Wednesday, 2016-07-20

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akocHi all, When building for yocto. I get This error. How the I solved this problem
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boucman_work1akoc: yocto is trying to apply a patch to something and it's failing... probably because the patch process is not run in the proper directory07:16
boucman_work1when compiling libpng in native format07:16
boucman_work1it's hard to tell more from that single error... did you add that patch yourself ?07:17
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akoc_boucman_work1:  How can I do this operation ? I have no idea in this life07:31
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boucman_work1hmm, ok, let's start at the beggining.. what version of yocto are you using, what architecture ?07:40
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akoc_boucman_work1: I have a freesclae sabre automotive i.mx6q architecture.07:43
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boucman_work1I don't have that patch on master, do you know what version of poky the fsl bsp is based on ?07:47
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akoc_boucman_work: I used the fsl-image-gui. I used the command 'bitbake fsl-image-gui' for build,07:53
boucman_workakoc_: if you go in /home/beagle/fsl-release-bsp/sources/ and run "git status" it should give you a clue on what branch it's based on07:55
boucman_workbut bsp tend to be old, so that bug might have been corrected ages ago...07:56
akoc_I understand. I will try. Have you had a version of your advice08:00
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boucman_workrburton: around ?08:35
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akocboucman_work: I sory boucman. restoring of summer are gone you send back page08:57
boucman_workI don't understand what you say08:58
akocI accidently reload the page can you resend what you wrote08:59
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boucman_workakoc_: if you go in /home/beagle/fsl-release-bsp/sources/ and run "git status" it should give you a clue on what branch it's based on09:00
boucman_workbut bsp tend to be old, so that bug might have been corrected ages ago...09:00
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sveinseIs the sh construct "for f in dir;  echo ${f}" safe in recipes, or will bb take over ${f} ?10:08
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berlinwhile probing my touch screen i am getting dmesg as "Unable to request touchscreen IRQ" and "edt_ft5x06: probe of 2-0039 failed with error -22".what this mean!10:20
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sveinseMy Qt application fails, because it requests And due to Qt policy, this is now moved into the -dev package. My Qt devs say, but the .so file is the one Qt needs. So how can I remedy this? Install -dev on the target image?10:57
sveinse*due to Yocto policy10:57
sveinseIt feels like something is off here10:58
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rburtonis a real library that is unversioned, or a symlink to a versioned library11:10
sveinserburton: symlink to a versioned lib11:10
rburtonso is the application opening a .so directly because its stupid, or because it shouldn't be versioned and someone is too lazy to unversion it11:11
rburtoneither way, if its meant to be in PN and not PN-dev, fix FILES to do that11:11
sveinseI'm being told that Qt can't control getting a versioned lib. It looks for the .so, and this is not Qt's fault, its linux11:11
sveinserburton: Yeah, I used to have it in FILES, but QA complains a lot.11:11
rburtonyeah its not linux's fault11:11
sveinseI'm just the messenger (stuck between a rock and a hard place) :P11:12
rburtonyeah you'll get warnings for putting what looks like a development .so symlink in PN, so use INSANE_SKIP11:12
rburtonif its a loadable module and should be installed as a .so file, then turning off versioning is trivial11:12
rburton(and stops all the warnings from our build system telling you that you're doing something that is unusual)11:13
sveinseits Qt we're talking about :P11:13
sveinseI know they do things differently than what Yocto expects/wants, ref the previous discussions about Qt and crossbuilding11:14
rburtons/yocto/linux/ :)11:14
sveinseyeah, still, it's out of my reach to evangelize to the Qt community11:15
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sveinseOur app requires java to compile. How do I specify that in DEPENDS?12:02
sveinse(and it works without specifying anything, so I suppose the host tools are leaking into the build here)12:02
rburtonyes, the host paths are available in the builds, as otherwise you'd have the bootstrap problem of "how to build make without make" :)12:03
rburtonthe best solution is to use meta-java and depends on a native jdk there, so you control the jdk you build with and run with on target12:03
sveinseso, is it ok to depend on host java like this then?12:03
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rburtonyou can depend on host java if you want, but you can't express that as a dependency and what java are you using on the target?12:04
sveinseNo java on target, its for code generation only12:04
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rburtonsveinse: then your choice - depending on host java works if you document it12:07
sveinserburton: ok. thanks12:07
boucman_workrburton: <= my attempt at allowing override of noexec12:09
boucman_workbut i'm not a python programmer so i'd be happy to hear about a better way to test for truth in python than comparing to "0"12:09
boucman_work(and are bitbake patches welcomed on the oe-core or does bitbake have its own mailing list ?)12:10
rburtonbitbake has its own list12:10
rburtoni'd post it with a nice commit message and see what rp/kergoth say12:10
