Tuesday, 2016-07-19

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khemXz: hopefully tomorrow01:06
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boucman_workhey all07:21
boucman_workI have a new error that has started popping around when working around07:21
boucman_workERROR: openvivoe-image-testpattern-1.0-r0 do_image_rpi_sdimg: Taskhash mismatch 771883a2e269a20a7462ed438687162c verses a61480386f516334b46dccd1c8a8676c for /home/jrosen/openwide/yoctoproject/meta-openvivoe/recipes-openvivoe/images/openvivoe-image-testpattern.bb.do_image_rpi_sdimg07:21
boucman_workwhat is a taskhash mismatch, and how do I solve it ?07:21
mathieu_laI had it too last week, are you working with the latest revision from meta-raspberry?07:22
mathieu_laI think there is some patch, at least updating fixed it for me07:22
boucman_workmathieu_la: yes i am... I will upgrade meta-raspberry07:26
boucman_workthx for the hint07:27
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c0rnelanybody knows if genivi repos have issue ahain?07:34
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c0rnelthey sem to have sporadic access issues07:38
mathieu_laboucman_work : http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/meta-raspberrypi/commit/?id=6564e126aea0ac42a129595c79218ba69f8095eb07:39
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boucman_workmathieu_la: yes, it seems to be solved now, thx07:43
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c0rnelwhi is cleanall depending on upstream being available?08:10
c0rnelwhy is cleanall depending on upstream being available?08:10
boucman_work1that's weird...08:13
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c0rneli have issues getting node-state-manager from genivi and when trying cleannall it complains that upstream is not accessible08:15
c0rnelError is: Could not read from remote repository08:16
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rburtonc0rnel: does the recipe use autorev?09:01
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c0rnelrburton, let me check09:01
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rburtonbecause that needs network access to parse before it even starts running tasks09:01
rburton(another reason why autorev is bad)09:02
c0rnelno autorev in node-state-manager recipe09:03
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rburtonthen the recipe is doing something stupid09:06
c0rnelit's form meta-ivi, anyway09:06
c0rnelit's from meta-ivi, anyway09:06
rburtonnothing in there that would force network access, unless your distro/local conf is setting autorev on it09:09
rburtona full cooker log would be helpful09:09
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c0rneltrying to get one, but meanwhile cat local.conf | grep auto shows nothing09:10
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rburtontmp/log/cooker has the logs09:12
c0rnelno autorev there09:14
rburtoni mean, share the log09:14
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boucman_work1I never new about tmp/log09:18
* boucman_work1 always go to WORKDIR/temp to find the logs...09:18
c0rnelrburton, it will take a little time, i'm also in the middle of a meeting and one colleague is asking for some other info09:22
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sveinseI still haven't figured out how to compile Qt5 for qemu (or native for that matter)...09:37
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sveinsehow do I collect a new license? I've added LMSL, which is our license (LICENSE="LMSL") and its checksum, however I need to "collect" it when I build the package. How do I do that?10:13
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Ulfalizerthe reference manual says that "presently, the output from Python tasks is sent directly to the console." is that still true? i can't reproduce it.11:45
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sveinseIs it possible to use here documents in image recipe sh functions?12:37
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Ulfalizersveinse: should be fine. do a search for "<<EOF" and you'll find examples.12:51
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sveinseIf my image recipe "require something.bb" and it uses ROOTFS_POST_PROCESS_COMMAND_append = "...", I will need to use += for the same variable right?12:53
Ulfalizersveinse: _append is magic. you never need to use += with it.12:53
UlfalizerFOO_append = "boll"   FOO_append = "hav"   will append "bollhav" to FOO12:54
Ulfalizer_append stuff is also applied at the end of parsing, meaning there's no way to override it. FOO_append = "foo" followed by FOO = "" will still set FOO to "foo".12:55
Ulfalizer+= on the other hand is applied "there and then"12:56
sveinseallright. good. the append logic is done while parsing. The other alternative would be that it parsed everything and at the end it set FOO="${FOO_prepend}${FOO}${FOO_append}"12:56
Ulfalizeryeah, that'd be another option. i guess the more "magic" solution turned out to be handier.12:57
sveinsethe docs is not crystal clear when using multiple _append statements (or I've missed it)12:57
