Sunday, 2016-07-24

sveinseneverpanic: So I should not set PACKAGES="my list" either, because that will override the default value, including the P_B_P value, right. Amongst others.00:41
sveinsePoint is, there is no ${PN} package in my case, so I set PACKAGE="${PN}-a ${PN}-b". Which is proabably fine, as I control the packages and the sequence. But by doing this I remove the -dbg, -dev and -doc (plus some other). Is that frowned upon to do?00:43
neverpanicInstead just mark ${PN} as empty, by setting ALLOW_EMPTY_$PN00:46
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sveinseneverpanic: All right. Thanks. Change applied00:57
sveinse(It's a proposed subject to put into "recipes 101" or "recipe writing best practices". It's these small policies like this that makes out a great recipe from a not no great recipe, right.)00:59
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khemsveinse: stay with default packaging as much as you can22:15
khemyou can add extra packages PACKAGES += "foo" will add foo to the default packageset  but override with care22:15
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khemso you can really package at a fine granularity22:16
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sveinseDoes bitbake have a function for "remote/local" sstate cache?23:18
sveinseOur dev team is widespread physically. We will setup a central build server to host a sstate cache to speed up dev's build. However, downloading from the cache is still expensive, e.g. via VPN, so once downloaded, you should buffer them locally for later reuse.23:20
sveinseLike a tier1 and tier2 type of caching scheme23:22
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