Friday, 2016-07-15

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akocis anyone familiar with sabre auto board06:25
akochow can i check if yocto see my mouse or keyboard?06:33
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mckoangood morning06:59
akocgood morning07:00
mckoanakoc: list the content of /dev/input on the target07:00
akocby-path  event0  event1  event2  event3  event4  mice  mouse007:01
akocit shows these07:01
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mckoanakoc: looks like mouse is present07:01
akocI am using wireless mouse can it be  problem07:02
mckoanakoc: I never tried a wireless mouse with embedded, but I guess is fine07:03
mckoantry cat /dev/mouse007:04
akocit shows some result when deplug mouse and keyboard07:05
akoccat: /dev/mouse0: No such file or directory07:08
mckoanakoc: I have a beagleBone on my desk now, tried this, do the same:
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akocsorry for late reply my internet connection crashed07:21
akocI got only this : random: nonblocking pool is initialized07:21
akocand terminal stays buys07:21
mckoanakoc: look at dmesg07:22
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akocwhat kind of line i should llook for07:22
akocthere is a huge list here07:23
mckoanakoc: something saying 'mouse' like here
mckoanakoc: boot the board, and plug in the mouse after the boot07:27
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gunnarxjoshuagl, khem - thanks for responses about / syntax-highlighting logs.  Yes at least it does a little formatting but it might not be more than I'll just redo it.  In case I find/create syntax highlighting I'll make it known but likely it won't happen.08:19
gunnarxok, found the code for the error web on - thanks.08:21
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CTtpollardthat is quite neat08:25
sveinseFor recipes that track SCMs, do you by convention always use ? Or can you omit the _ver suffix?08:26
rburtonsveinse: personally, depends on the recipe.  if its tracking releases which happen to be in git then i prefer to use _1.2.3.bb08:26
rburtonbut you can drop the _ver and put PV in the recipe if you're basically just tracking specific commits08:27
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sveinsealso, in a layer, the docs says, recipes-* should be used. But what is * usually? I added our application under recipes-system08:30
rburtonliterally whatever you want08:30
sveinseso its for grouping only08:31
rburtonyou don't even need a recipe-* structure, just change layer.conf if you want to remove it08:31
sveinseI've go a long RDEPENDS list (which were found by the QA checks), would be safe to assume that the same package names should go into the DEPENDS list, or might they be named differently and/or that you should use inherit or require for some of them?08:35
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akochello again08:47
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khemsveinse: no, RDEPENDS = output package names ( ipk/rpm names) DEPENDS have recipe names or virtual08:48
akocHow can i disable login screen(it looks like terminal) from monitor08:48
khemakoc: disable the console08:49
akochow can  disable it?08:49
akocI have a spesific setup file so I can't build it from scratch atm.08:51
akocis there a way of doing it from terminal08:51
khemgunnarx: we have syntax highlighter for cgit on but its quite a hog for CPU08:52
gunnarxok.  implementation language?08:53
gunnarxhang on, for cgit?  syntax highlighting source code then?08:53
khemakoc: dont spawn getty on console you can control it by /etc/inittab assuming you are using sysvinit or busybox-init08:54
khemgunnarx: yes08:55
* khem this frappuchino late at night was not a good idea08:55
akockhem: I have this on inittab08:58
khemakoc: is it yoct ?09:01
khemOE based09:01
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akocactually it has some more lines09:01
akocyes this is yocto09:02
khemyou already have #mxc3:12345:respawn:/sbin/getty 115200 ttymxc3 disabled09:03
khemso may be you should comment out09:03
khem1:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty109:04
sveinseWhen I start from a completely empty build, and write bitbake myrecipe it will only build and populate the packages/recipes required for the dependencies, right?09:04
gunnarxkhem, ok.  my question was only about highlighting bitbake console output a bit when it is converted to HTML anyway.  Make the logs a little nicer to look at.  I suppose no one has made any rules for highlighting that :)09:06
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khemthere was a VIM plugin09:09
khembasically hightlight compiler error output09:09
khemnow a days compilers do it themselves on rich terminals09:09
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gunnarxsveinse: if recipes are correct then that should be correct, yes.  Required tools are built first, then your target dependencies.09:17
