG_DYNAMIC_DEBUG ?02:22
bluelightningwrmrx: which other ones are there?02:22
wrmrxthe one listed in menuconfig is just DYNAMIC_DEBUG02:24
bluelightningright, the same thing then02:24
wrmrxso that should work?02:24
bluelightningit should, I don't see any others listed in that document02:24
bluelightningI don't have any knowledge of dynamic debugging in the kernel though02:25
wrmrxi'll give it another shot02:25
bluelightningjust going by what I read in that text file02:25
bluelightningnote that just turning that option on isn't enough according to that, it looks like you actually need to tell it to turn on debug output for individual files at runtime02:25
wrmrxi haven't gotten it to the point where anything is visible at /sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug02:26
wrmrxit mounts debugfs ok but the dynamic_debug directory isn't there02:26
bluelightningyou may need to talk to someone with actual kernel experience then I'm afraid02:27
bluelightningI can certainly tell you how to determine if that option is really on for the kernel you built though02:27
wrmrxah that is very useful02:29
wrmrxyes p&ty02:29
wrmrxesp. given that i've been calling menuconfig with the target virtual/kernel and im' not 100% on whether that actually applies to my target, which is for a specific SCM02:31
bluelightningfirst run bitbake -e virtual/kernel | grep ^STAGING_KERNEL_BUILDDIR=02:44
bluelightningthen grep CONFIG_DYNAMIC_DEBUG on the .config file in the directory that reports02:44
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sambaranguys is toaster working with the master branch?06:56
sambaranfor me it shows error06:56
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gauranghi developers09:26
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gauranghow can we maintain linux kernel continuous development out of the yocto tree, still having some dependent recipes (like perf) inside yocto layer09:27
gaurangany suggestion09:27
boucman_workdo you need to modify perf or just recompile it with your modified kernel ?09:28
boucman_work(I am not sure how tools like perf are built, yocto-wise)09:28
gaurangthere are even some kernel dependent recipes as well09:29
boucman_workgaurang: and how do you develop your kernel ? do you use devtool (I think devtool can be used on kernels) externalsrc ? or do you just compile out of yocto and then replace the kernel on the generate images ?09:29
gaurangcurrently it is inside yocto only09:30
gaurangbut like for continous development environment09:30
gauranglike shall i build full yocto everytime when kernel developer commit their changes in git ??09:31
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boucman_workok, so your devs work on their own git, then push to a repo and your CI infrastructure pulls from that repo, right ?09:32
gaurangwe have seperate kernel developers, who will keep committing their changes in git09:32
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gaurangyes kernel recipe is pointing to private repo09:33
gaurangso for each commit, is it OK to build Yocto everytime? I don't think this is good idea09:33
gaurangand I also need to take care kernel dependent other recipes09:34
gaurangso confused like what is the best way to maintain always TOT of kernel ?09:34
boucman_workgaurang: i am not sure I understand your question... it depends on the capacity of your CI, it's not really a yocto question09:34
gaurangso you mean to say, per kernel commit, one yocto build ??09:35
boucman_workI personnaly would rebuild nightly rather than on every commit, but that's really a question for you to answer...09:35
boucman_workyocto is good at building "only what is needed" but when the kernel is changed, "what is needed" can be quite large09:36
gaurangyes correct09:36
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gaurangbecause not i need to maintain kernel build, dependent recipe should also be built when there is a kernel change09:38
gaurangso that is a big problem09:38
fredcadetegaurang: are there that many recipes dependent on the *kernel*? considering that linux-libc-headers are separate09:40
gaurangi would say for me its 8-9 recipes09:41
boucman_workthat's not many, you can probably rebuild at every commit...09:41
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fredcadetegaurang: maybe I'm not understanding your cost of "build full Yocto". Consider as well that if you reuse sstate, only the kernel+dependent recipes are built for that use case09:55
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gaurangyes cost is not much, but i would like to understand what is the best practise available and yocto developers are using09:57
lewiatan_Hi. What will happen if I set do_configure_prepend() in my *.bbappend but such task is already in *.bb? I'm asking because I need to prepend something to existing prepend without changing original recipe.09:58
fredcadetegaurang: ack. I'd also like to know of a better way if there is one09:59
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rburtonlewiatan_: you can have multiple _prepends or _appends and they all apply10:06
lewiatan_Great. Thank you rburton (and sorry to others for getting in the middle of conversation)10:07
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learning_yoctoHi! Is there any yocto variable with the absolute path of the layer in which your recipe is?10:51
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rburtonlearning_yocto: THISDIR?11:11
learning_yoctoThat points to the recipe dir... I guess  could do ../../.. from there11:12
learning_yoctobut it would be nice if there was a varaible for the layer paht11:12
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fredcadetelearning_yocto: LAYERDIR?11:13
fredcadeteoops it's only for layer.conf11:13
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boucman_worklearning_yocto: out of curiosity, why do you need that ?11:29
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learning_yoctofredcadete: Yes.. I wish that was available from the recipies too....11:50
learning_yoctoboucman_work: because I have some scripts in a "scripts" folder under the layer. some packages need to call these scripts, so I need the path11:50
rburtonset a variable in the layer.conf11:51
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learning_yoctoUmh, I will try that11:58
learning_yoctoBTW, is there a variable with the name of the workspace?11:59
learning_yoctowith the path *11:59
boucman_workwhat do you mean by workspace ? $TOPDIR ?12:00
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learning_yoctoYes! thanks12:14
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learning_yoctoI am trying to make a recipe for some binaries which are needed on the development machine. They should also be included ni the sdk12:46