sveinseeither is equally probable :D12:57
Ulfalizerit might not be. the documentation maintainer is very friendly, so you could always suggest a change. :)12:58
Ulfalizeri've gotten lots of stuff in12:58
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sveinsewhat task do I need to rerun to make an image task execute its ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND?13:20
rburton-c rootfs13:23
rburtonwell, -C13:23
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sveinseCan I access files from other recipes sources (not recipe dir) from another (image) recipe?13:25
Ulfalizersveinse: the clean way is to put them in the staging sysroot (STAGING_DIR_HOST) and accessing them there. if they're packaged (and not in some unusual path), then do_populate_sysroot will put them there.13:27
Ulfalizersveinse: the staging sysroot is how build-time dependencies (libraries, headers, etc.) are made available to recipes13:29
UlfalizerDEPENDS is (usually) just a shorthand for waiting for those other recipes to put their stuff into the staging sysroot13:29
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rburtonsveinse: you can't access source trees as they may not exist, so if a recipe wants to share something it needs to be staged.13:30
rburtonso i guess what i meant is you can obviously just access WORKDIR/[recipe]/[version]/ but that may or may not exist13:31
sveinseUlfalizer: My objective is that when I build the image, I auto generate a copyright manifest file for display on the end product. This file consists of various bits of text, like our address, from our main application SCM repo. Together with the Yocto collected licenses from usr/share/common-licenses/13:32
sveinseSo my problem is the manifest-script in the image recipe, where I need access to some text files from our SCM (which "belongs" to another recipe)13:33
Ulfalizersveinse: licensing stuff bores me to death (even though it's important), so i'm a bit of a noob when it comes to it :)13:33
sveinseSo... I suppose, I want to know how I can stage a file from the other recipe then13:33
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sveinseUlfalizer: Well, I don't really need to bother with them either. I just need to collect them to be able to display them to the end user. Yocto goes a great job at that13:34
sveinseI do not need or want the staged file present on target, only for generating the manifest13:35
Ulfalizersveinse: using the same repository in two different recipes is okay. yocto might even be able to cache it.13:37
Ulfalizerotherwise, the "owning" recipe will need to put the files you need into either the staging sysroot or e.g. DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE (tmp/deploy, which is used for final build output, like images), and the other recipe access them there13:37
Ulfalizeryou need to set up the right dependencies in that case though. probably easiest to just have the same repo SRC_URI in both recipes.13:38
Ulfalizeror reorganizing things in some other way...13:38
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sveinseUlfalizer: Making a recipe that makes a package with the said files is simple enough. But how do I deploy it/depend on it such that I can fetch it from my image recipe, but not deploy to target?13:40
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sveinse(I'm only a 1 week old Yoctoer, so please have patience with me)13:41
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Ulfalizersveinse: if you have a DEPENDS on that other recipe, then you can access the file as ${STAGING_DIR_HOST}/path/to/file (as long as you do it at or after do_configure, because do_configure is what depends on do_populate_sysroot in the other recipe)13:42
Ulfalizersee STAGING_BINDIR, etc., too. those are based on STAGING_DIR_HOST.13:42
sveinseSo, in my image recipe, I have IMAGE_INSTALL for that which ends up in the target, while I can use DEPENDS for the things that ends up the staging area?13:43
Ulfalizeryup, that should work13:43
sveinseperfect, thanks13:43
rburtonone thing some recipes do is to append the staging function13:43
Ulfalizerunless image.bbclass does something funky with the tasks13:43
Ulfalizerbut hopefully ;)13:43
rburtonie wayland does sysroot_stage_all_append_class-target to drop more files into the staging directory that shouldn't be packaged13:44
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Ulfalizersveinse: btw... there's quite a lot of updates in the latest version (2.2) of the reference manual, so might be worthwhile looking at that one vs. earlier versions13:45
sveinseyeah, I am. The mega manual is on my tablet :P13:46
Ulfalizerthe mega manual is too mega for me :S13:47
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sveinseHow do I deploy a new license from my recipe?13:50
sveinsePlain file location, or is there some functions for doing it?13:50
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rburtondo you mean your recipe has a license that isn't covered by the collection in oe-core?13:54
