Monday, 2016-07-11

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catauHi, I'm trying to build an Intel Galileo image using but with two modifications: (1) kernel 4.1 and (2) linux-headers -- I made the following two changes to local.conf, neither of which seemed to take effect02:20
catauPREFERRED_VERSION_linux-ostro ?= "4.1%"    and      TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = " kernel-devsrc"02:21
catau(I also tried PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto ?= "4.1%"  )02:21
kergoth?= is *not* what you want there02:23
kergoththat's set if it isn't set already02:23
kergothwhich explicitly does *not* set it when it's already set02:23
kergothuse =02:23
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cataukergoth: oh, geez, what a simple fix, sorry!02:24
cataukergoth: thanks so much! I should have read the docs more patiently :)02:24
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catauregarding the source, I looked in /usr/src/ and didn't spot anything there. /lib/modules didn't seem to have a link for 'build' either02:26
catauam I misunderstanding the kernel-devsrc command?02:27
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catauskimming the docs, do I need to somehow edit my local.conf file to build an sdk image?02:33
catau(perhaps OSTRO_IMAGE_EXTRA_FEATURES = "dev-pkgs tools-sdk debug-tweaks" ?)02:34
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kergothTOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK is how you add packages to an sdk. if you're building a rootfs, not an sdk, that's the wrong variable02:38
kergothyou'd do better with CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "kernel-devsrc" or IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " kernel-devsrc" if the latter02:39
kergothwhich is in the docs02:39
cataukergoth: thanks again, I mistakenly assumed the sdk was a different flavor of the rootfs. Can I trouble you to clarify, to what you're referring to when you say the latter?02:42
kergothlook up 'former' and 'latter' in a dictionary02:42
kergothCORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL or IMAGE_INSTALL_append are used to add packages to your rootfs, as is, again, documented in the yocto project docs, and examples are in the local.conf sample02:43
cataumy apologies, I'll refer to the docs02:43
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jynikAnyone do a core-image-minimalb build for the wandboard-quad lately? In the past that resulting .sdcard image booted out of the box, but now it appears U-Boot's looking for some sort of bootscript to presumably load the FDT and zImage.03:43
jynikJust trying to catch back up on what's changed. Doesn't look like the fsl-images class spits out any sort of u-boot.scr to plop on the boot FAT partition03:44
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jynikThis is on krogoth, FWIW. Should have a sanity check back on Jethro in the AM.03:50
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Flow86Hey guys, I think Im missing something, but my header files of a non cmake/autotools-recipes seems not to be installed into staging dir, even thought theyre inside the generated -dev-package.
kergothsysroot contents are only installed from specific paths05:56
kergothonly files in ${D}${includedir} get installed into ${includedir} in the sysroot, by default05:57
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kergotheither install them where they belong, or append to the sysroot_stage_all() function to stage the non-standard path. see staging.bbclass for examples05:57
Flow86ah okay05:57
Flow86well I tried to install them into ${includedir} but it seems theyre still not populated?05:58
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Flow86kergoth: thank you, sysroot_stage_all was the missing hint!06:05
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mckoangood morning07:37
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boucman_workhey all08:29
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boucman_workGeneral yocto question08:35
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boucman_workI have an image which contains  a server (video streaming, but that's irrelelvant for the server) and I would like to "edit" that server's configuration file so the image has a different version than the one in the generated package08:37
boucman_work(the package itself is reused in multiple images, so I can't .bbappend the config file)08:38
boucman_workwhat is the proper way to do this ?08:38
boucman_workmy current idea was to reactivate "do_fetch" in the image recipe, add the config file to the SRC_URI of the image and overide in a postinstall_cmd08:39
boucman_workbut that would probably screw up package management08:39
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mathieu_lahaving some kind of dummy package containing a script that would be called on postinst to replace/edit the config file?08:43
boucman_workone per image, and installing the proper one...08:43
mathieu_laThat's what I currently do to customize a package I send on multiple machines, it's far from perfect so if some better idea pops up I would happily try it too08:43
boucman_workdoesn't yocto protest if a file is part of multiple packages ?08:44
boucman_work(i.e do you actually override a file, or is there multiple packages providing the same file and only one installed)08:44
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mathieu_lain my case I just edit the values of my config file08:44
boucman_workright... post-install, not file installation08:45
boucman_workI misread that08:45
boucman_workthat will cause problems at package upgrade time, unless the files are also marked as CONFFILES in the main package, though, but that could work08:46