boucman_workok, i'll have to subscribe then...12:10
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sveinseboucman_work: (I am a py programmer): I think you could have "if not isFlag or deptask" in line 16. It depends if deptask is literally a string with "0" or int(0)12:11
boucman_worki'll wait to see if I can get some feedback here when they are around...12:11
rburtonits a string12:11
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boucman_workit's a string12:11
rburtonthere is a function to handle various strings that are bool-like but that might be overkill considering this is always 0/112:11
boucman_workbut i'd gladly have a function that check for "true" "True" "1" etc...12:12
RPboucman_work: you know you can do d.delVarFlag(XXX, 'noexec') right?12:12
boucman_workRP: yes, but that can't be done in a config file without using python {}12:12
boucman_workthat's how I do it locally right now.12:12
RPboucman_work: fair enough12:12
RPboucman_work: you could do XXX := "${@d.delVarFlag(XXX, 'noexec')}" but that is evil12:13
boucman_workthe problem is bitbake checks if the flag is set, not if the flag is "1" (the doc seems to say that you must set it to "1" but it doesn't clearly state anything about setting it to "0")12:13
RPboucman_work: right, the code just checks if its set at all12:13
RPboucman_work: the other approach would be to allow some kind of unset syntax12:14
RPunset XXX['noexec']12:14
boucman_workRP: that's beyond my current mastery of bitbake. I have no idea where the bitbake syntax is coded12:14
boucman_work(i'd gladly take some pointers, though :) )12:14
sveinseI read in the manuals, that quite a few variables now needs to be literal "1" to be set. Perhaps its related to this truth testing?12:14
sveinse(but ignore me if I'm babbling)12:15
boucman_worksveinse: as I said, the manual does say that, but the code only checks for existance afaict12:15
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RPboucman_work: bitbake/lib/bb/parse/parse_py/, the __export_regexp__ = re.compile( r"export\s+([a-zA-Z0-9\-_+.${}/]+)$" ) is a good line to start with12:16
boucman_workRP: need to go AFK for 1h, i'll check that and come back to discuss that later, thx for the pointer12:16
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* RP gives the autobuilder a stern look12:17
RPrburton: I'd bet this is the rpm performance optimisation - no package indexes12:17
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #856 of nightly-qa-pam is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
RPrburton: its all going to fail horribly12:18
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bcanhow can i use tftp command on yocto?12:18
rburtonRP: i'll admit this is the first time it hit the AB.12:18
rburtonabort abort abort12:19
rburtonbcan: looks like busybox has tftp enabled12:20
bcanhow can i sue it from busybox?12:20
rburtonbcan: its /usr/bin/tftp12:21
RPrburton: attempt to fix it or abort it, given its a high M2 :/12:21
RPrburton: release criteria then won't be met :(12:22
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bcanrburton: i want to send file to yocto from my pc12:23
rburtoni never entirely understood why rpm can't handle multiple users on the same feed12:23
bcanis that tftp will work12:23
rburtonbcan: i prefer scp for that12:23
RPrburton: multiple reading users is fine, multiple writers however...12:23
rburtonRP: so why can't the feeds be generated once, and then rootfs happen12:24
bcani didn't understand its usage can you write and example code of it12:24
bcani mean scp usage12:24
rburtonbcan: scp [filename] [hostname], assuming you're running ssh on the target and have shared keys etc etc.  or, read the busybox manual on tftp.12:24
RPrburton: core-image-minimal < core-image-sato < core-image-sato-sdk. Whilst the minimal image is building, packages are still being written which means updating the index12:25
rburtonnever used tftp, but when you say "i want to copy a file" the default answer is "scp"12:25
rburtonRP: we need granular locking on the rpm deploy dir, so rootfs grabs a read lock and package deploy grabs a write lock.12:26
RPrburton: other way around but that is what the code does today12:26
RPrburton: this patch makes it have indexes per rootfs and removes the lock12:26
rburtonwell if the generate a package index bit is the only part that grabs a write lock then they can parallellise12:27
RPrburton: the index cannot be rewritten whilst the rootfs is being built12:28
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rburtonsure, a write lock will wait for there to be no readers12:28
RPrburton: reality is that the rootfs construction was sequential since only one rootfs could hold the lock at any time12:29
RPand breaking that would be "very nice"12:29
RPit probably does open a hole where something could get removed for a rebuild whilst a rootfs was running :/12:30
RPso the index would list something that doesn't exist. In theory that shouldn't be a problem since the rootfs would never want to use it12:31
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RPbut package globbing12:31
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simonlSo I have a weird issue. I basically run bitbake image1 image2, generating ubi/ubifs images. image2 is corrupt. Basically the ubi headers look fine but the LEB data is a little trashed... Basically I think I should ask in #mtd about that, but I wonder if there's something about generating two images at once that might be weird?13:54
simonllike I said, one image works, the other doesn't. What's more, it used to work for both images.13:55
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simonlI've tried running the image generation commands outside of the build environment (copied the exports and the commands from the ubi creation script) and then the image is generated correctly (well it looks that way to me anyway)13:56