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rburtoneg meta-fsl-ppc/conf/layer.conf:LICENSE_PATH += "${LAYERDIR}/custom-licenses"13:55
rburtonput the license texts in your layer, extend license_path in your layer.conf13:55
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rburtonits documented!  \o/13:56
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sveinseyes, it is. Yet, having it in "glossaries" does not assist in how to do it. You still need to find it. Perhaps a suggestion of having a "cookbook" section in the manuals. A "how do I" section that shows the various pattern that a Yocto developer might encounter14:09
sveinseWe decided more than a year ago to move to Yocto with our product, and we also employed a sub-contractor to do it for us. Now that I'm (finally) getting to learn Yocto, I see that they haven't always done things according to defacto standards. So in my opinion, setting policy/standards is an important part of maintaining Yocto.14:11
rburtonin fact there's a little effort going on in my team to write some short "how to" guides for non-trivial tasks, and i just added new licenses to that list14:12
sveinserburton: brilliant, thanks14:13
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boucman_work1rburton : might I add "changing a configuration file at image-generation time" to the list ? I'm doing it right now and it's a bit tricky14:16
*** cference <cference!~cference@> has quit IRC14:16
rburtonrootfs postfunc, do what you need to do14:17
boucman_work1in particular, do_fetch and do_unpack are not executed for images, so you need to reactivate them14:17
boucman_work1but there is no easy way to unset a variable flag so you have to use inline python14:17
boucman_work1rburton: that's the easy part :P14:17
*** cference <cference!~cference@> has joined #yocto14:17
boucman_work1let me pastebin what I do14:17
rburtonwhy not package the image-specific file in a recipe and pick between them?14:17
boucman_work1because they overlay files from other packages (CONFFILES) and that creates conflicts iirc14:18
rburtonremove them from the other packages?14:19
boucman_work1that creates a lot of .bbappend when you are configuring a whole system and make the other packages much less generic14:19
rburtonyou don't use distro_features_check in that recipe :)14:20
boucman_work1i'm deep in the yocto-as-a-firmware use-case here...14:20
sveinseah, yes, one of my questions as well. Handling overrides/file conflicts during system build14:20
rburtonyou inherit distro_features_check but its not used14:20
boucman_work1rburton: I do ? where ?14:20
rburtonboucman_work1: 12inherit core-image distro_features_check14:22
boucman_work1oh right,14:22
* boucman_work1 <= blind14:22
*** bottazzini <bottazzini!~realBigfo@> has joined #yocto14:22
boucman_work1but yeah, the firmware use-case requires to override quite a few file, and doing it at the image-level is where it makes most sense, I believe... but the deactivation of do_fetch and do_unpack makes it non-trivial14:23
boucman_work1(and instinctively, I would have used do_install to install the files, but that's also deactivated and not required by do_rootfs)14:24
boucman_work1I can see various fixes14:24
rburtonyeah would be good to have an easier way to undo disabling14:24
rburtonfile a bug  against bitbake14:24
boucman_work1* change bitbake to accept do_xxx[noexec] = 014:24
boucman_work1* reactivate do_fetch and do_unpack in yocto for images14:25
boucman_work1* both14:25
rburton(1) is my vote14:25
rburtonbasically make the noexec thing need a positive assignment, not just presence, might work14:25
boucman_work1I think both makes most sense. fetching files for overriding and benefiting from the whole fetch/cache infrastructure seems like something needed14:25
boucman_work1but yeah, the bitbake side is definitely needed14:26
rburtonbut if the task isn't needed generally then it can be disabled for performance14:26
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boucman_work1that sounds a bit like a micro-optimisation, but maybe I see it that way because all I do is yocto firmware, so I need it all the time14:27
boucman_work1(ideally i'd like to add a generic overlay mechanism for images which would check that overlayed files are CONFFILES for the original recipe, but i don't know if that's doable14:28
*** aehs29 <aehs29!aehernan@nat/intel/x-gfkteittcxrpgxgi> has joined #yocto14:28
sveinsewhen do you use PACKAGE_ARCH="${MACHINE_ARCH}" in recipes? Because I see in my build that I have many more packages that is built against tune (it's tune, right?) than machine14:28
rburtonyeah that's usual14:29
rburtonbecause we cater for the situation where you may target two MACHINES which are actually very similar14:29
rburtonthink two different ARM boards, the CPU is identical but the HW will be different14:29
rburtonso, libc upwards can all be tune-specific, but the kernel and maybe drivers are MACHINE-specific14:29
rburtonso if your recipe is specific to a single instance of your machine then it needs to be machine specific, if it will work on all x86 / armv7 / etc then its tune specific14:30