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learning_yoctoI have used BBCLASSEXTEND = "native nativesdk" and I have added "DEPENDS += " mypackage-native" in those packages which need them12:46
boucman_workDEPENDS is a recipe name, not a package name IIRC12:47
learning_yoctoNot sure how to implement the do_install() on the recipe for the native packages... The do_compile() generates several binaries in different paths. How should I implement the do_install method in order to have the binaries I need copieed?12:47
boucman_workor am I confused...12:47
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rburtoneveryone is confused!12:49
rburtonthe recipe should use bbclassextend to be buildable for native and nativesdk12:49
learning_yoctoYep, I have done that12:49
rburtonwhat do_install does is up to how the source builds, but generally speaking a do_install should work for all instances12:49
rburtonthen a recipe which needs foo-native to build should depend on foo-native, as you say12:50
learning_yoctoyeah, so my source is a little bit special12:50
learning_yoctoIn the do_compile several bianries are created12:50
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learning_yoctonow I think in the do_install I need to copy them to some folder (${D}${bindir} ... ?) in order to be able to use them from any recipe12:50
learning_yoctooh, so is ${D}${bindir} the right folder?12:51
learning_yoctodo I also need to create any symbolic link?12:51
rburtonyes, and only if you want to make symlinks12:51
rburtonyou don't need to12:51
rburtonif you want nativesdk-foo in your SDK too - so you can run the binaries whilst using the sdk - then you need a variable i can't recall the name of12:52
learning_yoctoyes, I also need that12:52
learning_yoctotoo bad you can recall that number =(12:52
learning_yoctothat name *12:52
learning_yoctothat name *12:53
learning_yoctooh, i see what you mean12:55
learning_yoctook, i will look for that variable12:55
rburtonyeah maybe append SDK_RDEPENDS in your image recipe with nativesdk-foo12:56
rburtonclearly this bit needs better documentation12:56
learning_yoctoshouldn't it be SDK_DEPENDS rather than SDK_RDEPENDS?12:57
learning_yoctothese are compile time dependencies12:57
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rburtonSDK_DEPENDS is stuff that you need to build the sdk with13:01
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rburtonyou want RDEPENDS, things you want in the SDK13:01
rburton(I think)13:01
learning_yoctothanks again13:01
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joshuaglvmeson: could you CC me, or let me know the # here, when you file the createrepo bug?15:09
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lpapphey, why cannot opkg overwrite symlinks if some nasty colleague replaces symlinks manually in /usr/lib?15:24
lpappif I say opkg install mylib.15:24
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florinhi guys15:53
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Guest80793how can one know which version of bitbake works with a certain branch of openembedded?15:54
Guest80793hi all15:54
Guest80793more specifically, I need to know which version of bitbake works with the krogoth branch of openembedded15:54
Guest80793openembedded-core that is15:55
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rburtonGuest80793:, second table15:55
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Guest80793rburton, I tried that, using bitbake 1.30 and openembedded-core krogoth but I get this error15:58
Guest80793whereas this does not happen if using master of bitbake15:58
Guest80793so I thought I did not get the correct matching between bitbake and openembedded-core but apparently there is a problem there15:59
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khemlpapp: opkg by default will not override however it does have options to do so17:55
khemand if you are overriting files from different package its going to land you in trouble later when you update the original package.17:56
khemso its better to resolve the namesapce issue beforehand17:56
*** obsrwr_home <obsrwr_home!~obsrwr@> has joined #yocto17:58
lpappkhem: it did not seem to overwrite with the overwrite options, either.17:58
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khemdid you use --force-overwrite17:59
lpappkhem: I tried --force-overwrite and --force-reinstall17:59
kheminteresting. here it has worked18:00
khemwhenever tried18:00
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festerso i have a device that boots an image that i think was built from yocto, how can i tell which target image it has?18:10
festerlike core-image-full-cmdline or core-image-lsb-sdk ?18:11
khemfester: I dont think we have a standard way to denote that, however you may ask your device vendor if they have a version info file embedded into your rootfs18:13
festeris there a typical location where that info might be found?18:16
festerkhem: thanks, by the way18:17
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khemfester: if the image has a package management tool like rpm or opkg on it then you may see what all packages are installed and deduce from that19:26
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flor__rburton, any clue about the rror I posted above?21:08
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RPflor__: it looks like you're trying to run bitbake master with python2 ?21:16
RPflor__: either use oe-core master with bitbake master, or use the 1.30 branch of bitbake with the krogoth branch of oe-core. Master uses python3, the older 1.30 uses python221:17
flor__that error above is with oe-core krogoth and bitbake 1.30, Richard21:18
flor__using oe-core krogoth and master bitbake works21:19
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kergothbluelightning, RP: I notice dthe sstate mirror object availability progress bar replaces the preceding initializing tasks progress bar. I think there'd be value in keeping the previous one with its final completion time in the output. Would just need a newline on completion, I expect.21:27
bluelightningkergoth: hmm perhaps yes - I think probably the issue is not calling finish() on the progressbar21:28
kergothah, that'd make sense21:28
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RPflor__: it is not oe-core krogoth branch there. This is the code in the oe-core krogoth branch: and the get_callable_args() function does not have an inspect.signature() call.21:40
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RPwell, but its the same code21:41
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