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mwalleis the openembedded-devel mailinglist moderated? or can i send patches without being subscribed?09:36
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rburtonmwalle: yes its moderated if you're not a subscriber, but you can subscribe and then turn off delivery of mails.09:53
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mwallerburton: ah good to know, thanks09:55
mwalleunfortunately, i've already send the patch ;09:56
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akchi all , How to remove the Linux password entry screen10:00
mathieu_lawith debug-tweaks in image features you get a root account with no password10:01
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sveinseHmm, when I build my recipe from scratch it fails with "Could not find qmake configuration file linux-oe-g++.", but I find it in ./sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/lib/qt5/mkspecs/linux-oe-g++, almost next to qmake itself.10:45
sveinsedoes yocto have a tool that can show which package that provides a file? e.g. ./sysroots/lm-sp-gen2/usr/lib/qt5/mkspecs/linux-oe-g++10:50
rburtonassuming the file ends up on the target, oe-pkgdata-util can do that10:54
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sveinseApparently not it seems: $ oe-pkgdata-util find-path usr/lib/qt5/mkspecs/linux-oe-g++ --> ERROR: Unable to find any package producing path usr/lib/qt5/mkspecs/linux-oe-g++11:00
sveinseYet I find it in ./sysroots/laerdal-simpad-gen2/usr/lib/qt5/mkspecs/linux-oe-g++11:01
sveinsePoint is that my recipe failed, as it could not find this file. I found it in x86_64-linux sysroot, but apparently qmake wasn't looking there. I kept rebuilding with bitbake -k, and now this file also appeared in the target sysroot. Now my recipe could find it, so I presume I lack a DEPENDS statement here. Just figuring out which...11:03
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sveinseWould you need DEPENDS+=qtbase" when you have "inherit qmake5"?11:09
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quiteI have some 'deeper' questions concerning device tree nodes, gpios and such. Where is a good place to ask/chat?11:26
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Crofton|worksveinse, I would expect that to happen in the class, but read the class file11:31
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sveinseIs there a way to erase all sysroots, but allow it to use the built packages (so I don't have to rebuild everything all over)?11:35
sveinseI'd like to check if I got my depends right11:35
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Ulfalizersveinse: you can run wipe-sysroots11:44
Ulfalizerthe packages will still be available in sstate-cache11:45
sveinseUlfalizer: thanks11:45
Ulfalizeranother option is removing tmp/, which contains the sysroots. wipe-sysroots is faster though.11:46
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Ulfalizersveinse: make sure you have the build-deps QA check enabled by the way. it's good at finding undeclared dependencies.11:47
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sveinseUlfalizer: Yes, I got loads on RDEPENDS thanks to it. Is it a general rule that everything going into RDEPENDS also is needed in DEPENDS?11:49
Ulfalizersveinse: it's usually a good idea at least, and required for libraries11:50
Ulfalizersveinse: i fleshed out a bit recently btw. the second note is semi-related.11:51
sveinseYeah, here's one: RDEPENDS contains boost-system boost-filesystem, while adding them to DEPENDS fails with noting provides.... So there are apparently exceptions to the rules11:52
Ulfalizersveinse: DEPENDS is a list of recipe names (see the first note in the DEPENDS glossary entry). RDEPENDS is a list of package names.11:53
sveinseI'll have to admit it takes a while to sift through the code to find what it should read. I can venture a guess at 'boost', but I can't know for sure, right11:54
Ulfalizerso for boost, some recipe generates the boost-system package, but that recipe is not itself called boost-system11:54
Ulfalizernot sure off the top of my head either :/11:54
Ulfalizerworth a try at least11:54
sveinseIn my debian days, I had a tool that showed the recipe name -> binary name(s) relationship. Is there a similar tool in Yocto?11:55
sveinseanother random question: which of the package systems offers the least overhead on target, esp. wrt disk. ipk?11:58
Ulfalizersveinse: can't remember if there's such a tool. one thing you could do is searching for the package name in the build directory. it will be in a subdirectory of a directory corresponding to the recipe name.11:58
sveinseUlfalizer: Thanks, thou11:59
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sveinseIf I want to define a variable in a receipe, what steps needs to be made for others to access this variable?12:39
