Tuesday, 2016-07-26

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CTtpollardis there anything that can be set in local.conf to say 'use protocol=http for all git:// src uri"?07:24
CTtpollardor git global config maybe07:24
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lzoCTtpollard: i did use this trick in my local.conf: PREMIRRORS_append = "\n git://github.com/.* git://github.com/PATH;protocol=https"07:31
CTtpollardlzo: yeh I was thinking about that! This is probably good enough as I only need to override for one git server07:34
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mckoangood morning07:38
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jubrTop 'o the mornin'08:05
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CTtpollardI've got a recipe that is failing to fetch, does bitbake expand .'x' in branch names to anything?08:38
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CTtpollardi.e it's specifying branch '2.11.x' which doesn't explicitly exist in the upstream08:46
boucman_worki'd be suprised if it did...08:46
boucman_workthere is no common, well-known way of doing that sort of expansion08:47
CTtpollardboucman_work: so it's more likely that the branch has been removed from the upstream in this case?08:47
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lzois kernel configuration deployed somewhere on the target?09:02
maxinlzo: zcat /proc/config.gz in most qemu targets (when compiled with with CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC )09:07
maxinsed /with with/kernel with/09:09
lzothanks, because i'm actually having troubles to figure out why a touchscreen driver is no longer working in 4.4.13 as it was working in 4.1.26. basically from jethro to krogoth.09:11
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boucman_workCTtpollard: no idea.. try "git ls-remote" on the remote to check...09:17
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aurelehi everyone09:42
aureleI would like to add intltool in my sdk09:42
aurelebecause it seems to be unavailable in the sdk09:43
aureleI tried to add : SDKIMAGE_FEATURES += "intltool-native" in my image. but there was no effects09:43
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lzointltool is not a sdk feature i guess. you probably should add it to your meta-toolchain recipe or in a packagegroup09:49
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rburtonfeatures != package names09:53
rburtonalso you don't want a native package in a sdk, you want a nativesdk package09:53
rburtonhow are you generating the sdk?09:53
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KakounetHi there ! I'm currently working on an RZ/A1 board (Hachiko from Architech) and I'm trying to implement bluetooth (I want bluetoothctl) on it. I added DISTRO_FEATURES_append = "bluez5", and MACHINE_FEATURES ?= "bluetooth", It compiles without error but I can't execute it on my board. I tried to add opkg to the board and it worked with the same copilation chain. Do you have an idea on what to make ?10:17
rburtondid you install the packages in your image?10:17
lzoKakounet: you should check your environment first. bitbake recipe -e10:17
lzoMACHINE_FEATURES is probably overriden somewhere else10:18
rburtonthe distro supporting bluez5 and the machine supporting bluetooth just mean that you could have built bluez510:18
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Kakounetlzo: what do I have to look for inside bitbake tiny-image -e ? Perhaps it's not the same thing but I found a really usefull command to check if bluetooth package is present : bitbake -s | grep bluez10:24
KakounetAnd it says : architech@architech:~/architech_sdk/architech/hachiko-tiny/yocto/build/build$ bitbake -s | grep bluez bluez5                                                :5.7-r010:25
rburton-s is just show versions10:26
rburtonthat's nothing to do with what is inside your image10:26
rburtontake image recipe, use IMAGE_INSTALL_append to put bluez5 in it10:27
Kakounetrburton: Ok, I add IMAGE_INSTALL_append in my local.conf and I tell you10:28
rburtonwrite your own image recipe, basically10:31
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KakounetOk, it compiles now, thanks for helping me :)10:32
KakounetI will tell you as soon as I can test it10:32
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Kakounetrburton: you said "did you install the packages in your image?", that is the same to add IMAGE_INSTALL_append in local.conf (I'm sorry but it's a bit hard to understand for me :) )?10:51
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fl0v0Does anybody know if webRTC should work on an imx6 with chromium?11:18
fl0v0when i try the browser tab crashes, but i maybe i screwed something up with the drivers11:20
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aurelerburton, i'm generating it using "bitbake -c populate_sdk image"11:25
