Sunday, 2016-07-10

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #934 of nightly is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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learnerI would like to add a package to DEPEND but only when one variable is defined10:10
learnerhow can I do that?10:10
learnerI guess I have to use bb.utils.contains ,or .conditional, or similar... But it is not clear to me10:11
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neverpaniclearner: DEPENDS += "${@'value' if d.getVar('OTHERVAR', True)}"11:40
neverpanicIn a lot of cases this can be achieved in a simpler and clearer way, though11:40
neverpanice.g. if you want to add something to DEPENDS but only for the target system, you could use VAR = ""; VAR_class-target = "value"; DEPENDS += "${VAR}"11:41
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learnerneverpanic: thanks! that does what I wanted12:06
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catauHi, I'm new to yocto/ostro. I'd like to start with ostro (with these directions ), but change to kernel 4.1.  I see there's a file in ostro-os alongside a file, and I'm not sure how to set one versus the other as the one to use. Any guidance? Thanks!21:49
catau(this is the 4.1 bb file I found - there's also a lsb 4.1 bb file available. Bit overwhelmed trying to follow how these all connect)21:51
khemcatau: set it using PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto = "4.1%"21:55
cataukhem: thanks, would this go in my build/local.conf?21:56
khemyou can if you have one machine21:57
catau(I am still building out a VM to try this, so I am not yet looking at a local.conf file to see if that is already present somewhere, sorry!)21:57
khembut usually it goes into machine conf file21:57
khemwhich machine are you building for21:57
catauI do, a galileo in my case21:57
khemok then find the definition for galileo.conf21:59
khemand see if that definition is there usually it should be setting kernel version there21:59
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cataukhem: thanks. I'm puzzled now by what I think is a discrepancy -- this is the galileo file I would imagine you are referring to
catauand 4.1 is set there, but when I downloaded a pre-built image for the galileo from, I found myself on 4.4 (with uname -a)22:02
catauthe tagged 1.0 release in github ( also still only specifies 4.1 -- perhaps it was overridden elsewhere?22:04
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khemare you still building linux-ostro22:07
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khemor is it linux-yocto ?22:08
cataumy apologies, I'm uncertain how to answer22:09
bluelightningmorning all22:11
khemcatau: ok how do you know its 4.422:12
khemgm bluelightning22:12
khembluelightning: are you in NZ22:12
cataukhem: provides an already built image; I booted my galileo from that and found it to be 4.4 -- I believe the instructions from may be for meta-ostro (and perhaps this may explain the 4.4 default in turn), but I don't know how to verify that22:12
bluelightningkhem: I am indeed22:12
bluelightningkhem: I'm here permanently now22:13
khembluelightning: ah nice, I have plans for NZ and Aus in 2017 Dec.22:13
khemcatau: can you check the version string for kernel when booting ?22:14
khemit should dump it into dmesg22:14
cataukhem: will do, booting now22:15
bluelightningkhem: cool! if you have time it would be great to meet up while you are down here :)22:18
cataukhem: Linux version 4.4.3-yocto-standard according to dmesg (and that agrees with uname-a too)22:20
catauuname-a outputs Linux intel-quark 4.4.3-yocto-standard ...22:20
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catauperhaps I downloaded an image that's not congruent with the source tree?22:24
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khemseems so22:26
khembluelightning: its a long term plan still more than a year ahead but I will let you know22:27
cataukhem: thanks, I'll try setting it in my local.conf just for kicks too.22:29
catauOn that note, I think this is also not the correct place to add my next change, but if I want linux-headers on my image, can I set TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = " kernel-devsrc" in my local.conf (from
catau(this is all to compile a different version of iwlwifi using the instructions here -- I am not sure if it makes more sense to replace the iwlwifi directory in the kernel sources that poky will download into my DL directory)22:30
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