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sveinseI'm halfways through my list of populating my DEPENDS list, and it surprisingly passed builds., I assume that the depends of the depends provides the remaining packages, so it passes. What do I do for the rest?13:03
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sveinsebitbake allows inheritance, right. How do I build on another and tweak a few things?13:20
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rburtonsveinse: don't bother, just copy the image recipe13:53
rburton(you'd use the require keyword)13:53
rburtonthe images in oe-core are samples for testing purposes, just copy them for what you want13:53
rburtonthe core-image class has helpers which are likely still useful, so use that still - ie copy core-image-base or something13:54
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sveinserburton: I see that require require .bbclass, so in principle one should put the worker in the bbclass file and just have a small skeleton in the image.bb13:56
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sveinsewe have a subcontractor that has delivered a core-image setup to us, and I'd like to use their image as basis for ours, adding our apps. When I moved their to image.bbclass, things work out the way I want them to13:58
rburtonrequire is "include this file an error if it isn't found", its not classes14:02
rburtonie does "require"14:02
sveinseyeah, sorry, I'm losing myself in the terms: I meant inherit14:04
rburtonif you want to keep their image pristine and modify it then yeah just require it in your own image and extend it14:04
rburtonyou have have one bb file require another14:04
sveinseso inherit don't require .bbclass? It can be another .bb file?14:05
rburton*inherit* needs classes14:05
rburtonuse include or require for other plain files14:05
rburton(include silently does nothing if the file doesn't exist, require errors)14:06
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rburtonie just does require and then fiddles a few variables14:06
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sveinsebut otherwise, inherit and include/require gives exactly the same result, right?14:06
rburtonnot really, inherit is class inclusion, the others are literally take this file and put it here14:07
Ulfalizesveinse: one difference is that inherit can handle the same thing being "included" twice14:07
sveinserburton: I meant, as seen from the recipe, you get the same kind of variables set and so on14:07
rburtonif your contractor wrote and image and you want to derive from it, just require it in your own image recipe14:08
Ulfalizethe class will only be processed once, so you don't end up with problems related to things being defined multiple times14:08
Ulfalizeyou can end up with multiple inclusions e.g. if you inherit two classes A and B that both inherit the same class C14:09
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Ulfalizeother than that, i haven't ran into any situations where thinking of it as a regular include doesn't work14:10
Ulfalizethe search path might be different for 'inherit' and 'include'/'require' i guess...14:12
sveinseyes, you need the path as well for the latter14:13
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Ulfalizehrm... there's task overriding too. that has to be class-specific magic.14:17
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Ulfalizeheh, maybe not. looks like the overrides have to come after the 'inherit'.14:21
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kergothUlfalizer: EXPORT_FUNCTIONS is class-only. it's just a convenience, though14:31
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sveinseThere is apparently some subtle difference between the two: If I do "require recipes-bsp/images/", I get something like 4850 tasks that needs building, while if I copy the contents of the into lm-core-image-bbclass, and inherit it from my image, there's only 1900 tasks or so and its done.14:36
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sveinseThe subtle difference is that one read IMAGE_INSTALL ?=, the other IMAGE_INSTALL =. The latter pulls in a *lot* more packages14:43
rburtonand this is why you just write your own image :)14:44
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sveinseIts slightly strange thou: bitbake count up to 1948 tasks. When it hits the last, the number of tasks suddely jump up to 4850 tasks. I thought bitbaked parsed all deps up front14:46
rburtonsetscene vs build14:46
*** chep <chep!> has quit IRC14:48
kergothwe should make sure the setscene progress is finished, and change its description vs the normal runqueue, so you still see the completed setscene progress after it completes14:49
kergoththen it's clear looking back that it was done, and how many of its tasks were run14:49
kergothprogress bar, that is14:49
Ulfalizesveinse: setscene is when cached task output is fetched from the sstate cache instead of running the task14:49
*** chep <chep!> has joined #yocto14:49
Ulfalizethere's a separate setscene pass first where all the setscenes run14:49
