Monday, 2016-07-18

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hsychlaHi. We extend our packages' filenames with a build-id like this: "BUILD_ID = "-1044"; PKGR .= "${BUILD_ID}"; PKGR[vardepsexclude] = "BUILD_ID"". Now we want to do a fresh build but keep all existing packages, if they did not change. So I created a new buildroot (one layer removed) and copied the sstate-cache from the old buildroot. We thought that this would just recreate all unchanged packages from sstate. And I think it did that (t07:05
hsychlaelling me xxx task did not have to be rerun) but all packages got that build's build-id instead of keeping their old ones. Does anybody know a solution for this?07:05
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hsychlaI think it basically boils down to the question if we can add a custom variable to the sstate so it used in "do_package_write_ipk"07:28
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rob_wdamn, my setup script breaks in krogoth ..08:15
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presentWhen will be the next Yocto release after Krogoth?09:39
presentKrogoth has been release on 04/29/2016.09:40
presentThe next one will be in six months?09:40
presentThe point is to find out if I will be able to play with Qt5.7.09:41
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CTtpollardqt5.7 is slated for the next yocto release branch in meta-qt509:42
presentCTtpollard, and what is the release cycle of Yocto?09:43
present6 month right?09:43
* Ulfalizer found
CTtpollard2.2 is slated for Oct 2016 I believe09:44
Ulfalizersays oct 2016. dunno how accurate that is though.09:44
CTtpollardso yes, 6 months09:44
sveinseIs it possible to build Qt5 for qemu? If yes, what recipes are needed for the gfx?09:44
CTtpollardyes qt5 support the qemu target09:45
sveinseCTtpollard: great! I tried running it, but it got hung up in missing opengl during configure, so I suppose something is missing09:46
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rburtonthat schedule is very accurate, we slip by a week at most and generally are on schedule09:49
sveinseIs it possible to have machine specific DEPENDS and RDEPENDS? E.g. my app depends on libgles2-mx6 for my machine, but apparently is does not make sense on qemu09:52
Ulfalizersveinse: DEPENDS_append_<machine> = "dependencies to add for <machine>"   should work. see OVERRIDES and MACHINEOVERRIDES.09:54
Ulfalizeroh, and make it " dependencies to add for <machine>", because _append does not add an initial space :P09:55
Ulfalizersveinse: OVERRIDES is the high-level mechanism in play. FOO_someoverride is applied only if "someoverride" is in OVERRIDES.09:56
rburtonsveinse: if the mx6 GL stack is doing the right thing, just add a RDEPENDS on libgles2.  that should be RPROVIDEd by libgles2-mx6 and it then works for all machines (as qemu's mesa also provides that same name)09:58
sveinserburton: Yeah, let me check. The reason I have it my RDEPEDNS it because the QA check complained about it09:59
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rburtonand its best to depend on a virtual name instead of the BSPs provider of said name too10:01
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sveinseIt seems it does10:04
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sveinseAre there any different level in support between qemux86 and qemux86-64? Should I prefer the one over the other?10:12
sveinseperhaps the x86, as my target HW is 32-bit (arm)?10:12
CTtpollardsveinse: you won't want x86 qemu if you're targeting arm10:13
CTtpollardthere are qemuarm targets10:14
sveinseCTtpollard: True, but can it emulate 3D in some form to be able to run Qt5?10:15
rburtonqemux86 is a lot faster to emulate though10:15
rburtonthey'll all emulate software 3d10:15
rburtonso they'll all be terrible10:15
rburtonqemux86 will be less terrible, especially if you can turn on KVM10:15
sveinseYeah, expect so. Doing a proof of concept is the agenda her10:16
rburtonpersonally i'd do that on a real x86 machine10:16
rburtonemulation sucks10:16
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sveinseYeah.... I must have an old laptop laying around here somewhere.10:18
sveinsebtw (and while I'm waiting on compile), does any of you know wic?10:19
sveinseHow does it assemble the partitions: does it create the entire disk first and then add partition table and partitions to it afterwards?10:20
sveinsePoint is, we have a custom disk image format that need to add to wic10:21
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #182 of nightly-musl is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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sveinseCan I clean *all* files related to a MACHINE, but retain the others? I've been experimenting with various MACHINES and just ran out of disk.... :(10:56
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CTtpollardare you sharing sstate & dl_dir with all machines?10:58
sveinseCTtpollard: Yes, I'm doing them over each others in the same build. Shouldn't of, but that the learning from this...11:00
CTtpollardit's common to share between targets11:00
sveinseabout that, is it the sstate-cache dir I can share amongst multiple build dirs?11:01
sveinseheh, you can really tell that you've got many files when rm -rf takes a minute...11:04
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Ulfalizersveinse: i think it should be safe. the sstate cache just maps task input hashes to cached task output data. those input hashes should naturally vary between machines.11:08
Ulfalizersafe as long as it does the proper locking, but i think it does :|11:09
* Ulfalizer thinks it would be nice if the docs explained the sstate cache in plainer language11:10
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* sveinse attempting shared sstate-cache and rather have MACHINE builds in separate build dirs11:32
