Friday, 2016-07-29

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mckoangood morning07:30
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HyP3rGood Morning. I talked about compiling a new kernel module yesterday. I was able to compile the new kernel module yesterday with the kernel source code (for the header files) of my yocto/open embedded toolchain08:44
HyP3rNow I wanted to write the recipie.08:44
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HyP3rFor that I took a look at this example:
HyP3rBut the question is now: in my case I have a *tar.gz file from the kernel module developer, and to compile the module I have to run: make install_static KDIR=${KERNEL_SRC} ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi-08:45
HyP3rHow do I have to write this in my recipie08:45
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boucman_workHyP3r: i'm not sure about the details, you can add your .tar.gz in a file:// line, yocto will unpack that for you.08:54
boucman_workfrom that point, if your module is compiled "the normal way" yocto should do everything for you... so just try the recipe and see if it works08:55
boucman_work(i'm not sure, I havn't tweaked kernel recipes so far...)08:55
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HyP3rboucman_work: but how does yocto know how to run the makefile? and in which directory and so on08:57
HyP3rand the next thing: the kernel module is will lay in a weird folder (csr/os-linux/driver)08:57
HyP3rhow does yocto know that there will be the *.ko file08:58
boucman_workmost kernel module are compiled in the same way, with the same arguments to make. yocto knows that09:00
HyP3rI read this and this
HyP3rThey run with $(MAKE) -C $(KERNEL_SRC) M=$(SRC) modules09:00
boucman_workas for the weird directory, you need to change the S= line to point to the right place. your tar.gz will be unpacked in ${WORKDIR} so you should point it to a subpath of that09:01
HyP3rokay. But thats all a bit confusing :S09:01
boucman_workHyP3r: a kernel module is not exactly the simplest recipe to start learning yocto :P09:01
HyP3rYep but the only thing what I have to do \o/09:02
boucman_workwell, let's work step by step. could you pastebin your recipe somewhere so I can look at it/comment it more easily ?09:03
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HyP3rboucman_work: wait, I'll try to write in the best way I can (...) and then I will post it here, now its looks like a car crash09:07
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boucman_workok, np09:18
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HyP3rboucman_work: folder structure: and the recipie:
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boucman_workok, did you run the recipe ? how far did it go ? what errors ?09:37
boucman_workhere are a couple of remarks09:38
HyP3rno, I didn't run, I'm afaraid and I don't know how to do that sorry09:38
boucman_workdon't "cd" in do_compile. you should set the "S" as I pointed earlier, do_compile will then be run in the proper directory09:38
boucman_workjust "bitbake wf111-driver" should do the trick09:39
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lpapphi, is there something like pkg_preinst_${PN}lib which only runs on the target?09:43
lpappinstall_prepend of some kind?09:43
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boucman_worklpapp: yes, gimme a sec to find my notes09:55
HyP3rboucman_work: now I did something wrong: while running bitbake I get this: IOError: file conf/bitbake.conf not found in /.../oe-core/build (the first time I run it today it was working, but now this error comes)09:56
HyP3rI grepped my history (zsh and bash) and I didn't delted this file09:56
lpappwe used FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend, so it is possible that install_prepend would work, too?09:56
boucman_workHyP3r: are you running bitbake from your build directory ? did you source oe-init-buildenv ?09:57
boucman_workyour build directory is in the env variable $BUILDDIR. if it's not set, then you probably didn't run the setup script09:58
HyP3rboucman_work: I started with running ". export" in the directory with this export file09:59
lpappboucman_work: I need preinstallation, not post.09:59
HyP3rthis script is changeing the directory to this build directory and there I was starting the bitbake command09:59
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boucman_worklpapp: no you don't :P10:00
lpappboucman_work: I want to do something before installating things, hence pkg_preinst_${PN}lib10:01
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lpapponce again, I can check for the existence of certain directories to identify the target.10:01
lpappor do something clever10:01
lpappbut I thought there would be something like install_prepend similar to install_append10:01
lpappalthough install_prepend would probably run in Yocto, too, gosh.10:01
boucman_workthere is _prepend and _append10:01
boucman_worki'm not sure about the "run on target" part10:01
boucman_workbut you can probably check in a similar way as the postinst doc I pointed above10:02
boucman_worklpapp: you usually want to make two packages, rather then check what to do at install time, those packages would target different MACHINE10:02
lpappboucman_work: it seems that is related to booting.10:03
lpappmy use case is not related to booting, just simply packaging installation without any booting.10:03
lpappI have only one machine.10:03