Ulfalizeyou can disable the sstate cache by passing --no-setscene btw14:50
sveinseUlfalize: more goodies, thanks14:51
*** nish <nish!~nisha@> has joined #yocto14:51
*** nish is now known as nisha14:51
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sveinseWhat I don't understand is why you get lots more activity when IMAGE_INSTALL="..." is chosen vs IMAGE_INSTALL?="..."14:51
kergoth?= means "set only if it's not set already"14:51
kergothsee the bitbake manual, or the yocto project manuals for details14:52
rburtonsveinse: bitbake -e will show you what the assignment ended up with14:52
sveinsekergoth: Yeah, but it should not be preset, so if IMAGE_INSTALL is empty, the two variants should turn out the same14:52
sveinserburton: I am comparing now14:52
Ulfalizesveinse: might be that something else has already set it. in that case the ?= assignment will be skipped, but not the = assignment.14:52
kergothsveinse: well apparently it was14:53
kergothotherwise there'd be no difference14:53
kergothuse bitbake -e to see exactly what value it has, and where it was set, as rburton suggested14:53
Ulfalizebitbake -e includes the assignment history as well, in the comments above IMAGE_INSTALL=...14:53
*** joshuagl <joshuagl!~joshuagl@> has quit IRC14:54
sveinseback to my previous question: What is the procedure for DEPENDS?, I'm half ways through, but compilation is successful, since something apparently is providing the depends I miss from the list14:59
sveinseI had an iterative approach. Compile, see it stop, add it to the list (after finding its recipe name)15:00
sveinseThere's no clean room sysroot option for yocto?15:01
kergothrm -rf tmp, or wipe-sysroot15:02
kergothwith sstate, wiping tmp really isn't a big deal, it'll reconstruct what's needed15:02
*** ntl <ntl!> has joined #yocto15:04
sveinsekergoth: Yes but no. clean room = bring in /only/ the immediate deps in a sysroot. Its used to ensure that the build deps contain all they need to compile. Yocto seems to be doing an iterative population, like depends of depends, apparently15:04
kergothby definition, it'll only being in deps and their deps, but no, it's not possible to make isolated sysroots on a per-recipe basis15:04
sveinseOtherwise I couldn't compiled with DEPENDS being half the size of RDEPENDS15:05
kergoththat's a feature we've wanted for some time to avoid automatically detected deps causing non-deterministic builds due to build order changing the sysroot contents15:05
sveinseyes, I see the need for it :D15:05
kergothfirst of all, if you bitbake yourrecipe:do_compile, rather than bitbake yourrecipe, the rdeps won't be built at all15:05
kergoththe rdeps are built by default, but only for packaging15:05
sveinseah, good. Let me take that approach. thanks15:06
kergothshould make it slightly more sane, since there's no random builds of rdeps occurring throughout. still not completely isoalted, since it's both deps and deps of deps, but it's as close as we can get at this time15:06
*** gunnarx <gunnarx!~gan@unaffiliated/gan> has quit IRC15:08
Ulfalizekergoth: is 'bitbake -c task foo' the same as 'bitbake foo:do_task'?15:08
sveinseIMHO, having fully isolated builds in all recipes, would take a ton of resources. We do that for a custom build system we run today, and it's honestly a pain for complete rebuilds. It's great as a tool to check/develop recipes, but I don't feel the need for it on a system build. My 2 cents...15:09
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*** JaMa <JaMa!> has joined #yocto15:12
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kergothUlfalize: yeah, for that particular example they're identical. the former will affect all specified targets, of course, and the latter syntax can override -c. i.e. bitbake -c foo bar baz:do_bar -> runs bar:do_foo & baz:do_bar15:14
rajmThe images I'm building come with a root passwd of root which makes -f testimage unhappy - I've tried adding debug_features to IMAGE_FEATURES without any improvement  is there something else I need to fiddle with?15:17
*** adelcast <adelcast!~adelcast@> has quit IRC15:17
kergoth'root' isn't a standard default root password for oe/yocto images, so it's something specific to your setup doing it15:20
*** chep <chep!> has quit IRC15:20
*** chep <chep!> has joined #yocto15:22
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rajmjust looking for an EXTRA_USER_PARAMS setting15:26
*** nighty <nighty!> has joined #yocto15:26
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Ulfalizekergoth: ok15:27
*** sujith_h <sujith_h!~toaster@kde/developers/sujithh> has quit IRC15:36
rajmkergoth: found it - thank you!15:40
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* ulf` is thining about getting the new Costco Visa card 17:41
ulf`4% cash back on gas and 3% on travel I believe17:41
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Xzguys, I'm particularry interested in this patch
Xzwhen could I expect this to be merged?18:40