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sveinseWhat machine can I use to build an image for PC which I can install on a USB device?15:58
boucman_workgeneric-x86 (it's part of meta-intel iirc)15:59
boucman_workor maybe generix-86_64 i'm not sure of the exact name15:59
rburtongenericx86 is part of meta-yocto-bsp15:59
rburtonpreferred option is the BSPs in meta-intel15:59
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sveinseAnd it'll install grub and the works?15:59
rburtonsuch as intel-corei7-6415:59
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rburtonyeah build the hddimg, grub asks do you want to live boot or install16:00
boucman_worksveinse: yes16:00
boucman_workI think it even handle EFI, though I never tested that16:00
rburton(i have a 32gb usb3 stick so just live boot)16:00
rburtonpretty sure it can do efi16:00
boucman_workRP: oh wait... the first chunk is some cruft I didn't remove16:01
boucman_work <= better16:02
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boucman_workand.... I need to leave :( i'll try to catch someone tomorow on that subject16:04
boucman_worksee you all later16:04
rburtonoh nice16:04
sveinseAll I really need to do is to get qtbase going for either native or qemu, but I just can't get past this step:
sveinseI have no clue how I can provide lGl for intel platforms...16:06
sveinse(and find it slightly strange that qtbase doesn't depend on it, since it croaks in configure)16:06
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Xzhi guys, I need to build couple of recipes and grab cross-compiled binaries. Is there a way to force Yocto to compile them with -static?16:52
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RPXz: Adding it to the TARGET_CFLAGS of the recipe in question or maybe TARGET_LDFLAGS might work, depends on the Makefile of the software in question16:58
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XzRP: can I do it globally e.g. in local.conf?17:09
XzRP: it's around 12 utilities, would be handy not to have to modify every single recipe17:10
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sveinseAnyone here with experience with libsdl-native on ubuntu system? I have it (libsdl1.2-dev) installed, yet compilation fails as it complains about configure not able to find it. Install SDL devel18:18
rburtonsveinse: old release?18:32
rburton(of oe)18:32
rburtonmodern ubuntu + old OE results in libsdl being unable to link, which is why configure can't find it18:32
rburtonso what release of oe are you using18:32
ulf`rburton: halp18:35
ulf`rburton: bbnote "nothing to compile"18:35
rburtonno makefile in ${B}18:35
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rburtonprediction says you're inherit autotools but configure failed but exited with success so there's no makefile written into ${B}18:36
ulf`rburton: do_compile() {18:36
ulf`    cp -pP /home/ostro/ostro-gt/build/tmp-glibc/work/corei7-64-ostro-linux/or-caffedev/git-r0/git/Makefile.config.ostro /home/ostro/ostro-gt/build/tmp-glibc/work/corei7-64-ostro-linux/or-caffedev/git-r0/git/Make18:36
ulf`    base_do_compile18:36
rburtondo the cp as a do_compile_prepend() instead, and don't manually chain up to base_do_compile18:37
* ulf` looks at that18:37
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sveinserburton: yes, ok. I was planning on using the one our BSP is using, which is poky 2.0 + a bunch of local patches. But if that isn't possible, I'll update poky.18:54
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rburtonsveinse: 2.0 is fine, but you need 2.0.219:12
rburtonif your vendor hasn't updated to 2.0.2 then moan at them: not only does it fix the modern ubuntu (and fedora) problem, but theres a slew of CVEs19:13
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sveinsewhew, you have a nick for names I'd have to look up. Note to self: krogoth19:42
rburtonamuse yourself and play spot the theme19:55
rburtonthe release activity goes back to the first names, 15 releases ago19:56
rburtonthree themes so far iirc19:56
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RPXz: TARGET_LDFLAGS_append_pn-<recipename> = " XXX"20:30
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khemso today world builds for musl are successful on master for all qemus20:38
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istariluckyhi there, is possible generate a live image with a rootfs.img greater than 4gb? What is the correct approach in this case?20:57
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rburtonistarilucky: maybe if you change how its constructed, currently it goes into a old-school fat system so theres a 4gb file size limit. you could just not use a live image?  or look at changing the filesystem.22:01
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khemistarilucky: you can define IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE = "5000000" e.g. to add 5G of empty space to rootfs22:27
khemyou can have vmdk imgs22:28
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khemRP: should be deleted ?22:51
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paulgRP, a heads up,  3e0137113e894eb8 / 5c21fd5eb8b689 is a total fail regression here  ("linux-yocto-dev: Handle performance regression")23:42
paulgthe autorev fails to do anything and I get the default ancient 3.7 commit ID and it goes boom.23:43
paulglike so...23:43
paulg    ERROR: linux-yocto-dev-4.6-rc++gitAUTOINC+29594404d7_29594404d7-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure: Unable to find revision 29594404d7fe73cd80eaa4ee8c43dcc53970c60e in branch master even from upstream23:43
paulgI've just reverted the above locally for now ; too tired and bitbake stupid to see what is wrong with it ATM.23:44
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