lpappAlso, this is not quite bullet-proof either: if [ x"$D" = "x" ]; then10:04
lpappsomeone could define the D environment variable on the target, too, to screw it up.10:04
boucman_worklpapp: that's the recommanded method, so I'd use it10:06
boucman_workand I don't really understand your use-case at this point. I'm not sure why you think it's related to booting...10:06
HyP3rboucman_work: even in my old directory this bitbake.conf is not in the conf directory10:06
lpappthe section speaks quite a bit about booting, that is why.10:06
lpappAlso, I do not like the recommended case.10:06
HyP3rboucman_work: something cirtical is borken :(10:06
lpappbecause it is easy to screw up a production system that way.10:07
lpappwith my approach of checking opkg's availability in the build environment looks cleaner.10:07
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lpappbecause that gives no room for screwing up a production system10:07
lpappif anything, there could be a problem in the development (Yocto) environment.10:07
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boucman_worklpapp: that command is not run dicrecly, it's run by yocto at image-creation time. yocto is very good at sanitizing the environement10:07
lpappso recommended or not as of the time being, I do not like it for that reason.10:07
boucman_workagain, if you set D, yocto will override it at image-creation time10:08
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lpappI do not know how that can even work then to be honest.10:08
boucman_workand if it's run on the target, it's run by your package manager (opkg, rpm, dpkg) which probably sanitze the env too10:08
lpappbecause that means it will be always defined.10:08
lpappso it is never going to be empty, so it cannot actually work on the target as desired.10:09
boucman_workat image-creation time, it's not empty. it's set by yocto10:09
lpappso what makes it empty with 100% certainity at package installation time?10:10
boucman_work(and now that I think of it, you probably can't run pre-install on the target in a 100% safe fashion...)10:10
boucman_worklpapp: so. image creation is the time where yocto collects all the package built, and use them to create a rootfs.10:11
boucman_workthis is done on the build-system, not the target.10:11
lpappyes, I know that part.10:12
boucman_workonce a packagee is installed, bitbake will run post-install scripts for that package. bitbake always sanitize the shell-environement before running shell commands and there is a verylimited list of whitelisted env variables that are allowed to carry through10:12
boucman_workD is not one of them, and D is overridden by bitbake anyway10:12
boucman_workif the post-install script fails (return 1) then bitbake will save that script on the target and try to run it again at first boot10:13
boucman_workbut I don't think a pre-install script can block the way a post-install does... maybe. you'll have to test it10:14
boucman_workanyway, i'm pretty sure setting D won't carry to post-inst at image-built time. I'm less sure at first-boot time, it might depend on your packaging format, but I would be suprised if package managers didn't have that sort of safety in place10:15
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boucman_workbut if you want to be really safe, you can test for being on the target in whatever other way you like... (run uname, check for something you know is only on the target) the important part is returning 1 for post-inst10:16
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lpappunfortunately, boot is absolutely irrelevant for me here.10:17
lpappas packages get installed without booting as mentioned above.10:17
lpappin fact, it is absolutely required in our case not to boot10:18
lpappcause that would mean an undesired outage in the service we provide 7/24.10:18
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boucman_worklpapp: post-install is also run at package install time even if it's not first boot10:34
boucman_work(and probably pre-install too, but again, you should test)10:35
lpappI got it working my own way, it is ok, thanks.10:37
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HyP3rboucman_work: well what I did in my local.conf: I removed all the autogenerated lines from hob12:10
HyP3rI have creaated a  second yocto directory12:10
HyP3rNow if I compare the old with the new configurations I can see the 'problems'12:11
HyP3rI hope I can solve that by this way...12:11
HyP3rboucman_work: ok now everything works again, now I can try to run the recipie12:15
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HyP3rIts getting even worser, now the configuration files are repaired:
HyP3rNow I get even more strange erros12:23
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HyP3rboucman_work: now I can compile again! The run.do_compile of my recipie does not set the Variable KERNEL_SRC. Is this Variable allready set when this script is called?13:08
HyP3rThe rest of the script looks good13:09
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boucman_workHyP3r: yes, it's set because you inherit kernel module13:29
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HyP3rboucman_work: yes it was set, I had another problem with my make script, in the source code are some __DATE__ and __TIME__ Macros \o/13:37
HyP3rboucman_work: I can't set the S variable, or I don't know how13:41
HyP3rheres the new version
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boucman_workS = ${WORKDIR}/wf111-linux-driver_${PV}-${PR}_armv7-a13:41