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khemXz: it was posted today isnt it19:03
khemXz: look for it on ross/mutt branch on poky-contrib tree19:03
khemand then it can be any number of days after that depending on test results19:03
khemulf`: yes costo card is great, I have been using for ages19:04
Xzkhem: alright, so by default it doesn't go to master branch?19:05
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khemXz: it does but after some testing19:14
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rburtonpatches have to get reviewed, tested, and pass the autobuilder19:20
rburtonand then a group of patches fails so we need to figure out why it breaks19:20
rburtonyesterday all the SDK images failed to build without any messages, which after a 12 hour bisect run was blamed on piglit, which make me remember that there was a size limit for hddimg files which was likely happening as piglit is giant now, so after verifying that was the case and fixing bitbake's broken shell->cooker logging (which was why there were not any messages) and removing piglit the autobuilder is unblocked again19:22
rburtonso thats babysitting a 12 hour bisect and four hours of work due to a single package upgrade19:22
rburton(and a regression that nobody noticed for about three weeks)19:23
rburtonso yeah, patches don't go straight to master :)19:23
rburtonits in my mut, and i do notice that the buildhistory-diff from it is about two pages19:23
*** mortderire <mortderire!~rkinsell@> has joined #yocto19:24
rburton(mut stands for master-under-test)19:24
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khemrburton: I would expect you to be vocal on mailing list if you are doing all this hard work19:26
khemso folks know if some patches are causing gripes19:26
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rburtonthe piglit one was the standard small thing with giant consequences19:27
Xzrburton: I feel so happy now it wasn't me to submit that piglit change19:27
Xzrburton: by the way piglit sounds like some pokemon name19:27
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rburtonthe problem is that the AB tests such a large combination its easy to not hit the problem in testing19:27
rburtonnow i'm wondering why some builders are having rpm explode with lock failures during rootfs19:28
khemrburton: this will also create awareness in community that they have to do better to help speed absorption, test your stuff before submitting19:28
khemrburton: thats nice to have a wider coverage, no doubt19:28
rburtonerror: db3cget:../../rpm-5.4.15/rpmdb/db3.c:1514: dbcursor->get(-30972): BDB0088 DB_SECONDARY_BAD: Secondary index inconsistent with primary19:29
* rburton fires ICBMs at rpm19:29
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rburtonkhem: highlight of today was busybox mailing list wondering how they can get their server back online19:30
rburtonas nobody there can remember the sudo password19:30
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tlwoernerulf: interesting, in Canada costco has partnered with mastercard, so the costco cards here are mastercards, not visas22:00
tlwoernerulf: they used to be with (ironically) american express, but changed about 2 years ago to MC22:00
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tlwoernerulf`: ^ (oops, forgot the backtick)22:01
*** fmeerkoetter <fmeerkoetter!> has joined #yocto22:01
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tlwoernerulf`: we've been using it for years too, the only unfortunately part is that their gas stations only sell gasoline, not diesel as well, so only some of our vehicles can get cheap gas :-)22:02
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khemtlwoerner: mastercard transactions go through visa too22:32
khemthey dont see them as competition22:32
khemrburton: heh thats funny22:33
rburtonkhem: latest wayland upgrade breaks on musl if you fancy sending a quick fix, i'm off to bed.  see nightly-musl on the AB22:34
khemrburton: s/uint/unsigned int/22:41
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ulf`tlwoerner: You mean the Amex version of the deal22:56
ulf`tlwoerner: Now the card is Visan and I think the cashback rate went up by a point for purchases22:57
neverpanicsveinse: oe-pkgutil lookup-recipe $packagename gives you the recipe name for a package23:07
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khemneverpanic: it should be oe-pkgdata-util23:18
neverpanicoh yeah, sorry, not at the machine to check this atm23:18
tlwoernerulf`: what i'm saying is that in canada the costco card used to be amex but they switched to MC about 2 years ago (or so). i think it's interesting that the us and canadian costcos made their own agreements, and they both chose differently (can:amex->mc, us:amex->visa)23:20
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khemtlwoerner: as i said visa and mc are same backend23:33
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