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joe_____Hi,  I am currently working on Smarc-samx6i board developed by KONTRON. and i am using Linux kernel 3.10.17. Now I am trying to interface ft5x06 with my board for that I modified the device tree as  I am using  git:// -b imx-3.14.28-1.0.0_ga  polytouch: edt_ft5x06@39 {              compatible = "edt","edt_ft5x06","edt-ft5x06";              reg = <0x39>;              pinctrl-names = "default11:38
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joe_____any one can understand what said :-(11:39
rburtonnot really but i also can't see a question11:40
joe_____i am trying to interface a touch screen ft5x06 for that i used module provided by yocto when i modprobe the module it shows on lsmod command but actually its not probing why that happening?11:42
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rob_wjoe_____: i bet the ft5x06 driver is not dtb aware in this version11:43
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joe_____i added the the details in device tree!11:44
rob_wi said the ft5x06.c is not aware of dtbs11:44
joe_____srry i got it .11:44
joe_____Any idea how i can interface it?11:45
rob_wi had to hack dtb support into it in a 3.14 kernel too11:45
joe_____any suggestion to improvise that module!!11:45
joe_____currently i am working on kernel 3.1011:45
rob_weither add dtb support in the driver or hack the init in your boardfile .. first is the best solution11:46
rob_wlook at its history in a latest 4.x kernel and cherry pick the dtb stuff11:46
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joe_____when i compile your new version of yocto i am getting this error /yocto_latest/build/tmp/work-shared/smarc-samx6i/kernel-source/include/linux/compiler-gcc.h:103:30: fatal error: linux/compiler-gcc5.h: No such file or directory | compilation terminated.11:49
rob_wjoe_____: <- this is a backport from a 4.1.y to 3.14 basicly ..11:50
joe_____how can i over come it!11:50
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sveinseIs there anyone in the Northern Europe/Scandinavian region that offers good Yocto training?11:52
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CTtpollardcan I expand the MACHINE variable in filepaths to .inc files?13:57
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CTtpollardcan you use autorev along with a branch in the src uri to always checkout the tip of said branch?14:33
zeddii_homeyep. that’s what it does.14:34
CTtpollardcheers, and I presume autorev default to master if not declared14:34
zeddii_homeautorev is no different from any SRCREV in that respect.14:34
CTtpollardty zeddii_home14:34
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CTtpollardis anyone aware of any an issue of using autorev for src_rev in an inc file?14:37
sveinseFrom time to time I get errors such as: "/srv/home/yocto/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/uim-native/1.8.6-r0/build/uim/.libs/ file not recognized: File truncated". One of the devs here tell me this is known automake issues, and that it happens. To me this smells awfully like a race of some kind. Familiarly to anyone?14:38
sveinsehmm, perhaps uim doesn't cope too well with parallel make14:39
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CTtpollardsveinse: but races are so fun....14:47
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sveinseCTtpollard: yes, you get to see who wins and who loses14:58
sveinse(and drink beer while doing it)14:58
CTtpollard+1 for beer14:59
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CTtpollardIf i'm using autorev, and the package I'm using it with is in sstate, will it ever register new commits?15:02
CTtpollard+ share dl_dir15:02
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CTtpollardor does bitbake do_fetch to see if there's a new rev?15:07
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simonlSo messing around with RREPLACES a bit I noticed the package is not rebuilt with the updated directive like I expected16:05
simonlShould I have to change PR when doing that?16:06
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rburtondid you set RREPLACES_${PN} etc or just RREPLACES16:09
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simonlrburton: RREPLACES_${PN}16:11
rburtonhmshould work16:11
simonlactually with a suffix too since it's a split package16:11
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simonlthis is on daisy, btw. Maybe there was a bug?16:12
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wrmyrxmorning all -- any advice on a good way to compile only specific kernel modules (.ko files) with bitbake?17:04
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simonlwrmyrx: for out-of-tree modules:
simonlbuilding a single module from a checkout or unpacked kernel source tree... I don't know. Not sure the recipes are setup for that.17:34
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jynikIs there a way to conditionally `require` a file in a <machine>.conf, using a value from local.conf?17:40
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wrmyrxAh, thanks17:44
wrmyrxI don't need to compile them on the target or anything17:44
wrmyrxI'm fine to just recompile kernel modules on the host device, I know how to patch them and everything... I assume there's some subset of bitbake flags that will trigger the driver build17:44
wrmyrx*sorry, not on the host device, on the build server rather than on the target17:45
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simonlwrmyrx: generally you would update the recipe to have bitbake pick up the changes, but if you've just made some change to try something out, you could try bitbake -c compile my-kernel-recipe -f to force bitbake to recompile it18:15
*** townxelliot <townxelliot!~ell@> has joined #yocto18:15
simonlit'll then know that the following steps need to be redone and will do so as needed when you build images or such.18:16
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simonlI'm a little fuzzy on which step does exactly what, but it will do it for all modules, not a single one18:19
