Monday, 2016-07-25

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bluelightningsveinse: it does indeed... SSTATE_DIR points to the local directory, SSTATE_MIRRORS can be used to point to one or more remote servers hosting sstate artifacts00:10
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sveinsebluelightning: Cool! very cool01:33
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khemsveinse: sstate is a lot of data depending upon your stack keep that in mind04:36
kheme..g if you have webkit or chromium based systems then it can very well span into multi gigabytes04:37
khemsometimes rebuilding is faster depending upon your network04:37
khemif you have gigabit connection between node and server thats different then fetching sstate over a DSL connection04:38
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jubrsveinse: relaize that PACKAGES_prepend = "${PN}-foo" is sometimes what you need, because files are put in the first package with a matching FILES_${PN}-foo. That means that an appended package can end up empty.08:11
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* jubr reads further up and realizes PACKAGE_BEFORE_PN does the trick as well, but that one wasn't around in the days of old08:13
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AnticomHi all. I haven't been working on our yocto project for quite some time now and sadly forgott about 70% of what i've learned. We'd like to move our programs build using the SDK from make to cmake. I've found this thread on SO. Now the answer states adding nateivesdk-cmake to the image. Now i was wondering, whether the image would be the right place to do that08:37
AnticomBasically we want to build the same system for different devices. Hence this would be different images or would it be the same image with different local.conf config?08:38
redenginAnticom, the answer is yes, did it not work?08:47
redengineach cmake invocation will use the image's sysroot, each image will have its own sysroot08:49
CTtpollardis it possible to exclude a specific recipe from package_classes?08:51
CTtpollardi.e, do not package 'x' with ipk?08:51
Anticomredengin: dunno whether it did (not) work. Haven't tried yet. I just wanted to make sure i'm doing the right thing and not just copy-pasting some potential willy-nilly answer. I'd like to keep our code base clean :)08:52
redenginAnticom, truly clean would mean that the dependencies were exposed to bitbake, cmake will find them if given the correct sequence08:55
redenginCTtpollard, if you don't want it, why are you including it?08:57
Anticomredengin: what dependencies? I thought adding that task would (only) supply a .cmake file i can include in my project to set up the cross-compiler toolchain08:57
CTtpollardredengin: I want ipk, but not for a specific package as it is throwing errors08:57
redenginAnticom, cmake also has scripts to find the headers/libraries it needs for its project08:57
CTtpollardredengin: so in local.cong I currently package for rpm & ipk08:57
Anticomredengin: ah okay, thanks (=08:58
redenginCTtpollard, you're saying ipk throws errors, but rpm doesn't?09:00
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CTtpollardredengin: yep09:04
Anticomredengin: when was nativesdk-cmake added? We're using jethro and i'm unable to find it anywhere in the mega-manual09:07
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mckoangood morning09:18
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redenginAnticom, I've not heard of cmake being adopted09:29
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redenginthis seems to be the start
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AnticomThere's another issue i'm having for quite some time now... I'm having trouble with the svn fetcher. When i do `svn ls path/to/remote/repo` everything just works fine. But when i try to build our image bb is failing with fetching from that very svn repo09:37
redenginfailing how?09:37
Anticomi ran bb with -DDD and there's SSH_AUTH_SOCK, PATH, HOME and LANG exported before running `/usr/bin/env svn --non-interactive --trust-server-cert log --limit 1 --no-auth-cache svn://path/to/remote/repo `09:38
Anticom"redengin: svn: E170001: Can't get username or password"09:38
Anticomredengin: "svn: E170001: Can't get username or password" *09:38
Anticomand before that with same errno "Unable to connect to a repository at URL 'theurl'"09:38
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AnticomI have no clue where or what is going wrong exactly09:44
LetoThe2ndsounds like it doesn't know where to get usernam and password for the repo :-)09:45
redenginrun for the hills, you got hacked....     or slow down and figure it out09:45
AnticomLetoThe2nd: But it's got to be stored somewhere since i can access svn repos from my terminal without any additional hax / setup09:48
Anticomso i guess it's in my keyring09:48
Anticombut still bitbake is having a hard time using that information09:48
LetoThe2ndAnticom: then i'd say that the svn inside the build process just does not use the same enviroment, e.g. sysroots or something like that.09:49
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LetoThe2nd(which makes perfect sense for me.)09:49
AnticomWell what i don't get is, that for all my collegues they don't have this issue09:50
CTtpollardis it possible to forcefully set PN in a recipe?09:50
AnticomI seem to be the only one09:50
LetoThe2ndAnticom: then you're doing something wong :-)09:50
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AnticomLetoThe2nd: possibly my svn setup. Never used svn before ( - hate it still - )09:50
Anticomi think i've modified some svn client config to store my credentials in the gnome keyring09:51
Anticomhence i got no problems accessing the repo from cli09:51
Anticomhowever bitbake doesn't seem to want to use that information09:51
bluelightningCTtpollard: yes09:51
AnticomIs there any way to set credentials in my local conf etc.?09:52
Anticomi don't want to append the credentials to all the svn urls for obvious reasons...09:52
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CTtpollardbluelightning: yeh.. a little slow this monday morning on my end, thanks!09:53
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sveinseWhy does bitbake logged output contain so many extra line shifts? Might it be when the subprocesses, such as make, flushes its stdout? (Which is does for every command it executes?)10:39