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aurelehow is it possible to get intltool in the sdk...11:40
jubrKakounet: image.bbclass usually creates a .manifest file together with your ./deploy/images/$MACHINE/ dir, it contains all the packages that are in the image.11:46
jubrNice thing is that it actually creates this at the beginning of the do_rootfs step, so you know relatively soon if it worked :)11:46
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rburtonaurele: hm, try SDK_RDEPENDS += nativesdk-intltool11:56
rburtonin your image recipe11:56
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aurelerburton, nativesdk-intltool doesn't exists... only intltool-native i'm trying with this one12:00
rburtonbest add nativesdk to BBCLASSEXTEND then12:01
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Kakounetjubr: I looked for the package.manifest that is in the good file. I can't see bluez bluetooth or bleutoothctl :(12:43
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mathieu_laHi, I'm trying to update my application on my development setup. The problem is that I did update several packages, including some dependencies of my package. Is there a way for bitbake to show all built dependencies?13:04
jubrKakounet: `grep bluez5 ./tmp/deploy/images/$machine/$yourimage-$versionstuff.rootfs.manifest` should give you some results.13:05
jubrFor us, it's `bluez5 cortexa9hf-vfp-neon 5.28-r0`, I checked, bluetoothctl is in that pkg.13:06
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jubrMaybe something went wrong with your RDEPENDS in $yourimage.bb, we typically use packagegroups as much as possible. For testing you could use IMAGE_INSTALL += "bluez5" in your local.conf. (browser reset wiped my channel history, it might have been mentioned earlier)13:10
jubrHmm.. I remember seeing something like MACHINE_FEATURES ?= "bluez5" - are you sure this var is not already set at that time? Try +=13:11
Kakounetjubr: Strange, I don't have such a file (.rootfs.manifest)... I will test using IMAGE_INSTALL += "bluez5", and no it has not been mentionned above.13:12
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KakounetFor MACHINE_FEATURES, I know that it has not been set in the same file (local.conf)13:13
jubr`bitbake -e $yourimage | grep --color -A10 MACHINE_FEATURES` will give you some nice info about that var's history13:13
jubrHmm. maybe that file is only generated if you enable http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/ref-manual/ref-manual.html#enabling-and-disabling-build-history13:14
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rburtonbuildhistory is unrelated to -e13:16
rburtonand you might want to use IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " bluez5" instead of +=13:16
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jubrrburton: Yes, they are not related, just two different ways to keep track of what's going on.13:18
jubrrburton: do you know if .manifest files are always created?13:18
Kakounetrbuton: It's set like that i, my local.conf :MACHINE_FEATURES ?= "bluetooth usbgadget usbhost" DISTRO_FEATURES ?= "bluetooth bluez5 usbgadget usbhost" IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " tcf-agent bluez5"13:18
rburtonwell those machine features and distro features are likely not being used13:19
rburtonluckily they're generally on by default13:19
KakounetOk, I can remove them :)13:20
jubrWith my fancy bitbake-e+grep you can quickly see if those vars keep their values as you would expect.13:20
rburtoni'd just bitbake -e foo | less  and use the search in there instead of hoping that -A10 covers enough context13:20
jubrTrue. I usually `| tee bitbake.$recipe.out` in the middle. I like the colorized output too much :)13:21
rburtonalso grep ^VARIABLE= -B10 will have less false positives13:21
Kakounetjubr: I've got a lot of lines containnig bluetooth, I'm trying to understand a bit what's going on13:21
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jubrrburton: ^VAR -B10: nice one, tnx13:23
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jubrKakounet: that's generally the case with OE/Bitbake :)13:24
rburtonfor the question "how to i install bluez on my image" the answer is "ensure bluez5 is in your IMAGE_INSTALL13:25
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Kakounetjubr: :) I'm discovering, and there is a lot to discover !13:28
jubrBeen OE-ing for going on 6 years now, still learning new things every day. It has evolved quite a bit since then. Yocto has brought a lot more docs + QA/sanity-checking to the mix!13:30
Kakounetrburton: so how do I ensure bluez5 is in my IMAGE_INSTALL ? With the grep jubr gave me (replacing MACHINE_FEATURES ?)13:30
rburtonone way if IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " bluez5"13:31
rburtonthe other is to write your own image recipe13:31
*** marka <marka!~marka@> has joined #yocto13:32
Kakounetrburton: yes, IMAGE_INSTALL_append is well set, and for the fact to write a receipe I'm not sure to be ready for that :D13:32
