Thursday, 2016-07-14

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takaohow can I use with smart command?05:46
takaoor with smart intall command05:47
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akochi all, can I ask a question06:19
rob_wakoc, dont ask to ask .. just go and be patient06:32
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mckoangood morning07:49
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CTtpollardHow do I go about restarting ssh?12:20
CTtpollardI can't find anything in init/d12:20
CTtpollardIf I reboot the machine, it resets all changes I've made to sshd_config12:20
neverpanicthat largely depends on which init system you use?12:22
neverpanicsystemctl restart sshd?12:23
CTtpollardno such service12:23
CTtpollardor 'ssh'12:23
mathieu_lathe service should be in /lib/systemd then (or maybe /etc/systemd)12:23
mathieu_lado you use openssh or dropbear?12:23
CTtpollardI can ssh out of the vm, but not vice versa, which seems to be due to the sshd_config.12:24
CTtpollardso I've changed it, but need it to reload without rebooting, because for some reason it wipes it12:24
mathieu_lacheck in /{lib, etc}/systemd/system, it may be sshd@.service12:24
mathieu_lasystemctl list-units | grep ssh could help12:25
mathieu_layou should jhave sshd@.service somewhere, at least according to the bitbake recipe folder12:28
mathieu_lait may have infos about which file is loaded and where12:29
CTtpollardwhich has the execstart on the sbin12:30
CTtpollardI suppose a better question might be is anyone aware of why I seem to be able to ssh out to my host, but not the other way around (eventually times out, same image and ssh_config used on other targets without this issue)12:35
CTtpollardit does not seem to be dhcp correctly12:37
sveinseI have finally been able to compile our large Qt application in Yocto (YEAH!). However the QA process throws a few errors at me that I don't understand: non -dev/-dbg/nativesdk- package contains symlink .so. How do I proceed investigating this?12:44
neverpanicsveinse: .so that are symlinks to .so.$SOVERSION files are meant for development only and should thus be packaged in -dev packages12:46
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neverpanicYou may see this if you manually symlink -> (for whatever reason you might want to do this)12:46
sveinseneverpanic: How do I separate them out? Because Qt is this for *everything* and I'm looking at perhaps 20-30 libs12:47
sveinse*Qt does this12:47
neverpanicUsually Yocto already packages /usr/lib/*.so into -dev packages by default12:47
sveinseneverpanic: Aha. This is installed under /opt, so perhaps I need to tell Yocto to handle it as well?12:48
neverpanicYes. See FILES_${PN}-dev, FILES_SOLIBSDEV and SOLIBSDEV in meta/conf/bitbake.conf12:49
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sveinseneverpanic: thanks! I'm looking at it now12:51
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sveinsein general terms: is it frowned upon to install something to /opt under yocto?12:57
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sveinseCan I exclude INSANE_SKIP_${PN} to a specific file and a specific exception? It feels too broad to take out everything with "debug-files"13:15
sveinseMy Qt devs tells me that these specific so files are Qt plugins and shall have some debug symbols in them...13:16
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rburtonsveinse: /opt in general terms yes, because why would you.  /opt is for non-OS stuff, and by definition you're building the OS.13:21
rburtonis it qt or your app producing those non-symlink warnings?13:22
rburtonoh, is it qt with prefix as /opt?13:22
sveinserburton: We have /opt for historical reasons, because the OS image and the app could be separate. /opt is convenient to deploy on some platforms.13:23
sveinserburton: We are talking about the app, not Qt itself13:23
sveinserburton: And yes, its a so file that the qt app generates which apparently shall contain some debug symbols13:24
rburtonthat warning isn't about debug symbols13:24
rburtonyou have a symlink in $libdir that is packaged in the main package, not the development package.13:25
sveinserburton: No, that is resolved. Next case now13:25
rburtonin general, that's wrong, as is a symlink to which is a real file13:25
rburtonoh right, what's the next problem?13:25
sveinserburton: Tell that to the world of Qt people. They do this *massively* ;) :)13:25
sveinserburton: anyhow, the next issue is "non debug package contains .debug directory", which I assume it does because some so-file has debug symbols13:26 which they should, and I'd like to bypass INSANE_SKIP for that. But I'd like to do it only for a specific file pattern, not within the entire recipe. Possible?13:27
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rburtonwrong solution13:27
rburtonput the debug directory into the debug package13:27
rburton(modern OE does this for you)13:27
rburtonie FILES_${PN}-dbg += /opt/this/is/where/my/library/is/.debug13:28
sveinseok, let me check if our non-yocto build of the qt app generates the .debug dirs. I've never seen them before, so I assumed they were originating from OE parsing somehow13:29
rburtonso .debug/ is generated at packaging time to split the binary and the debug info13:30
rburtonso you can install stripped binaries but still have debug info if  you want it13:30
rburtonevery binary gets its debug into put in .debug/ next to it13:30
rburtonand then all the .debug directories are packaged up into PN-dbg13:31
rburtonkrogoth onwards does this for you, prior to that you had to maintain FILES_PN-dbg manually13:31
rburtonby default it packages the usual suspects, but if you have binaries in slightly unusual places then you'll get more .debug/ directories to add to FILES_PN-dbg yourself13:32
sveinserburton: Yes. Since I'm doing /opt here, I'm adding these myself to FILES_PN's. I'm reading meta/conf/bitbake.conf13:33
rburtonfor example, was the patch after we make oe do the .debug packaging automatically13:33
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sveinse(I'll absolutely put in an argument to move it to /usr, given everything you need to do extra for /opt)13:40
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rburton"/opt is reserved for the installation of add-on application software packages."13:41