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mathieu_layeah that's what I'm fearing too, so my workflow feels quite bad having to install this dummy package on each upgrade too08:46
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boucman_workdid you mark the file as CONFFILE ? (i'm asking because I don't know how well that feature works...08:47
boucman_workif you did, it's supposed to not be overwritten at upgrade time08:48
mathieu_lano, I'll read a bit about this08:48
mathieu_lathat could be useful for me because this configuration shouldn't be updated08:49
boucman_workcool, happy I helped :P08:49
mathieu_layes thanks, that will save me some potential headscratches08:49
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m57nhi guys10:25
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learnerIs there a way to restrict a recipe so that it only works on x64 machines?11:33
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rburtonsee COMPATIBLE_HOST11:35
rburtonross@flashheart ~/Yocto/poky/meta (mut2)11:35
rburton$ git grep COMPATIBLE_HOST|wc -l11:35
rburtonplenty of examples :)11:35
neverpanicIs there a way to get $BB_TASKDEPDATA of a different task in the same recipe?11:37
neverpanicI have a task that runs before do_configure, but I'd like to read do_configure's dependencies11:37
neverpanicOr maybe I should change my approach; is there a way to inject a task between "dependencies of do_configure are available" and do_configure itself?11:38
rburtonor just do_configure_prepend, depending on what you're doing11:38
neverpanictrying to implement separate sysroots with hardlinks11:38
rburtonyou mean sysroot-per-build?11:39
neverpanicwith only the declared dependencies available11:39
rburtonnot sure i'd be implementing that without deep hackery in the core classes11:39
neverpanicI guess a prefunc would be better than just do_configure_prepending this11:40
rburtonyou could prepend to prefuncs and hope that nothing else gets there before you11:40
rburtonnot impossible to rule out of course11:40
neverpanicYeah, that's exactly my concern; ideally there would be a separate task before do_configure so that that doesn't happen11:40
neverpanicBut then I don't have all the dependencies that do_configure has, which I need11:40
rburtonor, just implement it in the core classes11:40
rburtonso its how the sysroot works instead of bolted on afterwards11:41
neverpanicBasically I'd have to move every DEPENDS to add the dependency to do_prepare_sysroot rather than do_configure11:41
rburtonwhat about recipes that stop their do_configure running?11:42
neverpanicI'm trying to do that but still make it optional by having a "write changes to sysroot here" and "read from sysroot here" variable set, but both are the same by default11:42
neverpanicYeah, this needs to happen in a separate task. do_configure[noexec] = "1" is far too common11:42
neverpanicSo I'll just globally add a do_prepare_sysroot task and change DEPENDS to modify that, then make it empty for the non-isolated sysroot case11:43
neverpanicThanks for being my rubber duck :)11:43
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Flow86hey guys, I have another question: I use systemd inside my yocto image added 'less' since without it i.e systemctl status only printed the ansi color codes, and not interpreted them. now they're still wrongly shown. what am I doing wrong here, or does somebody know how to get rid of those color codes inside the pager function of systemd?12:29
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mwallehi, i have a recipe which fetches the sources from git. i've used SRCREV="sha1" because that seems to be common sense to avoid checking the upstream git repository. so far so good. unfortunately, some (?) tags from the upstream repository are not fetched (and the underlying packet figures out its version by git tags)12:33
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mathieu_laFlow86 : I use it with --no-pager and the colors do show up in my terminal, I tried and have the same issue within the pager12:46
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ofirHi guys, I'm getting the following error: "error: Failed dependencies: /usr/src/kernels is needed by kernel-devel"12:48
ofirwhile trying to deploy a kernel-devel package on a Yocto machine. Any idea on how to tackle this problem?12:49
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mathieu_laFlow86 : check $SYSTEMD_PAGER12:53
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ofiranyone here?13:16
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Crofton|workyeah, jsut ask away13:20
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ofirI'm looking for the grub config in Yocto13:31
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ofirI installed a new kernel but it won't show up in the grub menu...13:31
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Flow86mathieu_la: hmm SYSTEMD_PAGER is less, but it seems that that less has some problmes with those ansi colorcodes. --no-pager works fine13:58
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jonathanmawI seem to have put together some very messed-up packages. according to the dependency explorer, the packagegroup RDEPENDS on it (and also itself, but that also appears with packagegroups I didn't make), but the package doesn't appear in the list of packages on the left. I'm investigating it because building the packagegroup doesn't start building the package - though it does if I do `bitbake $PACKAGE`14:20
simonlI'm having some packaging problems relating to REPLACES. It seems opkg does not take it into account, and then complains about the conflicts. Although it installs the new version anyway.14:20
jonathanmawAfter a bit of snooping in bitbake's code, that comes from the depgraph's 'pn' list, rather than the 'rdepends-pn' list14:20