jubrKakounet: it's not that hard, look for core-image-full-cmdline.bb in poky for a nice example13:33
KakounetOk, I have a look at it.13:34
KakounetI had the idea that perhaps the compilation is ok but my board is toot short on memory. Bluetoothctl won't be set available because it costs too much memory... Wrong idea ?13:40
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AnticomHi all. Where can i file a bug / search for bugs before filing one? :)13:47
Anticomrburton: I'm having trouble with the SVN fetcher13:47
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jubrKakounet: disk-memory or random-access-memory?14:22
*** manchoz <manchoz!d5d7a31b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC14:25
KakounetRAM, I've got only 1,7M free14:25
jubrbluez5 is 2.4M here. If you want to keep your image size down, then truning on buildhistory will help you a lot. Exhibit A: a file called `installed-package-sizes.txt`. Exhibit B: a file called `depends.dot` :)14:25
jubrYikes. What HW are you running on then?14:26
KakounetIt's a Hachiko-tiny from Architech, 10M RAM14:28
jubrYikes (again)14:28
rburtonlinux on something so tiny is non-trivial14:29
fledermauspretty sure my first linux box had less memory than that :)14:30
rburtoni presume you've already switched to uclibc or musl14:30
rburtonfledermaus: things were smaller then, and that likely didn't expect to have a dbus-controlled bluetooth stack on :)14:30
KakounetYou are not very reassuring guys :)14:31
rburtonmusl+busybox is pretty tiny14:31
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fledermausit ran X and a copy of the company webserver and compiled things and whatnot.14:31
fledermausI would have considered 10 MiB a luxury :)14:32
fledermausof course we didn't have MiB in those days, just dual-mode MB.14:32
* fledermaus reminisces.14:32
rburtonfledermaus: best stop talking now because this turns into a yorkshiremen sketch14:32
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rburtonerm, /because/before/14:32
fledermaustoo late.14:33
rburtoni remember trying to figure out how to make a broken gcc work in minx environment on my atari st14:33
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CTtpollardI think my first computer had 2GB ram.....14:34
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rburtonpah, upstarts14:34
fledermaus48 delicious K.14:35
fledermausnot like those 16 K peasants :)14:35
fledermausor those hoity-toity 64 K rich kids.14:35
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KakounetCouldn't expect that I would start such a discussion :D. Do you think if I can had 512Mb of RAM it could help ? I bought the RAM component, just have to solder it14:36
rburtonKakounet: with half a gig you'd not have any worry about ram usage at all.  depends what you're doing really. if this is just a toy, then throw the ram on and stop worrying :)14:37
*** clopez <clopez!~tau@neutrino.es> has joined #yocto14:38
* jubr thinks you should heat up your soldering iron14:39
KakounetIt's not for a big volume (100 pieces), mainly to make an access-point-switch between CAN, LAN and bluetooth14:39
*** cference <cference!~cference@206-248-171-218.dsl.teksavvy.com> has quit IRC14:39
* Kakounet is plugging in his soldering iron14:40
rburtonyeah i would :)14:40
rburtonshame connman doesn't handle CAN as otherwise meta-eca is what you want14:40
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jubr64K, makes me think of Farbrausch - The Product, old-skool demo-awesomeness in 64K (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farbrausch)14:45
jubrOh cool, the've even released the source code for their demo tools in 2012, didn't know that!14:46
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dmiessHi, I'm fairly new to yocto and I'm attempting to write a recipe but running into a bit of trouble. In the do_fetch stage I want to download a tarball but in order to know which tarball to download I have to read a manifest file (also downloaded). I'm trying right now to define a do_fetch_prepend() function. Right now it successfully downloads the manifest, determines the tarball to download and its MD5 and then sets the SRC_URI, + MD518:25
dmiessIn the do_fetch stage though it doesn't seem that anything is being downloaded.18:26
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dmiessIs something like this possible or am I going about this the wrong way?18:26
khemdmiess: you seem to need a special fetcher18:28
khemdmiess: you may be able to write a do_fetch of your own18:28
khemor let the fetcher get the manifest and then you get the tarballs after applying the logic18:28
khemin another function which you insert between do_fetch and do_unpack18:29
khemif this a one of known artifact management system then may be a full fledged fetcher is what you might be better of writing18:30