boucman_worknote : not ${S}13:42
HyP3rI tried that too wait I'll try it again13:42
boucman_workyou don't need to call patch in do_compile. bitbake will see that the file is named .patch and should apply the patch by itself13:42
HyP3rERROR: ParseError at /home/x/Dokumente/x/ToradexVF61_01/oe-core/build/../stuff/meta-racechip/recipes-driver/ unparsed line: 'S = ${WORKDIR}/wf111-linux-driver_${PV}-${PR}_armv7-a'13:42
boucman_workand line 19, the unset LDFLAG seems suspicious. why are you doing that ?13:43
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HyP3rboucman_work: I saw that somewhere don'T know13:43
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boucman_workyou need to also quote the whole thing (my bad, didn't see it at first)13:43
HyP3rboucman_work: to what file, will bitbake apply the patch13:44
boucman_workalso remove the INSANE_SKIP line. if the problem apears, we will re-add it later13:44
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #892 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
HyP3rboucman_work: the patch dosn't contain a information to what file it blongs13:44
boucman_workit will apply it in the S directory. a patch file is supposed to contain it's own path and file name13:44
HyP3rOh then I created the patch wrong13:45
boucman_work(and there is a way to pass -p1 to patch if needed, but that might not be needed13:45
HyP3rI did this diff -crB Tb01 Tb02 > Tb02.patch13:45
HyP3rOh sorry I did simply "diff ..." without any arguments13:46
HyP3rBut "-crB" is ok?13:46
boucman_workcrB should be ok13:46
boucman_workcould you pastebin the patch itself ?13:47
HyP3r seems strange13:47
HyP3rI created simply a copy of the makefile, and added there the new lins13:48
HyP3rBut I think that ".bak" should not in the patch13:48
boucman_workHyP3r: you are used to patches generated with the -u option, this one should work it's just not the format we are used to13:48
boucman_workthe patch seems ok. line 1 and 2 is what yocto use to know what file to apply it to. I assume there is a file called makefile in ${WORKDIR}/wf111-linux-driver_${PV}-${PR}_armv7-a right ?13:49
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boucman_workok, then the patch should apply automagically13:50
HyP3rwow, and this '.bak' will be ignored, because there will be no 'bak' file13:51
boucman_workplease run "bitbake -c fetch wf111-linux-driver" to force the whole process and see if it worked13:51
boucman_worknot sure... we'll see what error bitbake reporst :P13:51
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HyP3rboucman_work: now bitbake created the bak file, makefile is unchanged13:54
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HyP3rboucman_work: how can I clean up the working directory? It seems like the compile script wasn't updated13:55
boucman_workbitbake -c cleanall wf111-linux-driver13:56
boucman_workwas the makefile.bak created in the same directory as the makefile is ?13:56
boucman_workok, good13:58
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boucman_workline 2 of your patch, could you change "Makefile.bak" to "Makefile" and see if it works ?13:59
boucman_workyour patch is a bit weird, though, it's as if makefile.bak contained the changes and makefile was the original file...14:00
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HyP3rNow I think the problem is that the patch file is under the work directory, and the Makefile in the subdirectory, I will apply the patch14:01
HyP3rI will changes the path14:02
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HyP3rboucman_work: now the recpie works, compiling the kernel14:03
HyP3rboucman_work: but I bit inconvenient, the patch contains now a satatic path14:04
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boucman_workno, that looks fine,14:09
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HyP3rboucman_work: another thing: theres a kernel-source directory and in the same directory theres a kernel-build-artifacts and inside this directory is the .config file. But the compile runtime of this drivers needs this file inside the kernel-source directory14:22
HyP3rboucman_work: at the moment it crashes because there is no .config file14:22
HyP3rboucman_work: is there a way to merge those folders temporary?14:22
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boucman_workno idea14:25
HyP3rwell I could merge them now manual buts thats a really bad (?) hack14:27
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto14:28
boucman_workmight break stuff... can you tell the driver's build system where to look for .config via its command line ?14:33
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HyP3rAs I started I found this driver script:
jmesmonkhem: on daisy (at least the version I'm stuck with) it appears I need to also delete 'tmp' (in addition to 'cache') to force re-caching to occur.14:53
HyP3rOther kernel module driver use "inherit module"14:54
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khemjmesmon: yes tmp/ should go too16:54
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Xzhi guys, is there some directory in poky/ that contains all popular licenses? like GPL/MIT/BSP etc.18:41
XzI'm preparing a simple recipe containing only udev rule and I need to get license file from somewhere to checksum it18:41
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Xzfound it! meta/files/common-licenses18:48
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