simonlbitbake my-kernel-recipe after the -c compile one should package them up for you18:19
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sveinseWhat DEPENDS is needed to allow compilation of Qt5 on qemux86?20:03
*** Biliogadafr <Biliogadafr!> has joined #yocto20:04
sveinseI was thinking on depending libgles2 from the image, but, isn't technically a missing depends in Qt5 since it does not get what it needs to be built?20:04
sveinseIts failing on do_configure with missing -lGL, so it has passed dependency checks for some reason20:05
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jmesmonsveinse: do_configure() of which package?20:23
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Guest77446Hi. I am having an issue with LibEXIF recipe. It builds both static and dynamic libraries, but only the dynamic ones are getting included in my distro. I am really struggling to figure out the logic behind this. Can somebody help me?20:44
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jmesmonGuest77446: there was recently a poky change to pass `--disable-static` (or similar) to all configure scripts by default. Perhaps you want to disable that? Also note that by default static libs will only end up in the -dev package, which typically is in sysroot but not included in the image.20:50
Guest77446Ok. Thank you jmesmon. Do you know roughly when this change was? I am not using the newest version of Poky.20:52
bluelightningis that the reason for this though? static libs get packaged in the -staticdev package and that has been true for a long time20:53
Guest77446I think the second thing you said probably nailed it. I see it in the tmp/work space for LibEXIF.20:54
jmesmonGuest77446: commit in poky is 438d6d6e7d8ca1a9d566bbea5b917a2b00a31f4e ,  it has a date of Feb, not sure when it was merged.20:54
Guest77446Thank you bluelightning. It is probably as simple as this. I included "libexif" in my IMAGE_INSTALL_append. I will try libexif-staticdev.20:55
Guest77446Thank you for checking on that jmesmon.20:55
jmesmonbluelightning: ya, I'm not realy sold on it either. I suppose someone wanted to try to reduce the number of build artifacts they had20:55
bluelightningjmesmon: it all depends on whether you use static linking; if you don't those artifacts are superfluous20:56
rburtonjmesmon: speeds up builds if you never use them, static libraries are always huge20:56
Guest77446I hate bugging people with questions like this that I think are straightforward. Is there a good place to read up on this?20:56
rburtonGuest77446: the documentation at, or just remember this is the place to ask questions20:56
jmesmonGuest77446: for this question, not really. I don't think it's documented outside of the source.20:57
bluelightningGuest77446: it's fine, I'm always happy to answer questions here even if they're covered in the manual20:57
jmesmonrburton: my main issue with it is that it presumes all EXTRA_OECONF users support a flag "--disable-static" and has a bunch of exceptions. Not sure if there is a better way to handle it, though.20:59
rburtonjmesmon: better suggestion welcome (or don't use it, it's only enabled in poky not oe-core)20:59
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Guest77446Thank you to all. That was exceptionally helpful. Including libexif-staticdev brought in both the static and dynamic libraries. Curious though, why does it bring in the dynamic libraries?21:00
jmesmonsure, sure. I'm just salty because it broke one of my layers & I had to fix it by providing a DISABLE_STATIC override.21:01
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Guest77446Thank you all again. Best regards.21:18
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rburtonhalstead: around?21:53
halsteadrburton: I'm here now.21:56
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rburtonhalstead: i think the centos7 machine needs libxml-parser-perl installed21:56
rburtoni think…  do the others have it installed?21:57
rburtonthe debian8 machine i just poked does21:57
rburtonand f2321:57
halsteadrburton: I'll check. Is this a new requirement?21:58
rburtonhalstead: no, which is why i'm confused.  intltool is failing in some builds on that machine as xml:parser isn't present21:59
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halsteadrburton, I've added perl-libxml-perl and  perl-XML-Parser. To the centos defaults. Is that enough?22:07
rburtonhope so22:08
rburtonlets see22:08
rburtonhalstead: live now?22:09
halsteadrburton, On the centos7 machine yes.22:09
halsteadI'm looking at the others in a second.22:09
rburtonin theory the others all have it22:09
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halsteadrburton, Do we need to add these to the yocto quickstart?
halsteadOr is this specific to the autobuilder.22:11
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rburtonhalstead: right now not sure.  maybe.  :/22:14
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neverpanicNote that there's some weirdness going on with intltool; it has a configure test to find the first perl in $PATH and that one better has XML::Parser installed for the test to pass22:19
neverpanicFunny enough, the version of perl found in this test need not actually be the one in your intltool's shebang, so it might not affect your build at all22:20
rburtonyeah thats likely the problem, its finding host perl when it shouldn't22:21
rburtonneed to hack that test out i guess22:22
rburtonfor tomorrow, its 2322 now22:22
neverpanicSince you autoreconf everything anyway, may I suggest this path:
rburtonyes you may :)22:23
sveinsejmesmon: Of qt522:24
neverpanicrburton: that's for your upstream-status tag, btw.22:24
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Xzhi guys, there is one patch on poky-contrib, ross/mut for linux-firmware22:43
Xzcould you give me any estimate on when could it find its way to master?22:43
Xzlinux-firmware: update to revision cccb6a0da922:43
Xzthat's the patch22:43
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