dmiessSo I would write a special fetcher in the same way as the _preprend except I would keep going and actually retrieve the tarball myself?18:30
khemin bitbake18:31
khemlike git fetcher or wget fetcher18:31
khemdepends if its one off18:31
khemthen just do it in recipe via additional functions18:31
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dmiessI don't quite understand. I would probably be using wget but wouldn't I just keep my do_fetch_prepend, rename it to do_fetch and then instead of setting the SRC_URI just invoke wget myself?18:32
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nillerbrunI'm looking to include a header file in a module I'm modifying. I see it in "/tmp/work-shared/nitrogen6x/kernel-source/include/linux/" how do I reference this location in my c file?18:39
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nillerbrunI'm looking to #include <linux/mxcfb.h> to allow me to change the alpha level on my hardware. I'm also oppend to suggestions if there is a another way to get this18:43
khemdmiess: do_fetch is a pythonic function to _prepend/_append wont work18:45
khemyou have to insert a function18:45
khemnillerbrun: couple of things. Find out if the header you want is a User API header defined by kernel18:46
dmiesskhem: So when you say I have to insert a function you're talking about adding an extra do_something phase after do_fetch?18:47
khemif it is then it should already be installed via linux-libc-headers package and your app can simply expect it to be in staging sysroot and include it via include <linux/mxcfb.h>18:47
khemdmiess: yes, there are examples in oe-core of this kind of usage18:47
khemnillerbrun: my hunch is that this is vendor kernel only thing18:48
dmiesskhem: Alright, thanks for the help. I'll take a look for some examples and try to do it this way.18:50
khemnillerbrun: so you probably want to install the extra header via patching linux-libc-headers via bbappend18:52
khemnillerbrun: another option is to stage it into usr/include when you build the kernel18:52
khemand then depend on kernel for your app18:52
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nillerbrunThanks khem. Both sound good to me, in your opinion which method is 'cleaner'? first?18:54
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jmesmonIf I'm using BB_SRCREV_POLICY = "cache", what is the right way to force bitbake to re-determine the SRCREV values?19:42
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khemnillerbrun: both of them are equally ugly :(. I would rather like vendors to upstream such changed20:02
khemjmesmon: delete your cache/ folder20:02
khemand change BB_SRCREV_POLICY = "clear"20:03
nillerbrunkhem: agreed, thanks again20:03
jmesmonkhem: so even if I want to immediately re-cache them, I need to change the policy to clear them? Or is that just if I want them to not be re-cached?20:04
khemno then you dont chage it to 'clear'20:08
khemits for second part20:08
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dmiesskhem: I'm trying to implement this extra stage after do_fetch but I'm running into some trouble. If I just have my manifest hosted on svn in the SRC_URI it downloads fine. Once I add my extra do_get_tarballs and set it to be called with do_fetch_append I am no longer able to fetch and I recieve nothing.20:32
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rburtondmiess: is your do_fetch_append written in python or shell?20:38
rburton(as do_fetch is python and just throwing some shell there will understandably break)20:39
dmiessIn python. It's just this one line: bb.build.exec_func('do_get_tarballs', d)20:39
rburtoni'd just make a new task, or postfunc20:39
rburtondo_fetch[postfuncs] += "do_get_tarballs"20:39
rburtonor, addtask get_tarballs after do_fetch before do_patch20:40
dmiessThanks, I'll give that a try20:40
rburtondepends on what the function does and what makes more sense20:40
dmiessI tried the second suggestion you mentioned and that worked great. Thanks!20:42
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neverpanicDo postfuncs fail the task if they fail? Because I had the impression they do not, and that can be unexpected at times.21:02
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rburtonneverpanic: i believe they'll fail it21:46
neverpanicOK, then it's just me not using bb.fatal where I should21:46
* rburton checks21:47
rburton    try:21:47
rburton        for func in (prefuncs or '').split():21:47
rburton            exec_func(func, localdata)21:47
rburton        exec_func(task, localdata)21:47
rburton        for func in (postfuncs or '').split():21:47
rburton            exec_func(func, localdata)21:47
rburtonliterally no difference in handling21:48
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khemhmm this gettext update has regressed couple of packages on musl23:07
khemI would suggest that we start doing a world build instead of image build on AB23:08
khemfor 1 target for musl23:08
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