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lewiatanHi everyone. Is it possible to change ownership of a file from one recipe to a user that is created with extrausers inside image bb file?10:50
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lpapphi, how is it possible that opkg files mypackage shows certain files, but if I do opkg search anyofthosefiles, then I do not get the package name back, just an empty output?12:14
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lpappopkg info mypackage also returns the right thing, but I also checked /var/lib/opkg/, etc, too.12:16
lpappyet, opkg search myfile does not return anything.12:16
lpappok, I fixed that by --force-overwrite, but what still happens is that my /usr/lib/symlink does not get updated from the package. It still points to the "old" target on the filesystem12:21
lpappis shipping symlinks from a package not supposed to work?12:21
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lpappis there a way to see what commands opkg runs?12:26
lpappI want to see what it does with a symlink inside a package.12:27
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pjconnolHi there, is there any way I can add gcc to my target image? I have tried adding commands such as; IMAGE_FEATURES += "package-management dev-pkgs"13:31
pjconnolIMAGE_INSTALL += "autoconf automake binutils binutils-symlinks cpp cpp-symlinks gcc gcc-symlinks g++ g++-symlinks gettext make libstdc++ libstdc++-dev file coreutils" to local.conf but on the target device it still says gcc is not found.13:31
rburtonadd tools-sdk to IMAGE_FEATURES is the easy fix13:31
pjconnolah perfect thank you13:32
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jkroon_zeddii, ping13:36
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Xzguys, should we be putting -swupd or -noswupd image on GT that leaves factory?17:30
Xzas of now we don't have any swupd bundles prepared, but having -swupd potentially allows to do that in future17:31
Xzwhat do you think?17:31
Xzoh, that's a wrong channel17:32
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jmesmonDoes anyone know where the default PACKAGES and FILES are specified in poky/bitbake?18:00
Ulfalizerjmesmon: meta/conf/bitbake.conf18:03
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jmesmonUlfalizer: thanks!18:04
Ulfalizerdefaults are usually in either base.bbclass or bitbake.conf18:04
jmesmongot it. Apparently my searching tool (ag) doesn't like looking in .conf files :(. Guess I'll need to go back to grep -r.18:05
Ulfalizerjmesmon: i'm using ag too. i don't have the alias handy at the moment though.18:06
Ulfalizerit's best to explicitly list the files you want it to search. i think i'm doing it with a regex with a bunch of cases, but not sure.18:06
Ulfalizera good list is something like .bb, .bbclass, .inc, .conf, .py18:07
jmesmonyep, that sounds like a good idea.18:07
Ulfalizersomething like  -G \.bb$|\.bbclass$|\.inc$...  maybe18:08
Ulfalizermight need some more quoting, but adjust till workable ;)18:08
jmesmonI'll give it a go next time I'm looking for something :)18:09
Ulfalizerhaving an alias for looking for files by name is nice too18:09
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jmesmonWhat is the best practice regarding us of 'PR'? Should it just be left unset so that bitbake can manage it internally most of the time?18:36
khemjmesmon: yes18:36
Ulfalizerjmesmon: have you seen the note in the latest version of the reference manual?
Ulfalizeri submitted documentation patches for a bunch of stuff that i've seen confuse people in practice18:38
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jmesmonUlfalizer: I had not read those docs recently, but on reading them they don't quite clarify the situation. The first part of the text there implies, but doesn't state that they are automatically managed, but then the last sentence implies that only manually managing PR has been talked about. It doesn't really provide a concrete recommendation (other than noting that manually managing them is cumbersome and18:40
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khemjmesmon: good points. feel free to open a bug or better send an improvement patch18:41
igor2hi guys18:43
igor2there is a way to know if a recipe exists?18:43
igor2something that I can create an annonymous function to set a VARIABLE?18:44
Ulfalizerjmesmon: PR never changes by itself unless you use the PR service18:44
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Ulfalizerand even if it stays the same, the recipe will be rebuilt as needed18:44
Ulfalizerany suggestions for clarifying it?18:44
jmesmonAh yes, I miss read the first bit. Missed the "conventionally".18:45
Ulfalizeranother way to put it is that bitbake itself doesn't care at all about PR. it's not a special variable to bitbake.18:45
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Ulfalizerit just happens that PR becomes the PKGR of the generated packages18:46
Ulfalizerso if you're doing manual stuff with those, then it matters18:46
Ulfalizerjmesmon: feel free to suggest improvements still that would make it clearer18:46
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Ulfalizerigor2: recipes can't see variables set in other recipes. each recipe has a "private" set of variables.18:52
Ulfalizerprobably best to reorganize it somehow so you don't have to check for the existence of the recipe directly18:52
igor2but I want to know if a recipe exists18:52
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Ulfalizermight be messy to do18:52
igor2I want to install a package only if it is provided for someone18:53
igor2there is no easy way to do that?18:53
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Ulfalizerigor2: where is the package from? some separate layer?18:54
igor2its from another layer18:55
Ulfalizerif you control that layer, then you could add a .bbappend in it to add the package to the set of installed packages18:55
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igor2yes, I was thinking if there is another way without bbappend and without local.conf18:56
igor2but it seems too much unusual18:56
Ulfalizernot that i know of. bbappend might be pretty clean.18:56
igor2I was wondering if there is some global variable that have all packages or all recipes18:56
Ulfalizermight be, but i haven't seen anything like that18:57
igor2ok, thank you very much sr18:57
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