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sveinseYup, and it was. You purchase a machine with OS installed. You add on our application, hence /opt. But I agree, that statement needs to be revised when this is integrated with yocto13:43
sveinseI mean, the yocto SDK is /opt even13:43
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sveinseThere you go! I'm through with my very first yocto recipe! Doing a Qt5 application with may dependencies is a handsfull. Thanks guys for all of your very much appreciated assistance.13:52
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rburtonfeel free to share recipe for review if you wish13:58
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sveinserburton: Thank you, I probably will14:00
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #856 of nightly-non-gpl3 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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gunnarxAnyone aware of any code that will process bitbake logs and output them as HTML (with a little syntax highlighting for good measure)?14:59
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gunnarxwant to make references to detailed logs clickable, but that part is trivial in comparison to nice colored formatting15:05
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gunnarxHmm I can see the buildbot autobuilder marks errors in red...  anything more elaborate on anyones jenkins out there?15:06
gunnarxand you can't click into detailed logs apparently?15:07
gunnarx... sorry, no persistent irc atm - I'll be back and will read the logs if someone responds.15:19
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khemerrors yp org has html yes syntax highlighting no16:20
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tlwoerneris there a trick to getting the xserver+metacity to start automatically when using systemd? they startup fine with sysvinit but not with systemd (that i can figure out)17:37
nillerbrunAnyone run into "WatchManagerError: add_watch: cannot watch /home/ubuntu/krogoth/build/conf WD=-1, Errno=No space left on device (ENOSPC)17:43
kergothnillerbrun: you ran out of space, as it told you17:45
kergoth"No space left on device" is pretty clear to me17:45
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nillerbrunif I restart the machine, it runs fine. But I cannot run 2 consecutive builds in a row without a restart...17:48
*** JaMa <JaMa!> has quit IRC17:48
nillerbrunbut yeah if I check my other machine, i see that it has a much higher max_user_watches17:49
nillerbrunso i suppose I just need to increase it17:50
istarilucky1Someone could explain when use FILESYSTEM_PERMS_TABLES? I tried to force a link to exist using this setup, but it does not changed nothing.17:50
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istarilucky1if I need to put the link creation in a recipe, why set it in FILESYSTEM_PERMS_TABLES too?17:52
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khemtlwoerner: you can let sysvinit support be available18:01
khemalong with systemd18:01
khemor else write unit file and tie it to graphical.target18:01
tlwoernerah, the backfill considered stuff18:04
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khemyou might have turned your system into systemd-only mode18:08
*** townxelliot <townxelliot!~ell@> has joined #yocto18:09
khemistarilucky1: you can take a look at base-files recipe18:09
tlwoernerkhem: thanks :-)18:10
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istarilucky1khem: I think I'm missing something, for example if a put "/server link /var/run" in fs-perms.txt and I didnt create "/server" in any recipe. Will the link exist?18:17
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khemyes it should19:00
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kergoththe other nice thing about fs-perms is the packaging uses it. if another recipe outside your control installed something in the link path, it'll traverse the link and be placed in the destination instead19:01
kergothafaik anyawy19:01
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fraythat is the intent.  To normalize all path name links and permissions for all packages19:09
frayso if someone builds a system with '/bin -> /usr/bin'.. the package doesn't have to care, if it places things into '/bin', they should automatically be moved to /usr/bin and /bin is replaced by a link19:10
fray(better to use both fs-perms and the bindir def in that case, but there are other places this type of thing is valiable)19:10
frayvaluable even19:10
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istarilucky1fray: khem: I'll give a try again to understand what i did wrong in the first place. thanks19:33
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rburtonfray: ever seen
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fraythis chunk?20:00
fray0-r0/rootfs/var/lib/rpm' returned -6:20:00
fray*** db_init: dbenv->open  argument:20:00
fray*** db_init: dbenv->get_open_flags:20:00
rburtonwell the explosion at the end but yeah the rpm failures20:00
frayit's the init of the DB basically the locks somehow got corrupted.. not sure why20:01
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rburtonfray: robert sent a rpm patch for —nosignature, could that be doing it?20:09
rburton[OE-core] [PATCH 1/6] rpm: make --nosignature work20:09
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frayrburton -- not sure if you are still here.. I would say any change to RPM is suspect.. (new changes)21:44
frayI find it odd though anything Robert's change could have done would have broken it..21:44
frayI know there was a patch sent yesterday or so from Paul E (I think) on fixing some memory leaks in the package resolve program.. that is just as likely.. but I'm really not sure21:45
rburtonfray: yeah, i'm bisecting a weird rootfs bug right now and will chop out anything else relevant before trying again.  thanks.21:46
rburtonbut now, bed!21:46
fray:)  I'll be out of office most of tomorrow..21:46
rburtonmy build machine is going bisects across 100 commits for core-image-sato-sdk21:46
fraydrop me an email if you have any other things you need21:46
rburtonso thats an hour per build :/21:46
fraysounds like .. 'fun' ..21:46
rburtonyeah…  definitely the sort of thing to start at 10pm21:47
rburtonand wake up to success21:47
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