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simonlI've simply put RREPLACES_pkg-a = "pkg-b (< version)" in the recipe and verified that the information shows up in the ipk14:22
* kergoth yawn14:22
neverpanicFlow86: Try less -R14:22
neverpanicUsing more instead also works14:23
simonlanyway, the end result I'm seeing is that pkg-b is uninstalled (since is is now unused with the updated packages no longer depending on it) but pkg-a is missing my moved files14:26
simonlforce reinstalling the package solves that, but I wonder what I may be doing wrong to cause this behavior? Any common gotchas?14:26
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simonlObviously I don't want to have to hack some force-reinstall stuff into my upgrade process :P14:31
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khemgm all14:41
khemso now all qemu machines in OE-core build world for musl14:42
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kergothkhem: nice, grats14:43
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jonathanmawI have a package that is refusing to build when I `bitbake $PACKAGEGROUP`. has the package and the packagegroup recipes. I'm doing something slightly perverse, which is why my packagegroup has DEPENDS.14:59
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maelcumhello. due to an upgrade situation with a bunch of changes, i need to mark some debian packages produced by yocto as "Conflicts:" and / or "Replaces:" wrt some other packages.15:00
jonathanmawI've tried commenting-out DEPENDS and PACKAGE_ARCH in the packagegroup, and the PROVIDES in the package already.15:01
maelcumhow can i do that in yocto? i seem to remember that there is some way to add arbitrary lines to debian control files... that would sort of do it. ideally there'd be explicit support for conflicts and replaces.15:01
kergothjust use RCONFLICTS+RREPLACES, which map to Conflicts and Replaces in the deb control file15:03
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simonlkergoth: you don't happen to know any gotchas relating to that?15:13
kergothafaik they're used as is in the binary package metadata, so the capabijlities depend on the package manager you're using15:14
simonlmaybe I need to look at opkg to understand how and why it works like it does then15:14
kergoththat would be best, if you're using opkg, yes15:16
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maelcumkergoth: nice, thanks!15:24
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maelcumRREPLACES and RCONFLICTS are *really* hard to google for some reason...15:33
maelcumi've found them in the manual now but only with search in page15:33
simark1maelcum: have you tried to put them in quotation marks in your search?15:34
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simark1So Google won't try to autocorrect you15:34
kergothfirst 3 links are all appropriate15:35
kergothindeed, quote15:35
maelcumright, that works.15:36
maelcumi liked google better when it still supported + / - operators :)15:36
kergothheh, taht brings back memories of altavista, painstakingly constructing a useful query :)15:37
*** radzy <radzy!> has joined #yocto15:37
kergothfinding anything used to be an art form15:37
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challinani used to use AltaVista ;)16:25
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challinanhas anyone done any work with XIP with Yocto/ARM?16:26
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RPchallinan: I heard people talk about it periodically, then nothing again16:32
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khemchallinan: heh XIP good old days .. now its coming back for IoT I guess17:35
challinanyeah, seems a bit obsolete, right? LOL17:35
challinanvery hardware dependent, there are usually better ways to get fast boot ;)17:36
khemare you restricted on RAM ?17:39
challinankhem: this was more of a generic question posed by someone here.  the person asking was thinking more about fast boot than tiny systems.17:42
* zeddii remembers tossing XIP patches in the bin .. and being very happy17:43
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khemXIP is like credit card :) performance wise you pay later18:04
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khemI am seeing a new problem for some weeks now, its more prominent with clang based compiler what I see is that --sysroot option on cmdline does not replace STAGING_HOST dirs properly and what I see is --sysroot= /tmp-glibc/sysroots/qemux86-64 as you can see it has put a space for the ${STAGING_DIR}18:16
khemfor more see e.g.18:16
khemanyone seen this ?18:17
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khemkergoth: I see it happen on ubuntu 14.04 as well as on centos 718:20
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khemand usually happens during world builds18:20
khemit could be related to clang playing with TOOLCHAIN_OPTIONS but then it should be deterministic18:21
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* kergoth plays with pkgconf to see how it does instead of pkg-config18:23
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rburtonkhem: hm, i've seen that.18:52
rburtondig out the temp/run.do_whatever for the broken task and look at what the shell is.  iirc there was something broken there.18:53
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khemrburton: I am using dash19:35
rburtonkhem: i mean the script, find the broken line and see what variable is messed up.  sure a colleague saw this recently.19:36
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istariluckyhi there, is possible via local.conf define that symlinks in deploydir will be created with absolute path?20:24
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