sveinseThis is indeed the case here. Same CPU but different boards. Pure SW tools, like most linux tools, are HW agnostic, and can be build to tune then14:30
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sveinseWhat methods for conditional code/blocks are there in recipes? Is doing ${@bb.utils.contains the only way? I have two image recipes that are very similar and can be merged if there is some MACHINE selector I can use14:48
*** istarilucky <istarilucky!~rlucca@> has joined #yocto14:48
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CTtpollardyou can do commands based on the target machine using overrides14:50
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neverpanicrburton: speaking of disabled tasks, I noticed that do_configure[noexec] also disables validation of LIC_FILES_CHKSUM; would you consider that to be a bug?15:27
neverpanici.e. would you accept patches that move the check into a separate task?15:27
*** aehs29 <aehs29!aehernan@nat/intel/x-gfkteittcxrpgxgi> has left #yocto15:28
rburtondidn't we already do that?15:28
boucman_work1from my testing on master, I thought it was link to do_fetch...15:29
rburtonoe-core b7811bbec1ba373d62ace5c4fc56918e53c69d5015:29
rburtonoh different license bits?15:29
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neverpaniclet me check, we might be on a rotting branch...15:30
*** joeythesaint <joeythesaint!~joe@vegas.deserted.net> has joined #yocto15:31
rburtonyeah thats LIC_FILES_CHKSUM15:32
rburtonnow a postfunc on do_populate_lic15:32
neverpanicYeah, that fixes the issue. Only a month old, so of course it's not in what we call stableā€¦15:32
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rburtonyeah, master only15:32
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sveinseHmm, I don't get this license setup: I have in my recipe: LICENSE="LMSL" and LICENSE_FLAGS="commercial" and a LIC_FILES_CHKSUM with reference to upstream license file. I've added LICENSE_PATH += "${LAYERDIR}/licenses" and added licenses/LMSL to the layer. But still I get "WARNING: The license listed LSML was not in the licenses collected for recipe". What am I missing?16:22
rburtontry forcing a rebuild of that recipe?16:23
sveinserburton: How deep? I've redone do_install16:24
sveinsebtw, I'm running off a EXTERNALSRC setup here (as I havent really got hg to work well with the recipe). I notice that it rebuilds my recipe every time. Is this a feature of using EXTERNALSRC?16:28
sveinserburton: great, populate_lic worked16:29
* sveinse need to study all the various task steps during builds :)16:29
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rburtonsveinse: that should have worked automatically16:34
sveinseI get three warnings when I start bb: WARNING:  xyz is tainted from forced run: uim_1.8.6.bb.do_compile, sp.bb.do_build, lm-sp-image.bb.do_rootfs. Probably the same chain of events16:41
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rburtonyeah they can be ignored, its just telling you that you forced a build16:43
sveinserburton: yeah, but why is the question. I ran bitbake lm-sp-image when this happens16:44
*** agust <agust!~agust@p4FCB5E46.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #yocto16:44
rburtonbecause you used -C foo or -f16:45
rburtonjust ignore them16:45
sveinseno I did not16:45
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pthomasWhen I add bluez to IMAGE_INSTALL_append I get "'bluez' is unbuildable", but I have meta-openembedded/meta-oe correctly in bblayers.conf I and I can build a different package from there like zeromq18:03
pthomasfor krogoth qemuarm18:04
pthomashow do I debug this? What is bitbake reading to find if/where a package is available?18:07
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pthomasok bluez5 seems to be doing something18:11
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pthomasok that seemed to work18:14
aehs29pthomas: yeah bluez might be blacklisted somewhere, it may conflict with bluez5 or something18:19
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khempthomas: do you need bluez4 or 518:41
nillerbrunI have multiple FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend declarations in different bbappends in different layers. How do I ensure that my layer takes precedence?18:42
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nillerbrunConditional Syntax (Overrides) looks promissing, but also complicated. Any suggestions?18:48
khemorganise your BBLAYERS in bblayers.conf18:49
nillerbrunaha, yes, that makes sense. Thanks khem18:50
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nillerbrunorganizing bblayers didn't work. BBFILE_PRIORITY was the key20:47
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khemfor FILESEXTRAPATHS yes priority matters22:27
khemfor config files and other search paths which are implicit the order matters22:27
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khemI am seeing these errors23:26
khemwhen enabling ptest23:26
khemany ideas ?23:26
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